Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2014

- JAEPO 2014 [February 15]
- SSF4 CR Edition launch event [March 27]
- Event at WonderGOO Moriya [March 29]
- SSF4AR2012 tournament in Akihabara [April 5]
- TOPANGA World League [April 10-13]
- USF4 world premiere stream [April 16]
- Chokaigi 3 [April 26-27]
- USF4 Ver 1.01 stream [June 1]
- 4th TOPANGA Charity Cup [July 5]
- Evolution 2014 [July 11-13]
- KokuNuki [July 25]
- Hong Kong [July 27-28]
- TOPANGA TV [July 30]
- Golden Radio [August 12]
- Umehara vs. Tokido talk [August 16]
- Isshuu Sengeki Hai qualifiers [August 23]
- Capcom Pro Tour Taiwan [September 6]
- Capcom's TGS stage show [September 20]
- MadCatz tournament in TGS [September 21]
- Isshuu Sengeki Hai finals [October 11]
- Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals [October 25-26]
- TOPANGA League [November 7-December 7]
- 10th anniversary Evo2004 comeback [November 21-23]
- Capcom Cup 2014 [December 13]

Thursday, October 30, 2014

So you're from Umehara's company

Funny tweet from MadCatz Japan.

Guy at MadCatz Japan: "I'm XX from MadCatz."
The guy we first met: "Oh, so you're from Umehara's company."

Apparently, signing Daigo Umehara is MadCatz's best marketing decision ever.

Monday, October 27, 2014

New images of Shining Resonance preorder bonus

The official site of Shining Resonance has been updated today with new images of shop exclusive preorder bonus.

Those who import from Amiami will get this Excela mousepad.

Shining Resonance will be released on December 11. Sonia is expected to be playable in Beast Note's most anticipated fighting game Blade Arcus. 

Tales from the Creep - Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals

A day on fighting game stream....

And some people actually wonder why the FGC isn't getting the exposure it deserves.

For us, it's not about the games, it's about the presentation. If you present what you do professionally, people will also take you seriously. You must give audience the expectation of quality. We think the FGC should treat its stream like a product rather than "If you don't like it then it's your problem, it's free anyway, we owe you nothing."

We think the most effective way to grow a community is to make the viewers a part of the community. Converting viewers to players is a bonus. Sadly, some FGC VIPs actually think it's organizers and tournament players that counts–and they have love-hate relationship with the audience.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to buy TOPANGA League ticket using PayPal

This's for people who can't pay for TOPANGA League ticket using credit card.

First of all, you need a Niconico account. Sign up if you don't have one. It's free.

1. Obtain WebMoney code. Either buy it online or ask your friend in Japan to buy from average convenient stores. You don't actually need the card, you need only the 16-character code. You can buy the code from Play-Asia using PayPal. The site is safe, but it's up to $20 more expensive than the actual value. Buy 5,000 points (5,000 yen) of WebMoney there, and then you should receive the code instantly.

2. Find the link that sells TOPANGA League ticket (such as this). Or look for big "Purchase Net Ticket" button which is on the stream pages, then choose the ticket you want to buy.

3. Next, you'll be informed that you don't have enough Niconico Point to pay. So you need to click "Purchase Point" button.

4. Let's say you want the season ticket that costs 3,500 points. Choose to buy 3,000 points first.

5. Choose WebMoney as payment method. (Click the logo.)

6. Confirm the amount.

7. Enter the 16-character WebMoney code and click the button to complete the payment.

8. Buy 500 points using the same method. (Enter the same 16-character code again.)

9. Now you have 3,500 Niconico points and ready to pay. Click "Purchase Net Ticket." There'll be two confirmation messages to click.

10. Done. You can now watch it live. If you want to watch the recorded stream, click yellow Timeshift button (there's one every stream page), then click red option. (A recorded stream will be ready 30 minutes after the live show.)

Warning: After spending 3,500 yen, your WebMoney code still has 1,500 yen left. Keep the code. You can use it in the future purchase. (You can check balance here.)

Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals Day 2 summary

- This tournament took place in Singapore
- Umehara confirmed for Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals
- Umehara participates USF4 Omega stage show at Sony booth
- Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals Day 1 summary
- Day 1 stream
- Day 2 stream
- Grand Final stream

Poongko 3-1 Humanbomb
Leslie 0-3 Humanbomb

*We don't know when did these matches above happen, we saw only results on stream.

Umehara (ERy U2) 3-0 Dark Jiewa (Ken U1)
2-1 *close 2R

Xian (Gen U1) 3-2 Dark Jiewa (Ken U1) 10029v
1-2 *perfet in 1R *close 3R (timeout)
1-2 *huge comeback with no health in 2R by Xian
2-1 *Jiewa went for timeout in 2R

Leslie (Zan U2) 0-3 Gackt (Fei U1)
1-2 (Leslie changed to Sag) *very close 1R

GamerBee (Ado U1) 1-3 Xian (Poi U1) 11725v
2-1 very close 1R
0-2 *GB failed to chipwin in 1R

- GamerBee played like he wanted to lose, for real.

Dark Jiewa (Ken) 1-3 Humanbomb (Sak)
2-1 close 2R

Umehara (ERy U2) 3-0 Leslie (Sag U1) 13001v

Poongko (Set U1) 2-3 Gackt (Fei U1)
1-2 *Gackt lost big lead in 2R
2-0 *almost perfect in 1R by Poongko *Gackt lost big lead in 2R
0-2 *Poongko lost big lead from zoompunch punish in 2R
0-2 *perfect in 1R by Gackt *almost perfect in 2R

Humanbomb (Sak U1) 3-0 Leslie (Sag U1) 12001v
2-1 close 2R

Dark Jiewa (Ken U1) 2-3 GamerBee (Ado U2)

Humanbomb (Poi U1) 0-3 Xian (Gen U2) 12682v
0-2 *very close 1R
1-2 (HB changed to Sak U2)

GamerBee (Ele U2) 3-0 Gackt (Fei U1) 13622
2-1 *close 1R *almost perfect in 2R by GB
2-1 (Gackt changed to ERy U2) nice comeback in 2R by GB

Umehara (ERy U2) 2-3 Poongko (Set U1) 16118v
2-0 *red focus absorbed ex tatsu but got reaction ex SRK'd finish MUST SEE 2R
0-2 *Ume lost big lead in 2R
2-0 *close 2R nice reaction EX SRK finish

- Umehara must not lose 3-0 this match, because there's still a chance that Xian will surpass him to 1st place due to GD. (14-3 vs. 9+3)
- Poongko won't get 2nd place even if he wins 3-0 this match, due to head-to-head result vs. Xian.

Xian (Zan U2) 0-3 Gackt (Fei U1) 14703v
1-2 *questionable okizeme at the end of this very close 3R
0-2 (Xian changed to Roleto U1)
0-2 (Xian changed to Poi U1)

- Xian just casually pulled a can of Red Bull off the fridge behind him after the first game.
- Xian said this's not collusion. (Though it appeared that it was, as the result of this match won't matter to him. Gackt will at least earn achievement of being 3rd place, which is good on profile.)
- The result of this match makes Poongko 4th place.
- The commentator said Red Bull is from Austria, despite the fact that it's from Thailand.

Player P W L GD
1 Umehara 7 6 1 +13
2 Xian 7 5 2 +6
3 Gackt 7 5 2 +5
4 Poongko 7 5 2 +4
5 GamerBee 7 3 4 -3
6 Humanbomb 7 3 4 +0
7 Leslie 7 1 6 -12
8 Dark Jiewa 7 0 7 -13

Umehara (ERy U2) 7-2 Xian (Gen UW) 16638
2-0 *lovely ex srk reaction finish in 2R
1-2 *mistake cost Ume 2R *Ume lost big lead in 3R
2-0 *Xian lost big lead in 2R
1-2 *Umedominated in 1R *mistake cost Ume 3R
2-1 *perfect in 1R AND 3R by Ume
2-1 *ex tatsu cost Ume 1R *nice FADC Ultra finish in 3R
2-0 *close 1R

- [Prematch interview] Umehara said Ultra W made Xian scary because he doesn't know what's coming.
- The rule forces Xian to win two sets of FT7.
- [Postmatch interview] Umehara said because this time his character is stronger while Gen become weaker, it makes the fight easier.
- [Postmatch interview] Xian gave credit to Umehara as it's not character alone that's strong.
- Ume-smile after the match (pic taken by Ono)
- Umehara is now guaranteed to compete in Capcom Cup 2014 which will be held on December 13.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals Day 1 summary

Poongko (Set) 3-0 Dark Jiewa (Ken)

Umehara (ERy U2) 3-0 GamerBee (Ele U2)
2-0 *U2 finish in 1R by Ume
2-0 *dominated in 2R

Poongko (Set UW) 0-3 Xian (Gen U1)
1-2 *Super>Ultra won Xian 3R
0-2 perfect in 2R
1-2 nice raw ultra punishing zoom punch in 2R by Xian

Dark Jiewa (Ken U1) 1-3 Leslie (Sag U1) *9900 viewers
0-2 *close 1R/2R
2-0 *very close 1R
0-2 *Jiewa tried to use U2 to go through fireball ...he forgot he chose U1

Umehara (ERy U2) 3-2 Humanbomb (Sak U2) *11400 viewers
1-2 *nice comeback in 1R by Ume *perfectd in 2R by HB *close 3R
2-0 *intense 2R (fireball FADC won him)

GamerBee (Ado U2) 2-3 Poongko (Set UW) 10246v
2-0 (Poongko changed to Cam U1) Poongko just couldn't do anything
1-2 (changed back to Set UW)

Umehara (ERy U2) 3-1 Gackt (Fei U1) 11421v
0-2 *close 1R
2-0 *nice comeback in 2R
2-0 *amazing kara raging demon finish in 2R
2-1 *nice comeback in 3R

Leslie (Sag U2) 1-3 Xian (Poi U1) 12304v
2-1 *very close 1R

Humanbomb (Poi U1) 3-0 GamerBee (Ele U2) 12406v
2-0 very close 1R

Umehara (ERy U2) 3-1 Xian (Gen UW) 13968v
2-1 *dominated in 1R by Ume *big comeback in 3R
2-1 *nice kara demon finish big comeback in 1R *close 2R
0-2 *Ume lost big lead in both R
2-0 *raging demon to rescue 2R

Humanbomb (Sak U1) 1-3  Gackt (Fei U1) 12778v

Leslie (Sag U1) 1-3 GamerBee (Ado U1) 11277v

Dark Jiewa (Ken U1) 2-3 Gackt (Fei U1)
2-1 *close 2R
1-2 *very close 3R

Poongko (Set U1) 3-2 Leslie (Sag U1) 11135v
2-1 input error cost Poongko 1R
1-2 nice comeback in 2R by Poongko
1-2 intense 3R
2-1 *well played for Poongko in 3R

Player P W L GD
1 Umehara 4 4 0 +8
2 Poongko 4 3 1 +2
3 Xian 3 2 1 +3
4 Gackt 3 2 1 +1
5 Humanbomb 3 1 2 +0
6 Leslie 4 1 3 -3
7 GamerBee 4 1 3 -5
8 Dark Jiewa 3 0 3 -6

Correction: The result was right but the table was wrong for GamerBee placing We apologize for confusion.