Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2014

- JAEPO 2014 [February 15]
- SSF4 CR Edition launch event [March 27]
- Event at WonderGOO Moriya [March 29]
- SSF4AR2012 tournament in Akihabara [April 5]
- TOPANGA World League [April 10-13]
- USF4 world premiere stream [April 16]
- Chokaigi 3 [April 26-27]
- USF4 Ver 1.01 stream [June 1]
- 4th TOPANGA Charity Cup [July 5]
- Evolution 2014 [July 11-13]
- KokuNuki [July 25]
- Hong Kong [July 27-28]
- TOPANGA TV [July 30]
- Golden Radio [August 12]
- Umehara vs. Tokido talk [August 16]
- National qualifiers [August 23]
- Tokyo Game Show [September 21]
- 10th anniversary Evo2004 comeback [November 21-23]

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Umehara confirmed for TGS2014 tournament

It's announced that Daigo Umehara, Tokido, Mago will participate Mad Catz's 64-man USF4 tournament at Tokyo Game Show 2014 on September 21. The game will be played on Xbox 360.

The winner will receive MadCatz's USF4 Arcade Fight Stick Tournament Edition 2 and exclusive in-game title.

PS Plus members get 20 minute free trial of P4U2

It's announced today that Japan's PS Plus members will get 20 minute free full game trial of P4U2. This trial will only be available between August 28 to September 3.

Blade Arcus 2nd location test announced, 4 new characters revealed

It's announced today that Beast Note's most anticipated fighting game Blade Arcus will have its second location test between August 22-24 at Tokyo Club Sega Akihabara.

At the same time, 4 new characters are revealed: Roselinde, Fenrir, Melty, and Isaac. (Roselinde, Fenrir, Melty were unofficially revealed in the teaser in February.)

  • Roselinde is powerful and has big reach. She also has armored move.
  • Melty has short reach but can use ice cream magic for spacing control. She also has powerful command throw.
  • Isaac, who is a cyborg, uses weapons from within his body. His motive now is using Ryuga as test subject.
  • Fenrir, a melee fighter, has speed and rush attacks. He's also revealed to be the instructor of both Ryuga and Pairon.

Changes according to the new manual of the second location test: (Read How to Play Blade Arcus based on first location test manual)
  • Force Gauge has been altered. You now can stock up to 3 bars.
  • Super Force Action now requires 1 bar instead of 100%.
  • 3 types of Link Attack now have names: Weak Support, Medium Support, Strong Support.
  • Link Attack inputs have been altered.
  • Offensive Force input has been changed. It now requires 1 bar instead of 50%.
  • Defensive Force has been added.
  • EX Force Action (EX special move) has been added. (Perform by pressing B+C instead of single button.)
  • Link Force Attack now requires exactly 4 bars of Support Link Gauge.
  • New moves have been added to certain characters.
  • Move inputs have been changed for certain characters.
  • Some moves have been altered.

Blade Arcus was scheduled for this Summer in the arcades when announced, but the release date is now "in 2014." From today's poster, it's possible that it will launch with 10 characters and new characters will be added over time.

Monday, August 18, 2014

New Shining Resonance info

The official site of Shining Resonance is updated today.

Combat system
  • A monster you see on the field can represent a group of monsters when engaged.
  • Attack command is performed by pressing Circle.
  • Input Attack multiple times to make a combo.
  • Each Attack consumes AP (Action Point).
  • AP is displayed in form of green circle at the legs of the character.
  • AP refills over time.
  • Press Triangle to do Break Attack.
  • Break Attack or Force moves can cause Break status to an enemy if used multiple times.
  • Break will temporarily reduce the enemy's defense.
  • Force moves are performed by pressing L+Circle/Triangle/Square/Cross.
  • Force moves require MP instead of AP.
  • Performing an Attack will refill MP.
  • Performing a Force move will refill AP.

B.A.N.D. system
  • Party Gauge (long bar on the left of screen) is used for performing Rune Songs.
  • Party Gauge has 3 levels. (Presumably higher level for better song)
  • Party Gauge is filled by performing Attack or Break Attack.
  • You can set a party member to be the Center of the B.A.N.D.
  • Center will affect Rune Song performance visually.


  • He's voice by Kazuya Nakai (Roronoa from One Piece)
  • He's "mad scientist" of Beowulf.

Shining Resonance will be released on December 11. Sonia will be playable in Beast Note's most anticipated fighting game Blade Arcus.

Tenka Musou Cup Summer 2014: Koihime Enbu

Tenka Musou Cup Summer 2014: Koihime Enbu was held on August 16 at Tokyo Leisure Land Akihabara game center. This's the tournament where top Koihime fighting game players from around the country compete.

Tenka Musou Cup is the name of the team tournament that was first held at the same place in 2012, for the first game–Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Taisen Sangokushi Engi. The game was later ported to PC and PS3. The sequel, Koihime Enbu, was released on July 17 in the arcades.

Koihime Enbu was used for the first time in this 5th Tenka Musou Cup 3 on 3.

These match videos are from the official stream here. (Audio sync problem is from source) Brackets are here and here.

3rd place


As you can see, this game is footsie-based, Samurai Shodown style. You can do long combos only after a counterhit by the move called Hougeki (It's SF4's Focus Attack minus Armor and Dash Cancel). There's no comeback mechanics.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

[Video] KSK & Nekojita spend 4 hours trying to beat P.T.

KSK and Nekojita have spent a little bit more than 4 hours trying to beat P.T. on Saturday night. It was 6 AM already and they didn't give up even they had to compete in USF4 3 on 3 tournament on Sunday (and they won the tournament!).