Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2014

- JAEPO 2014 [February 15]
- SSF4 CR Edition launch event [March 27]
- Event at WonderGOO Moriya [March 29]
- SSF4AR2012 tournament in Akihabara [April 5]
- TOPANGA World League [April 10-13]
- USF4 world premiere stream [April 16]
- Chokaigi 3 [April 26-27]
- USF4 Ver 1.01 stream [June 1]
- 4th TOPANGA Charity Cup [July 5]
- Evolution 2014 [July 11-13]
- KokuNuki [July 25]
- TOPANGA TV [July 30]

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Umehara confirmed for ReveLAtions 2011

The latest trailer of ReveLAtions revealed that Daigo Umehara will join the West Coast tournaments between June 10-12, instead of CEO 2011.

The organizer replaced SSF4 with AE, that means you will see Umehara's Yun for the first time outside Japan at the event. If he joins Marvel vs. Capcom 3, too, then it'll be his first tournament ever for the game.

The first place of SSF4AE and MvC3 will receive $10,000 and $2,500 respectively.

Note that E3 is on June 7-9, and MadCatz will have a booth there, there's a chance that Umehara will be at E3, too. Google Maps said that the distance is 14.6 miles.

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