Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2014

- JAEPO 2014 [February 15]
- SSF4 CR Edition launch event [March 27]
- Event at WonderGOO Moriya [March 29]
- SSF4AR2012 tournament in Akihabara [April 5]
- TOPANGA World League [April 10-13]
- USF4 world premiere stream [April 16]
- Chokaigi 3 [April 26-27]
- USF4 Ver 1.01 stream [June 1]
- 4th TOPANGA Charity Cup [July 5]
- Evolution 2014 [July 11-13]
- KokuNuki [July 25]
- Hong Kong [July 27-28]
- TOPANGA TV [July 30]
- Golden Radio [August 12]
- Umehara vs. Tokido talk [August 16]
- Isshuu Sengeki Hai qualifiers [August 23]
- Capcom Pro Tour Taiwan [September 6]
- Capcom's TGS stage show [September 20]
- MadCatz tournament in TGS [September 21]
- Isshuu Sengeki Hai finals [October 11]
- Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals [October 25-26]
- TOPANGA League [November 7-December 7]
- 10th anniversary Evo2004 comeback [November 21-23]
- Capcom Cup 2014 [December 13]

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Umehara book sold out on its first day

Daigo Umehara's first book Willpower to Keep Winning was released yesterday in Japan -- and already is sold out in many places.

Many people reported that they could not find the book in book stores. They have no choice but to wait for Amazon's restock. Amazon Japan is the biggest and most popular online retailer in the country and the book is "Temporarily out of stock" since afternoon. Some people started selling used one at almost 2,000 yen without shipping cost, from normal price 777 yen free shipping.

Umehara's book was ranked at 35th on Amazon's Best Sellers Rank in Book category, and 2nd in Game Guidebook category.

On April 8, Nico Nico will have a dedicated live show to Umehara's book. The books he signs will be sold on Nico's online shop. Reports said that all of 50 copies was already sold out (preordered) in March 31.

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