Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Monday, April 9, 2012

The 2nd TOPANGA Charity Cup summary

- The 2nd TOPANGA Charity Cup announced
- Umehara confirmed for 2nd TOPANGA Charity Cup
- Nico to stream 2nd TOPANGA Charity Cup
- TOPANGA T-shirt (3000 yen) will be sold at the event as a fundraising
- You can donate via Paypal (link in official site)
- All donations will go to Japan's Red Cross
- TOPANGA Charity Cup official site
- Tournament started late due to registration process
- There are 47 teams* (2011 had 24 teams)
- Both 4gamer.net and brackets said there're 49 teams.
- Brackets provided by sako's wife
- Full report by 4gamer.net


Driver's High 2-5 Kao TV!
O Hai Teki (Mak) - Soushihan KSK (Abe)
Hai Teki (Mak) - Naruo (E. Ryu) O
ug2 (Gui) - Naruo (E. Ryu) O
O Sabo Hani (Vip) - Naruo (E. Ryu)
Sabo Hani (Vip) - Kazunoko (Yun) O
Kindo (Fei) - Kazunoko (Yun) O
Meu (Mak) - Kazunoko (Yun) O

??? 3-5 BET50
Bozeck (Gouken) - R (Guy) O
(Chun) - R (Guy) O
(Ibu) - R (Guy) O
O Genei Domino (Jur) - R (Guy)
Genei Domino (Jur) - Rokotsu (Gen) O
O Okkun (Ibu) - Rokotsu (Gen)
O Okkun (Ibu) - Arai (Claw)
Okkun (Ibu) - VER (Gouken) O

Poi Poi 5 5-0 ???
O Nuki (Set) - (Cod)
O Nuki (Set) - (Ryu)
O Nuki (Set) - (Chun)
O Nuki (Set) - (Hon)
O Nuki (Set) - Shisho (Fue)

??? 0-5 TOPANGA
(Set) - Fuudo (Fei) O
Chamaru (Cam) - Fuudo (Fei) O
Ryoricho (Cam) - Fuudo (Fei) O
Sandaime Ryochin (Aku) - Fuudo (Fei) O
Tatsu (Ryu) - Fuudo (Fei) O

Kao TV! 5-1 Sokuseki
Soushihan KSK (Abe) - Kuhofuu (Dan) O
O Kazunoko (Yun) - Kuhofuu (Dan)
O Kazunoko (Yun) - Mahou Shoujo Zangi-tan
O Kazunoko (Yun) - Gachaboy (Ado)
O Kazunoko (Yun) - Kuma (Dict)
O Kazunoko (Yun) - Tsubapii (Claw)

Angry Zonk 5-1 Yukai na Deshi-tachi to Joseki no Hito to Mister X
O Karipaku (Cod) - Murata (Yun)
O Karipaku (Cod) - Nabe (Aku)
O Karipaku (Cod) - Suda (Ryu)
O Karipaku (Cod) - Negi (Ibu)
Karipaku (Cod) - Sentosu (Dict) O
O Shitone (Ado) - Sentosu (Dict)

Kosuri Sei 5-3 Dragon Boy Z
O Kiharu Boy (Sag) - (Guy)
O Kiharu Boy (Sag) - (Dud)
Kiharu Boy (Sag) - Waike (Jur) O
KOICHINKO (Sak) - Waike (Jur) O
O Tonpy (Vip) - Waike (Jur)
Tonpy (Vip) - Dragon Boy (Box) O
O Gasshuku (Vip) - Dragon Boy (Box)
O Gasshuku (Vip) - Hagejin (Zan)

Santaro to Yukai Kamoshirenai Nakama-tachi 5-3 Ikari no Pero Bin Man
O Santaroman (Sag) - Peroperoman (Vip)
Santaroman (Sag) - Yoshiwo (Gui) O
O Dashio (Set) - Yoshiwo (Gui)
O Dashio (Set) - Ikari Oyaji (Cod)
O Dashio (Set) - Hanamaruki (Sag)
Dashio (Set) - Shungoku Neurosis (Dict) O
Younashi (Juri) - Shungoku Neurosis (Dict) O
O Reiketsu (Claw) - Shungoku Neurosis (Dict)

Jukujo Suki Gamer 2-5 Poi Poi 5
O Michun (Cam) - Nuki (Set)
Michun (Cam) - Dogura (Dict) O
Yuu (Aku) - Dogura (Dict) O
M Dash (Sak) - Dogura (Dict) O
Shitamachi Prince (Cod) - Dogura (Dict) O
O Cabbage (Vip) - Dogura (Dict)
Cabbage (Vip) - RF (Sag) O

Pyonkichi (Ryu) - Kuramu (Haw) O
(Claw) - Kuramu (Haw) O
KEN (Ibu) - Kuramu (Haw) O
KAN (Sak) - Kuramu (Haw) O
Mother Bee (Zan) - Kuramu (Haw) O

Tamami Sei 1-5 Kao TV!
O Hibiki (Dan) - Soushihan KSK (Abe) *must see
Hibiki (Dan) - Naruo (E. Ryu) O
Nantoka (Gouken) - Naruo (E. Ryu) O
dey@Tsui (Yan) - Naruo (E. Ryu) O
MASHE (Ryu) - Naruo (E. Ryu) O
Shorushu (Aku) - Naruo (E. Ryu) O

O YHC-Mochi (Dha) - French (Cod)
O YHC-Mochi (Dha) - Kuroken (Dud)
YHC-Mochi (Dha) - Y. (Cam) O
sako (Ibu) - Y. (Cam) O *sako got perfect'd last round
O Haitani (Mak) - Y. (Cam)
Haitani (Mak) - Haneyama (Jur) O
O Uryo (Sak) - Haneyama (Jur)
Uryo (Sak) - Kawaguuchi (Ros) O
Momochi (Cod) - Kawaguuchi (Ros) O *Momochi got first round but couldn't close it

O Tsukishi (Dict) - Wiser Sanma (Yan)
Tsukishi (Dict) - Ojisan Boy (Yan) O
Nyanshi (Sag) - Ojisan Boy (Yan) O
Shakaho (Yun) - Ojisan Boy (Yan) O
One Chance Taro (Mak) - Ojisan Boy (Yan) O
O Machabo (Fei) - Ojisan Boy (Yan)
Machabo (Fei) - Nemo (Yan) O

O Nishikin (Bla) - Ban (Ros)
Nishikin (Bla) - Sakuya Style (Cam) O
O Younashi (Jur) - Sakuya Style (Cam)
Younashi (Jur) - NO--NAME (Mak) O
O Reiketsu (Claw) - NO--NAME (Mak)
O Reiketsu (Claw) - Chichi@Kuroneko (Aku)
O Reiketsu (Claw) - Strike-san (Ken)
*Reiketsu played very well

O Tonpy (Vip) - Mago (Fei)
Tonpy (Vip) - Bon-chan O
Kiharu Boy (Sag) - Bon-chan O
AOI (Sag) - Bon-chan O
O Gasshuku (Vip) - Bon-chan
O Gasshuku (Vip) - Fuudo (Fei)
Gasshuku (Vip) - Umehara (Ryu) O
O KOICHINKO (Sak) - Umehara (Ryu)
O KOICHINKO (Sak) - Tokido

O Soushihan KSK (Abe) - (Guy)
O Soushihan KSK (Abe) - Shino-chan (Oni)
Soushihan KSK (Abe) - Inco (Ruf) O
ItaZan - Inco (Ruf) O
O Kazunoko (Yun) - Inco (Ruf)
O Kazunoko (Yun) - Kuramu (Haw)
O Kazunoko (Yun) - (Ros)

Dashio (Set) - Wiser Sanma (Yan) O
O Reiketsu (Claw) - Wiser Sanma (Yan)
O Reiketsu (Claw) - Kyoku (Yan)
O Reiketsu (Claw) - Acqua (Yan)
O Reiketsu (Claw) - Nemo (Yan)
O Reiketsu (Claw) - Ojisan Boy (Yan)

O Nuki (Set) - R (Guy)
Nuki (Set) - Rokotsu (Gen) O
O RF (Sag) - Rokotsu (Gen)
RF (Sag) - VER (Gouken) O
O Eita (Aku) - VER (Gouken) *Eita's big comeback in last round
Eita (Aku) - Arai (Claw) O
Kindevu (Ruf) - Arai (Claw) O
O Dogura (Dict) - Arai (Claw)
O Dogura (Dict) - Shiro (Mak) *perfect in last round


Nishikin (Bla) - Tonpy (Vip) O
O Dashio (Set) - Tonpy (Vip)
O Dashio (Set) - Kiharu Boy (Sag)
O Dashio (Set) - AOI (Sag)
O Dashio (Set) - Gasshuku (Vip)
O Dashio (Set) - KOICHINKO (Sak)

Kao TV! 5-4 Poi Poi 5
Soushihan KSK (Abe) - Nuki (Set) O
O Naruo (E. Ryu) - Nuki (Set)
O Naruo (E. Ryu) - Kindevu (Ruf)
Naruo (E. Ryu) - Dogura (Dict) O
O ItaZan - Dogura (Dict)
ItaZan - RF (Sag) O
O Nekojita (Abe) - RF (Sag)
Nekojita (Abe) - Eita (Aku) O
O Kazunoko (Yun) - Eita (Aku)

Santaro to Yukai Kamoshirenai Nakama-tachi 5-4 Kao TV!
O Dashio (Set) - Soushihan KSK (Abe)
O Dashio (Set) - Naruo (E. Ryu)
O Dashio (Set) - ItaZan
Dashio (Set) - Kazunoko (Yun) O
O Reiketsu (Claw) - Kazunoko (Yun)
Reiketsu (Claw) - Nekojita (Abe) O
Santaroman (Sag) - Nekojita (Abe) O *Santaroman taunted in 1st round but lost, even got perfect'd in last round
O Younashi (Jur) - Nekojita (Abe) *Younashi ended the match with raw U2 on reaction

Reiketsu, a Claw player who is a fan of Umehara

Highlight 1
Karipaku, a female Cody player defeated 4 members of TOPANGA Fight Club with her solid performance

Highlight 2
KSK tried to punish Dan's Super by Abel's Ultra but failed

- There're many well-known players/persons in Japan's FGC in this charity event. Some people you saw on the stream in the background are well-known in the community but they don't go to a tournament, especially female players.
- Many people came to this event even they live far away. (IIRC YHC-Mochi lives in the south-west coast of Japan 800 kilometers away)
- From the facts above, this is easily the biggest Street Fighter tournament in Japan because you don't normally see those people in the same venue like this.
- 95.8% of viewers rated the show on the main stream "Extremely good."
- The show ended with more than 166,000 attendees and more than 186,000 comments.

- Kao TV team
- Kao TV team after the final
- Peace! and more (Umehara, Tokido, Nuki, sako, Haitani)
- Players in a restaurant after the event: Table 1 (Umehara, Shiro, Fuudo, Momochi, Choco, Eita, Haitani, Kindevu) Table 2 (Nyanshi, R, Uryo, Mago, Tokido, Bon-chan, sako, Nuki)

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