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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Team Umehara get exclusive icon in Gunslinger Stratos

Square Enix announced today that the latest version update (Ver.1.30) of Gunslinger Stratos that is being released today will add an exclusive in-game icon to the authorized players. The icon will appear above the player name.

There're currently 3 types of icons (Special, Expert, Dengeki Musketeer) for 11 players.

- Atsushi Abe (voice actor)
- Kana Ueda (voice actress)
- Masakazu Nishida (voice actor)
- Bunbunmaru (from Famitsu)

- Umehara
- Fuudo
- Mago

Dengeki Musketeers
- 4 players from Dengeki magazine editorial department

At this point, the icon is nothing but to tell people that the players are associated with the developers and they're official. The news said that, in the future update, players will receive an in-game title from winning a team that has these authorized players.

Gunslinger Stratos is an arcade 4 on 4 light-gun shooter that lets players battle in stages based off real locations in Japan. All the cabinets in Japan are linked so players around the country can find a team to play with in less than a minute. Players can buy new equipments and customize their characters. All the data and statistics will be saved using arcade player card and can be accessed via cellphones.

The game is heavily promoted in Japan. It had promotional events since beta test. It's having national tournaments with 10 million yen prize money. It has its own radio show. It's also recently extending 200 yen per 3 plays campaign to attract new players (normally 200 yen for 2 plays).

Daigo Umehara was appointed to be the "official supporter" of the game since January. He has spent so much time on the game, and also participates in the development.

Gunslinger Stratos was released on July 12 in Japan and they have also conducted beta test in Hong Kong.

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