Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The 3rd Ougon Musou Kyoku Online Tournament

The third (unofficial) Ougon Musou Kyoku (PC ver.1.10) Online Tournament was held on August 7, but the last parts of the videos were uploaded just yesterday. Twelve players from Japanese OMK community participated.

The next tournament will be held in October using Xbox 360's Ougon Musou Kyoku X.

Ougon Musou Kyoku X for Xbox 360 will be released on October 6. It has 2 new characters and improved online features. If you're interested (and your 360 happens to play JP games), you can import it from here or here.

If you still don't know about the game, read my Introduction to Ougon Musou Kyoku.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Natsu no Jin 2011 Summary

- Tournament details 
- Umehara didn't participate
- Stream: Japanese and English
- 762 players applied for appointed day qualifier, only 256 were randomly selected.

A Block (appointed day qualifier)
  • 13:47 - [Top 4] Itabashi Zangief 1-0 Yano (Yun)
  • 13:49 - [Top 4] Haneyama (Yang) 1-0 AC Revenger (Abel)
  • 13:52 - [Final] Itabashi Zangief 1-0 Haneyama (Yang)
B Block (appointed day qualifier)
  • 13:58 - [Top 4] Shin Aojiru Guile (Fei) 1-0 yuuuuusuke (Ibu)
  • 14:00 - [Top 4 Zangi-tan 0-1 Nishikin (Bla)
  • 14:02 - [Final] Shin Aojiru Guile (Fei) 0-1 Nishikin (Bla)
C Block (appointed day qualifier)
  • 14:04 - [Top 4] G59-Bat (Ruf) 0-1 Keshikaran (Rose)
  • 14:08 - [Top 4] Jack (Sag) 0-1 VSAM ka (Gui)
  • 14:12 - [Final] Keshikaran (Rose) 1-0 VSAM ka (Gui)
D Block (appointed day qualifier)
  • 14:17 - [Top 4] Y. (Cammy) 1-0 Bon-chan (Sagat)
  • 14:21 - [Top] 4] Gasshuku (Viper) 0-1 Shinchan (Adon)
  • 14:25 - [Final] Y. (Cammy) 0-1 Shinchan (Adon)
 Top 16
(Appointed day qualifiers and players from special invitation)
(They use random select instead of following the brackets format that was first announced.)

    1. 16:00 - Tokido (Aku) 0-1 Nekojita (Abe)
    2. 16:05 - Kyoku (Yang) 0-1 Kamata (Sakura)
    3. 16:31 - Kazunoko (Yun) 0-1 Ryukichi-kun (Fei) *but they had them play the last.
    4. 16:10 - Ice Sword o Motsu Otoko (Yun) 0-1 Uryo (Sakura)
    5. 16:16 - Keshikaran (Rose) 1-0 Shiro (Makoto)
    6. 16:19 - Taku@Reshio4 (Bla) 1-0 Nishikin (Bla)
    7. 16:23 - Reiketsu (Claw) 0-1 Mago (Fei)
    8. 16:28 - Shinchan (Adon) 1-0 Itabashi Zangief
    Top 8 
    1. 16:34 - Nekojita (Abe) 1-0 Kamata (Sakura)
    2. 16:38 - Ryukichi-kun (Fei) 0-1 Uryo (Sakura)
    3. 16:41 - Keshikaran (Rose) 0-1 Taku@Reshio4 (Bla)
    4. 16:47 - Mago (Fei) 1-0 Shinchan (Adon)
    Top 4
    1. 16:50 - Nekojita (Abe) 1-0 Uryo (Sakura)
    2. 16:54 - Taku@Reshio4 (Bla) 0-1 Mago (Fei)
    3. 16:58 - [For 3rd Place] Uryo (Sakura) 1-0 Taku@Reshio4 (Bla)
    4. 17:03 - [Grand Final] Nekojita (Abe) 0-1 Mago (Fei)
    Interview before the grand final:
    Nekojita: I want to defeat pro gamer. (His Tougeki partner is still undecided.)
    Mago: I won't lose to amateur. (He will choose Tokido as Tougeki partner.)

    Kazunoko used to win Ryukichi-kun 5 games straight online on Kao TV. Anyway, Kazunoko already qualified for Tougeki.

                  Saturday, August 27, 2011

                  Umehara won't be in Natsu no Jin

                  SSF4AE X Tougeki: Natsu no Jin is this Sunday, and Daigo Umehara won't participate as the player list was revealed.

                  The tournament, including the location test, will be streamed on Nico both Japanese and English side.

                  Among the seeded player are Reiketsu (Claw), Ryukichi-kun (Fei Long), Nekojita (Abel), Kazunoko (Yun), Uryo (Sakura), Shiro (Makoto), Tokido (Akuma), Mago (Fei Long).

                  Umehara considers fresh start in Ver.2012

                  Today, Daigo Umehara, with Nyanshi, Kindevu, and Eita as guests, went to attend an event at Super Wave Yoshiwara in Shizuoka. In the talk session, it's reported on Twitter that Umehara acknowledges that Yun, Yang, Makoto are a lot weaker in SSF4AE Ver.2012. And he considers changing. He also considers playing a character that he has never played before.

                  - The poster advertising the event [Pic]
                  - The 4 players [Pic]
                  - Umehara playing at the event [Pic]
                  - The autograph session [Pic]
                  - Eita asking Umehara for an autograph [Pic]
                  - Umehara's autograph, fan requested words "Gamen Hashi Daigo" [Pic]
                  - Umehara interview [Video]
                  - Autograph session [Video]

                  SSF4AE Ver.2012 changes

                  Capcom Unity posted the official notes of the changes in SSF4AE Ver.2012 in English.
                  • Part 1 (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Honda, Blanka, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, Boxer, Claw, Sagat, Dictator, Viper)
                  • Part 2 (Rufus, Fuerte, Abel, Seth, Akuma, Gouken, Cammy, Fei Long, Sakura, Rose, Gen, Dan, T. Hawk)
                  • Part 3 (Deejay, Guy, Cody, Ibuki, Makoto, Dudley, Adon, Hakan, Juri, Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, Oni)

                  It's good to see a rebalancing. But doing so just because some people can't win is ridiculous, especially probably more than half of those don't try hard enough or just try to win in a bad matchup. Instead of finding the other way around, they choose to complain.

                  Capcom should make an improvement only when the game isn't being played as intended. Not just when there're enough complaints. How do you balance characters in your fighting game with players' opinions anyway? Of course, everyone wants to have a good winning percentage with their characters.

                  These changes are meaningless to the people who play to win. At worst, they'll just change character. Umehara did. But he also won Evo 2010 with weakened Ryu, over SSF4's Rufus. (That time, Rufus's U2 also worked as antiair AND did full damage.)

                  What I don't like in these changes is they will roll back some characters' move properties to the older versions of the game. It's like telling everyone they have no idea what they were doing.....

                  Personally, if it's not broken (critical bug, easy infinite loop, weird invincibility, etc), don't fix it. Players spent 1-2 years to learn, practice, and master their characters. If you keep changing, people will think twice before investing their time on the game.

                  Back to the topic. Arcadia's blog has 2 videos of the Ver.2012 in the first location test.

                  Wednesday, August 24, 2011

                  SRK's exclusive interview with Fuudo part 2

                  SRK posted the second/last part of an exclusive interview with Fuudo.


                  Transition from Virtua Fighter to Street Fighter
                  "I wanted to play against strong players I had never matched against before, like Daigo, Mago, and Tokido. I longed for playing with strong ones."
                  "In 3D games like VF, it’s all about you seeing through the other’s pattern and throwing a move to counter to win. But in 2D, that doesn’t work."
                  "I have to be always prudent and smart in each moment in SF. I learned that in a hard way."

                  Advice to the beginner
                  "I would say the fastest and most effective way is to keep playing against strong players, those who are stronger than you are."
                  "....just [Umehara] sharing [deep insights] with you can make you stronger."

                  Tournaments in the U.S.
                  "I would like to participate more if I have a chance to, but realistically it’s difficult with expensive travel cost, so I have to target for an event one per year, hence I chose EVO."
                  "I won all my three overseas tournaments [China, France, Evo 2011] so far"

                  Tuesday, August 23, 2011

                  Nuki to return as SFxTekken pro?

                  Words were exchanged between Nuki and Fuudo via Twitter and some interesting thing came out.

                  "I want to be in a tournament together like the olden days again."
                  "If [Street Fighter X Tekken] is fun, let's become a pro together? (^_^)v"

                  Nuki is a famous Darkstalkers player and SF3 player. Although he dropped SF4, it's still hard to find a Japanese player who has more achievements than him, if you don't count Umehara and Tokido. In 2005, Umehara and Nuki formed a team and won SF3 in Tougeki. Some people say it's the strongest team in history.

                  In the latest interview, Umehara thinks that he'll play if SFxTekken becomes popular in America and is in a big tournament.

                  SRK's exclusive interview with Fuudo part 1

                  SRK posted the first part of an exclusive interview with Fuudo today.


                  On training regimen
                  "I only play at arcades, and I played for about 2-3 hours per day prior to EVO as usual."

                  Switching from Ryu to Fei Long
                  "It just daunted to me how much I would have to practice yet again so hard to win [using Ryu]."
                  "[Fei Long] fit me very well. I don’t need to be really aggressive, but can keep going."
                  "Mago teaches me a lot. I don’t teach him, just because I don’t have anything to offer him. He already knows anything I discover. So I am the only one who benefits from the relationship (lol)."

                  On Fuudo or Food
                  "It’s actually HOOD* like in hooded shirt."
                  "....but when I went to France for a tournament last year, my name (written in hiragana phonetics) was officially written as FOOD without my knowledge."

                  Expectation in first Evo
                  "I think my chance and my confidence level was three percent (LOL)."

                  The other games
                  "If there’s any [Virtua Fighter] tournament, I would start playing more again. But right now, I play AE."

                  Against Poongko
                  "I was not worried because I knew Daigo lost because he was out of luck, but not by skill-set level. He would have definitely won if there had been more matches."
                  "I was quite surprised to see that [Poongko] did the same thing over and over..."

                  Against Latif
                  "My strongest opponent was Daigo. Then probably Poongko, followed by Latif among those finalists. Latif is strong but I knew I had much better chance than a match against Daigo."

                  Yoasobi 3 Shimai Evo 2011 SP

                  Famitsu reported that, on this Thursday night, Gamer's TV Yoasobi Sanshimai* will have a special episode dedicated to KayoPolice and her activities at Evo 2011. If you were at the venue and in front of her staff's camera, there's a chance that you'll be on Japanese TV show!

                  *She works as news reporter on the show.

                  TOPANGA TV 2011.08.21

                  Korean guest: Bigdanmul, Hydebuffy, POONGKO, DB Cooper
                  Japanese guest: YHC Mochi

                  - Hydebuffy and DB Coopa are fluent in Japanese. Bigdanmul can speak some. Poongko is learning.
                  - Murata (now Tokido's pupil) surprised everyone by doing hitconfirmed Genei Jin combo. Although he can't do Yun's standard combo.
                  - There will be the second TOPANGA Offline Meeting next month.

                  - Poongko chose to speak Japanese on the show even his friends can translate. Then his friends helped him where he needed.
                  - He learns Japanese from anime and games and Oota-san from Totalheads.
                  - Talking about GG#4: He admits that he got some lucky Shoryuken in the Sagat matches, and he misread in Uryo match. In Nemo match, his Tanden Typhoon was quick because he input it early but Nemo just came in his way so he just pressed the button.
                  - He said he still doesn't know much in Yun matchup. (He doesn't know how to punish certain moves.)
                  - Poongko is a humble guy, and this episode is another confirmation. He has a view of a person who tries hard to achieve things, not a view from above. He still said Japanese players are strong.

                  DB Cooper
                  - He will stream KOF13 and Third Strike OE.

                  - He said Japan's scene is more hyped.
                  - He admits that he's an outspoken type.
                  - There're not many Korean players to play with so he plays online under Japan flag. But he said it's annoying when some people from China and Hong Kong are under Japan flag, too. (followed by big laugh from everyone.)

                  YHC Mochi
                  - He said probably not many people has a PC where he lives. (He lives in Shimane prefecture.)
                  - He thanks the fans for voting him in GG#4.
                  - He likes to collect meters instead of just use it as soon as possible.
                  - He's in early 30.

                  Monday, August 22, 2011

                  Umehara @Super Wave Yoshiwara

                  On August 27, Daigo Umehara will have his own event at Super Wave Yoshiwara game center in Shizuoka prefecture. He will have an autograph session and an exhibition match with the persons who passed a qualifier at the game center.

                  SF3: Third Strike OE tomorrow

                  Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition is coming tomorrow or after tomorrow in Japan . (August 23 for PSN, August 24 for Xbox Live) At least you can expect KSK to play it on the stream soon.

                  Sunday, August 21, 2011

                  GODSGARDEN #4 a big hit on Nico

                  Yesterday, GODSGARDEN #4 became the 3rd most anticipated live show on Nico Nico's real-time ranking, counted by the number of Time Shift reservations. (Time Shift lets users rewatch a live show.)

                  Ogorare-kun @GODSGARDEN #4

                  This deserves a separated post.

                  During GODSGARDEN #4, there was a service at the venue called "Ogorare-kun" that lets the viewers (or an Internet users) order something from the menu and send it to the people in the event with a message. Basically you can buy your favorite player a drink of choice even you're watching at home. (If those people registered on the system.) You can also donate money to the event organizer. (The system creator is in the process of applying for a patent.)

                  The person who received the most orders
                  1. Itabashi Zangief (10 times)
                  2. Poongko (9 times)
                  3. GODSGARDEN, Mahou Shoujo Zangi-tan, Eita, Inaba (8 times tie)

                  • Poongko received 5 Red Bulls.
                  • Cabbage received cabbage.
                  • huke donated 20,000 yen to GG. (huke is a famous illustrator. He's the character designer of Steins;Gate and Black Rock Shooter.)
                  • GG received 50,000 yen donation total.
                  • Someone sent a glass of orange juice to Mago with a message "You didn't play today?"
                  • Nabe (from L.A.) sent a glass of tea to Tokido. (Nabe graduated from TOPANGA Fight Club and went to live in America.)
                  • Someone sent a beer to Kokujin with a message "Drink this magic juice and use Dudley in SF4"
                  • Someone sent a Sendai's beef tongue curry to Tsukimiya with a message "Profound Sadness Curry"

                  Saturday, August 20, 2011

                  GODSGARDEN #4 Summary

                  - GODSGARDEN's official site
                  - Stream: GG's Ustream or Nico Nico
                  - Players in qualifier and groups

                  (All updates are in chronological order. Time is Japan's local time.)

                  Group A
                  • 18:03 - Eita 0-1 Pooongko *15500 viewers
                  • 18:52 - Eita eliminated 
                  • 18:54 - Shungoku Neurosis 1-0 Joe *18600 viewers
                  • 19:38 - Shungoku Neurosis 0-1 Poongko *19300 viewers
                  • Qualifier: Poongko and S.N.

                  Group B
                  • 18:07 - Mago 1-0 STRIPFIGHTERIV *16300 viewers
                  • 19:00 - Tsukimiya 0-1 Kyoku *18600 viewers
                  • 19:44 - Mago 1-0  Nekosuke *19500 viewers
                  • Qualfier: Mago and Bikkydanmuru

                  Group C
                  • 18:16 - Acqua 0-1 Kindevu *16800 viewers
                  • 18:36 - Kindevu won 2 Yang out of 3 in his group.
                  • 19:08 - Ikoma Devil (Dogura)  1-0 Hanamaruki  *18600 viewers
                  • 19:48 - Ikoma Devil (Dogura) 1-0 Hisaya *19600 viewers
                  • Qualifier: Ikoma Devil (Dogura) and Hanamaruki

                  Group D
                  • 18:21 -  Bon-chan 1-0 BNBBN (Banbaban) *17200 viewers
                  • 19:14 - Charisma 0-1 Nishikin   *18600 viewers
                  • Qualifier: Bon-chan and Nishikin

                  Group E
                  • 18:28 - Shiro 1-0 Mahou Shoujo Zangi-tan  *17500 viewers
                  • 19:19 - Cabbage (Viper) 1-0 Mahou Shoujo Zangi-tan *18700 viewers
                  • 19:55 - Iori 1-0 Yossan  *19800 viewers
                  • 20:21 - [Final] Iori 1-0 Yossan  *19800 viewers 
                  • 20:23 - [Final] Cabbage 1-0 Yossan  *19900 viewers
                  • Qualifier: Iori and Cabbage

                  Group F
                  • 18:42 - Itabashi Zangief  1-0 Xian *18100 viewers *a comeback
                  • 19:23 - Togawa 1-0 Reiketsu *18800 viewers
                  • 20:00 - Togawa 0-1 Matsuri  *19800 viewers
                  • Qualifier: ItaZan and Togawa

                  Group G
                  • 18:38 - Nekojita 1-0 Kim1234  *17900 viewers
                  • 19:28 - Nyanshi 0-1 Tonpy   *18900 viewers
                  • 20:06 - Kim1234 1-0 Tonpy  *19800 viewers
                  • 20:13 - Kiyomatsu 0-1 Tonpy  *19800 viewers
                  • Qualifier: Dragon Smasher (MOV) and Tonpy

                  Group H
                  • 18:51 - Gasshuku 1-0 Haneyama *18400 viewers
                  • 19:32 - ChocoBlanka 1-0 FAX Gimoto *19100 viewers
                  • Qualifier: Haneyama and Gasshuku

                  Pool Final Round 1
                  • You can now see all the pool qualifier results at GG's official site.
                  1. Iori challenged Bon-chan. He accepted.
                  2. Mago challenged Tonpy. He refused.
                  3. Gasshuku challenged Bikkudanmuru. He accepted.
                  4. Shungoku Neurosis challenged Tonpy. (Rule: You can't refuse twice.)
                  5. MOV challenged Mago. He accepted. 
                  6. ItaZan challenged Ikoma Devil (Dogura). He accepted.
                  7. Togawa challenged Hanamaruki. He accepted. 
                  8. Cabbage challenged Haneyama. He accepted. 
                  9. Nishikin has no choice but facing Poongko. 
                  • 21:16 - Iori 1-2 Bon-chan *18000 viewers *Mago said something to Bon-chan after he lost first game.
                  • 21:25 - Gasshuku 2-1 Bikkudanmuru *18700 viewers
                  • 21:33 - Shungoku Neurosis 1-2 Tonpy *18900 viewers
                  • 21:44 - MOV 2-0 Mago *19400 viewers
                  • 21:53 - ItaZan 2-0 Ikoma Devil (Dogura) *19900 viewers
                  • 22:20 - Togawa 2-0 Hanamaruki *19900 viewers
                  • 22:30 - Cabbage 2-0 Haneyama *20200 viewers
                  • 22:36 - Nishikin 0-2 Poongko *21000 viewers
                  Pool Final Round 2
                  1. Cabbage challenged Hanamaruki. He refused.
                  2. Hanamaruki challenged Gasshuku. He accepted
                  3. Poongko challeged Tonpy. He Refused.
                  4. Tonpy challenged ItaZan. He accepted.
                  5. MOV challenged Cabbage. He accept
                  6. Bon-chan has no choice but facing Poongko
                  • 22:55 - Hanamaruki 2-1 Gasshuku. *21500 viewers
                  • 23:05 - Tonpy 1-2 ItaZan. *22100 viewers *must see
                  • 23:16 - MOV 0-2 Cabbage *22500 viewers
                  • 23:23 - Bon-chan 1-2 Poongko *23100 viewers

                  The Real Show
                  1. Hanamaruki challenged Sako. He accepted.
                  2. ItaZan challenged Haitani. He refused.
                  3. Mochi challenged ItaZan. He accepted.
                  4. KOK challnged Umehara. He accepted.
                  5. RF challenged Kazunoko. He accepted.
                  6. Cabbage challenged Tokido He accepted.
                  7. Uryo challenged Nemo. He accepted.
                  8. Momochi challenged Haitani. (Rule: You can't refuse twice.)
                  9. Fuudo has no choice but facing Poongko.
                  • 00:37 - [Winners] Hanamaruki 0-2 Sako *23500 viewers
                  • 00:51 - [Winners] Mochi 2-0 ItaZan *24000 viewers
                  • 00:57 - [Winners] KOK 0-2 Umehara *25600 viewers *Intense match *Umehara's new Genei Jin combo
                  • 1:10 - [Winners] RF 1-2 Kazunoko *25200 viewers
                  • 1:21 - [Winners] Cabbage 0-2 Tokido *25100 viewers *Before the match - Uryo: Why did you accept? (Tokido also hates Viper.) Tokido: Because you're the WEAKEST! Uryo: But you never win me!
                  • 1:27 - [Winners] Uryo 1-2 Nemo *25300 viewers *Uryo dropped combo 3-4 times. *Intense match
                  • 1:38 - [Winners] Momochi 2-0 Haitani *25300 viewers
                  • 1:44 - [Winners] Fuudo 2-1 Poongko *26000 viewers *Must see
                  1. Mochi challenged Tokido. He accepted.
                  2. Kazunoko challenged Sako. He refused.
                  3. Umehara challenged Fuudo. He refused.
                  4. Fuudo challenged Sako. (Rule: You can't refuse twice.)
                  5. Nemo challenged Momochi. He accepted
                  6. Kazunoko has no choice but to face Umehara.
                  • 2:10 - [Winners] YHC Mochi 0-2 Tokido *25000 viewers
                  • 2:15 - [Winners] Fuudo 2-1 Sako *25200 viewers
                  • 2:25 - [Winners] Nemo 0-2 Momochi *25100 viewers
                  • 2:33 - [Winners] Kazunoko 2-1 Umehara *25600 viewers
                  1. Poongko challenged Hanamaruki. He accepted.
                  2. RF challenged Cabbage. He accepted
                  3. Uryo challenged ItaZan. He accepted.
                  4. KOK has no choice but Haitani
                  • 2:51 - [Losers] Poongko 2-1 Hanamaruki *24200 viewers *Intense match
                  • 3:01 - [Losers] RF 2-1 Cabbage *23900 viewers
                  • 3:09 - [Losers] Uryo 2-1 ItaZan *23400 viewers *A comeback
                  • 3:24 - [Losers] KOK 2-0 Haitani *22800 viewers
                  1. Mochi challenged Sako. He accepted.
                  2. Uryo challenged KOK. He accepted.
                  3. Poongko challenged Nemo. He accepted
                  4. RF has no choice but Umehara.
                  • 3:42 - [Losers] Mochi 0-2 Sako *21700 viewers
                  • 3:48 - [Losers] Uryo 2-0 KOK *21900 viewers *Exciting match
                  • 4:00 - [Losers] Poongko 2-1 Nemo *22200 viewers *Intense match
                  • 4:09 - [Losers] RF 2-0 Umehara *22400 viewers
                  1. Uryo challenged Poongko. He accepted
                  2. RF has no choice but Sako
                  • 4:19 - [Losers] Uryo 2-1 Poongko *22300 viewers
                  • 4:27 - [Losers] RF 2-0 Sako *21900 viewers
                  1. Fuudo challenged Kazunoko. He refused.
                  2. Momochi challenged Kazunoko. (Rule: You can't refuse twice.)
                  3. Tokido has no choice but Fuudo.
                  • 4:40 - [Winners] Momochi 2-1 Kazunoko *21500 viewers
                  • 4:13 - [Winners] Tokido 1-2 Fuudo *21600 viewers
                  1. Tokido challenged RF. He refused.
                  2. RF challenged Kazunoko. He refused.
                  3. Uryo challenged Kazunoko. (Rule: You can't refuse twice.)
                  4. Tokido has no choice but RF.
                  • 5:00 - [Losers] Uryo 2-1 Kazunoko *21200 viewers *Combo time
                  • 5:09 - [Losers] Tokido 2-0 RF *21200 viewers
                  TOP 4
                  • 5:15 - [Losers] Uryo 2-0 Tokido *21400 viewers 
                  • 5:30 - [Winners Final] Fuudo 2-1 Momochi *21200 viewers
                  • 5:40 - [Losers Final] Uryo 1-2 Momochi *21400 viewers
                  • 5:50 - [Grand Final] Fuudo 2-1 Momochi *21000 viewers 
                  • 6:00 - Fuudo wins GG#4.

                  • 16:20 - Stream started with 3,900-4,000 viewers
                  • 16:25 - The stream's presentation is greatly improved from a normal show. I was wrong.
                  • 16:32 - 6000 viewers
                  • 16:40 - They're having frame rate issue.
                  • 16:43 - 7000 viewers
                  • 17:00 - 9000 viewers
                  • 17:10 - The stream went down.
                  • 17:14 - Apparently the stream is off air for some people. It's very smooth for some people, too.
                  • 17:17 - 12000 viewers
                  • 17:33 - 13000 viewers
                  • 17:35 - The tournament will begin late on 17:45. Those matches were casuals.
                  • 17:40 - The venue [Pic]
                  • 17:49 - 14000 viewers
                  • 18:04 - 15100 viewers
                  • 20:33 - In 10 minutes break
                  • 20:58 - Nico's stream started, Ustream will lose some viewers. But Nico's stream comes from GG's equipments.
                  • 22:05 - 15 minutes break 
                  • 23:35 - 20 minutes break 
                  • 23:46 - A Hori guy comes to give away some free stuff.
                  • 00:26 - They're changing some hardware.(GG manage both stream. Nico crews didn't come. So expect some problems.)
                  • 00:38 - Video and audio don't match. (stream problem) 
                  • 00:45 - KayoPolice appears! 
                  • 00:49 - Video/audio problem fixed. 
                  • 1:23 - They announce names and messages of the donators. (Ogorare-kun)
                  • 3:31 - 5 minutes break 
                  • 5:22 - 10 minutes break 
                  • 6:00 - Nico: 213,800 attendees, 369,400 comments 
                  • 6:09 - Fuudo received 250,000 yen prize money.
                  • 6:11 - Capcom's Ayano is on the stage. He invited Uryo to Natsu no Jin.
                  • 6:14 - KSK is giving away Mad Catz T-shirts. (vis rock-paper-scissors)
                  • 6:XX - Ayano gave away some presents, and said Natsu no Jin will be streamed on Nico, too.
                  Recorded videos
                  - Part 1 (Pools)
                  - Part 2 (Pool Final)
                  - Part 3 (Real Show = Top 16)
                  - Part 4 (RF vs. Cabbage - Uryo vs. Tokido)
                  - Part 5 (Top 3)

                  - Report by 4Gamer.net

                  Days after
                  - Kami-chan (GG staff) revealed on Ura Kao TV that Poongko is so nervous he went to the restroom most often. He had to ask him is everything alright.

                    Umehara interview pre-GG#4 by 4gamer.net

                    4gamer.net posted an interview of Daigo Umehara just now. Inaba-san (GODSGARDEN cofounder) was there, too.

                    I don't have time to translate it all and GG#4 is coming so here's a part of it.

                    About previous GGs
                    4G: Any match you want to mention?
                    Ume: Matches against YHC Mochi in Online GG #1 and #2. I tried hard to deal with but it's not good enough. For other players, it's Mago vs. Uryo match in GG#1

                    4G: Is it fun fighting with Mochi?
                    Ume: It was quite an upsetting match. Why this move has only 3 frames? Something like that. (Laugh) It was somehow fun. Ryu vs. Dhalsim is a terrible matchup, Mochi kicked everytime when I tried to get in but I was happy when some counter-plan worked.

                    4G: Talking about matches with Mochi, did you aim for that "Umehara Ranbu"?
                    Ume: Not really. I just happened to have enough meters.

                    4G: So that was an improvisation?
                    Ume: That's right. It got carried away. It's like "Oh, it actually connected." (Laugh)

                    Inaba: To think about it, you had a bad (physical) condition at that time.
                    Ume: Yes. At that time, I was always at home playing. Due to closing hours, I stopped going to game centers. You always have someone to fight on the consoles so I continued to play. The condition got worse, with stress as an addition. And because of that, now I choose to play in the game centers.

                    4G: Come to think about it, you did fight with Tokido 101 matches straight.
                    Ume: I was not really serious that time. I didn't count the matches, then when I was about to go to shower, Tokido phoned  me saying "We're reaching 100 in a few matches. Let's do it
                    " However, that number is normal. I think it's not really something special.

                    - He confirmed that the Twitter is real "for the time being."
                    - He didn't practice autograph signing. He said Tokido and Mago are good at that, especially Mago.
                    - He doesn't want to fight Yun. And he thinks people should avoid a mirror match, because it'll just waste character advantages. Though he probably accepts Yun challenge just for fun.
                    - He thinks it's good to get invited by fan voting, he thinks the qualifier is too dangerous.
                    - If Yun becomes much weaker in Ver.2012, he won't use it. As a pro, he must win a tournament.
                    - He did well against Poongko a few days ago. He won't challenge him, but he probably accepts the challenge. (Beast Note: Poongko came to Japan since Monday and played with Umehara in the game center. The result is completely different from Evo.)
                    - He likes projectile character, if Ryu is stronger then he'll go back.
                    - He thanks the fans for voting.
                    - He thinks that he'll play if SFxTekken becomes popular in America and is in a big tournament. He thinks the most important thing is where the players are. Although good game balance is preferred.
                    - He thinks Street Fighter Zero 3 is the best. He wants to see more of such system.

                    Friday, August 19, 2011

                    More details on SSF4AE X Tougeki: [Natsu no Jin]

                    Capcom today released more details about "SSF4AE X Tougeki: [Natsu no Jin]" tournament.

                    - Mago and Tokido will participate.
                    - Players from "SSF4AE 2011 Mosa Hakkutsu Caravan" and "Plaza Capcom Cup" get a seed. (Capcom's official mini tournaments) 7 seeds total.
                    - A player from GODSGARDEN #4 gets a seed.
                    - There're 4 special seeds.
                    - Up to 256 players are accepted in the appointed day qualifier.
                    - More details in the future.

                    The winner of this tournament will be awarded a space in Tougeki Finals. This year's Tougeki is 2 on 2 but since this tournament is 1 on 1 the player gets to choose his partner, too.

                    SSF4AE X Tougeki: Natsu no Jin will take place on August 28, and it will be streamed. As you know, if Daigo Umehara doesn't appear in this tournament, you won't see him in this year's Tougeki.

                    SSF4AE 2012 location test begins next week

                    Capcom announced today the first location test schedule of "SSF4AE Ver.2012" which is the balance update that was annnounced in the second day of Evo 2011.

                    • August 26-27
                    • Hitechland Sega Avion (Osaka)

                    • August 28
                    • Bigbox Takadanobaba (Tokyo, Shinjuku)

                    • September 2-4
                    • Plaza Capcom Kichijouji (Tokyo)

                    GODSGARDEN #4 qualifier groups

                    All participating players are now revealed with qualifier group assignment. Only 4 players from the list below will join those 12 players (this and this) in the real show.

                    - 1 Rufus, 1 Dan, 1 E. Ryu, 1 Seth, 1 Guile, 1 Honda, 1 Rose, 1 Claw, 1 El Fuerte, 1 Juri
                    - 2 Fei Long, 2 Akuma, 2 Sakura, 2 Chun-Li, 2 Hakan, 2  Abel, 2 Blanka
                    - 3 Dictator, 3 Ken, 3 Ryu
                    - 4 Ibuki, 4 Viper, 4 Adon
                    - 5 Guy, 5 Yun, 5 Makoto, 5 Sagat, 5 Zangief
                    - 6 Yang
                    - There're 3 Yang in Group C.
                    - There're 3 Zangief in Group E.
                    - Kindevu submitted with E. Ryu. (Rule: Players must play only the character they submitted.)

                    Group A
                    1. Poongko (Seth)
                    2. Eita (Akuma)
                    3. Shungoku Neurosis (Dictator)
                    4. Joe (C. Viper)
                    5. Ueto Aya (Chun-Li)
                    6. Abelity (Abel) *from Malaysia
                    7. jkumo (Zangief)
                    8. Ishiipro (Hakan)
                    9. Aldogoliath (Fei Long)

                    Group B
                    1. Mago (Fei Long)
                    2. Nekosuke (Yun)
                    3. Kyoku (Yang)
                    4. Kiryuu Tsukimiya (Guy)
                    5. 1P (Ken)
                    6. Bikudanmuru (Makoto)
                    7. yuuuuusuke (Ibuki)
                    8. STRIPFIGHTERIV (Dan)
                    9. nole (Ryu)

                    Group C
                    1. Ikoma Devil (Dogura) (Dictator)
                    2. Acqua (Yang)
                    3. Binbinman (Yun)
                    4. Tetra (Yang) *from Singapore
                    5. Hanamaruki (Sagat)
                    6. hydebuffy (Adon)
                    7. Hisaya (Yang)
                    8. Nagai Minoru (Guile)
                    9. Kindevu (Evil Ryu)

                    Group D
                    1. BNBBN (Yun)
                    2. Bon-chan (Sagat)
                    3. Nishikin (Blanka)
                    4. Charisma (Adon)
                    5. aruchan (Ryu)
                    6. Akuesu (Guy)
                    7. Okkun (Ibuki)
                    8. haibu (Makoto)
                    9. Moni (Sakura)

                    Group E
                    1. Shiro (Makoto)
                    2. Mahou Shoujo Zangi-tan (Zangief)
                    3. inco (Rufus)
                    4. Yossan (Juri)
                    5. Iori (El Fuerte)
                    6. Tarzan Yagi (Zangief)
                    7. Goccha (Ibuki)
                    8. ukms (Zangief)
                    9. MaSan (Ken)
                    10. Hamu (Guy)

                    Group F
                    1. Xian (Yun) *from Singapore
                    2. Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)
                    3. Reiketsu Hidou (Claw)
                    4. Togawa (Ryu)
                    5. Matsuri (C. Viper)
                    6. papaya (Akuma)
                    7. Erunia (Sakura)
                    8. Ginga (Ibuki)
                    9. Purikuma (Hakan)
                    10. Anchovy (Chun-Li)

                    Group G
                    1. Nekojita (Abel)
                    2. Tonpy (C. Viper)
                    3. Kim1234 (Dictator) *A foreigner who often appears in a tournament
                    4. Nyanshi (Sagat)
                    5. Kiyomatsu (Guy)
                    6. Karasu. (Adon)
                    7. Initial Kyouso (Rose)
                    8. Eni (Guy)
                    9. Kyan (Yang)
                    10. Dragon Smasher (Ken) *MOV

                    Group H
                    1. Haneyama (Yang)
                    2. Final Atomic X (Makoto) *FAX Gimoto suspected
                    3. ChocoBlanka (Blanka)
                    4. Gasshuku (C. Viper)
                    5. DB Kuupa (Yun)
                    6. Gowasu (E. Honda)
                    7. Emu (Sagat)
                    8. Golg (Makoto)
                    9. Ranix (Adon) *A French
                    10. Charidoro (Sagat)

                    [Ougon Musou Kyoku 2 (Tentative Title)] Erika, Dlanor confirmed

                    A leaked video clip of a gameplay of two new characters in Ougon Musou Kyoku 2 (Tentative Title) was uploaded to Nico Nico on Tuesday. The characters are Furudo Erika and Dlanor A. Knox. However, the sprites are still in black and white, and a drawing from the original Umineko no Naku Koro ni visual novel is used as a place holder in the (special move) cut-tin.

                    Yesterday, there is an official confirmation that the two are actually under development.

                    Ougon Musou Kyoku 2 (Tentative Title) was announced in March and is scheduled for Winter Comic Market at the end of this year. Kuro Battler (Dark Battler) was planned as a new character and the last boss.

                    Thursday, August 18, 2011

                    Bathroom Counter new low #2

                    This's why fighting game community is a joke.

                    I don't follow Bathroom Counter but recently I saw bad things in all the 3-4 links people gave me.

                    Bathroom Counter's Zhi may know Japanese language but his interpretation is really bad. He's trying too hard to entertain by adding stuff to the point that he's lying. But what makes me write this is the inappropriate questions in MomoChoco interview.

                    "Are you staying together?"
                    "What does she do when you're playing?"
                    "Do you think your child will become stronger than Daigo?" (At this point, Momochi SAID "What kind of questions is this?")
                    "When will you marry?"

                    At the end, he asked them to kiss in front of the camera. Momochi had to say "Aho ka?" (Are you idiot?) repeatedly. Zhi ended the interview by saying out loud "Tsumannai" (Boring).

                    You want more?

                    In Kindevu interview
                    "Is [KayoPolice] your girlfriend?"
                    "Have you ever confessed [to Kayo]?"
                    "How do I impress [Kayo]?"
                    "Do you pick up girls from game centers?"
                    "A high school girl [isn't your type]?" (Kindevu said "These questions......")

                    He also forced Gama no Abura (30+ years old, married) to do the Denpa Jikkyou after his interview.

                    It's not necessary, but I'll give a constructive criticism.
                    - Being raw is not equal to being classless.
                    - Being funny is not equal to being childish.
                    - Quality over quantity. There's nothing wrong with a plain interview. No need to add things to make it look more interesting.

                    Sunday, August 14, 2011

                    Daigo Umehara official Twitter

                    On Thursday evening, someone reported about Daigo Umehara's official Twitter account but we couldn't confirmed it. But then Seth Killian said next morning that the account is real.

                    It's suggested that the account is run by his manager or someone else since Umehara isn't known for being an Internet user and some tweets came out simultaneously in both Japanese and English.

                    His official site rarely updates and this could be a way to make an announcement without relying on a webmaster.

                    The Twitter gained more than 7,000 followers in 24 hours after the report. (It had only 200 when I saw the report.) It had 9,650 followers after 48 hours, and 10,250 followers after 3 days.

                    KOK wins a-cho GG4 qualifier

                    KOK, a Fei Long player, will be invited to join GODSGARDEN #4 from winning the qualifier at a-cho (game center in Kyoto) today. (see the brackets here)

                    We now have 12 players waiting in GG4 next Saturday. Another 4 will come from the appointed day qualifier.

                    Update: The recorded videos are here (part 1), here (part 2), here (part 3)

                    Kao TV 2011.08.12

                    - Member: KSK, Inaba-san, Ren (BlazBlue player)
                    - They will start selling KSK T-shirt. There's KSK's legendary quote "I don't say I'm not strong, it'll be an insult toward people I've beaten." in the back of the shirt. (2,900 yen)
                    - Kokujin T-shirt is reprinted.
                    - LG is now one of the sponsors of GODSGARDEN #4.
                    - They'll give away 5 sets of Daemon books. Ren didn't know about it but said it probably has nothing to do with Umehara, then the other two had to quickly correct him. (LOL)
                    - GG4's prize money is 200,000 yen ($2,600 now) for 1st place. (previous GGs was 100,000 yen) 100,000 yen for 2nd. 50,000 yen for 3rd.
                    - A fan offers his money as prize, too.
                    - They talked about Natsu no Jin tournament. The winner gets a space in Tougeki Finals.
                    - Hori is likely to give away a stick to a lucky viewer during GG4. KSK joked that he'll give a part of the password each hour so people who watch all of it get the prize.
                    - They talked about the possibility of a new venue. Nicofarre was mentioned, but it's expensive. (Nicofarre is a live streaming event hall in Roppongi by Nico. The comments will appear on the walls and the ceiling. The viewers can freely choose camera angle. The service costs 2 million yen a time.)
                    - KSK was the one who designed Tougeki's official website 3 years ago.
                    - YHC Mochi is the first invited players to send in a confirmation mail.
                    - Watch here (part 1) and here (part 2).

                    TOPANGA TV 2011.08.13

                    - Guest: Shiro, Fuudo, Shungoku Neurosis
                    - S.N. was mistaken as Umehara 6 times at Evo, viewers call him "Nisehara." (Nise = Fake)
                    - Someone asked Fuudo for an autograph after he won, but the thing was full of other Japanese players' names and he was the last to sign. He thought that if he didn't win then no one would notice.
                    - S.N. was shocked by the crowd reaction during his match against Mike Ross. (They play quietly in Japan.)
                    - They talked about Shiro's dash x3 + Ultra. (vs. Xian match)
                    - They talked about ItaZan's crying. (Fuudo vs. Poongko match) Fuudo said he watches the video one time a day!
                    - They showed the pictures during the Evo. (You saw some of them already in Evo 2011 Summary posts.)
                    - Mago announced that Team Mad Catz: Mago & Tokido & Umehara will participate Nagoya Street Battle on September 23.

                    Friday, August 12, 2011

                    Nico official channel to stream GODSGARDEN #4

                    The leaked information from yesterday's Game no Jikan show revealed that the upcoming GODSGARDEN #4 tournament will be streamed live on a Nico Nico's official channel.

                    This is a very good news for many reasons.
                    • Nico has a professional camera work.
                    • Nico stream is very smooth.
                    • Nico can stream both SQ and HQ at the same time.
                    • A Nico's official channel will attract tons of new people.
                    • Nico chat is funnier.

                    As 4gamer.net revealed today, people who prefer Ustream still can watch it on Ustream. (But we assume that what you will see will come from GG's equipments.) In addition, Poongko is confirmed (again). It looks like Xian from Singapore is also confirmed.

                    GODSGARDEN #4 will take place on August 20. Top ten players from the fan voting are now all confirmed to participate.

                    Thursday, August 11, 2011

                    Umehara puts Daemon on notice

                    A tip from Seth Killian. Daigo Umehara is being used to promote a techno-thriller novel "Daemon." There are 2 books in the series and both will be released in Japan tomorrow or August 12 for 860 yen (tax included) each.

                    On the book wrapping paper, Umehara is described as "The world's No.1 both ability and popularity. Japan's sole charismatic pro fighting gamer."

                    Monday, August 8, 2011

                    Umehara reaches 270,000 BP in AE

                    The Tougeki qualifiers on Saturday reminds me to update his stats.

                    Date MatchWinBP
                    January 7

                    March 25 5,0004,000almost 120,000
                    April 21 6,0005,000almost 160,000
                    May 29 7,000 6,000 200,000+
                    August 6


                    After those tournaments abroad and the release of the console version, his pace dropped from 40,000 BP per month to 35,000 BP per month. Not bad at all.

                    Umehara went back to Japan and resumed his training in the game center since the evening of August 3.

                    Saturday, August 6, 2011

                    Tougeki 2011 qualifiers results (Ver. 3)

                    Today is the last day of SSF4AE qualifiers for Tougeki 2011 Finals. Umehara, Tokido, Mago didn't participate at all. In fact, Mago & Tokido were at TOPANGA Offline Meeting today, with Umehara as a surprise guest.

                    Shiro+Shungoku Neurosis team didn't make it, even they re-entered twice. They were in the block qualifiers 3 times. That's heartbreaking.

                    Fuudo, the Evo 2011 champ, qualified today. If he wins Tougeki, he'll become the third player who win both Evo and Tougeki in the same year on the same game. Currently, there're 2 players in the world who did that, Daigo Umehara in 2003 on SF2 and Nuki in 2005 on SF3. Umehara almost did it again on SF4 in 2010.

                    Update history
                    - Version 2
                    - Version 1

                    This is a list of the well-known players that will be playing in this year's Tougeki Finals.

                    Block B-2 (Kantou Area)
                    Team: Star Mountain
                    Player 1: Nemo (Yang)
                    Player 2: Cabbage (C. Viper)
                    (They re-entered)

                    Block B-3 (Kantou Area: Tokyo Metropolitan area)
                    Team: Kupaa Yari ni Kita
                    Player 1: FU☆K Yun (Yun)
                    Player 2: ☆Shin☆ (Juri)
                    (They won over Shungoku Neurosis+Shiro team)

                    Block B-4 (Kantou Area: Tokyo Metropolitan area)
                    Team: Coolness
                    Player 1: Suropuu (Fei Long)
                    Player 2: Acqua (Yang)

                    Block B-5 (Kantou Area: Tokyo Metropolitan area)
                    Team: Kou Mochibe
                    Player 1: Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)
                    Player 2: Fuudo (Fei Long)

                    Block B-6 (Kantou Area: Kanagawa Prefecture)
                    Team: Oonenzu
                    Player 1: Kazunoko (Yun)
                    Player 2: Ojisan (Yang)
                    (They won over Nemo+Cabbage team)

                    Block C-1 (Chuubu Area)
                    Team: Yjojo
                    Player 1: Y24 (Chun-Li)
                    Player 2: a.k.a. jojo (Dictator)

                    Block C-2 (Chuubu Area)
                    Team: Rakushite Kachitai
                    Player 1: Banbaban (Yun)
                    Player 2: KOK (Fei Long)

                    Block C-3 (Chuubu Area)
                    Team: MomoBon
                    Player 1: Momochi (Yun)
                    Player 2: Bon-chan (Sagat)

                    Block D-1 (Kinki Area)
                    Team Seihei Ryouri Center
                    Player 1: Noriyasu (Dhalsim)
                    Player 2: Amiyu (Gen)

                    Block D-2 (Kinki Area: Osaka)
                    Team: Happy Birthday
                    Player 1: Kouji (T-Hawk)
                    Player 2: Hishou (Sagat)

                    Block E-1 (Chuugoku-Shikoku Area)
                    Team: Thomas Gundan
                    Player 1: MDR (Yun)
                    Player 2: Haitani (Makoto)

                    Block F-2 (Kyushu-Okinawa Area)
                    Team: Shin Armageddon
                    Player 1: Michael Tan (Ken)
                    Player 2: Hachigashira-san (Yun)

                    Poongko confirmed for GODSGARDEN #4?

                    From the latest interview, if the translator is to be reliable, Poongko revealed that he's coming to Japan this August to attend GODSGARDEN tournament which we assume that it's GODSGARDEN #4.

                    Poongko actually came to Japan around July 24 just before Evo 2011 to train in the game centers.

                    Eleven players are invited to GG#4 so far. Poongko is likely to play in the qualifier on the appointed day on August 20 for one of the spaces left, in order to join the invited players. If so, that means he probably has to face players such as Mago, Kindevu, FAX Gimoto, Zangi-tan, Eita who are planning to go there, too.

                    Cross Counter and new low?

                    This looks like the third time Cross Counter made a translation related error. First, Mike Ross fell for the troll promo and ended up with a paradox. This week, there're 2 cases. Zhi (Cross Counter Asia) randomly added new things like "Fuudo is known as Reaction God in Japan" in Fuudo interview, that happened in a bathroom. And Gootecks and his translator made Poongko look like he was trash talking Umehara, then some of the Korean showed up and correct him. (Note that after Poongko won Shadowloo 2011, his interview still showed respect toward his opponents.)

                    Cross Counter proved that it could be a good show, like the E3 episode. But they need some quality control in this area.

                    Media tend to make a small story big, it's their job and it's mostly acceptable. But making a big story out of nothing is never good. I hope that's not how Cross Counter make money.

                    GODSGARDEN #4 fan vote result

                    GODSGARDEN announced today on Kao TV the result of the fan voting poll. The top 10 players on the list will be invited to compete in GODSGARDEN #4 tournament on August 20.

                    1. Umehara (Yun)
                    2. Fuudo (Fei Long)
                    3. Nemo (Yang)
                    4. Tokido (Akuma)
                    5. YHC Mochi (Dhalsim)
                    6. Sako (Yang)
                    7. Kazunoko (Yun)
                    8. Haitani (Makoto)
                    9. RF (Sagat)
                    10. Uryo (Sakura)

                    Iyo (Ibuki) is 13th. Mago (Fei Long) is 14th. Mahou Shoujo Zangi-tan (Zangief) is 15th. FAX Gimoto (Makoto) is 16th.

                    In case you are not familiar with GG, the tournament is usually invite-only. This time they accept 16 players. Momochi already qualified from winning Nagoya Street Battle's Nico Stream Battle. We assume that if any of these players refuses the invitation, they will choose another.

                    Friday, August 5, 2011

                    Shiro Evo Advice

                    Today, Shiro gave an advice to the Japanese who want to go to Evo next year that is they should start saving up right now 20,000 yen every month. He said 240,000 yen is plenty for the travel expenses. Plane ticket and hotel cost alone is 180,000 yen, the rest is for food.

                    Currently, 240,000 yen is around $3,000.

                    It's highly possible that next year's Evo will have more Japanese players. Sadly, however, the trend has changed. In the past, some people felt that Evo was empty because of the lack of the Japanese, which is the real challenge. But now the visitors are treated like they aren't supposed to be there.

                    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

                    Evo 2011 moments enter Nico ranking

                    Yesterday, two video clips of Evolution 2011 moments entered Nico Nico's daily ranking in Overall category counted by Favorites. One is BlazBlue grand final, another is Fuudo vs. Poongko.

                    From the comments of the BB video, the viewers were impressed by Spark's skills, and the part where AKA and Xie (commentators) shouted "YUKIKAZE" in harmony. Spark, the Hakumen player, was also praised by Ren and Kami-chan (GODSGARDEN's BlazBlue players) who were commentating on the Japan side.

                    Fuudo vs. Poongko video could be better if it has the Japanese crowd reactions from GG's event. Itabashi Zangief, who was watching the match live, started crying (happy tears) since the comeback in the first game.

                    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

                    [Ougon Musou Kyoku X] George introduced

                    George Ushiromiya, one of the three new characters in Ougon Musou Kyoku X, is introduced today.

                    His Patience ability makes your (on-screen) character gain SP every time you block an attack. (Normally, only off-screen characters gain SP from an action.) His SP2 special move resets your opponent's Touch gauge (making it unable to switch the character) while you still can continue a combo. For some reason, his Meta move isn't showed on the videos.

                    PC users might get to play him first via a patch in a few days just like Jessica.

                    Ougon Musou Kyoku X for Xbox 360 will be released on October 6. The original PC version is already released and available for import.

                    Behind Evo 2011 troll promo

                    It was revealed today that Neidel "haunts" Crisan from iPLAYWINNER is the one who made the Evo 2011's troll promo video. (to build some hype)

                    In case you didn't follow the old posts. It seems like Evo organizers asked Daigo Umehara for a video message, then it was edited and an inaccurate subtitle was added to make it provocative.

                    From my old post
                    "....it was intentionally misinterpreted, from simple "I'm joining everyone, it'll be exciting (with old and new players)" into something rather hostile. Here's a hint, he ended his sentences with desu or masu, and use -san. That means he's using the polite form of the language."

                    Like I said before, it was fun and all (it'd be funnier if they did it on Kindevu) but many people misunderstand and think Umehara actually did the video and said what they read (the subtitle). He then ended up being a public enemy in some MvC3 community, and I actually saw some hater talking about shooting him for real. (It's almost like something that you can send to the police, but I was taught that violence and jealousy is a norm in American fighting game community so I just ignored it.)

                    Without edit? It'll surely look like the Kuwait promo.

                    This post is just for a reference in the future.

                    Evolution 2011: Aftermath

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                    - Pre-Evo 2011 Updates
                    - Evolution 2011 Summary: Day 1 
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                    - Evolution 2011 Summary: Day 3
                    - The Japanese - Who's coming to Evo 2011

                    Great event! I just got back from a long sleep. And I still need a long break. Plus, I want to catch up with things I missed since I couldn't watch 3 streams at the same time. And those last day money matches. Not sure I have time to watch/write it all so short opinions/updates in my head/hands go first. (the summary posts will be updated over time.)

                    The Stream
                    - Why didn't they announce the stream URLs on the news? They revealed just when it started, and even announced the URL on the stream!
                    - Choosing Ustream is one of the best decisions. I don't have a problem at all.
                    - Having the low quality stream is also one of the best decisions (I mentioned about it before.) There're 4,200 viewers peak on the LQ stream.
                    - The main stream's presentation was great. Scores were updated as it happened. Camera switching was great.

                    - I'm glad he came! (He wasn't sure at first.) He's one of the true top players.
                    - Seth Killian said something bad about him, but I don't think it's true at all.
                    - He said he'll return next year!

                    - The result didn't surprise me at all. He had to fight Poongko first, and there're 3 C. Viper players.
                    - Good thing, some people now finally realized that he's not invincible.

                    Other players
                    - I don't expect Momochi to win Evo, but I didn't expect Tokido and Mago to beat him either.
                    - Mago was random as usual. He won or lost when he shouldn't.

                    - AKA & James Xie (BlazBlue finals), Chen, UltraDavid, Keits, Aris were impressive. I think AKA & Xie made some people buy BlazBlue after watching.

                    Japan Booth
                    Thanks to Gama no Abura (with the help of Nekohashi who acts as a translator), this's the first time Evo has a Japanese media coming directly from its fighting game community. There's a lot of interviews and casual talks, and all streamed to Japan. The station was also used as a place to hang out, too. Even Harada (Tekken producer) and Ono (SF4 producer) were there. (Check all the archived videos here.)

                    Evo 2012
                    - Shiro said that he'll come again! (That means Fuudo, Shungoku Neurosis will probably come, too)
                    - Gama-san is in love with Evo now and it looks like he'll return again.
                    - I hope Frieda return next year. The big changes in UMvC3 will help. He's the only well-known JP player who chooses MvC3 over SF4. All he can do is studying from YouTube clips, beside playing with Tokido and Nemo. Respect.

                    This is actually the second international SF4 tournament he won. He won World Game Cup in France last year with Ryu, over Umehara. He also plays with Umehara in the game center often. He trained with Shungoku N. Viper before the finals. Winning Evo is understandable. Now he's on everyone's radar, it'll be tougher for him from now on.

                    A Viper killer?
                    Fuudo beat Wolfkrone 2-0, 4 rounds straight. He beat Latif twice, winning 5 games out of 6.

                    Evolution 2011 Days After
                    - Gama-san, Nekohashi, Kindevu, Frieda at a restaurant [Pic]
                    - The venue after the event ended [Pic]

                    Monday, August 1, 2011

                    Evolution 2011 Summary: Day 3

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                    - Pre-Evo 2011 Updates
                    - Evolution 2011 Summary: Day 1 
                    - Evolution 2011 Summary: Day 2
                    - The Japanese - Who's coming to Evo 2011

                    (Chronological order, time is Las Vegas local time)

                    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II
                    • 10:40 - [Losers] Severin 2-1 Wuku
                    • 10:40 - [Losers] Spark 2-0 DSMoove
                    • 10:50 - [Winners] Lord Knight 2-0 Zong_One
                    • 10:51 - [Winners] Tokido (Noel) 2-1 Heart Nana (Makoto) *28,000 viewers
                    • 10:58 - [Losers] Severin 0-2 Zong_One *28,800 viewers
                    • 11:05 - [Losers] Heart Nana 0-2 Spark *29,500 viewers
                    • 11:14 - [Winners Final] Tokido (Noel) 1-2 Lord Knight (Litchi) *32,500 viewers
                    • 11:29 - [Losers] Spark 2-0 Zong_One
                    • 11:35 - [Losers] Tokido (Noel) 1-2 Spark (Hakumen) *34200 viewers
                    • 11:46 - [Grand Final] Lord Knight (Litchi) 0-3 Spark (Hakumen) *35,600 viewers
                    • 11:54 - [Grand Final 2] Lord Knight (Makoto/Litchi) 0-3 Spark (Hakumen) *37,400 viewers
                    Tekken 6
                    • 12:50 - [Losers] Tokido (Bob) 0-2 JustFrameJames (Law) *33,700 viewers
                    • 12:55 - [Winners] RIP (Law) 2-0 Kor (Bob) *34,400 viewers
                    • 13:03 - [Losers] Ryan Hart (Kazuya) 1-2 Crow (Bob) *35,700 viewers
                    • 13:16 - [Winners] Mr. Naps (Bryan) 0-2 Fab (Bob) *36,000 viewers
                    • 13:19 - [Losers] JustFrameJames (Law) 2-0 Mr. Naps (Bryan) *36,200 viewers
                    • 13:29 - [Losers] Crow (Bob) 1-2 Kor (Bob) *35,600 viewers
                    • 13:40 - [Winners Final] RIP (Law) 0-2 Fab (Bob) *36,200 viewers
                    • 13:51 - [Losers] JustFrameJames (Law/Baek) 0-2 Kor (Bob) *36,700 viewers
                    • 13:57 - [Losers] Kor (Bob) 0-2 RIP (Law) *37,800 viewers
                    • 13:40 - [Grand Final] Fab (Bob/Miguel) 0-3 Kor (Bob) *39,400 viewers
                    • 14:16 - [Grand Final 2] Fab (Miguel/Bob) 1-3 Kor (Bob) *40,000 viewers
                    Mortal Kombat 9
                    • 15:14 - [Losers] Online Tony 1-2 16-BIT *42,600 viewers
                    • 15:21 - [Losers] FR ATL REDD 0-2 REO *43,700 viewers 
                    • 15:28 - [Winners] JOP 2-1 Chris G *46,300 viewers *Crowd boo'd JOP because he didn't do any Fatality
                    • 15:38 - [Winners] Denzell Terry 0-2 PerfectLegend *47,300 viewers *Crowd makes noises @trashtalking after the match
                    • 15:43 - [Losers] 16-BIT 0-2 Chris G *48,200 viewers + 1,700 in LQ ver.
                    • 15:50 - [Losers] REO 2-0 Denzell Terry *48,700 viewers
                    • 15:55 - [Winners Final] PerfectLegend 2-0 JOP *49,500 viewers 
                    • 16:08 - [Losers] Chris G 1-2 REO *50,300 viewers
                    • 16:16 - [Losers] JOP 1-2 REO *51,900 viewers | Aris talked about the pic of UltraDavid and Magus half-naked in front of the mirror in a bathroom. (I actually saw that.)
                    • 16:26 - [Grand Final] PerfectLegend 1-3 REO *53,900 viewers + 2,000 in LQ ver.
                    • 16:38 - [Grand Final 2] PerfectLegend 3-0 REO *55,400 viewers

                    • 18:23 - [Losers] X-Ray 0-2 Noel Brown *55000 viewers 
                    • 18:28 - [Losers] Mine 1-2 Combofiend *57600 viewers + 2,500 in LQ ver.
                    • 18:36 - [Winners] PR Rog 2-0 Filipino Champ *59300 viewers
                    • 18:44 - [Winners] Justin Wong 1-2 Viscant *61900 viewers + 2,700 in LQ ver.
                    • 18:52 - [Losers] Combofiend 2-0 Filipino Champ *62300 viewers + 2,800 in LQ ver. 
                    • 18:57 - [Losers] Justin Wong 2-1 Noel Brown *64900 viewers + 3000 in LQ ver. 
                    • 19:08 - [Winners Final] PR Rog 0-2 Viscant *65300 viewers + 3000 in LQ ver.  
                    • 19:12 - [Losers] Justin Wong 2-0 Combofiend *66200 viewers + 3100 in LQ ver.  
                    • 19:18 - [Losers Final] Justin Wong 1-2 PR Rog *66800 viewers + 3100 in LQ ver. | perfect'd on the last game
                    • 19:24 - [Grand Final] Viscant 2-3 PR Rog *69500 viewers + 3300 in LQ ver. | Intense match
                    • 19:37 - [Grand Final 2] Viscant 3-0 PR Rog *71,000 viewers + 3400 in LQ ver.

                    • 20:14 - [Losers] Tokido (Aku) 2-0 Flash Metroid (Zan/Vip) *66800 viewers + 3300 in LQ ver. | Tokido posed Akuma's U2 after the match [Video]
                    • 20:35 - [Losers] Wolfkrone (Vip) 1-2 Kindevu (Yun) *69300 viewers | Kindevu trolls the crowd before the match by trying to pick Boxer | Then wave (thank you) and kneel down (apologize) to the crowd
                    • 20:44 - [Winners] Latif (Vip) 1-2 Fuudo (Fei) *71000 viewers + 3600 in LQ ver. 
                    • 20:51 - [Winners] Poongko (Seth) 2-0 Umehara (Yun) *73500 viewers + 3800 in LQ ver.
                    • 20:57 - [Losers] Latif (Vip) 2-1 Tokido (Aku) *74900 viewers + 3900 in LQ ver. 
                    • 21:05 - [Losers] Umehara (Yun) 2-1 Kindevu (Yun) *76400 viewers + 4000 in LQ ver. 
                    • 21:13 - [Winners] Poongko (Seth) 0-2 Fuudo (Fei) *78400 viewers + 4100 in LQ ver.
                    • 21:13 - [Losers] Umehara (Yun) 1-2 Latif (Vip) *80000 viewers + 4200 in LQ ver.
                    • 21:28 - [Losers] Latif (Vip) 2-0 Poongko (Seth) *80900 viewers + 4200 in LQ ver. 
                    • 21:37 - [Grand Final] Latif (Vip) 0-3 Fuudo (Fei) *82000 viewers + 4200 in LQ ver.  

                    • 11:05 - GODSGARDEN public viewing event has 2 BlazBlue players (Kami-chan and Ren, from Ura Kao TV) commentating BlazBlue [GG Channel 2]
                    • 11:30 - Ono is at the Gama Station (aka Japan Booth) [Pic][GG Channel 1]
                    • 11:40 - These BB commentators (AKA & James Xie) are very nice and informative. Their play-by-play are great. 
                    • 12:20 - Gama-san interviewing Lord Knight and Spark 
                    • 12:26 - Harada is on the stage. SoulCaliber V producer announcing a new character. 
                    • 12:34 - SoulCaliber V playtesting. *32,800 viewers
                    • 12:49 - [Commentators] MarkMan, FithieRich
                    • 13:40 - FithieRich is not doing a very good job...
                    • 13:47 - MarkMan: "Tekken is very deep, it's not a button masher." FithieRich: "All I wanna see ..is CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP..." 
                    • 14:21 - The commentators don't concentrate on commentating on the characters' actions on the screen or strategies. Viewers can't get hyped when they don't know what's going on.
                    • 14:41 - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 playtesting. *39,800 viewers
                    • 15:09 - The crowd shout: "MORTAL KOMBAT" Otherside: "SUCKS"
                    • 15:14 - [Commentators] ARIS AND ULTRADAVID! THANK GOD!
                    • 17:09 - SF3 Third Strike OE exhibition begins *50,700 viewers
                    • 17:09 - [Commentators] James Chen & UltraDavid
                    • 18:04 - [Commentators] Good job! @during the exhibition
                    • 18:05 - Combo video *51,900 viewers
                    • 18:12 - (MvC3 producer) Niitsuma on stage
                    • 18:21 - The stream cut off (not down), something's happening. There*53,400 viewers
                    • 18:23 - [Commentators] Seth Killian, UltraDavid
                    • 19:56 - Balrog: Behind the Glory movie *60300 viewers
                    • 20:15 - Combo video from Desk and other people
                    • 20:25 - Ono apologies for balance issues? and asked for everyone to shoryuken again like last year*62,500 viewers
                    • 20:25 - [Commentators] James Chen & Seth Killian
                    • XX:XX - Japan Team  was near or in front of the stage during the SSF4AE final. After Fuudo won the championship everyone went up on the stage to congratulate Fuudo with national flag.
                    • 22:06 - Gama-san streaming once again (GG channel) *3,600 viewers
                    • 22:39 - GG's Evo meeting is still going on. KSK, Itabashi Zangief, Umezono, are the hosts. They interviewed many players, both JP and non-JP. (including Latif, F. Champ, etc.) *2,200 viewers

                    Updates with no timeline
                    - Ricky Ortiz x Kayo [Pic]
                    - Team Japan [Pic]
                    - Kayo with Hadada [Pic]
                    - Kayo with Harada and Niitsuma [Pic]
                    - Kayo x Kara [Pic]
                    - Kindevu attemped to dive after getting the medal [Video]
                    - Kayo, Alex Valle, Kayane [Pic]
                    - Day 1-3 photo gallery from Kara [Link]
                    - Evo 2011 funny moments [Video]
                    - Evo 2011 breaks online viewership records [News]
                    - Kayane vs. Kayo match [Video]
                    - After Evo, MomoChoco, Mago, Nyanshi, Shiro Team went to shopping [Video]

                    Final results (tournament placings)
                    - SSF4AE
                    - MvC3
                    - MK9
                    - Tekken 6
                    - BlazBlue CS2

                    Gama-san Live at Japan Booth from Evo 2011 (GG channel 1)
                    - Frieda commentated MvC3 for JP viewers

                    Evo 2011 meeting by GODSGARDEN (GG channel 2)
                    - KSK fought Murata (Mago's pupil Yun user) a game and won.
                    - Japanese gaming news site 4Gamer.net reported about this event. [Link]

                        Twitter's Trends during Evo 2011 Finals