Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Saturday, February 25, 2012

[OMKC] Willard/Virgilia combos by Aki Horona

Aki Horona is arguably Japan's No.1 Virgilia user. This combo video he uploaded just a few hours ago shows us what he can do with Willard H. Wright when paired with Virgilia.

Note that what he did in the video he can do it on the fly in a real match. That's what makes him a real top player.

Combo #1
Hit: 32
Damage: 4333
Cost: 2 SP

Combo #2 (including unblockable setup)
Hit: 20 + 9
Damage: 3279 + 1445
Cost: 2 SP

Combo #3
Hit: 34
Damage: 5200
Cost: 3+3 SP

Combo #4
Hit: 90
Damage: 6037
Cost: 5 SP

Combo #5
Hit: 56
Damage: 7126
Cost: 4+5 SP

Combo #6
Hit: 41
Damage: 5518
Cost: 3+1 SP

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nico to stream Capcom's SSF4AE Ver.2012 National Tournament

Nico Nico announced that it will stream Capcom's Official SSF4AE Ver.2012 National Tournament on March 3 starting from 11:00 (JST). As you know, Daigo Umehara will participate in the event.

The last Capcom's SF4 National Tournament in 2010 was also streamed by Nico Nico.

[OMKC] Willard arrives (Patch 2.10 released)

The new Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross patch that adds Willard H. Wright was released today just around midnight. As announced before, the patch will update the game from version 2.01 to 2.10 and there're several changes.

Official release note
- New character Williard H. Wright added.
- New story added in Arcade Mode.
- New system voice added.
- Off-the-ground attacks don't work with Down Attack now.
- Glitches/bugs fixed.
- A change to Detachment ability's effect time.
- A change to Massacre ability's absorption.
- "Hold" property added to Beatrice's 6B (forward Medium).
- Changes to some characters' moves
  • Ange - Far 5A, Far 5B, Far 5C Near 5A, Near 5B, Near 5C (correction)
  • Lucifer - 3C
  • Rosa - Far 5A, Golden Dream, Goat Hunting
  • Dlanor - Far 5B, Dismiss Cornelia
  • Erika - 6A, Goat's Bombardment

Beast Note's observations

- Rosa is very powerful now. Her Detachment puts opponent's partner wait longer. It prevents "burst" for more than 9 seconds, longer than George's Ranbu which is less than 7 seconds. Her Golden Dream has "armor" property now, it can go through Battler's Meta Blue Truth and stuff.
- We did the stun test. Nothing seems to change. (see below)

Willard H. Wright
- He has slide, but has no sweep.
- His SP Cancel ability lets you chain some SP moves and Meta Specials after a lower tier special move once. (example below)
  • (Jessica) Otome no Muteki Punch > SP Otome no Muteki Punch
  • (Jessica) Otome no Muteki Punch > Ranbu
  • (Jessica) Otome no Explosion > Meta Special
  • (Jessica) SP Otome no Muteki Punch > Meta Special
  • (Beatrice) Stake > SP Red Truth
  • (Beatrice) Golden Wind > Ranbu
  • (Beatrice) Stake > Meta Special
  • (Beatrice) SP Red Truth > Meta Special
- His Meta Special goes fullscreen, hit up to 2 times, can connect midair. It has slow startup, you have to launch opponent into the air to hitconfirm it.

Beast Note's Stun Test
Ange's See You again
  • Rosa - Not dizzy
  • Ange - Not dizzy
  • Battler - Not dizzy
  • Beatrice - Not dizzy
  • Lucifer - Not dizzy
  • Virgilia - Not dizzy
  • Willard - Not dizzy
  • Kanon - Not dizzy
  • Shannon - Not dizzy
  • Black Battler - Not dizzy
  • Eva - Dizzy
  • Chiester 410 - Not dizzy
  • Ronove - Not dizzy
  • Jessica - Not dizzy
  • George - Dizzy
  • Erika - Not dizzy
  • Dlanor - Not dizzy

Battler's Meta Blue Truth with Stun Boost
  • Rosa - Dizzy
  • Ange - Dizzy
  • Battler - Dizzy
  • Beatrice - Dizzy
  • Lucifer - Dizzy
  • Virgilia - Dizzy
  • Willard - Dizzy
  • Kanon - Dizzy
  • Shannon - Dizzy
  • Black Battler - Dizzy
  • Eva - Dizzy
  • Chiester 410 - Dizzy
  • Ronove - Dizzy
  • Jessica - Dizzy
  • George - Dizzy
  • Erika - Dizzy
  • Dlanor - Not dizzy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross] J's combo video #3

J, the top OMK player, uploaded his new combo video last night. He noted that these combos can be used for real (meaning it can be applied or it's low cost but high damage, not just fancy combos). He also mentioned that the upcoming patch will probably break some combos.

Combo #1
Eva & Lucifer vs. Battler & Beatrice
Hit: 58
Damage: 4336
Cost: 1+1 SP

Combo #2
Jessica & Battler vs. Lucfifer & Virgilia
Hit: 18
Damage: 2089 + dizzy
Cost: 1 SP

Combo #3
Black Battler & Lucifer vs. Battler & Beatrice
Hit: 27
Damage: 3098 + dizzy
Cost: 3 SP

Combo #4
Lucifer & Ronove vs. Beatrice & Lucifer
Hit: 62
Damage: 4016
Cost: 1+1 SP

Combo #5
George & Battler vs. Battler & Beatrice
Hit: 12
Damage: 1966
Cost: 5 SP

Combo #6
George & Shannon vs. Virgilia & Battler
Hit: 25
Damage: 3156 + dizzy
Cost: 1 SP

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TOPANGA League Round 9 summary

- TOPANGA League revealed (with rules, schedule, and stream links)
- TOPANGA League prizes details
- TOPANGA League Round 1 summary
- TOPANGA League Round 2 summary 
- TOPANGA League Round 3 summary 
- TOPANGA League Round 4 summary 
- TOPANGA League Round 5 summary
- TOPANGA League Round 6 summary
- TOPANGA League Round 7 summary (coming in 2012)
- TOPANGA League Round 8 summary (coming in 2012)
- Knockout stage fixtures
- Round 7, 8, 9 postponed

- Commentators: R and Shiro (the Makoto player)
- Shiro came after work so he's still in suit.
- The show ended with 45,063 attendees and 112,674 comments.

Spoilers inside.

[Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross] Willard promo video posted

The official site of Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross announced last night that Willard H. Wright is coming with the new patch on February 24. They also have a promotional video of the new character. You can now check his move list and ability at the character's page.

The video introduces Will's special moves, but it also teases by having Lambdadelta as his partner. Her ability's name is showed as "Ultra PER."

It's confirmed since last week that they made Will look like KAITO (a vocaloid) in his 2P version. (Erika's 2P version looks like Miku Hatsune.)

Two new characters Lambdadelta and Bernkastel will come in this Spring.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Behind TOPANGA League by 4gamer.net

4gamer.net posted an article about TOPANGA League today. They interviewed Mago, Tokido, Nyanshi, and "Management No.3." Nyanshi is TOPANGA representative director. And No.3 is the man who supervises most of the game shows on Nico Nico. This's also the first and proper interview about TOPANGA itself.

Here's Beast Note summary.

Impression of the first half
- Uryo was the biggest trouble for Mago.
- Tokido doesn't like online matches. It's hard to adapt with the lag.
- Both Mago and Tokido think that they'll do better in the knockout stage which is offline play.
- sako and Umehara were hardest matches for Tokido.
- Bon-chan vs. Kazunoko was Tokido's highlight.
- Momochi vs. Umehara and sako vs. Haitani were Mago's highlight.
- Mago pointed out that top 3 are players from Kansai (western half of Japan) and 4 to 7 are players from Kantou (eastern of Japan). It's bitter for him.

- Nyanshi was Umehara's acquaintance. He and Bon-chan started SF4 because of Umehara's invitation. Bon-chan was already good at gaming, but Nyanshi seldom played games.
- Nyanshi realized when he participated GODSGARDEN #1 (August 2009) together with Umehara that fighting games is a form of entertainment from the hype in that place.
- The goal of TOPANGA is to raise social status of games and gamers. Nyanshi wants people to enjoy fighting games in the same way as soccer or baseball.
- Nyanshi went to Taiwan with Umehara and saw Umehara's popularity with his own eyes, he was convinced that this can be a real job.
- Umehara is not directly related to TOPANGA.
- In January 2011, Nyanshi heard that Mago and Tokido didn't do Kao TV anymore so he invited them to join TOPANGA. (They were Kao TV's regular members.)
- Tokido decided to move on with TOPANGA because GG staff have a real job and he has more time to spend. (Beast Note - That time, KSK was finding a new house and job. They had no place to stream as Gamer's Vision is gone. No Kao TV for 3-4 months.)

First pay-per-view [fighting game] show [TOPANGA League]
- Talking about PPV, Nyanshi thinks that it's now or never. SF4 is still a hit since 2008 and many players have switched from other games. For example, Fuudo from Virtua Fighter, Nemo and Kazunoko from Guilty Gear. The level of gameplay is also high enough to become an entertainment.
- No.3 said Nyanshi first mentioned about the league possibility in the middle of Haitani vs. sako Concept Match. Nyanshi formally made business proposal 1 week after that.
- No.3 said the number of viewers in that concept match was quite good.
- The PPV idea and 3,000 yen plus-minus was from Nyanshi.
- No.3 was worried at first, he thought about 1,000 yen. Then he thinks it's reasonable. Because when divided by 12, it's only 300 yen an episode. And they must avoid a loss.
- Mago pointed out that there're players from Nagoya and Kansai area. Traveling and hotel expenses are necessary.
- At first, No.3 thought that if they could get 1,000 ticket buyers it would be nice. Apparently it exceeds his expectation. He didn't reveal the number, but it's enough to expect a second season.
- Though it's a joint project, TOPANGA will get larger share (earnings) than Dwango (Nico's mother company).
- They asked Capcom for permission. But Ono (SF4 producer) made final decision saying he wants to support player-organized event to keep fighting game business going.
- Nyanshi talked about possibility of having B league (lower division). It's open for everyone, players get promoted to A league.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TOPANGA League Round 9 postponed

Nico Nico now updated its stream page of TOPANGA League Round 9. The 9th episode of the show is now moved from February 12 (Sunday) to February 21 (Tuesday). (It will still begin at 21:00.)

As mentioned before, Daigo Umehara went to South Korea for LG Cup SF4HD Global Championship 2012. He advanced to the semi-finals on this Sunday, and will not be back in time.

Update: Round 7-8 are now moved to February 11-12 respectively.

Friday, February 3, 2012

First footage of Umehara actually learning SFxTekken

A video of "charismatic pro gamer" (in the video description) Daigo Umehara learning how to play Street Fighter X Tekken for the first time is posted by Capcom. This's just the first episode, there'll be 4 total. They say that Umehara will get to fight Tokido eventually.

- Capcom's Ayano (SFxTekken assistant producer) taught him.
- He tried Tutorial Mode.
- He learnt about Guard Cancel.
- He learnt about Assist Gems and Boost Gems.
- He was told that a Gem such as Auto Throw Cancel helps players who aren't good at it.
- He learnt that high level Gems are harder to use due to their activation conditions.
- He learnt that you can sense what Gem will be activated by reading opponent's behaviors.
- Ayano tried to recommend Attack Power boost, but Umehara was interested in Speed Gems. And he said Zangief with speed should be good.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Umehara confirmed for LG Cup SF4HD Finals in Korea

The official website of LG Cup SF4HD Global Champonship 2012 has updated all the finalists today. It is confirmed that Daigo Umehara is invited to compete in the tournament finals in Korea. He will play both Xbox 360's SSF4AE Ver. 2012, and cellphone's SF4HD.

As reported, Umehara showed that he knows a lot about SF4HD and actually tried some complicate combos.

The quarter-finals is scheduled on February 5, but the semi-finals and final are on February 12. It is still unknown what will happen if Umehara made it to the semi-finals since TOPANGA League will resume on February 10.

Among 8 console finalists are Fuudo, Justin Wong, and Poongko. There will be stream here.

TOPANGA League 2nd half fixtures

If you still don't know the results from the first half, this's actually spoilers.

[OMKC] Official tournament revealed, Willard in February

07th Expansion announced tonight "07th Expansion Party," a doujinshi (self-published works) event that will have only its series related products. It is revealed that "Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross Anyone-can-participate Tournament (tentative name)" will also be part of the event. This will be the first official tournament of the game. The date is May 5.

At the same time, the series creator also revealed that Willard H. Wright is coming in February.

Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross promised that 3 new characters (Lambdadelta, Bernkastel, Willard H. Wright) will be added via patch starting from early 2012.