Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Sunday, January 29, 2012

TOPANGA League Round 6 summary

- TOPANGA League revealed (with rules, schedule, and stream links)
- TOPANGA League prizes details
- TOPANGA League Round 1 summary
- TOPANGA League Round 2 summary 
- TOPANGA League Round 3 summary 
- TOPANGA League Round 4 summary 
- TOPANGA League Round 5 summary

- Commentators: R, Yoshiwo, Shiro
- The match results showing in the stream are partially wrong at the moment. (But Beast Note is always right.) In case you wonder.
- 67,078 attendees and  95,654 comments at the end.

Today's Menu
  1. Bon-chan vs. Kindevu
  2. Fuudo vs. RF
  3. Kazunoko vs. Kindevu
  4. Uryo vs. Mago
  5. Fuudo vs. Kindevu
  6. Uryo vs. RF
  7. Fuudo vs. Bon-chan
  8. Umehara vs. Mago
  9. Kazunoko vs. Fuudo
  10. Haitani vs. RF
  11. Umehara vs. sako

[Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross] J's combo video #2

J, the top OMK player, uploaded his second combo video last night. (See the first one here.)

Combo #1
George & Chiester 410 vs. Battler & Beatrice
Hit: 75
Damage: 3520
Cost: 5+2 SP

Combo #2
Dlanor & Lucifer vs. Rosa & Black Battler
Hit: 13
Damage: 2942 + dizzy
Cost: 3 SP

Combo #3
Kanon & Lucifer vs. Ronove & Battler
Hit: 47
Damage: 3749 + dizzy
Cost: 0+1 SP

Combo #4
Rosa & Kanon vs. Battler & Beatrice
Hit: 14
Damage: 2478 + dizzy
Cost: 1 SP

Combo #5
Lucifer & Shannon vs. Black Battler & Eva
Hit: 23
Damage: 2549 + dizzy
Cost: 1 SP

Combo #6
Jessica & Ronove vs. Black Battler & Eva
Hit: 28
Damage: 3988 + dizzy
Cost: 2 SP

Combo #7
Ronove & Kanon vs. Black Battler & Eva
Hit: 36
Damage: 4264 + dizzy
Cost: 5 SP

Combo #8
Virgilia & Lucifer vs. Battler & Beatrice
Hit: 13
Damage: 3664 + dizzy
Cost: 3 SP

Combo #9
Chiester 410 & Shannon vs. Battler & Beatrice
Hit: 30
Damage: 3836
Cost: 0+4 SP

Saturday, January 28, 2012

TOPANGA League Round 5 summary

- TOPANGA League revealed (with rules, schedule, and stream links)
- TOPANGA League Prizes details
- TOPANGA League Round 1 summary
- TOPANGA League Round 2 summary 
- TOPANGA League Round 3 summary 
- TOPANGA League Round 4 summary

- 14,874 attendees before start.
- 78,596 attendees and 97,176 comments at the end.

Today's Menu
  1. Tokido vs. RF
  2. sako vs. Kindevu
  3. Kazunoko vs. RF
  4. Uryo vs. Bon-chan
  5. Momochi vs. Mago
  6. sako vs. Haitani
  7. Momochi vs. Kindevu
  8. Kazunoko vs. Haitani
  9. Uryo vs. sako
  10. Momochi vs. Haitani
  11. Umehara vs. Kazunoko

Spoilers below.

Friday, January 27, 2012

TOPANGA League Round 4 summary

- TOPANGA League revealed (with rules, schedule, and stream links)
- TOPANGA League Prizes details
- TOPANGA League Round 1 summary
- TOPANGA League Round 2 summary 
- TOPANGA League Round 3 summary

- 16,000 attendees at start.
- 74,319 attendees and 96495 comments at the end.

Umehara vs. Momochi
Stats show that Umehara is Momochi's kryptonite. Can Momochi resist this time?
  • Umehara's Nagoya Tour (2008.12.20-21) - Ume (Ryu) 2-3 Momochi (Aku)
  • GODSGARDEN #1 (2009.8.7) - Ume (Ryu) 2-0 Momochi (Aku)
  • Nagoya Street Battle 13 Exhibition (2010.3.21) - Ume (Ryu) 0-1 Momochi (Aku) 
  • GODSGARDEN Online #1 (2010.6.28) - Ume (Ryu) 10-3 Momochi (Ibuki)
  • GODSGARDEN Online #2 qualifiers (2010.9.25) - Ume (Ryu) 3-0 Momochi (Ken)
  • GODSGARDEN Online #2 (2010.10.10) - Ume (Ryu) 10-5 Momochi (Ken)
  • Recreate Tougeki 2010 (2010.12) - Ume (Ryu) 1-0 Momochi (Aku)
  • Tougeki 2011 (2011.9.17) - Ume (Yun) 1-0 Momochi (Yun)

Today's Menu
  1. Kindevu vs. RF
  2. Momochi vs. Fuudo
  3. Mago vs. RF
  4. sako vs. Bon-chan
  5. Haitani vs. Kindevu
  6. Momochi vs. Bon-chan
  7. Fuudo vs. sako
  8. Umehara vs. RF
  9. Uryo vs. Momochi
  10. Fuudo vs. Haitani
  11. Umehara vs. Momochi

 Spoiler inside

[Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross] Patch version 2.01 out

Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross got its first patch last night. The patch will upgrade the game to version 2.01 (from 2.00). You can download at the official site.

Big change is now you can use Black Battler in online match. (But it seems his HP is much lower now.) The release note lists some other changes but didn't mention about stun, so we did the stun test for you. Eva and George still have lowest stun resistance. Dlanor still has highest. There's also no significant change in damage scaling.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Umehara promoting new Mad Catz SFxTekken Fightsticks in Japan

Mad Catz announced that the new Street Fighter x Tekken Fightsticks will be released in Japan on March 8, the same day with the game.

The press release says the sticks are "popular pro fighting gamer Daigo Umehara's sticks of choice." (Famitsu)

And while Capcom is using their SSF4AE Ver.2012 tournament to promote Street Fighter x Tekken, Mad Catz will also use the event to promote their new SFxTekken sticks.

Capcom already announced that Umehara, Mago, Tokido will compete in the tournament, and there will be playable SFxTekken in the event. The Team Mad Catz Japan will also play the game using the new sticks.

Umehara confirmed for official SSF4AE Ver. 2012 national tournament

Capcom announced today that Team Mad Catz Japan players Daigo Umehara, Mago, Tokido will compete in Capcom's official SSF4AE Ver.2012 national tournament 2012 on March 3.

Poongko, GamerBee, Ryan Hart is also confirmed to play under Foreign Selection team.

Since these two teams use Capcom's invitation quota, they do not have to play in the qualifiers that began since last year. The final tournament on March 3 will have 32 teams.

The last official national tournament was in 2010. Umehara team was chosen by fan voting.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross] J replay #2

J, a top OMK player, uploaded his matches yestetday.

  1. George & Eva vs. Erika & Beatrice
  2. Eva & Rosa vs. George & Ronove
  3. George & Eva vs. Chiester & Dlanor
  4. Jessica & Ronove vs. Kanon & Battler

TOPANGA gets Nico channel

I don't know when, but I just noticed from the banner on the front page of Nico Nico Live that TOPANGA now has its own channel opened by Nico Nico's mother company itself. The contents on the page are all the pay-per-view episodes and the past TOPANGA Concept Matches that were streamed officially.

The channel is different from an user channel/community that TOPANGA already has. This premium channel has some privileges and will get more exposure. It can offer both free and paid contents. There're currently only 57 channels in game category and most of them was opened by game companies.

We know that TOPANGA League probably gets second season easily, but I also wish TOPANGA TV moves from Twitch TV to Nico especially now they have the channel. I think their teaching corner is great and more people should see it. They only need a better stream management and sound equipments.

Japanese fighting game communities try to appeal to the international audience by using Ustream or Twitch TV. But that's only good for a real big tournament. It doesn't work on talk shows or smaller tournaments. On Nico, not only more people will see it, more people understand it. (On Ustream or Twitch TV, many people who don't understand Japanese troll the chat instead.) Either way, matches will be seen, and a site like Beast Note will translate stuff for English speakers. They should think about getting new viewers who speak the same language to strengthen their communities first.

Nico Nico now has more than 22 million subscribers and 1.5 million paid members.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Umehara in LG Cup SF4HD Global Championship 2012 Japan's qualifier

On Saturday, Daigo Umehara appeared as a guest in talk session in LG Cup Street Fighter IV HD Global Championship 2012 Japan's qualifier. He was unusual talkative because he's between two friends who are one of the most talkative fighting game players - Kokujin and Nuki.

Nuki is Umehara's old friend and it seems like they didn't meet in a long while.

- Talking about olden days, Umehara joked that he thought Nuki's era is over when Nuki finished just 3rd place in a tournament. Because Nuki was so strong and always finished 1st place.
- They tried to find the right character for Nuki to play in SF4 Ver.2012.
- Nuki was interested in Sakura. (Nuki likes female characters.) Kazunoko made him interested a bit in Seth. Kokujin cheered on Seth, too.
- Umehara said Sakura gives Ryu more trouble than Seth.
- Umehara made fun of the fact that Nuki likes to talk about the olden days.
- Umehara mentioned that Dan is strong, mainly from shoryuken invincibility.
- Kokujin: Who's easy to play but strong? Ume: Adon.
- Umehara chose Ryu over Akuma because Akuma doesn't give him big advantage over Ryu.
- Umehara said Ryu's HP shoryuken is fun.
- Nuki is a renowned Umehara fanboy and he won't hesitate to say something awkward like "When I played SF4 slot machine, Umehara's face popped out." Viewers joked about platonic love/unfulfilled love as usual.
- Talking about the legendary parry at Evo: Ume said Raou liked to Super Art him, so it's like he practiced with Raou. Kokujin actually was there, too. He said it was so loud they couldn't hear anything else after the parry.
- Kokujin asked about how famous: Ume said sometimes he got a special treat from restaurants.
- In Zero 3 era, Nuki said there were 20,000 participants in national tournament.
- Umehara surprisingly knows a lot about smartphone version of SF4.
- Umehara playing the first Street Fighter, couldn't do shoryuken. KSK reported. [Pic]
- 4Gamer.net has a report about this event. [Link]

Umehara Gunslinger Stratos interview from Famitsu

Square Enix announced Gunslinger Stratos on January 11 and they made Daigo Umehara "official supporter" of the game. It seems like Famitsu had an interview with him that day but was published just today.

- The offer: He was happy with the offer. He likes Square Enix's games and they're his favorite game developer.
- His impression: The cabinets are big and flashy, that will attract people. And character designs and settings are a charm factor. Players don't need to be a game lover.
- Fun factor: The feeling "there's always something to do" it keeps you busy.
- He felt that gun action scares some people away but this game's cute character designs and world and such will make it easier to approach.
- Opinion on Gunglinger Stratos National Tournament (that has prize money): He'd be happy if prize money becomes a norm. But for him, he already likes new thing or new challenge, so it's interesting. If more game companies do this (prize money), pro gamers will increase. But it's also important to make a good game.
- Will he play Gunslinger Stratos?: He thinks so. His interest depends on number of people. And he thinks the game will certainly attract people. You don't want to miss that.
- His experience on large scale co-op game: Back in the past, he actually hated co-op games. (laugh)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

TOPANGA League Round 3 summary

- TOPANGA League revealed (with rules, schedule, and stream links)
- TOPANGA League Prizes details
- TOPANGA League Round 1 summary
- TOPANGA League Round 2 summary

- All of Tokido's matches will finish today, because he has to attend a tournament in German. You'll see him again in the knockout stage in February.
- The realistic guess of the number of paid viewers this episode is at least 2,800.
- Commentators are R, Yoshiwo
- Capcom's Ayano (SF4 assistant producer) came to talk about SF4 National Tournament 2012 and SFxTekken.
- 10,400 attendees before start.
- The show ended with 46,214 attendees and 108,419 comments.

Today's Menu
  1. Kazunoko vs. Bon-chan
  2. Tokido vs. RF (postponed)
  3. Uryo vs. Haitani
  4. Tokido vs. Uryo 
  5. sako vs. Mago 
  6. Bon-chan vs. Haitani (added due to RF's connection problem) 
  7. Uryo vs. Fuudo
  8. Fuudo vs. RF (postponed)
  9. Tokido vs. Mago
  10. Umehara vs. Kindevu
  11. Bon-chan vs. Mago (added)
  12. Tokido vs. Fuudo
  13. Umehara vs. Bon-chan

Spoilers inside.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

TOPANGA League Round 2 summary

- TOPANGA League revealed (with rules, schedule, and stream links)
- TOPANGA League Prizes details
- TOPANGA League Round 1 summary

- I forgot to mention since yesterday that they updated the rules. Game difference (GD) is used to determine the rank in case 2+ players have the same number of wins. Losing too many games could mean more opponents in the knockout stage.
- R and Shiro are commentators.
- The show ended with 57,385 attendees and 107,689 comments.
- Realistic guess of the paid viewers in this episode is at least 3,300.

  1. Momochi vs. RF
  2. Tokido vs. Bon-chan
  3. Mago vs. Kindevu
  4. sako vs. RF
  5. Tokido vs. Momochi
  6. Mago vs. Haitani
  7. Kazunoko vs. Uryo
  8. Tokido vs. Kazunoko
  9. Umehara vs. Uryo
  10. Kazunoko vs. sako
  11. Tokido vs. Umehara

Anything below are spoilers.

Friday, January 20, 2012

TOPANGA League Round 1 summary

- TOPANGA League revealed (with rules, schedule, and stream links)
- TOPANGA League Prizes details

- Nico Tip: Nico lets you watch the show 2 times - live stream and recorded stream.
- Nico Tip: You can still buy the ticket even after the show ended until March 31. You have to watch it before April 7.
- The realistic guess for the paid viewers in this episode is at least 5,300+. (Judged from Timeshift and the first wave of viewers.)
- 14,631 attendees before the show started.
- They said although we'll see at least 330 games, it's possible to exceed 500 games the entire tournament.
- R and Shiro are the commentators.
- It seems that Fuudo is in the room, because we heard the button sounds.
- The show ended with 68,914 attendees and 142,273 comments.
- Before it started, this episode is the 2nd most anticipate show on Nico. (Timeshifted by 5,200+ users.)

  1. Umehara vs. Fuudo
  2. Tokido vs. Kindevu
  3. Mago vs. Kazunoko
  4. Bon-chan vs. RF
  5. Momochi vs. Kazunoko
  6. Tokido vs. sako
  7. Mago vs. Fuudo
  8. sako vs. Momochi
  9. Tokido vs. Haitani
  10. Uryo vs. Kindevu
  11. Umehara vs. Haitani

Spoilers inside!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

TOPANGA League prizes detailed

The detail of TOPANGA League's prize money was revealed last night on TOPANGA TV.

  • 1st place - 555,555 yen
  • 2nd place - 100,000 yen
  • 3rd place - 50,000 yen
  • 4th place - 25,000 yen
  • 5th place - 20,000 yen
  • 6th place - 15,000 yen
  • 7th place - 10,000 yen
  • 8th place - 5,000 yen
  • 9th place - 1,000 yen
  • 10th place - 500 yen
  • 11th place - 100 yen
  • 12th place - 5 yen

The winner will be awarded 555,555 yen, this makes TOPANGA League the highest-paid fighting game tournament in Japan. Before this, the record holder was GODSGARDEN Online #2 with 500,000 yen prize money for the winner.

In Japan, collecting entry fees from players for the prize pot is illegal, as it will be treated as unauthorized gamble. Prize money must come from sponsors, not directly from the tournament organizer. Otherwise, the organizer must give away prize money without getting entry fees. And when big companies don't lend their hands, this's the deadlock which is half of the reasons why the scene grows very slowly.

There's no doubt that TOPANGA League's prize pot will come from the pay-per-view streaming. This's the move that could change Japan's fighting game scene as we know completely. The league has players that viewers want to see, and not only one match. Viewers' money goes to their favorite players' pocket. All players are guaranteed to be paid and/or be on stream for weeks on Japan's No.1 streaming site.

Nyanshi, TOPANGA organizer, mentioned that if the first TOPANGA League becomes a success, we could see "B League" (2nd tier league) in the second season.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TOPANGA League revealed

It's too sudden, but it's good that way. Something called TOPANGA League will start in two days. (So this's why TOPANGA TV moved from Saturday to Wednesday.) The competition will have Daigo Umehara (Ryu), Mago (Fei Long), Tokido (Akuma), Fuudo (Fei Long), sako (Ibuki), Momochi (Cody), Kazunoko (Seth), Kindevu (Cammy), RF (Sagat), Haitani (Makoto), Bon-chan (Sagat), and Uryo (Sakura).

Nico Nico will provide 12-episode smooth and high definition streaming and you'll see at least 330 games from these 12 players. However, it's pay-per-view. Five hundred yen per episode, or you can buy 12-episode package for 3,500 yen.

- The first half (first 6 episodes) will be a round-robin league of online matches. First-to-Three match.
- The second half will be a knockout stage of offline matches. First-to-Six to win a set. (There's deuce when 5-5.) Two sets to win a match. Players from the lower ranks from the first half will have to fight the players above them to advance. (That means if you're 12th place, you need to win 11 straight matches to win the competition. While the 1st place only needs to win just one.)

  1. January 20 (22:00) - Umehara vs. Fuudo & Haitani
  2. January 21 (22:00) - Umehara vs. Tokido & Uryo
  3. January 22 (21:00) - Umehara vs. Bon-chan & Kindevu
  4. January 27 (22:00) - Umehara vs. RF & Momochi
  5. January 28 (22:00) - Umehara vs. Kazunoko
  6. January 29 (21:00) - Umehara vs. sako & Mago
  7. February 10 (22:00)
  8. February 11 (22:00)
  9. February 12 (21:00)
  10. February 24 (22:00)
  11. February 25 (22:00)
  12. February 26 (21:00)
Update 1: Nico has updated their pages with matchups details of the first half.
Update 2: Nico has updated the rules details on the round-robin stage - Game difference (GD) is used to determine the rank in case 2+ players have the same number of wins. Winning 3-0 means +3 GD. Losing 2-3 means -1 GD. Losing too many games could mean more opponents in the knockout stage. If the GDs are also the same, they'll count head-to-head result.

      KSK unboxes 55-inch LG TV

      Yesterday, KSK unboxed 55-inch LG Cinema 3D TV he received from winning the exhibition match in LG's 1st e-Sports Japan Cup.

      Tuesday, January 17, 2012

      Umehara featured in Windows 100% magazine

      A tip from Gama-san. The latest issue of Windows 100% magazine (January 13) features a 2-page article about Daigo Umehara.

      The magazine introduces Umehara as "the ingenious fighting game player" (as on the cover below) who is famous on Nico Nico. The article also has an interview with Gama no Abura, who plays important role in Denpa Jikkyou meme.

      Sunday, January 15, 2012

      Defeating Black Battler by J

      As promised, a top OMK player J uploaded a video showing how to defeat Black Battler last night. Black Battler is the secret final boss in Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross. He breaks the game's rules by having 8 abilities and can activate them all before a round starts.

      J mentioned that
      - If you repeatedly poke while staying out of his medium attack or slide, he'll slide or use Blue Strike.
      - Jump attack will be Guard Touch'd.

      He also said that someone won by spamming Beatrice's Red Truth using Princess Mode.

      After you beat the character, you'll unlock a Black Battler CG with staff comments.

      Saturday, January 14, 2012

      Dealing with Battler Beam by J

      This's a video showing how to deal with Battler's "The Blue Truth That Pierces Through Everything" aka. Meta Blue Truth or "Battler Beam" by J, the top OMK player. It was uploaded last night.

      Normally, you don't do raw Meta Blue Truth. Especially in OMK Cross, because you can just block and then Normal Touch to activate 2 abilities and you also gain some HP back. You can also press Appeal button or use Assault Touch. The best thing about Meta Blue Truth is it can be hitconfirmed, which you can do nothing about it.

      Anyway, this's another good stuff from J.

      Thursday, January 12, 2012

      TOPANGA hints new Charity Cup

      Last year in April, a player organization TOPANGA was born and a charity Street Fighter IV 5 on 5 tournament was organized to raise money for the Japan's great earthquake victims. They were able to raise and donated 760,000 yen to Red Cross.

      It was hinted by Nyanshi the organizer on TOPANGA TV last night that there will be a charity cup again this year.

      TOPANGA TV now moved from Saturday night 10 P.M. to Wednesday night 9 P.M. The first episode in the new time schedule was just last night.

      The show has a training corner called TOPANGA Fight Club. It now has 3 new students - Negi (Ibuki), Suda (Ryu), Machabo (Fei Long). The latest episode had Negi appear on the show live for the first time as well.

      Wednesday, January 11, 2012

      Umehara in Square Enix press conference

      Daigo Umehara made a surprising appearance in Square Enix's press conference today, or just a few minutes ago. The event was for the announcement of light-gun shooter arcade game Gunslinger Stratos. The event was also streamed on Nico Nico.

      Umehara, as a pro gamer and special guest, came on the stage to promote the game and gaming in arcade game centers. He talked to the game producer Nobuki Kadoi and it was revealed that Umehara already tried the game back in November. According to the announcer, he is "official supporter" of the game.

      Gunslinger Stratos is a 4 on 4 shooter where players can choose to dual wield their guns or merge their guns to create a new form of guns. The stages are all based on real locations in Japan, and they are fully destructible. Players can save and edit their characters. The cabinets are all linked so they can compete with everyone in Japan. It will be released this Summer.

      At the same time, a national tournament for the game was also announced by Square Enix president Yoichi Wada. There will be prize money, something we do not often see in a game tournament organized by a game company in Japan.

      Last year, Square Enix held a national tournament for Dissidia: Final Fantasy game. The event also had a stream. It would be very interesting if they decide to get serious about fighting game, because they sure know about marketing.

      Update: Japanese news sites now have a full report of the event. There are pictures of Umehara standing next to Wada, producer Kadoi, and 3 voice actors Atsushi Abe (Kamijo from To Aru Majutsu no Index), Hisako Kanemoto (Ikamusume), Kana Ueda (Rin from Fate series).

      [Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross] J replay #1

      J, the top OMK player who did the amazing combo video, uploaded his matches tonight. He is on 1P side.

      1. George+Ronove vs. Battler+Beatrice
      2. Kanon+Dlanor vs. Kanon+Battler
      3. Lucifer+Rosa vs. Kanon+Battler
      4. Kanon+Battler vs. Erika+Beatrice

      Friday, January 6, 2012

      [Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross] J's combo video #1

      This's the first OMKC combo video from J, a top Japanese OMK player who was the 2nd place in OMK online tournament in August 2011. It was uploaded just several hours ago.

      If you look at the last combo, you'll understand why the game doesn't let you choose Black Battler in online match.

      In the video description, J also mentioned that
      - There're many combos that only work on certain characters in Cross.
      - He did beat CPU Black Battler. (Hard mode, I assume.) He saw some patterns. He'll upload it later because the game was just released. It's too soon. He doesn't want to spoil the fun.

      Combo #1
      Character: George+Ronove
      Hit: 31
      Damage: 3134
      Cost: 8 SP (5+3)
      Opponent: Black Battler

      Combo #2
      Character: Rosa+Battler
      Hit: 17
      Damage: 2543
      Cost: 1 SP
      Opponent: Ronove

      Combo #3
      Character: Kanon+Ange
      Hit: 9
      Damage: 1791+dizzy
      Cost: 1 SP
      Opponent: Beatrice

      Combo #4
      Character: Jessica+Ronove
      Hit: 47
      Damage: 4909
      Cost: 2 SP
      Opponent: Ronove

      Combo #5
      Character: Dlanor+Beatrice
      Hit: 10
      Damage: 3685+dizzy
      Cost: 5 SP
      Opponent: Beatrice

      Combo #6
      Character: Erika+Ronove
      Hit: 12
      Damage: 2208
      Cost: 1 SP
      Opponent: Battler

      Combo #7
      Character: Lucifer+Virgilia
      Hit: 45
      Damage: 4120
      Cost: 5 SP
      Opponent: Battler

      Combo #8
      Character: Beatrice+Black Battler
      Hit: 279
      Damage: 3851+dizzy
      Cost: 7 SP (13 SP)
      Opponent: Black Battler
      1. Normal Touch>jH>jM>crL>crM>fM>H>sweep>Checkmate>
      2. Dash>Normal Touch>
      3. Meta>Twin Tower>crL>M>H>Ballista Shot>Dash>crL>M>H>Ballista Shot>Dash>Normal Touch>
      4. crL>crM>fM>H>sweep>Checkmate>
      5. jH>jH>jM>jH>jM>crL>crL>crM>fM>H>sweep>Checkmate>
      6. Dash>Normal Touch>
      7. Meta>Twin Tower>crL>M>H>Ballista Shot>Dash>crL>M>H>Ballista Shot>Normal Touch>
      8. crL>crM>fM>H>sweep>Checkmate>
      9. jH>jH>jM>jH>jM>crL>crL>crL>crM>fM>H>sweep>Checkmate>
      10. jH>jH>jM>jH>jM>crL>crM>fM>H>
      11. Meta>jH>jM>crL>crM>fM>H>Dash>crL>crM>fM>H>sweep>Meta Black Truth

      Tuesday, January 3, 2012

      Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross: Notes

      I planned to write a review but I don't see myself writing it in the near future so I put everything here.

      I've never played OMKX (Xbox 360). I always play the game in Hard mode. I don't use Princess Mode.

      - The game version of OMKC is 2.0. (The original game was updated to 1.10)
      - The default settings of a match is 2 life bars (yellow and red) and 2 rounds a game. The timer is 120. I prefer 3 bars with timer 180 (original format) because I think it's the right pace.
      - I feel that there're changes in Damage Scaling but I can't prove it. Long combos get less damage reduction than version 1.10.
      - I tested some simple combos and most of them do exactly the same damages as ver. 1.10. (See the old numbers in the older posts.)
      - Virgilia does less damages. Her L>M>H>crH>MIS>Meta>Odin does 1862 instead of 2070.
      - The AI of the old characters are a bit improved, but still too easy in Hard mode. Erika, Dlanor, Rosa are okay. I just hope some of them object or declare Metaworld more often.
      - The Meta clock will continue in the next round.
      - The new Down Attack doesn't break the game as I was worried. You can follow with an attack only for a second after a knockdown. You don't get an easy big juggle.
      - Midair Guard can't block everything. It blocks normal attacks and some special attacks. This's a good news since it keeps this game rushdown-friendly.
      - The SP consumption of the 2nd Meta Objection is reduced from 3 to 2.
      - Some stages and moves are altered. (Battler's Meta Blue Truth graphics, etc.)
      - I still can't tell the difference between Guard Touch and Guard Touch Forward. The graphics look the same. I only know that one or both of them gives you a big frame advantage not found in the old version.
      - You still can escape a throw even when stunned in this version.
      - Black Battler (normal version) recovers from dizzy faster.

      Arcade mode (story mode)
      - If you pick certain teams, it'll have deeper story and CG ending. There'll also be credit roll. Normal ending is just a picture of gold ingot, no system voice unlock, and it'll send you back to the title screen.

      This's a real nice feature. It keeps tracking many stats.
      - Your fastest clear time in story of all characters.
      - Character usages, in times and percentage.
      - Your max combo of all characters.
      - Your max damages of all characters.
      - Your online records (characters, play, win, lose, draw, disconnect)
      - Your RPs of all characters. (RP or Rating Point works like BP in SF4)

      3 new stages
      - Cathedral
      - Prirate Ship
      - Library

      2 semi-new stages (from OMKX)
      - School Festival (It's altered, and the default BGM is changed to Tsurupettan from Silver Forest. A collaboration.)
      - Aquarium

      Picture mode
      Any illustration in loading screen or event CG you unlocked in the game will be here. There're 521 of them.

      Black Battler
      I finished story mode on Hard difficulty without continue or losing a round. (I didn't change anything in Config, it's still 2 rounds a game.) After the ending CG, Black Battler came out. He has 8 abilities activated before the fight, during his Meta, and before the next round. His partner is himself in different color. The AI is also good. Apparently it's a joke last boss that you're not supposed to win. If you lose, there's no continue. I heard that even one of the finest OMK players couldn't beat him, too.

      I tried to unlock him but it's not until I finished the story mode using Battler and Beatrice team. (no round lost, no continue) I didn't try Easy and Normal so I don't really know the conditions.

      Stun test
      I tested Ange's See You again + Stun Boost on all characters.
      Rosa - Not dizzy
      Ange - Not dizzy
      Battler - Not dizzy
      Beatrice - Not dizzy
      Lucifer - Not dizzy
      Virgilia - Not dizzy
      Kanon- Not dizzy
      Shannon - Not dizzy
      Eva - Dizzy
      Chiester 410 - Not dizzy
      Ronove - Not dizzy
      Jessica - Not dizzy
      George - Dizzy
      Erika - Not dizzy
      Dlanor - Not dizzy

      Battler's Meta Blue Truth + Stun Boost on all characters.
      Rosa - Dizzy
      Ange - Dizzy
      Battler - Dizzy
      Beatrice - Dizzy
      Lucifer - Dizzy
      Virgilia - Dizzy
      Kanon- Dizzy
      Shannon - Dizzy
      Eva - Dizzy
      Chiester 410 - Dizzy
      Ronove - Dizzy
      Jessica - Dizzy
      George - Dizzy
      Erika - Dizzy
      Dlanor - Not dizzy

      Midair guard test
      Ange's Mamon - Not blocked
      Battler's Blue Truth - Not blocked
      Beatrice's Seven Stakes - Blocked
      Beatrice's Ballista Shot - Not blocked
      Virgilia's spears - Not blocked
      Shannon's pink mirror - Not blocked
      Chiester 410's arrow - Not blocked
      Erika's Sonic Boom - Not blocked

      Berserk and Armor Boost test
      Virgilia's L>M>H>crH>MIS>Meta>Odin (1862 damages, 13 hit combo)

      Test 2
      - Partner is Eva. (Berserk activated during Meta)
      - Opponent's partner is Dlanor. (without ability)
      - Opponent is set on Combo Guard.
      - Tested immediately after the round starts. (not in a corner)
      Tested on Rosa = 2021+ dizzy
      Tested on Ange = 2021 + dizzy
      Tested on Battler = 2021 + dizzy
      Tested on Beatrice = 2021
      Tested on Lucifer = 2021 + dizzy (rare)
      Tested on Virgilia = 2021 + dizzy
      Tested on Kanon = 2021 + dizzy
      Tested on Shannon - This combo doesn't work after M.
      Tested on Shannon without L> part = 2186 + dizzy
      Tested on Black Battler = 2021 + dizzy
      Tested on Eva = 2021 + dizzy
      Tested on Chiester 410 = 2021
      Tested on Ronove =  2021
      Tested on Jessica =  2021
      Tested on George = 2021 + dizzy
      Tested on Dlanor = 2021 (opponent's partner is Ronove)

      Test 3
      - Partner is Eva. (Berserk activated before the combo by Normal Touch)
      - Opponent's partner is Dlanor. (without ability)
      - Opponent is set on Combo Guard.
      - Tested immediately after the round starts. (not in a corner)
      Tested on Rosa = 2328+ dizzy
      Tested on Beatrice = 2328
      Tested on Chiester 410 = 2328
      Tested on Ronove = 2328
      Tested on Jessica = 2328
      Tested on Black Battler = 2328 + dizzy
      Tested on Dlanor = 2328 (opponent's partner is George)

      Test 4
      - Partner is Battler.
      - Opponent's partner is Dlanor. (with Armor Boost by Normal Touch)
      - Tested immediately after the round starts. (not in a corner)
      Tested on Beatrice = 930
      Tested on Eva = 930 + dizzy
      Tested on George = 930 + dizzy
      Tested on Black Battler = 930 + dizzy

      Test 5
      - Partner is Eva. (Berserk activated during Meta)
      - Opponent's partner is Dlanor. (with Armor Boost by Normal Touch)
      - Tested immediately after the round starts. (not in a corner)
      Tested on Beatrice = 1010
      Tested on Eva = 1010 + dizzy

      Test 6
      - Partner is Eva. (Berserk activated before the combo by Normal Touch)
      - Opponent's partner is Dlanor. (with Armor Boost by Normal Touch)
      - Tested immediately after the round starts. (not in a corner)
      Tested on Beatrice = 1165
      Tested on Lucifer = 1165
      Tested on Chiester = 1165 + dizzy
      Tested on Ronove = 1165 + dizzy
      Tested on Black Battler = 1165 + dizzy

      Sunday, January 1, 2012

      Sentosu starts Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross

      Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross is out, and some people got it since December 30. Not many videos were uploaded, but Sentosu surprised me by uploading his gameplay of OMKC early this morning.

      Sentosu did a PR job for Ougon Musou Kyoku X and later uploaded 6 videos of his casual matches since October. He now got OMKC from the maker.

      This video is for observation only. If you want to see high level gameplays, I suggest you find a streamer instead. There're 3-4 OMK players who stream his/her matches. Sentosu is good at SF4 but he doesn't take this game seriously. There's a large gap between him and top OMK players.

      In case you want to know, OMKC still doesn't have online match maker. You have to enter your partner's IP to connect. Sentosu played Story Mode in Normal difficulty.