Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Monday, July 29, 2013

To Live is to Game manga talk on Nico summary

- New Umehara manga announced, to be shown on Nico
- Title and cover revealed
- Official site and PV revealed

- The interviewer was Niconico's "Management No.3" (show producer) who was a fighting gamer and is around Umehara's age so there's a lot of in depth discussion about Street Fighter II.
- This manga project started one year ago.
- Umehara practiced how to punish Guile's crMK with Ryu's sweep using (Street Fighter II) Turbo 10 mode for 5 hours. There was no training mode dummy that time so he asked his friend to do it (Super Famicom).
- They looked at old issues of arcade gaming magazine Gamest (the magazine is long gone and the staff went to do Arcadia). Umehara pointed out that Guile vs. Zangief is 9:1 in SF2 Dash. (Ryu vs. Guile is 4:6.)
- Umehara said there's a lot of things to tell and the manga could go 30 volumes (but there's still no plan).
- There's "last boss" in the manga (someone that was above him).
- During the show when they revealed the official site of the manga, the site went down because it couldn't handle the traffic.
- More than 37,693 attendees, 28,547 comments
- 89.7% of the viewers rated this show "Extremely good."

Umehara: To Live is to Game gets official site and PV

The official site of Umehara: To Live is to Game is now open. There are book details, character introduction, wallpaper, and promotional video.

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Umineko manga coming August 20

Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 2: Turn of the Golden Witch, Vol. 2 will be released on August 20.

This's the official English release of the manga, and the 4th of 39.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni is a popular novel game that inspired anime (26 episodes), manga (39 volumes), and Beast Note's best fighting game of all time Ougon Musou Kyoku.

For those who missed the previous releases, here are the links. Each volume has around 500 pages or more.
  1. Umineko When They Cry, Episode 1: Legend of the Golden Witch, Vol. 1
  2. Umineko When They Cry, Episode 1: Legend of the Golden Witch, Vol. 2
  3. Umineko When They Cry, Episode 2: Turn of the Golden Witch, Vol. 1

Thursday, July 25, 2013

[Video] Nemo vs. F.Champ/ChrisG Evo 2013 FT20 money matches

When we said Nemo is Japan's No.1 UMvC3 player, we really meant it.

These are first-to-20 money matches between Nemo and F.Champ then ChrisG from a night during Evo 2013. It's said to be $1000 each.

Note that the day before Evo, he won money match against Ray Ray (3-1), Moons (8-0), Ranmasama (3-1), Flocker (3-2), and won Combofiend in casual 3-1.

vs. F.Champ

vs. ChrisG

However, Nemo didn't do well at this tournament (Evo2013). He said on TOPANGA TV that he played C.Viper and Haggar player and he wasn't prepared for those two characters.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Umehara manga title and cover revealed

Tip from Mad Catz Japan. The title and the cover of the new manga about Daigo Umehara's junior high school life are now revealed. The title is "Umehara: To Live is to Game." The cover says the manga is supervised by Umehara himself.

The manga is now open for preorder at Amazon Japan for 1,000 yen. The release date is September 12.

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Umehara T-shirt by YOUDEAL

It's revealed today that YOUDEAL will be selling new Daigo Umehara T-shirt. The design is based on Umehara's right hand.

It's now open for pre-order and autograph will be included for the first 100 buyers. The T-shirt will be shipped in late August.

Umehara's junior high school life gets manga, to be shown on Nico

It was revealed during the last day of Evolution 2013 that Daigo Umehara is having a manga about his junior high school life. There's still no information about the manga artist, but PHP Institute will publish it.

The news from yesterday also revealed that Niconico will stream a talk show about the subject on July 28. Umehara himself will come to talk about it and the first chapter of the manga will be shown live.

Umehara already had a manga about himself once called Umehara's Mahjong but it was an adaptation and was a short story in a monthly manga magazine.

Umehara also appeared in With Ume-chan! and Kakugeibu! as a female character.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Evolution 2013 Day 3 summary

- Evolution 2013 Day 0
- Evolution 2013 Day 1
- Evolution 2013 Day 2
- Road to Top 8: Daigo Umehara
- Evo announces international 3 on 3 featuring Daigo Umehara (cancelled)
- SSF4AE2012 Pools: Japanese players
- Niconico to stream Evo 2013
- Official Evo 2013 brackets
- 4Gamer has Day 1 event report

Timestamp = Las Vegas local time
v = Viewers
1G = 1st Game
1R = 1st Round
P = Perfect

[10:12 Winners] MadKOF 2-1 Tokido 42141v *after the match MadKOF shows a board with something written in Korean to the camera
[10:28 Winners] Verna 1-2 Hee San Woo 47933v
[10:43 Losers] Romance 1-2 Reynald 53507v
[11:01 Losers] Fox 1-2 Xian 57450v
[11:16 Losers] Verna 1-2 Reynald 63163v
[11:31 Losers] Tokido 2-0 Xian 65315v
[11:44 Winners Final] MadKOF 0-2 Hee San Woo 68496v
[11:55 Losers] Tokido 0-2 Reynald 71233v
[12:07 Losers Final] MadKOF 1-2 Reynald 75932v
[12:21 Grand Final] Hee San Woo 2-3 Reynald 85641v big comeback in 2G and 4G
[12:42 Grand Final 2] Hee San Woo 0-3 Reynald 90610v *HSW threw his stick on the floor when he lost

*HSW had a big lead in championship point in GF1 but couldn't close it

Super Smash Bros. Melee
[13:07] Shroomed 0-2 Armada 77329v
[13:14] Ice 0-2 Mango 79420v
[13:22 W] Dr.PeePee 0-2  Wobblez 82132v
[13:33] Mew2King 0-2 Hungrybox 85162v
[13:38 L] Dr.PeePee 0-2 Mango 89422v
[13:47 L] Mew2King 0-2 Armada 100775v
[14:00 Winners Final] Hungrybox 1-2 Wobblez 111631v *They didn't know they're playing in FT2 rules and Hungrybox didn't want to leave the chair!
[14:21 L] Mango 2-0 Armada 115553v
[14:31 Losers Final] Mango 2-0 Hungrybox 120330v
[14:40 Grand Final] Mango 3-0 Wobblez 127473v
[14:51 Grand Final 2] Mango 3-1 Wobblez 134523v

[15:22 Losers] Theo (Sup) 2-0 Reo (Bat) 95678v
[15:30 Losers] PR Rog (Fro) 1-2 Godspeed (Ada) 96034v
[15:39 Winners] Slayer909 (Sup/Won) 0-2 KDZ (Sup) 95022v
[15:47 Winners] ChrisG (Arr) 1-2 Crazy DJT88 (Lan) 98918v
[15:58 Losers] Slayer909 (Sup) 2-0 Theo (Sup) 96803v *Theo lost 1G over pad issue
[16:06 Losers] ChrisG (Arr) 2-0 Godspeed (Ada/Aqa) 98893v
[16:14 Winners Final] KDZ (Sup) 2-1 Crazy DJT88 (Lan) 100236v
[16:21 Losers] Slayer909 (Sup) 1-2 ChrisG (Ada) 103165v *big comeback in 3G
[16:30 Losers Final] Crazy DJT88 (Lan) 2-0 ChrisG (Arr) 106547v
[16:41 Grand Final] Crazy DJT88 (Lan/Doo) 0-3 KDZ (Sup) 109076v *KDZ won but got boo'd because he played Superman

[17:39 Losers] Ranmasama 1-3 ChrisG 104055v
[17:52 Losers] ATX Zack 0-3 F.Champ 108634v
[18:02 Winners] Cloud 805 (P2G) 2-3 Angelic 111657v
[18:15 Winners] Justin Wong 0-3 Flocker 114410v
[18:27 Losers] Cloud805 3-2 F.Champ 120013v *Cloud managed to kill before Phoenix goes Dark in last game
[18:43 Losers] Justin Wong 3-2 ChrisG 123926v *big comeback in 3G by Wong (denied match point)
[19:00 Winners Final] Angelic 0-3 Flocker 123345v
[19:07 Losers] Justin Wong 3-0 Cloud805 127021v
[19:18 Losers Final] Justin Wong 3-1 Angelic 130605v
[19:29 Grand Final] Justin Wong 3-2 Flocker 136353v *big comeback in last game (1vs3)
[19:45 Grand Final 2] Justin Wong 2-3 Flocker 145099v

[20:24 Losers] Infiltration (Aku) 3-1 (2-1,0-2,2-0,2-0) Daigo Umehara (Ryu) 119322v
[20:35 Losers] Haitani (Mak) 3-2 GamerBee (Ado) 119319v
[20:47 Winners] Sako (Ibu/ERy) 2-3 (2-1,0-2,0-2,2-0,0-2) Xian (Gen) 121446v
[21:02 Winners] PR Rog (Fei/Box) 0-3 (0-2,0-2,1-2) Tokido (Aku) 120589v
[21:10 Losers] Infiltration (Aku) 3-1 (0-2,P2-1,2-1,2-1) Sako (Ibu) 119764v
[21:20 Losers] Haitani (Mak) 0-3 PR Rog (Box) 120862v
[21:28 Winners Final] Tokido (Aku) 1-3 (2-1,0-2,0-2,1-2) Xian (Gen) 120974v
[21:43 Losers] Infiltration (Aku/Hak) 3-2 (2-1,0-2,0-2,2-1,2-1) PR Rog (Box) 125349v *great performance from both players
[22:00 Losers] Infiltration (Aku) 1-3 (0-2,1-2,2-1,1-2) Tokido (Aku) 122893v
[22:15 Grand Final] Tokido (Aku) 0-3 (1-2,0-2,1-2) Xian (Gen) 123127v

[9:12] The hall before open [pic]
[9:51] 7647v nothing on stream
[10:03] Mago joins R on Nico
[10:07] 29411v
[10:21] Mago & Umezono commentating KOF
[10:42] Mago is a good commentator, he also memorized foreign players
[10:57] Cabbage replaced Umezeno (since when?)
[11:57] Mago just mimicked a character from Attack on Titan
[12:24] Hee San Woo aka. U-san is said to be a Japanese player but his name says otherwise (half Japanese/Korean/Chinese?)
[12:56] HSW threw his stick on the floor when he lost. He wears Hori T-shirt so he probably was using Hori stick. Nice PR there!
[13:00] Did one of the English KOF commentators say F*** during the grand final? (We're watching via Niconico but heard from background)
[13:10] Mago and Cabbage don't know about Smash but "Management No.3" (a well-known Nico show producer who oversees game related shows) stepped in to explain.
[13:12] R and No.3 now commentating on Nico.
[13:28] No.3 out, Hameko (used to play this game)
[13:32] Why do they show Twitter ID instead of commentators' names? (official stream)
[14:09] Someone in the English chat said viewers is going to fall when Smash comes!
[14:34] They keep messing the Smash player names. Can't blame them. We don't know who's who, too.
[15:03] SSBM and Ice Climbers trending worldwide.
[15:07] "ONE MORE YEAR" The SSBM fans chanting after grand final
[15:16] Injustice dev showing video 101393v
[15:21] OG and Hatia in for Injustice commentary (Nico)
[16:55] R is back with MadCatz's Matsuura to promote products
[17:03] Nico showing MadCatz panel featuring Daigo Umehara, MarkMan congratulated him for reaching top 8 SF4 five consecutive years. Someone asked him about what's his most painful defeat he said if it's about Evo then Evo 2013 (although this question was already answered twice. it's actually the tournament in 2002. he lost weight and couldn't eat properly)
[17:20] New Killer Instinct exhibition 98984v
[17:31] Gotsu and Kazunoko in for UMvC3 commentary (Nico)
[17:36] UMvC3 gets a cool intro video.
[17:43] Yipes is on the mic. Since when he can (properly) commentate? Oh we forgot someone needs to repeatedly shout buzzwords in this game!
[18:24] Nemo replaced Kazunoko for commentary on Nico
[19:28] Oh no, don't sing.... @Magus & Yipes
[20:03] Community Awards: Alex Valle, Spooky
[20:05] Announcement from Capcom. Ono on stage. Requesting public Shoryuken. Ultra Street Fighter IV (name) announced, trailer. 5th character not revealed.
[20:12] Mago and R to commentate SF4 (Nico)
[20:16] Ono on Nico.
[20:25] Seth Killian and James Chen on the mic.
[22:00] Mago out, Kazunoko in
[22:34] Award for Mr.Wizard: Gurren Lagann's Yoko figure and Sword Art Online's Leafa hugging pillow
[22:36] 73327v
[22:41] MarkMan and Mr. Wizard on Nico to say thank you to the viewers. Wizard wants to do this collaboration again next year and said they're working on Evo Japan which is scheduled for next year! (Our speculation is they're now working with TOPANGA instead of GODSGARDEN)
[22:50] Nico stream ended. Viewers voted "Extremely good" 95.6%

Evolution 2013: Black Jack report

By Itabashi Zangief

Poongko +270,000
Karipaku +5,000
Shinba -2000
Fuudo -30,000
MarlinPie -60000
Umezono -63,000
Super Santarouman -100,000
Itabashi Zangief -180,000

*most likely in yen

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Evolution 2013 Day 2 summary

- Evolution 2013 Day 1 summary
- Evo 2013 Day 0
- Road to Top 8: Daigo Umehara
- Niconico to stream Evo 2013
- Official Evo 2013 brackets

Timestamp = Las Vegas local time
v = Viewer
1G = 1st game

Results UMvC3 Starting Pools
[8:18] Iori 0-2 Kwonie 19364v
[10:24] F. Champ
[10:36] Justice 1-3 Noah 37918v
[11:02] Mine 2-3 Abegen 38557v *comingback from 2-1
[11:14] Justin Wong 3-1 Gotsu 40253v
[11:41] Shakangel 0-3 Adelheid Stark* 40435v female player in cosplay
[12:18] OmegaNitro 1-3 Momochi 39535v
[12:28] DJ Huoshen 3-0 VX Dante 39885
[13:12] PR Rog 3-1 GUAN Mims 38752v

Stream 3 UMvC3
[15:32] ChrisG 3-1 GUAN|Birdie 29002v
[15:41] Eita 3-0 Karox 28571v
[15:44] Eita 3-1 JRosa 29031v
[17:36] Nemo 3-2 Mike Ross 32783v

Stream 1 UMvC3
[18:48] hAZ Forward 0-3 Eita 43788v
[19:22] Momochi 2-3 MarlinPie 47917v
[23:28] Justin Wong 2-2 F.Champ 54436v *Wong perfect in 4G
[23:44] Flocker 3-1 (P4G) Zak 52209v
[23:56] Dios X 1-3 Ranmasama 50549v
[00:05 Losers] PR Balrog 1-3 ChrisG 50434v
[00:16] Paradigm 1-3 ATX Zak 48007v
[00:21] Marvelo 0-3 F.Champ 48687v

[14:40] Poongko 0-0 Xian 35610v
[15:39] Tokido 2-0 Tom Sawyer 37656v
[16:56] Tokido 2-0 Xian 37149v

SFxTK Stream 3
[18:46] Poongko 1-2 MOV 24418v

SSF2T *numbers are rounds
[13:16] NKI (Chu) 1-2 Valle (Ryu) 1645v
[13:18] Tokido (Claw) 2-0 Valle (Ryu) 1699v
[13:19] Tokido (Claw) 2-0 Afrolegend (Box) 1748v
[13:20] Tokido (Claw) 2-1 Choi (Gui) 1818v

[17:41] NKI (Chu) 1-2 Kusumondo (Hon) 1161v
[17:43] Tokido (Claw) 0-2 Kusumondo (Hon)
[17:44] Umehara (Box) 0-2 Kusumondo (Hon) 1339v

[17:51] Hadouken69 (DJ) 0-1 NKI (Chu) 1638v
CVital (Dha) 0-2 NKI (Chu)
Digital Infamy (Box) 1-2 NKI (Chu)

[17:56 Grand Final] Ganelon (Claw) 2-1 Tokido (Claw)
Ganelon (Claw) 1-2 Umehara (Box) 1908v
Kusumondo (Hon) 2-0 Umehara (Box) 2136v
Kusumondo (Hon) 1-2 NKI (Chu) 2381v
Damdai (Ryu) 2-1 NKI (Chu) 2416v

[8:00] Nico stream started with R who looks tired
[8:05] Evo stream started but nothing to see, 10649v
[8:16] UltraDavid & James Chen on the mic
[8:20] R is eating while commentating........... (Nico)
[9:04] 27856v on Stream 1
[10:05] Nico showing footage of R went out to buy stuff
[10:06] Sako eliminated from SFxTK
[10:23] Marlin Pie on Nico, also act as translator
[10:26] Gilty (female UMvC3 player) on Nico. She said this's her 1st Evo and she came here from donation drive.
[10:50] Uryo on Nico
[10:59] Nemo on Nico
[11:13] MOV on Nico
[11:27] 39474v Stream 1, 16052v Stream 2, 22928v Stream 3
[11:37] Magus & Viscant on the mic. imokwiththis.jpg
[12:03] Umehara is competing in a SSF2T 3 on 3 tournament (stream here)
[12:38] Rynge
[12:40] ANNOUNCEMENT SF4 to get 5 new characters: Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, a completely new chara, 6 new stage, $14.99 for this update, early 2014, brand new Ultra Combo for new characters (not from SFxTK)
[12:43] The commentator (MillerTime) on iebattlegrounds is extremely annoying. All she does is making noises and laugh. Seriously. OOOH WOOOOOH AHUAAHUA repeatedly. Is this a zoo? Mute.
[12:55] She's gone! Joy.
[13:08] Brackets for SSF2T 3 on 3 side tournament [link]
[13:23] Gilty back on Nico talking (accepting) about donation for a trip to Japan.....
[13:31] 39264v @S1, 16940v @S2, 34034v @S3 (Smash)
[13:55] Nico showing footage from Capcom panel (announcements) Will make a new post about this.
[14:11] JEO on Nico
[14:21] Marlin Pie on Nico
[14:25] Gotsu on Nico
[14:27] That thing is back on the mic at iebattlegrounds WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH OH OH OHOH .......mute
[14:38] KOF Time on main stream
[15:31] 36181v @S1 (KOF), 21650v @S2 (Injustice), 28597v @S3 (UMvC3)
[16:37] Mago & Bon-chan on Nico commentating
[00:07] Nemo said he agreed to play F.Champ $1000 money match tomorrow. (We doubt F.Champ has money to pay)
[00:34] After UMvC3 last match, Kazunoko out, R in. Gotsu and Kazunoko did a very good job commentating
[00:37] Nico stream ended
[xx:xx] Umehara team got 2nd place in SSF2T 3 on 3 side tournament

UMvC3 Top8
[Winners] Flocker
[Winners] Justin Wong
[Winners] Angelic
[Winners] Cloud 805
[Losers] F.Champ
[Losers] ATX Zak
[Losers] Ranmasama
[Losers] ChrisG

Flocker vs. Justin Wong
Angelic vs. Cloud 805
F.Champ vs. ATX Zak
Ranmasama vs. ChrisG

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Captain Tokido

A new meme/inside joke was born yesterday from Tokido's new haircut. The Japanese viewers said that Tokido is Levi who is captain of an elite force in Attack on Titan. So we present you a material for your photoshopping pleasure.

Please save and rehost because we'll delete later.

Some ideas
- Replace Levi's face with Tokido's.
- Replace the emblem on the cape with Ten (天) sign.
- "I got this" or similar.

Evolution 2013 Day 1 summary

- Road to Top 8: Daigo Umehara
- Evo announces international 3 on 3 featuring Daigo Umehara
- SSF4AE2012 Pools: Japanese players
- Niconico to stream Evo 2013
- Evo 2013 Day 0
- Official Evo 2013 brackets
- 4Gamer has Day 1 event report

Timestamp = Las Vegas local time
v = Viewers
1R = Round 1
P = Perfect
AF = Arigataya Finish

Results Stream 1 (Starting pool)
[9:08] Eita (Aku) 2-0 (2-0 P2R,2-0 P1R) MadMarv77 (Ryu) 27000v
[9:14] Alioune (Cam) 2-0 BJUnchained (Cod)
[9:37] Brolylegs* (Chu) 2-0 Justin (Cod) 31900v *disabled player
[9:40] PR Rog (Fei) 2-0 Merukon (Oni) 32790v
[9:46] Julio (Yun) 2-0 AndyOCR (Dic) 34520v
[9:56] FilipinoMan (Ros) 1-2 Kochijoji Ken (Ken) 36460v *tough match
[10:24] CytoToxicCD8 (Gouken) 0-2 Vangief (Zan) 37408v
[10:26] Dieminion sent to Losers by Snake Eyez
[10:31] Kazunoko (Yun) 2-0 (2-0,2-0) Andreas (Ruf) 36011v
[10:34] Kichijoji Ken and Super Santatouman qualified their starting pool
[10:37] Gridman (Vip) 0-2 PR Rog (Box) 38251v
[10:52] Kayane (Chun) 2-0 Hargi (Ryu) 41212v
[10:58] Lexy (Chu)* 0-0 (0-2,0-) Fuudo (Fei) *female player 41174v
[11:04] Justin Wong (Ruf) 2-0 Diego V (Ken) 41429v
[11:10] Ikego (Gen) 1-2 Iansanity (Chu/Sak) 41930v
[11:31 P4U] Fubarduck (Kuma) 0-2 Kazunoko (Narukami) 6135v (P4U stream)
[11:47] FlashMetroid (Gen) 2-0 Spriggan (Aku) 42405v
[11:52] Fuudo (Fei) 2-0 (2-1,2-0) Snafoo (Dha) 44262v
[12:09] Mean Saltime (Zan) 0-0 (0-2,1-2) Nyanshi (Sag) 40646v
[12:15] Tokido (Aku) 0-0 (1-2,2-0,2-0) Robledo (Gui) 43634v
[12:26] Justin Wong (Ruf) 2-0 Flocker (Cam) 43670v
[12:31] Momochi (Ken) 0-0 (2-0,2-0) 2Framez (Ibu) 44447v
[12:36] Mago (Fei) 2-0 (2-0,2-0 P2R) SK (Aku) 44006v
[12:44] Hsien Chang (Yun) 2-0 Ultrasatyr (Bla) 43281v
[12:49] Kelvin Jean (Mak) 0-2 Luffy (Ros) 43936v
[12:54] Genesis (Claw) 0-2 (0-2,0-2) MOV (Ken) 43780v
[11:01] Wolfkrone (Vip) 2-0 Alex Perez (Cod)
[11:07] John Choi (Ryu) 2-1 Sabin (Dha) 44641v *great performance from Choi coming from behind
[13:15] Wolfkrone (Vip) 0-0 (2-0,1-2,1-2) Itabashi Zangief (Zan) 47620v *great comeback from Itazan (so hyped)
[13:28] Inco (Ruf) 1-0 (2-1,0-0) Sabre (Sak) 47746v
[13:50] Ren (Zan) 0-2 ChrisG (Sak) 46586v
[14:03] Mago said that Umehara is in Winners final of his starting pool
[14:06] Laugh (Ryu) 2-0 Mr KOF (Ken/Juri) 48804v
[14:16 Pool Winners Final] Umehara (Ryu) 2-0 (2-0AF2R,2-1) F-Word (Ibu) 50452v
[14:27] Online Tony (Set) 2-0 ChrisG (Sak) 51262v
[14:54] Haitani (Mak) 2-1 (2-0,1-2,2-0) Tiger Shaan (Sag) 53488v

Results Stream 3 (Starting pool)
[15:18] Dogura (Dic) 2-0 (2-0,2-0) Sanford (Sag) 24985v *Sanford looked mad and tried to say something to Dogura even though he didn't understand
[15:24] Dogura (Dic) 1-2 (1-2,2-0,1-2) Floe (Ruf) 28148v *Dogura lost big lead in last round
[15:34] Mepu qualified her starting pool in Losers.
[15:50] Karipaku qualified her starting pool in Winners.
[16:17] Hungbee (Haw) 0-2 (0-2,1-2) Iori (Fue) 32133v
[16:51] Zhaoli (Bla) 0-2 (1-2,0-2)  ChocoBlanka (Bla) 30209v
[17:06] Latif (Vip) 2-0 (2-0,2-0) Shinba (Abe) 30306v
[17:15] GamerBee (Ado) 2-1 (1-2,2-0,2-0) Tomoki Yamashita aka Sange Tenchou (Fei) 34417v
[17:37] TLC Master 1-2 (1-2,2-0,1-2) Uryo (Sak) 33860v

[19:12] Mepu eliminated offstream (2nd pool)
[19:20] Tokido sent Justin Wong to Losers offstream (2nd pool)
[19:25] Kbrad sent Fuudo to Losers offstream (2nd pool)

Result Stream 1 (2nd pool)
[19:34] Ryan Hart (Sag) 1-0 ET (Fei) 38500v
[19:39] Infiltration (Aku) 2-0 Marq Teddy (Guy) 45652v
[19:48] Umehara (Ryu) 2-0 (2-0,2-0) Crizzle (Vip) 47981v
[19:55] Luffy sent Mago to Losers offstream
[19:56] RemyBleu (Yun) 0-2 Dakou (Cam) 48753v
[20:01] Haitani (Mak) 1-2 (0-2,2-0,1-2) Xiao Hai (Cam) 51268v
[20:08 Losers] NHL Chris (Ken) 0-2 (1-2,1-2) Fuudo (Fei) 53484v *Chris played well and almost got 1st game
[20:20] Xiao Hai (Cam) 2-1 Alex Valle (Ryu) 57164v
[20:42] GamerBee (Ado) 2-1 (1-2,2-1,2-1) Uryo (Sak) 54167v
[20:52] Luffy (Ros) 1-2 Xian (Gen) 57385v
[21:00 Losers] Justin Wong (Ruf) 2-0 (2-1,2-0) Fuudo (Fei) 19896v Stream 3
[21:07 Losers] Wolfkrone (Vip) 2-1 (1-2,2-0,2-1) KichijojiKen (Ken) 20254v Stream 3
[21:12] Sako (ERY) 2-0 (2-0,2-0) Xiao Hai (Yun) 58006v
[21:18] Poongko (Set) 2-1 (2-1,1-2,2-1) Misse (Makoto) 19683v Stream 3
[21:19] Tokido (Aku) 2-0 (2-1,2-0) K-Brad (Cam) 58676v *big comeback from Tokido in 3R1G then he did the Raging Demon on the screen again!
[21:32] Bon-chan (Sag) 2-0 (0-2,2-0AF1R) Umehara (Ryu) 60895v
[21:34] Mago 2-0 (2-1,2-0) ItaZan 23196v Stream 3
[21:40] Infiltration (Ryu) 2-0 (2-0,2-0) Kazunoko (Yun) 62142v
[21:45] Dakou (Hon/Fei) 0-2 Xian (Gen) 61449v
[21:53] Tokido (Aku) 2-1 (0-2,2-0,2-1) Umehara (Ryu) 64195v *Umehara gambled on HP SRK 3 times in last game!
[22:08] GamerBee (Ado) 0-2 Sako (Ibu) 63446v
[22:11 Losers] Mago (Fei) 0-2 Kazunoko (Yun) 22719v
[22:15] Infiltration (Aku) 1-2 PR Rog (Box) 65364v
[22:20 Losers] K-Brad (Cam) 0-2 Haitani (Mak) 22724v
[22:27 Losers] Justin Wong (Ruf) 2-0 Xiao Hai (Cam) 65026v
[22:34 Losers] Poongko (Set) 2-0 Kazunoko (Yun)
[22:40] SnakeEyes (Zan) 0-2 (1-2,1-2) Umehara (Ryu) 65549v *reaching top 8 at Evolution 5 consecutive years!
[22:49] Latif (Vip) 1-2 Haitani (Mak) 65439v
[23:07] Haitani (Mak) 2-0 Dakou (Cam) 62990v
[23:15] Laugh (Ryu) 1-2 Infiltration (Aku) 65360v

Results Stream 1 P4U
[17:30 Winners] LordKnight (Shi) 2-0 Die-chan (Shi) *28659v
[17:36 Winners] Yume (Aig) 2-? Stunedge (Yuk) *31442v
[17:48 Losers] Domi (San) 1-2 BananaKen (Lab) 31580v
[17:57 Losers] Spark (Kum) 1-2 BrkrDave (Kum) 31121v
[18:08 Winners] LordKnight (Shi) 0-2 Yume (Aig) 34998v
[18:16 Losers] Die-chan (Shi) 0-2 BananaKen (Lab) 36419v
[18:23 Losers] Stunedge (Yuk) 1-2 BrkrDave (Kum) 36928v
[18:39 Losers] BananaKen (Lab) 2-0 BrkrDave (Kum) 37839v
[18:46 Losers Final] BananaKen (Lab) 1-2 LordKnight (Shi) 39181v
[18:59 Grand Final] Yume (Aig) 3-0 LordKnight (Shi) 40855v

[8:00] Niconico stream started with R on the mic (but he had to go to play later)
[8:33] 14000 viewers (nothing on stream)
[8:34] Stream started with UltraDavid and James Chen
[8:48] 18880 viewers (1st match starting)
[9:00] 24100 viewers
[9:48] Fuudo and Momochi on the mic (Nico)
[10:13] 36300 viewers on stream 1, 10907 viewers on stream 2, 24729 viewers on stream 3
[10:39] Combofiend and Mike Ross on the mic showing how to not commentate properly.... (not many play-by-play, randomly talking in whispers, lauging at each other)
[10:40] Fuudo with Dogura's girlfriend (BlazBlue's Rachel cosplay) [pic]
[10:57] Ono on the mic with R (Nico) promising some announcement (He said 100% not SF5)
[10:58] Mepu and her 1st match [pic]
[11:30] 42303 viewers on stream 1, 7646 viewers on stream 2, 26633 viewers on stream 3
[11:32] Panoramic view from the stage from Kara [pic]
[12:08] Skisonic and Zhi on the mic! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[12:23] Fuudo, Rachel, Kazunoko [pic]
[12:43] Niconico showing footage of R losing in Guy mirror match in the pool
[12:56] Kazunoko and Umezono on the mic (Nico)
[13:05] Umezono out, Uryo in (Nico)
[13:14] Uryo out, Fuudo in (Nico)
[13:27] Kazunoko out, ItaZan interview (Nico)
[13:33] Fuudo & ItaZan out, R in (Nico)
[13:49] Nico showing footage of R going out to buy pizza
[14:04] Super Santarouman in briefly (Nico) to tell that he'll play Infiltration next
[14:06] Bon-chan in briefly (Nico)
[14:23] Umehara interview (Nico) He said he's still in jet-lag. He brought horror movies with him.
[14:33] Skisonic and Zhi are talking about Egypt protest.......... how?
[14:54] Zhi is singing...........
[15:18] UltraDavid and Combofiend on the mic stream 3
[16:04] Combofiend out, James Chen in on stream 3
[16:31] 32867v @Stream 1 (TTT2 Semi-finals), 9756v @Stream 2, 31601 @Stream 3 (SF4 pools)
[16:47] UltraDavid and James Chen out, Skisonic and Magus123 in on stream 3
[17:07] Skisonic's mic isn't working, probably a good thing
[17:26] It looks like Magus and Ski are having a good discussion but since the mic is broken we never know
[18:52] Dacidbro & DJ Huoshen are doing a very good job commentating P4U. So focus on play-by-play.
[19:12] Yume interview (Nico)
[19:22] Uryo playing in his 2nd pool with ChrisG and Mike Ross next to him [pic]
[19:31] UltraDavid and Zhi on the mic. Don't like the fact that Zhi's mic is working.
[19:53] Bon-chan in briefly to report that he beat Momochi (Nico)
[20:00] Tokido in (Nico)
[20:19] Tokido out, Kazunoko in (Nico)
[20:30] Kazunoko out, Misse in briefly (Nico)
[20:40] Nico viewers are making fun of Tokido's haircut, calling him Levi from Attack on Titan.
[20:43] Seth Killian & James Chen in on Stream 1
[21:00] UltraDavid & Skisonic on Stream 3
[21:26] Tokido in for short interview (Nico)
[23:07] Umehara on Nico saying he's happy in Losers
[23:13] Tokido on Nico saying this's the first time he wins Umehara in a big tournament since Tougeki 2003
[23:25] GamerBee on Nico
[23:29] Mago on Nico
[23:34] Haitani on Nico
[23:38] Sako on Nico
[23:42] Nico stream ended. It seems like they cancel international 3 on 3.

Top 8 SSF4AE2012
[Winners] PR Balrog
[Winners] Tokido
[Winners] Xian
[Winners] Sako
[Losers] Daigo Umehara
[Losers] Infiltration
[Losers] GamerBee
[Losers] Haitani

- Umehara will play Infiltration. If he wins, he'll play the loser between Xian and Sako.

Niconico's Evo 2013 streams start!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Evolution 2013 Day 0

- Team TOPANGA's departure [pic][pic]
- Sako arriving Las Vegas [pic]
- Sako on the bed [pic]
- Team TOPANGA arriving Las Vegas [pic][pic]
- Sako meets Team TOPANGA [pic]
- Nemo won money match against Ray Ray (3-1), Moons (8-0), Ranmasama (3-1), Flocker (3-2), and won Combofiend in casual 3-1.
- Sako meets MOV and Mepu. [pic]
- Sako wife meets UltraDavid and Skisonic (playing Dive Kick) [pic]
- R's stick promotes "Mada Hashiritai" show (hosted by R, Sentosu, KSK) [pic]
- 4Gamer.net has a news/preview of Evo 2013 [link]
- Tokido, Mago, Nyanshi meet Mr. Wizard [pic]
- Ono and Daigo Umehara came to Las Vegas in the same flight, same taxi! [pic]

Now in Las Vegas: Fuudo, Itabashi Zangief, Dogura & girlfriend, R, Momochi & ChocoBlanka, Eita, Nemo, Uryo, Haitani, Cabbage

Niconico to stream Evo 2013 officially

It's revealed today that Niconico will officially stream Evolution 2013. This's a collaboration between Evolution, Niconico, and Mad Catz.

R (TOPANGA League commentator, Guy player), who also compete in the tournament, will provide Japanese commentary.

The stream links are below
- Day 1 Stream 1 (Friday night, midnight)
- Day 1 Stream 2 (Friday night, midnight)
- Day 2 Stream 1 (Saturday night, midnight)
- Day 2 Stream 2 (Saturday night, midnight)
- Day 3 (Monday, 2 AM)

3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup raises almost 430k for charity

TOPANGA founder, Fusuke Toyota aka. Nyanshi, announced tonight on TOPANGA TV that The 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup has raised 429,363 yen for charity.

Unlike previous years, they did not accept online donation this year but they still managed to raise a lot of donations.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Evo announced SSF4AE2012 team tournament featuring Daigo Umehara

Evolution organizer announced that there will be international SSF4AE2012 team tournament on Friday and Daigo Umehara, Sako, Fuudo will compete under team Japan.

Since this tournament is not showed on the stream schedule we assume that it will happen on Friday night after the single tournament.

Progress? Probably not.

Apparently someone stole a combo video off Niconico, and SRK thought the thief was the contributor. This time, after some complaints, they decided to link to the real contributor.

While this's a good sign we doubt that things will change. FG news sites always post YouTube videos stolen from Niconico. We actually think some of them know but they try to not think about it simply because videos attract viewers. Another reason is Niconico videos require login so they post YouTube alternatives instead so the readers don't complain about not being able to view it.

Talking about thieves, it's sad to see that they still get publicity and the praises "Do it for community" and the real contributor is yet to be acknowledged.

If you see a YouTube video about Japanese players and there's unique black chat box on the right hand side, it's 100% stolen from Niconico, and it's from Zabac.

Zabac is hailed "The Stream Recording God" by Japanese FGC. He records almost every Japanese streams in realtime and uploads right away when it ends. He does this for years now.

Zabac helps thousands of people who don't have Niconico premium accounts to rewatch the streams. Zabac stays up for half day long to upload only matches with Japanese players in foreign tournaments.

On top of that, Zabac doesn't get any ads revenue (Niconico doesn't have revenue sharing program), and he remains anonymous. No doubt, he's the biggest contributor of the JFGC if you don't count players and organizers.

From this news, we hope SRK follow this standard of giving credits to the real contributors.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup summary

- 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup announced
- Umehara confirmed for 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup
- Evil Geniuses confirmed for 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup
- Niconico to stream 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup

- Ono watching Umehara [pic]
- Ono's creep shot? [pic]
- Ono watching the commentator [pic]
- Ono wtahcing Team TOPANGA [pic]

Pyonkichi (Ryu) 2-1 Jobin
Pyonkichi (Ryu) 0-2 Nyanshi (Sag)
Chocotan (Aku) 0-2 Nyanshi (Sag)
Matsugoro (Dud) 2-0 Nyanshi (Sag)
Matsugoro (Dud) 2-0 Umehara (Ryu)
Matsugoro (Dud) 2-1 Mago (Fei)
Matsugoro (Dud) 1-2 Tokido (Aku) *amazing 1st round *intense last round
Tomo (Ruf) 0-2 Tokido (Aku)
Misa (Sag) 0-2 Tokido (Aku)

Top 8 (8:00)
ChocoBlanka 1-2 Mago (Fei)
Momochi (Ken) 0-2 Mago (Fei)
Justin Wong (Ruf) 2-0 Mago (Fei)
Justin Wong (Ruf) 2-0 Jobin (Ryu)
Justin Wong (Ruf) 2-0 Nyanshi (Sag)
Justin Wong (Ruf) 0-2 Umehara (Ryu) *Umehara used Hado>FADC to punish jumpin in 2R
PR Rog (Box) 0-2 Umehara (Ryu) *Umewalk+autoguard in 2R
Ricky Ortiz (Ruf) 0-2 Umehara (Ryu) *perfect in 1R

Semi-final (8:53)
Tetsuko (Ruf) 0-2 Nyanshi (Sag)
Misshii (Dud) 1-2 Nyanshi (Sag) *nice 3R
Juso (Sak) 2-0 Nyanshi (Sag)
Juso (Sak) 2-1 Jobin (Ryu)
Juso (Sak) 0-2 Umehara (Ryu) *Ume-grab x4 in 3R
Aoki (Hon) 1-2 Umehara (Ryu) *double KO in 1R
Banbaban (Cam) 2-1 Umehara (Ryu)
Banbaban (Cam) 2-0 Mago (Fei) *Mago lost big lead in 2R
Banbaban (Cam) 1-2 Tokido (Aku)

Final (9:30)
KOICHINKO (Sak) 2-0 Jobin (Ryu)
KOICHINKO (Sak) 0-2 Nyanshi (Sag) *very close 2R
Darui (Dha) 0-2 Nyanshi (Sag)
Kyoku (Yan) 2-0 Nyanshi (Sag) *Nyanshi almost made a big comeback in 2R
Kyoku (Yan) 2-0 Mago (Fei)
Kyoku (Yan) 0-2 Umehara (Ryu)
Machabo (Fei) 2-1 Umehara (Ryu)
Machabo (Fei) 2-1 Tokido (Aku)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TOPANGA TV celebrates its 100th episode with TOPANGA Fight Club members

TOPANGA TV tonight has celebrated its 100th episode with the appearance of its graduated TOPANGA Fight Club members: Negi (Ibuki), Suda (Ryu), Machabo (Fei), and Murata (Yun).

These members will also compete in The 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup, except Negi, who is now too busy to play the game. She will however be there as a staff.

The highlight is, at the end, Mago used Murata's signature move "Dai Circus" (Big Circus) on Murata himself. Dai Circus is when you (accidentally) do command grab twice in a row.

Road to Evo 2013 Top 8: Daigo Umehara

The final tournament brackets of Evolution 2013 has been released.

Daigo Umehara is now in Pool C4, same with Marn.

- If he can get out of Pool C4, he'll be in quarter-finals Pool F7.
- If he can get out of Pool F7, he'll be in semi-finals Pool G1.

Potential first match of Pool G1 (only one of them):
- Momochi (B19)
- Online Tony (C1)
- Bon-chan (C2)
- Arturo Sanchez (C3)
- John Choi (C3)

Potential second or last match of Pool G1 (only one of them):
- Tokido (B6)
- Justin Wong (B10)
- Brokken G (B13)
- Mepu (B17)
- Fuudo (B18)

- If he can get out of Pool G1, he'll be in top 8 (last day).

Time Schedule (July 12)
  • Pool C4 - 12 PM
  • Pool F7 - 6 PM
  • Pool G1 - 8 PM

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross] SP Cancel Burst Bait

This's video demonstration of how to use SP Cancel ability to bait and punish Damage Touch (Burst) from a player named Piropii.

Evo 2013: SSF4AE2013 pools - Japanese players

Update 2: The final brackets has been released.

Update 1: Evo has updated the brackets. The Japanese won't face each other in starting pool except Pool E1.

There're more, but we've picked some you may want to see/watch out.

A2 - Super Santarou-man
A6 - Bas
A9 - Kazunoko
A10 - Kichijojiken
A12 - R (commentator, Guy player)
A13 - Daigo Umehara
A16 - Ogosho
A18 - Cabbage
A20 - Eita, Kazunoko
A21 - Eita (new)

B5 - Nyanshi (TOPANGA founder, Sagat player)
B6 - Tokido
B9 - Fuudo
B13 - Brokken G
B17 - Mepu (She has to play another Japanese in the first match.)
B18 - Fuudo (new)
B19 - Momochi

C2 - Bon-chan
C4 - Daigo Umehara (new)
C8 - Daigo Umehara (waiting for confirmation)
C11 - Inco (Rufus player)
C13 - Nemo
C14 - Itabashi Zangief
C15 - MOV
C17 - Mago

D4 - Misse
D6 - Karipaku
D12 - Dogura (new)
D14 - Dogura
D16 - Uryo
D18 - Haitani

E3 - Sako
E12 - Shinba
E13 - Uryo (new)
E16 - ChocoBlanka (She'll play Mike Ross in the first match!) (She's moved to another side of the bracket but still in the same pool with Mike Ross)

Evo 2013 brackets revealed

The tournament brackets of Evolution 2013 have been revealed minutes ago.

It's revealed that Daigo Umehara is in Pool A13 in SSF4AE2013. The pool will start on Friday, July 12, as early as 8 AM.

Update 1: We found his name again in Pool C8, now we're waiting for confirmation.

Update 2: The name in Pool C8 has been removed.

Update 3: He's now in Pool C4. See this post instead.

Noel Brown arrested for hitting ex-girlfriend

Kotaku reported that Noel Brown was arrested for hitting his ex-girlfriend and a player on the night during CEO 2013 fighting game tournament.

"After taking his testimony, police charged Brown with domestic battery violence and placed him into custody," according to police report from Kotaku.

Noel Brown is one of the infamous players of the FGC. He's seen many times coaching players at the stage whether they want it or not. He also paused the game while his character was delivering a killing move in the last game to force his opponent to give up before the match actually ended. (Pausing is allowed if you're about to win, even intentionally. It's a loophole of the rules.)

Niconico to stream 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup

It's revealed that The 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup will be streamed officially by Niconico once again as the time table was updated today.

And same as last year, there're both main stream and sub stream. The streams will start on 12:00 JST and are free of charge.

The 3rd TOPANGA Charity Cup will be held on July 6.