Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Friday, December 31, 2010

Tokido attending Final Round XIV

Tokido revealed on his blog today, and it's also confirmed by MarkMan, that the he'll attend Final Round XIV fighting game tournament in Atlanta between March 11-13. There'll be streaming, too.

Probably Umehara will join later?

Umehara on Famitsu Wave

The recent now-on-sale Famitsu Wave magazine will come with a DVD featuring Daigo Umehara in Tougeki 2010 and the SF4 Final rematch (exhibition).

In case you don't know, the final is between Team Okozukai 2000 yen (RF, Kindevu, Momochi) versus Team Takeda Ke (TKD, Bon-chan, Umehara).

The final was heartbreaking. Umehara missed the chance to become the first and only player in history to win both Evolution and Tougeki in the same year on the same game TWICE.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

GG year-end streaming

GODSGARDEN were streaming 12-hour show that ended just now. There're many guests from Japan's fighting game community including a staff from 4gamer.net who was on the screen just 2 minutes then went back for the last train.

Mago was there but no one knew about Tokido.

The show is separated into 3 parts. Part1 Part 2 Part3 (You can't rewatch Nico if you aren't paid members.) The most interesting thing is the proposal of the idea of Evolution tour to KSK and everyone on the stream said they want to go.

There's still no new information about Evolution Japan but the staff on SRK said that there'll be an annoucement in January.

A mysterious picture on KSK's recent tweet looks like the venue that they revealed months ago. If it's a new picture then something is being planned.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Team Mad Catz new member to be announced in January

As teased in this post, MarkMan from Mad Catz teased us that a new member of Team Mad Catz will be announced in January 2011.

Well, ...Tokido?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GG X 4Gamer Chapter 1: SSF4AE First Impression

I saw this on GODSGARDEN's Twitter last night and was going to read it later but I woke up to find (via SRK) that someone translated the whole article already! That's great!

The article is another good work from 4gamer.net. The Japanese news site did some scoops about GODSGARDEN before and used to have GGO2's stream embedded on top of their front page.

KSK mentioned in the article that Tokido was going to be late. So this's the appointment Tokido forgot? (via Tokido's Twitter)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nuki talks Umehara SF4

This's the most recent (Dec.19) video clip of Nuki talking about his friend Daigo Umehara and Street Fighter IV. Many know Nuki as a (really*) good SF3 player, but not many know that he's also a good entertainer/talker.

- Nuki wanted to play SF4 but when he tried, he felt boring.
- He was told by Ume that SF4 isn't a Ryu game at first, but he wondered why Ume became top Ryu player.
- He joked that he just can't beat Ume in a game, he's finding the right game. Until then, he'd probably release a CD singing about how he can't win Ume. ( just like I can't beat Air Man)

*Umehara and Nuki are the only players in the history to win both Evolution and SBO (Tougeki) in the same year on the same game.

Friday, December 17, 2010

SSF4AE: Daigo Umehara's first impression on Famitsu

First part
- His first thought is "So this's the end of projectile characters...." (laugh)
- Command grab characters are stronger than before.
- Projectile characters became weak, except Dee Jay.
- Ken is not a proper projectile character. He doubts Ken's potential. Ken's weak against Zangief.
- Zangief is strong against (now) powerful characters like C. Viper, Yun, and Yang. He wonders if there'll be more Zangief players.
- He confirmed that his main character is now Yun.
- He thinks Yun is strong, but Zangief is his bad matchup.Yang can fight a bit better.
- He thinks Fei Long is weak against Chun-Li, Honda. Bision (boxer).
- Fei Long is the strongest old character in AE.
- T. Hawk is troublesome to fight, but is very weak.
- He said Yun and Yang is strong like cheating while Makoto is reasonably strong.
- Guile is weaker, but he might use as a  sub.
- He said he likes the look of Yun since SF3 but didn't play because he didn't really put time into the game. Now SF4's Yun is strong so he picks him.
- Even strong, he doesn't use Zangief because it's not fun. He must be patient all the time.
- If AE is in EVO, he might go Yun as main, Sagat as sub to counter Zangief.
- Dhalsim's standing light kick is slower, that's critical point.
- Zangief could be a candidate to the strongest character.
- He thinks there'll be a lot of Yun and Yang players.
- Bison (boxer) is strong and viable against Yun, Yang, Fei Long, Viper.
- Juri is a no-no.
- He thinks AE is probably a YunYangFeiLongViper game.

Second part (not actually AE related, mostly Kuwait)
- A Kuwaiti Guy and Gouken player impressed him, probably the best ever seen.
- The event in Kuwait was dedicated to him. The entrance fee of his event is around 4,500 yen. The ticket to challenge him is around 1,500 yen.The ticket has his face on it. There're around 100 participants.
- The organizer guy is very rich, he has the biggest house he has ever seen.
- He thinks the most popular genre in Kuwait is actually FPS.
- He didn't like Kuwaiti food. He thinks Japanese will definitely not like it.
- He thinks he won't go abroad for a while, because no big event and he wants to spend time on AE.
- MvC3 will be popular in America, he thinks he wants to jump in, too. Although he doesn't know how much it takes to become a top player.
- The interviewer pointed out that there'll be a AE competition on Dec. 25 at Club Sega Shunjuku, which will be the first ever AE competition. Umehara wanted to join after hearing it.

New Tokido blog now up

Yesterday, Tokido promissed us his new blog, now his blog (http://tokido77.blog84.fc2.com/) was revealed via his Twitter. Most important, he'll write it all in English!

(NOW he moved to a new place: http://tokidoki77.blog138.fc2.com/)

Tokido is an entertainer, but he didn't blog or tweet much in the past. He used to have a blog, but abandoned. He (secretly?) has a Twitter account since March but didn't tweet until now.

On the same day, Markman (from MadCatz) tried to get in contact with Tokido, is this a hint on something big!?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

World Game Cup 2010 video report

We had too little information on Daigo Umehara's first event of this year, World Game Cup 2010, but someone digged this video and posted it on Nico. It's a video report of the event centered around the Japanese players: Umehara, Fudo, Eita, Desora.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shadowloo Showdown 2010 summary

- In top 8, Mago sent Tokido to Losers.
- In Losers, Tokido beat Toxic.
- In Winners final, GamerBee beat Mago 2-1 coming back from 0-1.
- In Losers, Tokido beat Humanbomb 2-0.
- In Losers final, Tokido eliminated Mago 2-1. Very close match.
- In grand final, Tokido missed the tournament point and lost to GamerBee......
- The stream was smooth and the commentators were good. 2,400 viewers peak.

- Shadowloo's official YouTube
- Tokido works out!

Daigo Umehara interview @NorCal Regionals 2010

SRK posted a video interview of Daigo Umehara when he came for NorCal Regionals 8 (2010).

Daigo Umehara Interview by Shoryuken.com - Part 1 from Kineda on Vimeo.

Daigo Umehara Interview by Shoryuken.com - Part 2 from Kineda on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Picking up Tokido

Someone at Being a Scrub blog has a post about picking up Tokido from the airport in Australia. Don't miss if you're Tokido fans.

(via SRK)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kao TV 2010.12.4

Watch here.

- 3,300 viewers peak
- Started 2 hours late.
 - They began the show in suspicious manner. There're 2 men taking video and photograph.
- Special guest! Kayo Police!
- And Kenzo (German player) was still there. (He was there before last month.)
- Mago went to Nagoya as told before, so he's not there.
- Kenzo kept losing to Kayo, he only won 1 game (out of 10?).
- Kayo did SRK>FADC>Metsu twice in her first two tries! (Better than Kokujin...)
- Tokido taught everyone some tricks, they're impressed.
- KSK announced a collaboration of Tekken tournament manager, TEKKEN WILL BE IN EVO X GODSGARDEN AND IT'S OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT ACKNOWLEDGED BY NAMCO JAPAN. (KSK later said he regretted revealing this too early.....)
- While others were talking, Kenzo showed some glitches in training mode.
- KSK is into the new Monster Hunter now, just like half of Japan. Tokido said he played 200 hours in 2G and used bow gun.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Arcadia 2011.1

Daigo Umehara usually appears on the cover of Arcadia magazine as he gets more and more popular, nothing new. But this month his picture looks more like a singer!

(They started calling him "Toushin" (闘神 = God of Fighting) since November issue.)