Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shadowloo Showdown 2011 now Evo qualifier

SRK announced today that Shadowloo Showdown 2011 (June 25-26) will replace OzHadou Nationals (May 27-28) as Evolution qualifier.

The organizers of both events agree that Shadowloo Showdown 2011 is more appropriate for the qualifier.

Last year, Daigo Umehara won an Evolution's seed and plane ticket from OzHadou's tournament. (Evolution Asia-Pacific)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tougeki 2011 qualifiers begin

This year's Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) qualifiers of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition begin today (April 29). Though it'll end on August 6 for some shops, Daigo Umehara is likely to play in May to avoid schedule conflict.

In case you don't know how it works. Players will have to pick which (Tougeki-affiliated) game center or shop they want play, and apply there. This's the first stage. After winning the first stage, they'll have to win a block qualifier (in the same shop or another). A block qualifier is where the winners from the same block compete for the ticket to the final in September. The process from applying to getting the final ticket can be done in a day if you choose the right time and right shop. (see shop & schedule here)

Last year, thanks to TKD's blog, we got to know what's going on behind the scene, such as Umehara didn't practice, since at the time there's no SSF4 arcade edition yet. And before they played, Umehara played "air hockey" with Bon-chan.

I'll post again as soon as I know who's his partner this year.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Arcadia 2011.6 (No.133)

The upcoming Arcadia magazine (April 30 release) will reveal a collaboration between Kinniku-Man and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. What's it I don't know. Maybe a new costume pack? The cover of the magazine shows Kinniku-Man in Ryu costume. A new character is unlikely.

Beside the usual Umehara Column, Tokido gives opinion about Oni.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

TOPANGA Charity Cup Summary

Name: TOPANGA Charity Cup
Game: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Format: Single elimination 5 on 5
Place: Plaza Capcom Shizuoka
Date: April 23, 2011
Time: 12.00 (PM)
Entry fee: 1,000 yen per player (5,000 yen a team)

- Like it was scripted, Umehara got to play once, but in the final, as the last man of his team, and had to take down 3 opponents, including Shirou (wild Makoto) and Shungoku Neurosis (who destroyed Team Five Star with Dictator). Shirou, who switched from Abel to Makoto, was so close to defeat him, same with Shungoku Neurosis. In the end, Umehara won it.

- This's Umehara first tournament in 2011. In fact, this's first after NorCal Regionals in 2010.

- It seems like Nyanshi is the main organizer. He's a friend of Umehara and was in Umehara team in Shiozawa (2009) and Ayano Cup (2010). He was at Nagoya Street Battle 17, too, but different team.

- Nyanshi revealed that they raised 410,000 yen. at the event, Paypal not included. (Viewers can donate via Paypal at the site.)

- 24 teams participated.

- 10,690 viewers peak.

The Stream
Gama no Abura (from Nagoya Street Battle) is behind the streaming. The stream itself was quite smooth. No stuttering. The bit rate was perfect. (As usual, a better presentation was needed, but that can be solved by an expensive software.) The big complaint is the sound. We only hear the game sound from the left and the commentators on the right. Sometimes it's hard to hear what they said.

Having 2 channels to watch at the same time is really a good idea and I hope Evolution does this, too. Famous players usually play at the same time in pools.

Yoshiwo (Guile player who used to commentate GODSGARDEN Online #2's preliminary round) was on the mic with R Guy, a good looking Guy player. Mago is actually a good commentator but he can't stay all the time.

The archived videos of both channels are here.

Because it's a charity event and one-man team is allowed, some players who don't play competitively along with players who hardly play were there, too. This's a good thing. Oboro (in Team sako Yome) played an impressive T-Hawk. Aka Hoshi, who was in 3-man team (he later got 2 more) beat 3 players in Team Five Star with his Zangief.

Highlights (pending)
  • In semi-final, Tokido failed to U2-finish Cabbage's dizzy Viper. He ended up getting killed instead...

Team List (revised, incomplete)

  • Nyanshi [Sagat] (Captain)
  • Umehara [Yun]
  • Mago [Fei Long]
  • Bon-chan [Sagat]
  • Tokido [Gouki]

Team Five Star (eliminated by Team Jigoku Misawa JAPAN)
  • Haitani [Makoto] (Captain)
  • Sako [Ibuki]
  • MDR [Yun] *4th place in Japan's AE BP ranking, switched from Rufus
  • Kindevu [Yun]
  • Nemo [Yang]

Jigoku no Misawa JAPAN (eliminated by Team TOPANGA)

  • Yoshiwo [Guile] (Captain)
  • Hanamaruko [Sagat]
  • Shungoku Neurosis [Vega]
  • Ikari Oyaji [Yang]
  • Shirou [Makoto]

Team ChibaKanagawa Rengougun (Chiba-Kanagawa Allied Forces) (eliminated by Team Jigoku Misawa JAPAN)
  • Acqua [Yang] (Captain)
  • Mahou Shoujo Zangi-tan [Zangief]
  • TUC [Vega]
  • AC Revenger [Abel]
  • Kuroken [Dudley]

Team Kou Mochibe (eliminated by Team TOPANGA)

  • Nekojita [Abel]
  • Fuudo [Fei Long] *switched from Ryu
  • Spanky [Blanka]
  • Cabbage [C. Viper]
  • Itabashi Zangief [Zangief]

Team Chimpan-sei
  • Hamamatsu Rufus [Yun] (Captain)
  • KOK [Fei Long]
  • Haneyama [Yang]
  • Banbaban [Yun]
  • Eita [Gouki]

Team Scratch Players
  • a.k.a.jojo [Vega] (Captain)
  • Y24 [Chun-Li]
  • Rikuson [Fei Long]
  • Hishou [Sagat]
  • Tonpy [C. Viper] *was in GGO#2

Team Remember Kichijouji Ken
  • -R- [Bison] (Captain)
  • Uki [Dhalsim]
  • Shin [Juri]
  • melo@ [Makoto]
  • yuuuuusuke [Ibuki]

Team sako yome (Sako's Wife) (eliminated by Team TOPANGA)

  • Nekohashi [Guile] (Captain)
  • Dara [Ryu]
  • Oboro [T-Hawk]
  • San-chan [Adon]
  • Umezono [Vega]

Team Night Type R
  • Alissa [Ryu]
  • Mohikan [Yang]
  • Kuga [Cody]
  • Moimoi [Balrog]
  • Narumichi [Ken]

Forever Kichijouji Ken (eliminated by Team Five Star)

  • Aka Hoshi [Zangief]
  • -SUGI- [Vega]
  • Shimizu [Zangief]
  • ??? [Dan]
  • ??? [Ryu]

    Gakuhi de Super IV
    • Tomato 98 [Rufus] (Captain)
    • Ore [Chun-Li]
    • Hikuichi [Bison]
    • Biba Hiyoko! [El Fuete]
    • ky [C. Viper]

    Shizuoka Ocha no Kai
    • Shizuoka Saikyou [Blanka] (Captain)
    • Tsukiji [Vega]
    • I Hara @Bushinryuu [Guy]
    • Shiro Brief Hada [Abel]
    • Lui-kun Papa [Guile]

    Team One Chance Tarou (eliminated by Team ChibaKanagawa Rengougun)
    • One Chance Tarou [Makoto]
    • Mizoteru [Fei Long]
    • ???
    • ???
    • ???

    Team Umehara Thread (eliminated by Team Jigoku Misawa JAPAN)
    • Almfelt [Gouki]
    • Eikyuu [Rose]
    • Papaya [Gouki]
    • ??? [Rose]
    • ??? [Guile]
    Team Love & Peace
    • ???
    • ???
    • ???
    • ???
    • ???

    • Strip Fighter [Dan]
    • Animusu [Vega]
    • Masuda [Yun]
    • Murata [Ibuki]
    • Doutei Oppai Suki [Dan]
    • Sakamoto [Vega]

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    Umehara reaches 6,000 matches in AE

    It's reported today that Daigo Umehara already played over 6,000 matches of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. He also surpassed 5,000 wins and is reaching 160,000 BP.

    For comparison, the second place of Japan right now, Kazunoko, is having around 124,000 BP with 3,600 wins from 4,500 matches. Mago, the third place, played only 3,300 matches. MDR, the fourth place, played around 2,200 matches.

    If you remember, just less than a month ago, Umehara reached 5,000 matches. Now he won 5,000 matches.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    TOPANGA Charity Cup: More players revealed

    TOPANGA Charity Cup is this Saturday and more players were revealed a couple hours ago. Note that they'll accept until 11.00 of April 23.

    Team TOPANGA (was announced a week ago)
    • Nyanshi [Sagat] (Captain)
    • Umehara [Yun]
    • Mago [Fei Long]
    • Bon-chan [Sagat]
    • Tokido [Gouki]

    Team Five Star
    • Haitani [Makoto] (Captain)
    • Sako [Ibuki]
    • MDR [Yun]
    • Kindevu [Yun]
    • Nemo [Yang]

    Team Chimpan-sei
    • Hamamatsu Rufus [Yun] (Captain)
    • KOK [Fei Long]
    • Haneyama [Yang]
    • Banbaban [Yun]
    • Eita [Gouki]

    Participated but no team yet
    • Strip Fighter [Dan]

    Because I failed to write the details of the event, here they are.

    Name: TOPANGA Charity Cup
    Game: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
    Format: Single elimination 5 on 5
    Place: Plaza Capcom Shizuoka
    Date: April 23, 2011
    Time: 12.00 (PM)
    Entry fee: 1,000 yen per player (5,000 yen a team)
    Stream: TOPANGA TV (unconfirmed)

    Saturday, April 16, 2011

    Umehara on Game Labo

    The latest issue of Game Labo magazine which is released today features a big scoop (13 pages) about Street Fighter. It's like an introduction to SF. You'll learn about the series' history and the like. They also introduce famous players from Japan and America. Of course, there should be Daigo Umehara, too. Interestingly, the table of contents on the website has a character that looks like Umehara in Ryu costume.

    Umehara has his own article in Arcadia magazine every month since middle of 2009 and is like Enterbrain boy. (Enterbrain = Arcadia and Famitsu publisher) This's unusual because Game Labo is a game magazine from a different publishing company.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    Capcom announces Haru no Jin tournament

    Capcom's official blog announced Haru no Jin tournament today. The tournament will feature both Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition. However, they're not separated. Your team is eliminated only when your team lose BOTH games.

    Here are the details.
    -  One team for both AE and 3DE.
    - SSF4AE format: 3 on 3. No character duplication. Losers go to play 3DE.
    - SSF43DE: 1 on 1, one player will represent his team. Capcom will provide the 3DS and the game. Touchscreen input is allowed. No button customization.
    - A special (in-game) title for the winners.
    - Place: Plaza Capcom Saitama
    - Date: May 1, 2011
    - Time: 13.00-17.30
    - Participation method: Apply at the appointed day before the event start from 11.00. No entry fee.
    - Streaming: Here.

    Umehara to join Shadowloo Showdown 2011?

     "Has anyone ever been to Melbourne, Australia!? What's good to eat there! :3"

    is what MarkMan (from Mad Catz) just asked on his Twitter.

    Shadowloo Showdown 2011 takes place in Melbourne. Is this a hint that Daigo Umehara will join Shadowloo Showdown 2011?

    Unrelated, I heard SS2011 will use SSF4AE but there's no confirmation though. The event is on June 25-26, around 20 days after console SSF4AE DLC release.

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Umehara on Friday Dynamite

    As mentioned by Inaba-san last week, Friday Dynamite magazine that has Daigo Umehara interview goes on sale today. This (in)famous weekly pictorial magazine normally has celebrity and idol scoops, so this will surely get Umehara more fame and new fans.

    - The scoop calls Umehara "Ichiro of Gaming World." (Ichiro is famous Japanese baseball player who plays in Major League Baseball.)

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    Evolution 2011 to use SSF4AE

    Just as expected, Evolution announced that they'll replace Super Street Fighter IV competition with the Arcade Edition. This came after the announcement of the console version several hours ago which confirmed the release date. Players will have almost 2 months to prepare for the tournament.

    The news should guarantee that you'll see Daigo Umehara playing Yun competitively in this year's Evolution.

    It was reported yesterday that Umehara now played more than 5,500 matches of SSF4AE and is having almost 84% winning percentage.

    Update: CEO also announced that they'll have SSF4AE. (The event is 3 days after the release date.)

    Console+PC SSF4AE officially confirmed

    It's now officially confirmed during Capcom's Captivate event in Miami that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The downloadable upgrade will be available on June 7 for $14.99. The retail version of the consoles will come on June 28, and July for PC. (Read more details/hype/cry in this post)

    Confirmed features from the official site
    - SSF4 and SSF4AE online play are connected. You can choose to play with AE version only, or both.
    - Replay Follower: Up to 5 players.
    - My Channel Advance: 50 slots. Replay exchange.
    - Elite Channel: For players with PP3000 or more.
    - Endless Battle upgraded. Lobby name setting, time limit control, PP control added.
    - BP/PP are displayed under names.
    - Players' titles are displayed above the life bars.

    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    TOPANGA TV 2011.04.11

    - Tokido & Mago as hosts.
    - Daigo Umehara's appearance!!
    - Umehara was supposed to be a surprise at the end, but he accidentally walked in the screen at the beginning.
    - A team is revealed: Nyanshi (Sagat), Bon-chan (Sagat), Tokido (Gouki), Mago (Fei Long), Umehara (Yun).
    - The stream last 20 minutes.
    - 1,000 viewers before start.
    - 2,700 viewers peak.
    - The hype is back, the chat exploded with comments.
    - GODSGARDEN TV never had Umehara as a guest, but TOPANGA TV has him in the first episode!
    - Mago is hyped, and he said he'll go 100% in this event.
    - Watch here.

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    TOPANGA TV revealed

    From Tokido's blog, it seems like Tokido is behind TOPANGA, too. He revealed that tonight 23.00 he and Mago will stream on www.ustream.tv/channel/topanga-tv.

    Does that mean he will stream TOPANGA Charity Cup by himself? Streaming is easy, but streaming an event with quality is not easy.

    Another mystery!

    TOPANGA Charity Cup announced

    I had to double check that this's not an April's Fool joke!

    Another fighting game charity event for Japan earthquake/tsunami relief is announced. It's SSF4AE, it's in Japan, AND THERE'LL BE DAIGO UMEHARA! AND it's April 23! (AND IT'S ON USTREAM, NOT JUSTIN.TV!!!!!111)

    *entrance fee = 1,000 yen

    TOPANGA looks like a collaboration between the people behind beastdaigo.jp and Shoryuken.com/Evolution. From the name, maybe this's SRK/Evo's proposal.

    Since TOPANGA is actually "A Japanese player's association" not just an event, It'd be great if TOPANGA comes to help GODSGARDEN and brings some hype back. Right now, GG is very weak, Evo Japan was cancelled (they didn't use the word "postponed" on GG official site) and there's no planned event. There's no stream, even there's a stream, some people prefer to watch AE. After the disaster, it's safe to say the scene is dying. The fans need something at least until GG can stream (console) AE.

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    New Shadowloo 2011 trailer: ItaZan, Makoto, MOV confirmed

    The latest trailer of Shadowloo Showdown 2011 confirmed that Itabashi Zangief, Makoto, and MOV will be joining the event, too.

    If (somehow) they have SSF4AE in the tournaments, it'll be great for Itabashi since Zangief is better in AE. ItaZan used to win Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) once, but in Virtua Fighter 5...

    For Makoto, it's good to see him again, and in a real tournament abroad even. For those who don't know/remember, he's probably the best Balrog (claw) player in the world. You can see his gameplay by searching for GODSGARDEN Online #1 on YouTube.

    For MOV, this guy won Tougeki THREE times in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike tournament in 2006, 2008, 2010. You might want to pay attention to him, too.

    (Trailer by Bosslogic, again)

    Murder Face T-shirt from GG

    The murder face T-shirt from GODSGARDEN goes on sale today in Japan for 2,900 yen (tax included). It is sold by Nico Nico Chokuhan (Direct-Sale) and only 200 were produced.

    There was some discussion about the shirt since last year after the event, but we only see it today.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Console SSF4AE trailer leaked

    What looks like to be a trailer of console version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition was leaked as someone posted it on YouTube. (Read this post for more)

    In case you don't know, Capcom USA just helds a press conference in Miami. There's also an embargo that expires on April 12. This trailer could be one of the unannounced news.

    If you're thinking of subscribing Daigo Umehara's official Replay Channel after seeing the trailer, you might be disappointed. He was forced to play on console since there's no arcade version of SSF4. Don't forget, he's an arcade gamer. (And it's not like he wants people to freely download him.)

    No change on TGS2011

    GameSpot's news confirmed that this year's Tokyo Game Show won't be curtailed by quake.

    Last year, Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) was held in Tokyo Game Show. If this year is the same then Tougeki 2011 Final is between September 17-18.

    Note that there's preliminary round (should be in May for SSF4AE) before the Final.

    Monday, April 4, 2011

    Fight For Relief raises $30,000

    A fighting game charity tournaments for Japan earthquake/tsunami relief was held on Sunday (April 3). It's better for you to read this post. Though I didn't see the stream, since Justin.tv won't even load the page, I still have to say it's really good event and effort.

    Most notable, MarkMan (from Mad Catz) offers the limited golden Mad Catz TE Fightstick from his possession as a special raffle prize for a lucky donator. There're only 24 of them produced as an award for Evo 2010. If you're a fan, you'd know that Umehara has one with serial number 1. This prize stick has number 23 which is MarkMan's lucky number. He confirmed that they'll never produce the thing again, so it's a real rare item.

    It's reported that the event raised $30,000. Well done!

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    CEO 2011 trailer: Tokido confirmed

    It's 3 months away but the first trailer of CEO 2011 is out. It seems like a preemptive strike against ReveLAtions that will happen on the same days. Tokido is confirmed and GamerBee, Justin Wong, Gootecks, Mike Ross will be there, too.

     At the end of the trailer, it looks like Mad Catz will be doing something?

    (The video is made by Bosslogic, the guy behind cool Shadowloo trailers.)

    KSK in Game no Jikan 35 (March 31)

    KSK appeared on Game no Jikan show again today. He came to talk about his life, mostly the things you already knew from reading this blog. He tried to rebuild "Vision" from game center to net cafe, but due to some circumstance, he couldn't. Then the shop was hit by the great earthquake, so he quit for good. He said like I said before, not being able to open the shop (before the disaster) was probably a good thing.

    A lot of people really worried about KSK as they talked on the show. KayoPolice even received a message from a KSK fan who is in junior highschool.

    Anyway, Watanabe-san (one of the 3 show hosts) and Nagisa continued to tease Kayo that she is dating KSK, and the viewers loved it. They tried to make Kayo call KSK "Onii-chan" (big bro), too, but she didn't.

    KSK found a new house (he had to sleep in his car before that) and already moved in, he's trying to get Internet. Watanabe-san offered him to stream at his cafe. And viewers wanted KSK to be a regular on the show.

    After the actual show was over, KSK played Vampire Savior with the show producer (the same guy who played SSF4 and MvC3 with him in the previous episodes) and KayoPolice.