Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mad Catz announces new office in Japan

"Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. announced today the establishment of Mad Catz Co., Ltd, a new subsidiary located in Tokyo, Japan focused on sales, marketing and product development." (Press Release)

Many people will probably ignore this, but this's an important news. Mad Catz already have a distributor in Japan, but apparently their products aren't easy to find here. I often see (Japanese) people ask where to get one when they talk about arcade sticks. If you look at Japan's Amazon, which is like the only hope for many people, you'll see that it's either out of stock or overpriced ones sold by third party. Some are used, but sold in a price of new.

The new office not only means that the players will be able to get their controllers easier or cheaper. Lots of fans saw Team Mad Catz T-shirt on the streams and want one. This should mean they have a place to buy now.

Evolution 2010 Summary

We never had one, and Evolution 2011 is just one month away. I rewatched the whole things and made this, Beast Note's Evolution 2010 Summary!

Participants from Japan: Daigo Umehara, Tokido, Eita, Soushihan KSK (GODSGARDEN cofounder)

- Tokido, Eita, KSK shared a hotel room. Umehara stayed at another hotel.
- Umehara had an autograph session in Mad Catz booth. A girl had him sign her breast.
- GamerBee can speak some English, but he wasn't confident at the time, so he spoke through a translator. (He can speak Japanese, too)
- No one actually knew GameBee until he beat Justin Wong. He was referred as The Strong Adon Player, and the commentators didn't know what country is he from.
- Level UP used only Stickam on the first day but it's not stable, so they added Ustream in the second day. Judging by viewers, people preferred Ustream.
- Tokido submitted "Iceman" as his alias. (Before this, He tried to call himself "Ice Age" from his cold-blooded play style.)
- From Capcom Unity's Twitter, it looks like someone stole Umehara's fightstick.
- 18,000+ viewers peak on Stickam and 30,000+ viewers peak on Ustream.
- The number of SSF4 participants is said to be around 1,700.

Umehara signing at MadCatz booth.

First Day (July 9)
- Umehara got a seed from Evolution Asia-Pacific  in Australia.
- [SSF4] Both Tokido and Eita lost once, they survived the pools. (IIRC)
- [SSF4] KSK overslept and automatically went to Losers, then he lost. (IIRC) I'm not sure about SF3.
- [SSF4] Umehara beat Mr. Wizard (one of organizers) in the pool.
- President Obama was at the venue (Caesars Palace) doing something that day.

Second Day (July 10)
- Umehara was in a bad condition. It seemed like he caught a cold and was seen using an eye drop. MarkMan gave him a sweater.
- [SSF4] After Tokido came back from behind to win Hugo 101, the camera caught Umehara clapping to him like a little girl!
- [SSF4] Tokido made such a serious face then someone in the chat said "Murder Face." The Japanese stream monsters adopted it. This's how he got the new alias.

SSF4 Single Top 32
  • [Winners] Vangief sent Banana Ken to Losers
  • [Winners] Ricky Ortiz 2-0 Floe (Sagat)
  • [Winners] Umehara 2-0 LamerBoi
  • [Losers] Juice Box 2-0 Wolfkrone
  • [Losers] L.I. Joe (Sagat/Ryu) 0-2 FYC Ryder (Abel)
  • [Losers] Tokido (Honda/Akuma) 2-1 Hugo 101 (Dictator) 
  • [Losers] Eita 0-2 GamerBee
  • [Losers] Warahk (Guile) 1-2 Sabin (Dhal)
  • [Losers] Tatsu (Claw) 2-1 Online Tony (Seth)
  • [Winners] Shizza (Chun) 2-1 Alex Valle 
  • [Winners] Dr. Chaos (Ken) 2-1 Neo (Chun/Juri)
  • [Losers] FYC Ryder (Abel) 1-2 LamerBoi (Guile)
  • [Losers] Infiltration 2-1 Banana Ken
  • [Losers] Floe (Rufus) 2-0 Juice Box
  • [Losers] Tatsu 1-2 Neo (Juri) *Highlight: The Taunts.
  • [Losers] GamerBee 2-0 JR (Akuma)
  • [Losers] John Choi (Ryu) 0-2 Sanford (Viper)
  • [Losers] Sabin (Dha) 2-0 Alex Valle (Ryu)
  • [Losers] Tokido 2-1 Rico Sauve (Abel) *Highlight: Tokido made serious mistakes but made up with nice option-selects.
  • [Losers] RB (Rufus) 2-0 Sanford (Viper) *The Pause
  • [Losers] GamerBee 2-0 Neo (Juri)
  • [Losers] Sabin 1-2 Lamerboi
  • [Losers] Tokido 1-2 Floe (Rufus)
  • [Losers] RB (Rufus) 0-2 Infiltration
  • [Winners] Mike Ross 2-1 Dr. Chaos (Ken) *Highlight: Great performance from both players.
  • [Winners] Henry Cen (Honda) 0-2 Ricky Ortiz
  • [Winners] Justin Wong 1-2 Vangief
  • [Winners] Umehara 2-0 Shizza (Chun)
  • [Losers] Henry Cen (Dhal) 2-0 LamerBoi (Guile)
  • [Losers] Dr. Chaos (Ken) 0-2 Infiltration
  • [Losers] Shizza 2-0 Floe
  • [Losers] GamerBee 2-1 Justin Wong

The Salty Suite
The Salty Suite was a money match event in the nights during the Evo. The night before the last day, Umehara defeated Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez (5-4) for $500, Marn (5-2) for $100?, Kai, Hsien Chang, JPizzle, and a guy or two. Tokido and Eita was there, and commentated a couple of Umehara's matches. KSK was there, too. GamerBee won the mini tournament of 8 players or so. (Marn, Tokido joined, Umehara didn't)

Last Day (July 11)
- Evolution Japan announced before SSF4 final. KSK revealed that he went there because of this. (The event was later postponed from late 2010 to May 6-7, 2011, then it was cancelled.)
- [SSF2HDR] Umehara defeated Tokido and Alex Valle but was eliminated by Afro Legend before making top 3.
- Ono (SF4 producer) requested that everyone in the hall do a Shoryuken so he can take a picture for his tweet.
- [SSF4] There was a rap video before the finals.
- [SSF4] G4TV did a coverage in the top 8 and they had Adam Sessler on the mic. It seemed like Sessler had no knowledge about fighting games at all, he couldn't even call the scores right. And in the second game of the grand final, he said out loud after Ricky O. won the first round "It's all tied up!" even Umehara had the lead. (He counted total rounds instead of game.) The line "It's all tied up!" later became a meme.
- The stream crashed during the grand final, it went back when the matches are over. I'm not sure if it was because the hotel's Internet line or the hardwares.
- Mad Catz produced 24 exclusive golden fightsticks as an award for the event, mainly for top 8 of SSF4 and the persons who made contributions to the community. Each of them has a serial number. Umehara received No.1 as SSF4 champion. MarkMan had No.23 but later gave away for the raffle prize at Fight for Relief charity event.

SSF4 Single Top 8
  • [Losers] Shizza 1-2 Infiltration
  • [Losers] GamerBee 2-0 Henry Cen (Honda)
  • [Winners] Ricky Ortiz (Chun) 2-0 Vangief
  • [Winners] Umehara 2-0 Mike Ross Highlight: He threw Ross 4 times in a row then perfect'd him with option-select'd Shoryuken.
  • [Losers] Vangief 0-2 Infiltration
  • [Losers] GamerBee 1-2 Mike Ross
  • [Winners Final] Umehara 2-1 Ricky Ortiz
  • [Losers] Infiltration 2-0 Mike Ross
  • [Losers Final] Ricky Ortiz 2-1 Infiltration
  • [Grand Final] Umehara 3-1 Ricky Ortiz

News and Media
- Playlist on Nico
- Final results from Evo official site
- Evo official YouTube channel

Video by Richard Li

Monday, June 27, 2011

Arcadia Extra Vol. 85: Umehara Believer 2nd wave

In March, Arcadia Extra Vol. 84 which is a SSF4AE (game center edition) guidebook gave away 100 lucky readers the title "Umehara Shinja" (ウメハラ信者 or Umehara Believer) and it proved to be a (very) effective way to sell a book, as some people bought more than one copy for more chance.

Arcadia Extra Vol. 85 was announced a month ago to be another complete SSF4AE guidebook for the consoles version. But since the game was directly ported, there's little to no reason to buy this if you already bought the old one. Apparently the publisher knew this, but it's too late when they also knew your weakness!

The latest information shows that the mook will give away again "Umehara Shinja" title and also "ARCADIA" title to 200 lucky readers. (presumably for console use)

The mook will be released on June 30. (You can buy it here.)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surprise guests at SSF4AE launch event?

MarkMan mentioned that he'll attend Capcom's SSF4AE launch event on June 28 in San Francisco, WITH 3 friends. Is that a hint?

If you remember, last year's SSF4 launch event (April 23) had Daigo Umehara as a special guest. That's when Mad Catz announced his signing.

Tokido joins Team Mad Catz

The topic should be Mad Catz to begin complete global saturation!

Mad Catz today announced that Tokido is the newest Team Mad Catz member.

Tokido is the second most successful Japanese fighting game player right after Daigo Umehara. He's proved to be the most versatile competitive fighting game player in the past 12 months. He also has some English skills. (Not to mention that he graduated from the most prestigious university in Japan, The University of Tokyo.) Without a doubt, he deserves this.

Many people think this announcement is a surprise because Tokido made a contract with apparel maker The Traveling Circus. But it's absolutely possible since TTC isn't that kind of sponsor like Mad Catz. It is suggested that TTC basically makes players sell their T-shirts. Players will earn $1,000 for every 250 T-shirts sold. This means they could release a plain-looking shirt, do no marketing, and force players to sell it in order to receive any money. (This's why I feel weird when the streamers put TTC in front of his name, when they don't actually support the player.)

Mad Catz's contract actually came very late, and that's why Tokido quickly accepted TTC just to be called a pro gamer. This's because there's a misconception in Japan that you're a pro gamer only when you have a sponsor, while in reality, a pro gamer can be a person who makes a living out of gaming. That's just what Tokido's been doing for almost a year now. He plays every games and tries to place as high as possible.

Acheivement (incomplete/not all verified)

Year Tournament Game Place Note
2011 CEO 2011 Super Street Fighter IV: AE 1st -
2011 CEO 2011 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 1st -
2011 CEO 2011 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 1st -
2011 CEO 2011 Tekken 6 3rd -
2011 Stunfest 2011 Super Street Fighter IV 1st -
2011 Stunfest 2011 Super Street Fighter IV (3 on 3) 1st -
2011 Stunfest 2011 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 1st -
2011 Stunfest 2011 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 1st -
2011 Final Round XIV Super Street Fighter IV 2nd -
2011 Final Round XIV Super Street Fighter IV (3 on 3) 1st -
2011 Final Round XIV Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (3 on 3) 1st -
2011 Final Round XIV Super Street Fighter II Turbo 1st -
2011 Final Round XIV Super Street Fighter II HD Remix 3rd -
2011 Beat by Contest Super Street Fighter IV (2 on 2) 2nd -
2011 Beat by Contest Super Street Fighter IV 1st -
2010 Shadowloo Showdown Super Street Fighter IV 2nd -
2010 SoCal Regionals BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 1st -
2010 SoCal Regionals Street Fighter III: Third Strike 1st -
2010 SoCal Regionals Super Street Fighter IV 3rd -
2010 Ayano Cup Street Fighter IV (5 on 5) 2nd -
2010 Stunfest Super Street Fighter IV 3rd -
2010 GODSGARDEN #2 Street Fighter IV 1st -
2009 Super Battle Opera 2009 Street Fighter III: Third Strike 2nd -
2007 Evolution 2007 Street Fighter III: Third Strike 2nd -
2007 Evolution 2007 Super Street Fighter II Turbo 1st -
2006 Evolution 2006 Hyper Street Fighter II 3rd -
2005 Super Battle Opera 2005 Capcom Fighting Jam 1st -
2005 Evolution 2005 Super Street Fighter II Turbo 3rd -
2003 Super Battle Opera 2003 Capcom vs. SNK 2 1st -
2002 Evolution 2002 Capcom vs. SNK 2 1st -

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shadowloo Showdown 2011 Summary

- Official site
- Many players from the trailer are absent.

Pre-tournament stats
- Shadowloo 2010 SSF4 Single: GamerBee 1st, Tokido 2nd, Mago 3rd
- Momochi (Ken) beat Mike Ross in Season's Beatings 2010.
- GamerBee beat Momochi (Ken) twice to win Season's Beatings 2010.
- Momochi has never won an individual tournament.
- Kindevu used to win Evo twice in 2004 and 2006 for Capcom vs. SNK 2. That's only individual tournaments he won.

Day -1 (June 23)
- They had a SSF4AE mini tournament at a game center. First to 3 rounds. Momochi won. Tokido is 2nd. Poongko is 3rd. GamerBee is 4th. Kindevu, ItaZan, Mike Ross also participated. (via Choco)
- In case you don't remember, Momochi started playing Yun since NSB25.
- Tokido streamed from Australia for 30 minutes. GamerBee said he likes Adon but since he's not winning he wants to switch to ... probably Yun.

Day 0 (June 24)
- Picure: Venue

Day 1 (June 25)
- MarkMan to announce a new Team Mad Catz member. (Update: It's Tokido. TTC won't go anywhere. Read more here.)
- Mago plays Tekken 6. He sure knows how to please his boss! (MarkMan)
- Picture: Mago playing before the tournament.
- From Tokido: Pool A = GamerBee, MOV, Kindevu. Pool B = Haitani, Umezono, ItaZan, Poongko, Tokido.
- From Choco: AE has 240 participants.
- Picture: Tokido to fusion with MarkMan?
- MarkMan teased more Team Mad Catz member.
- Picture: Tokido playing.
- Tokido won BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II
- I just woke up, by the way. I missed all the actions.
- Both Mago and Tokido is in top 16 Losers bracket.
- [Tekken 6 Grand Final] Picture: Tokido won GamerBee.
- I separated the AE results from normal updates.
- Picture: Tokido playing MvC3
- Reported by Umezono: 3rd Strike: Winner = Umezono, Deshiken, MOV. Losers = RF, Momochi. Out = Haitani and Tokido.

- MOV (Ken) 2-0 ThirdEye (Oni/Ken)
- Choco Blanka 2-0 Jfizz (Blanka)
- Kindevu 2-0 Stomper47 (Ryu)
- MOV 2-0 Ero Oyaji (Akuma)
- Choco 2-1 Pen (Akuma)
- Choco 1-2 Carbuncle (Rose) Almost!
- MOV 2-0 Glassy (Gen)
- Kindevu (Sagat) 2-0 Afterdeath (Zangief)
- Tokido 2-0 Neon (Dudley) MarkMan announced his signing before this match.
- MOV 2-0 HumanBomb (Yang)
- Kindevu (Juri/Viper) 2-1 Akira (Sagat)
- MOV 0-2 Kindevu (Yun)
- MOV 2-1 GameOutttt (Guile)
- Haitani 2-0 Eranzo (Blanka)
- ItaZan 2-0 Brycemac (Cody)
- Poongko (Seth) 2-0 Sildenafl (E. Ryu)
- ItaZan 2-0 Wei (Boxer)
- Tokido 2-0 KellyNuts (Guy)
- Haitani 2-0 Joey (Sagat)
- ItaZan 2-0 Skitzr (Yang)
- Tokido 2-1 Shangsung (Dictator)
- Poongko (Yang) 2-0 ThunderCat (Boxer/Hawk)
- Haitani 2-0 FollowupURSF (Dictator)
- Poongko (Seth) 2-0 IronSoul (Honda) 40 hits combo here!
- Tokido 2-0 Hawseow (Dictator)
- Tokido 1-2 Haitani (Makoto) Tokido slipped and went to Losers.
- Poongko 2-0 Umezono (Dictator/Yang)
- ItaZan 1-2 Poongko
- Mago 2-0 Trigger (Cody)
- Uryo (Sakura) 2-0 Genxcop (Honda)
- ItaZan 2-1 Hawseow (Dictator)
- Mago (Sagat) 2-0 Nickerz (Zangief)
- Uryo (Sakura) 2-0 Sailo (Abel/Ken)
- Uryo (Sakura) 2-0 Genxa (Yun)
- Mago 2-0 Sol (Rose/Abel)
- Uryo (Sakura) 2-0 Mike Ross (Tokido commentated this match.)
- Picture: Mago 1-2 Xian (Yun) Mago went to Losers. Xian is from Singapore.
- Momochi 2-0 Yusuke (Sakura)
- Mike Ross 2-0 Sol (Sakura/Abel) *Sol is one of the event organizers.
- Mago 2-0 Genxa (Yun)
- Makoto (Claw) 2-0 Gekikara (Chun)
- Makoto (Claw) 2-0 Heavy Weapon (Sagat)
- Momochi (Cody) 2-0 MuttonHead (Ryu)
- RF (Sagat/Fei/Yun) 2-1 Zhieeev (Fei/Guile) Highlight: RF didn't know that you can't change the character after winning a game. After he lost the first game, he waited for the opponent to pick a character first so he could counter-pick it. And then after he won the next game, he counter-picked. (breaking the rule)
- Momochi (Ken) 2-0 Siuming (Adon)
- Makoto (Claw) 2-1 Gootecks (Boxer)
- RF (Sagat/Fei) 2-1 DontLetTomWin$150 (Oni)
- Momochi (Ken/Yun) 1-2 RF (Sagat) They waited to counter-pick each other, so referee suggested them blind pick. Momochi almost won, but went to Losers instead.
- Makoto (Claw) 0-2 Toxy (Akuma)
- Makoto (Claw) 2-1 Siuming (Sagat)
- Momochi (Yun) 2-0 Zhieeep (Zangief)

Day 2 (June 26)
- Mago & Tokido are in MvC3 top 16
- Picture: Tokido promotes SFxTekken stick
- Picture: Choco & MarkMan
- [AE Team] Tokido, Mago, GamerBee form a team. Tokido OCV'd Team ItaZan+Uryo+Haitani
- [3rd Strike] Deshiken 1st, MOV 2nd
- [AE Team] Team Hong Kong eliminated Team ItaZan+Uryo+Haitani
- [AE Team] GamerBee OCV'd Team Kindevu (2000 Yen)
- Picture: Team 3 Kings
- [MvC3 Winners Final] Tokido vs. Mago
- [MvC3 Grand Final] Picture: Tokido won Mago
- [MvC3] Tokido coached Mago during the matches before the finals.

AE Team
Team UmeChoco = ChocoBlanka, Umezono, Deshiken (Viper)
Team Bishi Bashi / Total Heads = Makoto (Claw), MOV, Poongko
Team Okozukai 2000 Yen = RF, Kindevu, Momochi (This team is Tougeki 2010 winner)
Team Complexity // CC = Mike Ross, Gootecks, Xian
Team Three Kings = Tokido, Mago, GamerBee

  • UmeChoco 3-1 What's the Point! (Choco OCVd!)
  • Total Heads 3-0 33 DD (Makoto OCV'd)
  • Total Heads 3-0 Mr Dial a Pizza (Poongko OCV'd)
  • 2000 Yen 3-0 You are the best (Momochi OCV'd with Cody)
  • Total Heads 3-0 Complexity // CC (Makoto OCV'd)
  • Three Kings 3-0 F*** SF4 (Tokido OCV'd)
  • Three Kings 3-0 Total Heads (Mago OCV'd)
  • [Grand Final] Three Kings 3-0 2000 Yen (Mago OCV'd)

AE Single
  • Poongko sent Haitani to Losers
  • GamerBee sent Kindevu to Losers
  • Momochi (Yun) eliminated Makoto (Claw)
  • Momochi eliminated Haitani 
  • Tokido eliminated ItaZan
  • RF sent Toxy to Losers 
  • MOV eliminated Human Bomb (Yang) (2-0)
  • Mago eliminated by Mike Ross (1-2) Carelessly jump!
  • Tokido eliminated Toxy (Akuma) (2-0)
  • MOV eliminated by Xian (Yun) (0-2)
  • Kindevu (Yun) eliminated Mike Ross (2-0)
  • Tokido eliminated Xian (2-1)
  • Momochi (Yun) eliminated Kindevu (Yun) (2-1)
  • Poongko eliminated GamerBee (2-0) Intense button check!
  • RF (Sagat) sent Uryo (Sakura) to Losers (2-1) 
  • Tokido eliminated GamerBee (2-0)
  • Momochi (Yun) eliminated Uryo (Sakura) (2-0)
  • [Winners Final] RF (Sagat) sent to Losers by Poongko (1-2)
  • Tokido eliminated by Momochi (Yun) (0-2)
  • [Losers Final] Momochi (Ken) eliminated RF (Sagat) (2-0)
  • [Grand Final] Momochi (Yun) eliminated by Poongko (Seth) (0-3)

Exclusive sofa!
Small detail, but very important. The venue had a sofa in front of the stage for the players who wait for playing or team members. The exclusive area also separated players from the audience, so no distractions. Very nice! Everyone should do this.

"The Machine"
The top player from Korea Poongko is the MVP of this tournament. He didn't go to Losers bracket in Single, even he played the lowest health character and his road wasn't easy. But the most important thing is his performance or how he played. Several times, his actions just outclassed his opponents. You need to see his matches in this tournament, as I don't recommend the replays on YouTube. As I said before, you can't judge anything from replay clips, and there's some lag. Poongko usually plays online with Japanese but he lives in Korea. (I think similar to Xian from Singapore.)

Poongko's Fun Facts
- He beat Tokido in first-to-ten match before the tournament. (via the commentator)
- He took his belt off before he played.
- He drank Red Bull after winning the grand final.
- They called him "The Machine" because after he got off the plane he doesn't stop playing. He said some day he played 24 hours. (via the commentator)

Poongko's interview
- He lost to Momochi's Yun when he arrived Australia but he didn't let it get in his mind.
- He wasn't 100% satisfied, because he wanted to fight Mago in the grand final to decide. This's because he struggled with Mago's Fei Long. Though he didn't disrespect Momochi.

Evo seed points
Tokido will place very high in Evo 2011 if he has some luck. He received another 64 points from winning MvC3 and will probably play only 1 match in MvC3 pool at Evo. In MvC3, playing less match helps a lot.
Player SSF4AE MvC3
Daigo Umehara 642
Tokido 104130
Mago 232

Days after (the tournament ended)

- Momochi & Choco, Kindevu, ItaZan, Uryo, Haitani, Tokido went to a zoo.
- Umezono, ItaZan, Kindevu, Uryo went to casino.
- Mago killed the time (plane/airport) by playing Super Robot War Z (PSP) that he borrowed from a friend. He reached chapter 34 during the trip.

Thank you
- MarkMan and the others for the reports, especially results from offscreen matches.

News and Media
- News on SRK
- The Shadowloo's YouTube
- Playlist on Nico
- 73 photos from Mad Catz's Facebook 
- Mago using prototyped SFxTekken stick

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shadowloo 2011 won't have all players in the trailer

It's now a trend to release a trailer for a fighting game event showing player lineup to attract more people. It's good until the organizers started putting names in the trailers without confirmation or acknowledgement from the players themselves.

Shadowloo Showdown 2011 announced tons of players in their trailer. But as I pointed out before, some stars weren't sure about it.  And now with the latest information, something is becoming more clear, and something is becoming more shady.

Confirmed not to go
Kokujin (said himself)

Not going
Sako (via Umezono)
KSK (until reconsider)

Other Japanese players

Ready or confirmed to go
Itabashi Zangief
Momochi & Choco
Tokido (will show off his Yun!)
Gootecks & Mike Ross

Monday, June 20, 2011

Umehara's comment after ReveLAtions

For some reason, Famitsu's blog just posted today a comment from Daigo Umehara after winning SSF4AE at ReveLAtions.

"I feel very happy winning SSF4AE at [ReveLAtions]. But no time to feel relieved from the good start, I'm going back to play with American top players in San Jose (NorCal 9). Also, in addition to AE, I'll make my first challenge in MvC3. I'm trying my best looking to practice with [those] high experienced top players."

Note that Umehara used "胸を借りる" which means "to be allowed to practice with a partner of higher skill."

Japanese Players Progress @MvC3

For reference. (Single only) Will update in the future.

Daigo Umehara


Mago (doesn't actually play this game at the moment)

DAIGO starts using Twitter

A famous Japanese singer named DAIGO started using Twitter this week, it'll be much harder to search for Daigo Umehara's news on Twitter using "Daigo" as keyword from now on.

In Japan, if you mention "Daigo" (especially English alphabet) to random people, most of them will probably think about this DAIGO.

Daigo Umehara is better known as ウメハラ to the Japanese. ("Umehara" spelled in Katakana)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

TOPANGA TV 2011.06.18

- 2,600 viewers at the beginning
- They accepted 3 pupils. A Yun user, a Gouki user, a Sagat user.
- They talked about the tournaments in America last week.
- Mago felt nervous when he went to Losers bracket early at ReveLations because it's his debut under Mad Catz.
- Mago said noise-cancelling headphones help a lot.
- Mago said he'll use Sagat against Yun. But he forgot when he fought Umehara.
- Mago confirmed that Umehara actually gave him advices during the matches in ReveLAtions.
- Tokido said he'll use Yun. (not sure if serious)
- The show keeps getting better. The pace of the show was really good. The training wasn't long or short. There's someone in charge of changing camera view, too.
- 3,780 viewers peak
- Watch here

NorCal Regionals 2011 summary

 (I didn't watch the stream, only watched video clips.)

- NorCal Regionals official site

Online brackets
- MvC3 Single - Pool C
- MvC3 Team
- SSF4AE Single - Pool C
- SSF4AE Team

Day 0
- Picture1:Picture2: Mad Catz booth

Day1 (June 18)
- UltraDavid and James Chen won't be at the event. Now you have a chance to witness one of the worst commentators in the community.
- In case you want to know, Mago and Tokido is in Japan.
- FYI, Umehara doesn't use female characters. It's not a rule, it's due to his preference, from observation from the previous games. If he chooses a female character in MvC3, it'll be noteworthy. (Amaterasu is female, by the way.)
- First picture of Umehara playing MvC3.
- Reported by MarkMan: Umehara's MvC3 team is Wolverine, Dante, Akuma! He already won 2 matches in Winners bracket.
- Video1:Video2: One of the first footages of Umehara playing MvC3 in pool. (not on stream)
- Picture: Umehara in one of his MvC3 matches.
- Tokido's reaction when Umehara appeared on stream for the first time for MvC3.
- Picture:Video: Umehara vs. Lamerboi (MvC3) Umehara won, making him "never lose to Lamerboi on both SF4 and MvC3"
- Picture1:Picture2:Picture3: Umehara vs. John Choi vs. NOS girls
- [MvC3 Pool Final] Umehara lost to Floe. He went to Losers but won Lamerboi again, so he's in top 8 now. (play again tomorrow)
- [AE] Umehara 2-0 Harris.
- [AE] Umehara 2-1 Larry S
- [AE] Umehara 2-0 Air.
- Umehara won Street Fighter II Turbo (reported by Alex Valle)
- [AE] It looks like the stream went down after Choi vs. Infiltration match as iPlayWinner wrote: "Hotel pulled our internet ='( BUT we are using a 4g card to keep the stream up and goin for the rest of the night!"
- [AE Pool Final] Picture: Umehara 2-0 Wolfkrone. He's now in top 8, Winners bracket. (play again tomorrow)
- Highlight:Video: Filipino Champ storming off.
- Umehara still used Mad Catz's prototyped SFxTekken stick.

Day 2 (June 19)
- Picture: Beauty and the Beast by Alex Valle
- I thought Umehara didn't join MvC3 Team, I was wrong. He's on the same team with Ricky Ortiz and F. Champ. And they're in Winners bracket now. (reported by MarkMan)
- Picture1:Picture2: Umehara and MvC3 money matches.
- [MvC3 Team] Umehara lost to Justin Wong. It looks like his team is out now.
- [AE Single] Umehara 2-0 Marn.
- [AE Single Winners Final] Umehara won Infiltration.
- Picture:Video: They're waiting for Vangief. Umehara is using Ryu against F. Champ in exhibitions. (Ryu 2-3 Dha, Yun 3-0 Dha)
- [AE Single Grand Final][Picture1:Picture2] Umehara won Infiltration (again)
- [MvC3 Single] Umehara 1-2 X-Ray. He's out now and got 7th place in his first tournament.
- Note that Umehara will received his first Evo seed points (of AE and MvC3) from this tournament. (Evo seed points makes you play less matches in Evo's pools.)
- Video: Umehara in rock-paper-scissors match.
- [MvC3 Team] I just discovered this video. It shows that it's Ricky/F.CHamp/Umehara Team that put Noel Brown/Floe/Justin Wong Team into Losers bracket.(?) The last game was Umehara vs. Justin Wong, and Umehara won with a comeback. (I think it's Darry who said welcome to America in the background when he thought Wong was going to win.)

NorCal commentators
A guy on GAF posted this: "NorCal is where a couple guys asked a girl on stream if she's ever seen a penis before and how much it'll cost for her to flash them. The video was deleted (unsurprisingly), I'll upload it now. That's their "raw" style, they're proud of it" with video. (streamed by iPlayWinner)

Magus & Darry
Magus improved a lot from the last year, he actually did a good job from the clips I saw. His play-by-play was good. Darry, on the other hand, couldn't get any worse. What he said in Umehara vs. Floe match was a big disgrace.

Ryu or Yun?
The exhibition between Umehara and F.Champ attracted more than 55,000 views, more than 5,000 comment, more than 700 Favorites on Nico in 2 days. Though viewers prefer Ryu, it looks like Yun's beatdown was more entertaining to see. Capcom wins?

News and Media
- Playlist on Nico
- Photo Gallery from slash5150
- Recap from Shoryuken

SF2T videos (not on stream)
- Winners Final: Umehara vs. Alex Valle
- Grand Final: Umehara vs. Alex Valle

Oh Darry

And Darry* has no clue why people choose to cheer on Japanese players. A tip I want to give him while he's looking for a new writer job is "Read what you wrote first." Blinded by hate, hating the people who didn't do a thing related to you. (He didn't even recognize Tokido's face until someone pointed out.) 

*Darry Huskey from iPlayWinner

I probably won't be able to watch NorCal 9 (2011) live, but that's probably a good thing. If you remember, Darry and Magus single-handedly made the first day of NorCal 2010 unwatchable with their so-called commentating. There're many complaints and they were eventually replaced on the second day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Daigo Umehara is a Warrior

It's reported today that there's a big change in ranking system of SSF4AE game center edition about classes. "Ultimate Master" is not unique and the highest class anymore. Furtheremore, the Grand Masters from around 2nd to 50th are now called Ultimate Master! Daigo Umehara, who is still No. 1 and was the only Ultimate Master, is now in the new class called "Warrior."

(Ultimate Master used to be the class for the Grand Master who has the most BP in Japan.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Capcom Unity asks Umehara Part 2 [2011 Edition]

Capcom USA now posted the second part of Daigo Umehara interview. There're interesting stuff as always, but this part contains one of the best and most critical things he said. Umehara pointed out just what exactly is absent from Japan's fighting game community -- Devotion.


The calm after losing:
"if you win or lose on a lottery, you can simply feel lucky to win or feel disappointed with your loss. You don’t bare any responsibly in the outcome. But in a game, no matter what happens, win or lose, I am responsible for the result. So if I win after all the hard work, I validate all my efforts leading up to the tournament. And if I lose, I accept my loss recognizing that I have to work even harder. Nothing and nobody but myself is accountable for the result. Knowing that may leave no room for me to emotionally react to a loss."

What Japan needs from the West:
"Japanese community obviously lacks a sense of responsibility and spirit to try to make an event a success. The players don’t recognize it as “their” event and don’t even make an effort to boost it up. They just passively participate in a tournament, and they think that they have nothing to do with it, but that it is the event organizer’s responsibility whether it becomes fun or not."

The world of professionals:
"They must be able to distinguish themselves as pro-players from amateur players, and that has to be accompanied by high level of self-discipline."

Read the first part here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Umehara confirmed for NorCal Regionals 2011, will play MvC3

John Choi just announced that Daigo Umehara will return to the US this weekend (June 18-19) to compete in NorCal Regionals 2011. And this time, he will participate in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament!

Umehara played SSF4AE outside Japan for the first time in ReveLAtions 2011. For NorCal 2011, he will play MvC3 outside a house for the first time ever!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tokido wins MvC3 major in America

Tokido was the only Japanese to participate in CEO 2011, but he won both Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament.

For Tokido to win MvC3, there might be hype, but there's no surprise for me. As I already wrote about this before. If more top players start to play this game seriously, it's only a matter of time until we have a new winner. Nationality has nothing to do with this.

Tokido vs. Justin Wong in winners semi-final. + Tokido vs. Chris G in winners final.

Tokido vs. Justin Wong in grand final.

Jebailey vows to crush ReveLAtions 2012

Alex "Go My Church" Jebailey just vowed to crush ReveLAtions again should it happen on the same days as CEO 2012.

As you already know CEO 2011 was a success.
- They had top players from Japan, North America, South Korea, including the most famous Street Fighter player in the world.
- They had additional 3,700 viewers from Japanese stream.
- They didn't have a biased commentator who can't commentate like Yipes.
- They didn't have the most deluded organizer in the community who repeatedly praises himself and opportunist who built a tournament from a failure of other.

ReveLAtions organizers should avoid at all cost!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

IPW & Team Spooky to stream Evo 2011

The new Evolution 2011 preview video showing in CEO 2011 revealed that IPLAYWINNER & Team Spooky is chosen to stream the event.

This's a big surprise, even many people asked for it. Because Level Up Series did a good job in their West Coast events. They did fine in last year's Evo, too, if you don't count the stream outage incident which was unfortunate. No one wants their stream to go down on purpose, and everyone will have this problem someday.

The most important element last year was there're 2 channels to choose: Stickam and Ustream. People who have difficulty viewing Stickam can choose Ustream instead, and vice versa.

What I'm worring about is now both sides abandoned Usteam and stream all their events on Justin.tv which is inferior. If IPW & Spooky decide to stream only on Justin.tv then it'll be an instant failure. (Not to mention that there should be a stream for slow broadband users so they don't need a re-stream.)

Team Spooky is known to have a member who has some personal issue with Daigo Umehara, but this shouldn't be a problem now since it's a world-class event. I'm sure they won't let that kind of people on the mic. My choice is Seth Killian, UltraDavid, James Chen, Juice Box. Maybe we'll talk about commentators later.

Mago joins Team Mad Catz

MarkMan from Mad Catz announced on ReveLAtions' stream that Mago is the new member of Team Mad Catz. (See also his tweet.)

This's a very good news for a number of reasons. Mago never had a sponsor before, despite being who he is. If Hori signs him then it's Mad Catz's loss, too. More important, with Mago on Umehara's side, Team Mad Catz is now stronger than ever. Not just for the results, but Umehara needs a companion in a tournament so he doesn't have to sit alone in a corner on another side of the world. Mago also has his own show, TOPANGA TV.

Mago's achievements (incomplete/not all verified)

Year Tournament Game Place Note
2011 Beat by Contest 2011 Super Street Fighter IV (3 on 3) 2nd Teammate: Tokido
2011 TOPANGA Charity Cup Super Street Fighter IV: AE (5 on 5) 1st Teammate: Nyanshi, Bon-chan, Tokido, Umehara
2010 Canada Cup 2010 Super Street Fighter IV 2nd -
2010 Canada Cup 2010 Super Street Fighter IV (3 on 3) 3rd Teammate: Air, Umehara
2010 Shadowloo Showdown 2010 Super Street Fighter IV 3rd -
2010 Shadowloo Showdown 2010 Super Street Fighter IV (3 on 3) 1st Teammate: Tokido, GamerBee
2010 Fighting Spirits 2010 (Korea) Super Street Fighter IV 1st -
2010 Ayano Cup Street Fighter IV (5 on 5) 2nd Teammate: Tokido, Bon-chan, Momochi, Kindevu
2009 GODSGARDEN #1 Street Fighter IV 1st -
2005 Super Battle Opera 2005 Capcom Fighting Jam (2 on 2) 1st Teammate: Tokido
2005 Evolution 2005 Capcom vs. SNK 2 2nd -
2004 Super Battle Opera 2004 Capcom vs. SNK 2 (3 on 3) 1st Teammate: Kindevu, Sawada
2003 Evolution 2003 Capcom vs. SNK 2 3rd -

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ReveLAtions 2011 Summary

- Official site
- Stream 1 (main/stage): Level Up
- Stream 2: Offcast
- Japanese stream by Gama no Abura (3,700 viewers peak)

Day 1 (June 10)
- Daigo Umehara arrived in the evening.
- Mago didn't know that there's a team tournament on Friday, so he departed on Friday...... (Just as I was worried.)
- MarkMan announced that Team DMG is now a part of Team Mad Catz.
- Highlight: Neo from Team Korea OCV'd Team RTSD Inc. (Alex Valle, Sako, Latif) to Losers bracket. Neo's reaction after winning the first round from Latif is priceless. (You need to see this.)
- Team RTSD met Team Twin Terrors in the grand finals. Latif OCV'd once. But Twin Terrors won in the end. 
- See SSF4AE team brackets here.
- Satoshi (a BlazBlue player from Japan) was on the second stream. His team won BB:CS team tournament. It was exciting, especially for the Japanese viewers.
- Umezono, a Japanese player who went to E3, participated Arcana Heart 3 tournament.

Day 2 (June 11)
- According to his latest interview, Umehara won't be in MvC3 tournament.
- Picture and video (Before the tournament begins)
- MarkMan announced before Mago played his first game that Mago is now sponsored by Mad Catz. Mago won the game.
- Umehara won SF Gief (Zangief) 2-0. (Perfect in first round) This's Umehara's first tournament game outside Japan since AE. It appeared that he was using the prototype of Street Fighter X Tekken stick from Mad Catz. (Picture)
- Picture (Japan gang after their first match)
- Mago went to Losers bracket in his second game by a Korean C. Viper.
- Umehara 2-0 Tekken Time (Seth/Oni). He still didn't lose a round. His opponent wear a Pikachu hat.
- Mago 2-0 Fiesty Noob (E. Honda). Umehara went to sit near Mago giving some advices. (about button customization? tactics?)
- Satoshi is in BBCS2 top 8 singles. He joined AE, too. He even won Vangief with Fei Long.
- Highlight: Juice Box 2-1 Snake Eyes (Zangief). JB got dominated, so he switched to Juri and made a comeback. JURI DANCE INCLUDED. (World Premiere)
- Clakey D (Ibuki) 2-1 Sako (Ibuki) Sako went to Losers bracket.
- Umehara 2-1 Wolfkrone  Intense match! Umehara lost the first game.
- Picture (Umehara after his third match)
- Mad Catz v. Hori: Mago (Yang) 2-0 Tatsu (Claw) (Tatsu eliminated) It seems like Umehara lent Mago the noise-canceling headpnones.
-  Umehara 2-0 Online Tony (Seth) (Tony went to Losers)
- It seems like Umehara participates SF2. (side event)
-  Mago 2-0 Hugo 101 (Dictator/Yun) Bad decision for counter-pick using Yun as Mago is a Yun hunter.
- Sako 2-1 Hungry Larry S
- Mago 2-0 Combofiend (Makoto) Mago made too many mistakes here.
- Sako 0-2 Ricky Ortiz (Sako eliminated)
- Mago 2-0  DRS Nash Fan (Chun/Rose)
- Mago (Sagat) 2-0 Ricky Ortiz (Ricky eliminated) (Picture)
- Umehara 2-0 Laugh (Ryu)
- Mago 2-1 John Choi (Ryu) (Choi eliminated) Mago came back from 1-0 after some adjustments. He's now in top 8.
- Umehara vs. Clakey D. and Mago vs. Wolfkrone tomorrow.
- Mago participated MvC3 and played while I was sleeping. It's not like there's something to see since Mago said he only plays AE. He just knows how to play MvC3 as you already saw in TOPANGA TV.
- Picture 1 + Picture 2 (Mago signing sticks)
- Video (Umehara vs. Sako in Street Fighter II side event final, Umehara won.)
- Picture: Umehara and Sako showing their fight money from SF2
- Picture: Umehara with Markman in Mad Catz booth
- Picture: Mago playing money matches at night
- Pictures from Karaface

Day 3 (June 12)
- Picture: Mago getting massaged
- Picture: Mago with Mad Catz staff
- Picture: Umehara playing casuals
- Satoshi won BlazeBlue: Continuum Shift II single.
- SSF4AE brackets here
- Picture1:Picture2: Mad Catz has Umehara & Mago autograph session after MvC3 ended.
- Umehara 2-1 Clakey D. (Ibuki)
- Mago 2-1 Wolfkrone (C. Viper) Intense match. Wolfkrone looked disappointed.
- Picture: Umehara watching Mago from behind the projector screen.
- Mago 2-0 Infiltration (Akuma)
- Umehara 3-1 Bionic Arm (Hsien Chang) (Yun) Exciting Winners final!
- Mago 2-0 Latif (C. Viper)
- Mago 3-0 Bionic Arm (Hsien Chang) (Yun) Losers final
- Umehara 3-1 Mago. Umehara won $10,000! (Picture)(Picture2)
- The Japan gang went to eat expensive yakiniku, Umehara paid most of it, Mago paid the rest.
- Picture: Umehara drinking with Alex Valle.
- Pictures from Karaface
- Pictures after the tournament from Karaface

Day 4?
- Picture1:Picture2:Picture3: Japan gang showing their fight money. (Satoshi is on the right)

Press & Media
- Famitsu's SSF4 blog
- Mad Catz press release and news
- Video: The Recap

Video clips from Kara
- Umehara & Mago's autograph session
- Umehara & Mago talking before grand final
- Umehara in the crowd
- Mago playing MvC3 casuals with Umehara behind him

Thank you very much
- Thank you, Sako's wife, Nekohashi, Umezono, and Mad Catz for all the wonderful reports.
- Thank you, Gama no Abura for doing the re-stream and staying up for it.
- Thank you, Level Up Series and related persons for another great tournament. You guys really know how to treat players and fans. And thank you for giving permission to JP restreaming. Also, real-time brackets for the win!
- Thank you Mad Catz for giving players chances to shine. Many strong players want to participate tournaments abroad but can't afford a plane ticket.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tokido + Mago in Canada Cup 2011?

A trailer of Canada Cup 2011 was posted recently. It looks like Tokido "The Madaface" is going to attend, and Mago is possible.

Canada Cup 2011 is between November 5-6, so expect several more updates.

KSK in Game no Jikan 44 (June 9)

SSF4AE just came out to the consoles, as expected, KSK made an appearance on Game no Jikan again today. He didn't play the game, but acted as middleman between top players and the show. He arranged online matches between Kayo Police and Eita, Kindevu, and Kokujin.

Eita showed off his Oni, but lost the first game. He won the second game, though. Then he switched to Gouki and won again.

Kindevu dominated her with Yun, then lost with Ryu, then won with Juri easily.

Kokujin used Ryu and lost twice. He revealed that that was his Ryu's farewell. He'll quit to play Yun/Yang/Makoto! (Not sure if serious.) Kokujin is still one of the strongest players in SF3 (He got 2nd place in Tougeki 2010, too), but is mediocre at best in SF4. His main (in SF4) was Ryu, but he played like he rarely touched the game. Anyway, it's good to see him on SF4. Nuki doesn't like it and quitted in 2009.

KSK was entertaining as usual. He made people smile even when doing nothing, since the cameraman always played with him. (to the point that the show producer got angry.)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

TOPANGA TV 2011.06.09

- Mago played alone. (Tokido went to America.)
- Mago usually doesn't upload a replay, but his hand slipped one time when he looked at the chat. (against a random player)
- Mago encountered Poongko. He won more than lost, but apparently Poongko uploaded his win replay while Mago didn't. This's why I said you can't judge from a YouTube's replay clip. (Not to mention that there's some lag. One time, a match freezed 2 seconds.)
- His custom title "Tenka Fubu*" isn't transfered to AE. (the title given directly from Capcom from winning GGO#2) That's too bad...
- Mago started playing at 2 a.m. and stopped at 12:40 (afternoon). That's almost 11 hours straight. He was world's 1st when he quitted.
- Will he quit playing at game centers? That's a good question.
- Mago will depart to US on Friday.
- TOPANGA TV community on Nico got more than 4,000 subscribers in 24 hours after open.

*Tenka Fubu (天下布武) is the seal of Oda Nobunaga. You can google for more information.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tougeki 2011 qualifiers results (part 1)

Umehara, Mago, Tokido is yet to play Tougeki 2011 qualifiers but since I have time, let's look who (well-known players) will be playing in this year's Tougeki Finals.

Block B-4 (Kantou Area: Tokyo Metropolitan area)
Team: Coolness
Player 1: Suropuu (Fei Long)
Player 2: Acqua (Yang)

Block E-1 (Chuugoku-Shikoku Area)
Team: Thomas Gundan
Player 1: MDR (Yun)
Player 2: Haitani (Makoto)

Block C-1 (Chuubu Area)
Team: Yjojo
Player 1: Y24 (Chun-Li)
Player 2: a.k.a. jojo (Dictator)

Block B-6 (Kantou Area: Kanagawa)
Team: Oonenzu
Player 1: Kazunoko (Yun)
Player 2: Ojisan (Yang)
(They won Nemo+Cabbage team)

Reminder to Replay Monsters

As you probably already know, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition DLC for consols is available now for both Japan and the US. With the enhanced Replay Channel, there're more matches to watch than ever.

But I want to remind you one thing that if you want to find or get to know top players, you should see them play live (at least on stream) not a clip of a match or two. Because Replay is worthless in that aspect. Many players keep uploading their best matches (or when they won a famous player) to make themselves look better than they actually are.

You will not see the standard or something that is required for being a top player from a replay clip. In the same way, you will not see the true potential, too.

If someone says [insert a player name here] is good, don't believe it until you see him/her play live long enough. He/she could lose 6,000 matches but upload all 1,000 winning matches to fool you.

TOPANGA TV now on Nico

It's revealed via Mago's Twitter that TOPANGA TV now has its own channel on Nico Nico. You will see Mago and Tokido play more often from now on. (Also expect a special guest.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mago confirmed for ReveLAtions 2011

Alex Valle just announced via Twitter that Mago is now confirmed for ReveLAtions.

This is some surprise. Mago (now sub Yang and Sagat) mentioned about ReveLAtions on the latest TOPANGA TV but nothing concrete. And the event (June 10-12) is this Friday.

Anyway, this will bring 'Daygo versus Maygo' meme back earlier! (See this around 2:09 if you don't know the meme.)

P.S. Tokido must feel lonely right now....

Capcom Unity asks Umehara Part 1 [2011 Edition]

Two weeks ago, Capcom USA let users post a question for Daigo Umehara. Today, they started posting the first part of his interview.


The motivation:
For me to play a game means trying something new and pushing myself to a new boundary. What matters to me is not whether I can win, throw a cool combo, or just even simply have fun with a game. It also has nothing to do with what others think of me or my play, but how I feel. I keep pushing myself, and that’s what drives me.  I don’t compare myself with others. My inspiration comes from the desire of wanting to challenge myself.

To become a pro:
Luck plays a role in one’s victory or loss at any level – that’s something beyond one’s control. But in the areas I do control, like my execution ability, as a pro, I should not make mistakes. That is at least the obvious element required of me, which gives me an entitlement to call myself a pro. I would say a requirement for moving up to a pro or big tournament level is the same thing – to minimize mistakes.

Read Umehara's old interviews from Capcom USA below.
- March 16, 2010
- March 24, 2010
- June 1, 2010

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nagoya Street Battle 25

Nagoya Street Battle 25 today was quite entertaining. Kindevu played well and he's on the same team with Eita. As you know, Eita led his team to win NSB24 and OCV'd Momochi team. But this time, Momochi came back with Yun instead of Cody, his team beat Eita team in the final.

(Momochi keeps changing his main. From Akuma (SF4) to Ibuki (SSF4), then Ken (SSF4), then Cody (AE), and now Yun.)

One of the highlights is when Ryan Hart was on the camera chatting with Gama-san and Choco Blanka. The (Japanese) chat exploded after he suddenly switched from speaking English to Japanese. They're surprised and impressed by his Japanese. The chat and Eita agreed that he should teach Eita some Japanese. (Eita is known to speak broken Japanese, and he named his stream channel 日本語不自由配信 (Japanese language disabled broadcasting))

Hart came to Japan to start and learn about SSF4AE for 2 weeks now. His main is now Yun. He said he spent 6 hours on the bus to come to the event at Nogoya, and he didn't sleep. He's on the same team with Sako and Rikuson, which was eliminated by Momochi team.

- Around 4,500 viewers peak
- Find recorded streams here (Channel2) and here (Channel3) or see the last part below.


Momochi (Yun)
Banbaban (Yun)
KOK (Fei Long)

Eita (Gouki)
Kindevu (Yun)
Coop (Blanka)

Friday, June 3, 2011

SSF4AEPC: Characters restriction to be removed at launch

 A week ago, Capcom USA revealed that buyers of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition PC version will be able to play only 15 characters out of 39 if they're offline.

After an open discussion, they announced today that they've reconsidered and will remove that character restriction via an online update around the launch.