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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nagoya Street Battle 25

Nagoya Street Battle 25 today was quite entertaining. Kindevu played well and he's on the same team with Eita. As you know, Eita led his team to win NSB24 and OCV'd Momochi team. But this time, Momochi came back with Yun instead of Cody, his team beat Eita team in the final.

(Momochi keeps changing his main. From Akuma (SF4) to Ibuki (SSF4), then Ken (SSF4), then Cody (AE), and now Yun.)

One of the highlights is when Ryan Hart was on the camera chatting with Gama-san and Choco Blanka. The (Japanese) chat exploded after he suddenly switched from speaking English to Japanese. They're surprised and impressed by his Japanese. The chat and Eita agreed that he should teach Eita some Japanese. (Eita is known to speak broken Japanese, and he named his stream channel 日本語不自由配信 (Japanese language disabled broadcasting))

Hart came to Japan to start and learn about SSF4AE for 2 weeks now. His main is now Yun. He said he spent 6 hours on the bus to come to the event at Nogoya, and he didn't sleep. He's on the same team with Sako and Rikuson, which was eliminated by Momochi team.

- Around 4,500 viewers peak
- Find recorded streams here (Channel2) and here (Channel3) or see the last part below.


Momochi (Yun)
Banbaban (Yun)
KOK (Fei Long)

Eita (Gouki)
Kindevu (Yun)
Coop (Blanka)

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