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- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Evolution 2010 Summary

We never had one, and Evolution 2011 is just one month away. I rewatched the whole things and made this, Beast Note's Evolution 2010 Summary!

Participants from Japan: Daigo Umehara, Tokido, Eita, Soushihan KSK (GODSGARDEN cofounder)

- Tokido, Eita, KSK shared a hotel room. Umehara stayed at another hotel.
- Umehara had an autograph session in Mad Catz booth. A girl had him sign her breast.
- GamerBee can speak some English, but he wasn't confident at the time, so he spoke through a translator. (He can speak Japanese, too)
- No one actually knew GameBee until he beat Justin Wong. He was referred as The Strong Adon Player, and the commentators didn't know what country is he from.
- Level UP used only Stickam on the first day but it's not stable, so they added Ustream in the second day. Judging by viewers, people preferred Ustream.
- Tokido submitted "Iceman" as his alias. (Before this, He tried to call himself "Ice Age" from his cold-blooded play style.)
- From Capcom Unity's Twitter, it looks like someone stole Umehara's fightstick.
- 18,000+ viewers peak on Stickam and 30,000+ viewers peak on Ustream.
- The number of SSF4 participants is said to be around 1,700.

Umehara signing at MadCatz booth.

First Day (July 9)
- Umehara got a seed from Evolution Asia-Pacific  in Australia.
- [SSF4] Both Tokido and Eita lost once, they survived the pools. (IIRC)
- [SSF4] KSK overslept and automatically went to Losers, then he lost. (IIRC) I'm not sure about SF3.
- [SSF4] Umehara beat Mr. Wizard (one of organizers) in the pool.
- President Obama was at the venue (Caesars Palace) doing something that day.

Second Day (July 10)
- Umehara was in a bad condition. It seemed like he caught a cold and was seen using an eye drop. MarkMan gave him a sweater.
- [SSF4] After Tokido came back from behind to win Hugo 101, the camera caught Umehara clapping to him like a little girl!
- [SSF4] Tokido made such a serious face then someone in the chat said "Murder Face." The Japanese stream monsters adopted it. This's how he got the new alias.

SSF4 Single Top 32
  • [Winners] Vangief sent Banana Ken to Losers
  • [Winners] Ricky Ortiz 2-0 Floe (Sagat)
  • [Winners] Umehara 2-0 LamerBoi
  • [Losers] Juice Box 2-0 Wolfkrone
  • [Losers] L.I. Joe (Sagat/Ryu) 0-2 FYC Ryder (Abel)
  • [Losers] Tokido (Honda/Akuma) 2-1 Hugo 101 (Dictator) 
  • [Losers] Eita 0-2 GamerBee
  • [Losers] Warahk (Guile) 1-2 Sabin (Dhal)
  • [Losers] Tatsu (Claw) 2-1 Online Tony (Seth)
  • [Winners] Shizza (Chun) 2-1 Alex Valle 
  • [Winners] Dr. Chaos (Ken) 2-1 Neo (Chun/Juri)
  • [Losers] FYC Ryder (Abel) 1-2 LamerBoi (Guile)
  • [Losers] Infiltration 2-1 Banana Ken
  • [Losers] Floe (Rufus) 2-0 Juice Box
  • [Losers] Tatsu 1-2 Neo (Juri) *Highlight: The Taunts.
  • [Losers] GamerBee 2-0 JR (Akuma)
  • [Losers] John Choi (Ryu) 0-2 Sanford (Viper)
  • [Losers] Sabin (Dha) 2-0 Alex Valle (Ryu)
  • [Losers] Tokido 2-1 Rico Sauve (Abel) *Highlight: Tokido made serious mistakes but made up with nice option-selects.
  • [Losers] RB (Rufus) 2-0 Sanford (Viper) *The Pause
  • [Losers] GamerBee 2-0 Neo (Juri)
  • [Losers] Sabin 1-2 Lamerboi
  • [Losers] Tokido 1-2 Floe (Rufus)
  • [Losers] RB (Rufus) 0-2 Infiltration
  • [Winners] Mike Ross 2-1 Dr. Chaos (Ken) *Highlight: Great performance from both players.
  • [Winners] Henry Cen (Honda) 0-2 Ricky Ortiz
  • [Winners] Justin Wong 1-2 Vangief
  • [Winners] Umehara 2-0 Shizza (Chun)
  • [Losers] Henry Cen (Dhal) 2-0 LamerBoi (Guile)
  • [Losers] Dr. Chaos (Ken) 0-2 Infiltration
  • [Losers] Shizza 2-0 Floe
  • [Losers] GamerBee 2-1 Justin Wong

The Salty Suite
The Salty Suite was a money match event in the nights during the Evo. The night before the last day, Umehara defeated Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez (5-4) for $500, Marn (5-2) for $100?, Kai, Hsien Chang, JPizzle, and a guy or two. Tokido and Eita was there, and commentated a couple of Umehara's matches. KSK was there, too. GamerBee won the mini tournament of 8 players or so. (Marn, Tokido joined, Umehara didn't)

Last Day (July 11)
- Evolution Japan announced before SSF4 final. KSK revealed that he went there because of this. (The event was later postponed from late 2010 to May 6-7, 2011, then it was cancelled.)
- [SSF2HDR] Umehara defeated Tokido and Alex Valle but was eliminated by Afro Legend before making top 3.
- Ono (SF4 producer) requested that everyone in the hall do a Shoryuken so he can take a picture for his tweet.
- [SSF4] There was a rap video before the finals.
- [SSF4] G4TV did a coverage in the top 8 and they had Adam Sessler on the mic. It seemed like Sessler had no knowledge about fighting games at all, he couldn't even call the scores right. And in the second game of the grand final, he said out loud after Ricky O. won the first round "It's all tied up!" even Umehara had the lead. (He counted total rounds instead of game.) The line "It's all tied up!" later became a meme.
- The stream crashed during the grand final, it went back when the matches are over. I'm not sure if it was because the hotel's Internet line or the hardwares.
- Mad Catz produced 24 exclusive golden fightsticks as an award for the event, mainly for top 8 of SSF4 and the persons who made contributions to the community. Each of them has a serial number. Umehara received No.1 as SSF4 champion. MarkMan had No.23 but later gave away for the raffle prize at Fight for Relief charity event.

SSF4 Single Top 8
  • [Losers] Shizza 1-2 Infiltration
  • [Losers] GamerBee 2-0 Henry Cen (Honda)
  • [Winners] Ricky Ortiz (Chun) 2-0 Vangief
  • [Winners] Umehara 2-0 Mike Ross Highlight: He threw Ross 4 times in a row then perfect'd him with option-select'd Shoryuken.
  • [Losers] Vangief 0-2 Infiltration
  • [Losers] GamerBee 1-2 Mike Ross
  • [Winners Final] Umehara 2-1 Ricky Ortiz
  • [Losers] Infiltration 2-0 Mike Ross
  • [Losers Final] Ricky Ortiz 2-1 Infiltration
  • [Grand Final] Umehara 3-1 Ricky Ortiz

News and Media
- Playlist on Nico
- Final results from Evo official site
- Evo official YouTube channel

Video by Richard Li

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