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- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Shadowloo Showdown 2011 Summary

- Official site
- Many players from the trailer are absent.

Pre-tournament stats
- Shadowloo 2010 SSF4 Single: GamerBee 1st, Tokido 2nd, Mago 3rd
- Momochi (Ken) beat Mike Ross in Season's Beatings 2010.
- GamerBee beat Momochi (Ken) twice to win Season's Beatings 2010.
- Momochi has never won an individual tournament.
- Kindevu used to win Evo twice in 2004 and 2006 for Capcom vs. SNK 2. That's only individual tournaments he won.

Day -1 (June 23)
- They had a SSF4AE mini tournament at a game center. First to 3 rounds. Momochi won. Tokido is 2nd. Poongko is 3rd. GamerBee is 4th. Kindevu, ItaZan, Mike Ross also participated. (via Choco)
- In case you don't remember, Momochi started playing Yun since NSB25.
- Tokido streamed from Australia for 30 minutes. GamerBee said he likes Adon but since he's not winning he wants to switch to ... probably Yun.

Day 0 (June 24)
- Picure: Venue

Day 1 (June 25)
- MarkMan to announce a new Team Mad Catz member. (Update: It's Tokido. TTC won't go anywhere. Read more here.)
- Mago plays Tekken 6. He sure knows how to please his boss! (MarkMan)
- Picture: Mago playing before the tournament.
- From Tokido: Pool A = GamerBee, MOV, Kindevu. Pool B = Haitani, Umezono, ItaZan, Poongko, Tokido.
- From Choco: AE has 240 participants.
- Picture: Tokido to fusion with MarkMan?
- MarkMan teased more Team Mad Catz member.
- Picture: Tokido playing.
- Tokido won BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II
- I just woke up, by the way. I missed all the actions.
- Both Mago and Tokido is in top 16 Losers bracket.
- [Tekken 6 Grand Final] Picture: Tokido won GamerBee.
- I separated the AE results from normal updates.
- Picture: Tokido playing MvC3
- Reported by Umezono: 3rd Strike: Winner = Umezono, Deshiken, MOV. Losers = RF, Momochi. Out = Haitani and Tokido.

- MOV (Ken) 2-0 ThirdEye (Oni/Ken)
- Choco Blanka 2-0 Jfizz (Blanka)
- Kindevu 2-0 Stomper47 (Ryu)
- MOV 2-0 Ero Oyaji (Akuma)
- Choco 2-1 Pen (Akuma)
- Choco 1-2 Carbuncle (Rose) Almost!
- MOV 2-0 Glassy (Gen)
- Kindevu (Sagat) 2-0 Afterdeath (Zangief)
- Tokido 2-0 Neon (Dudley) MarkMan announced his signing before this match.
- MOV 2-0 HumanBomb (Yang)
- Kindevu (Juri/Viper) 2-1 Akira (Sagat)
- MOV 0-2 Kindevu (Yun)
- MOV 2-1 GameOutttt (Guile)
- Haitani 2-0 Eranzo (Blanka)
- ItaZan 2-0 Brycemac (Cody)
- Poongko (Seth) 2-0 Sildenafl (E. Ryu)
- ItaZan 2-0 Wei (Boxer)
- Tokido 2-0 KellyNuts (Guy)
- Haitani 2-0 Joey (Sagat)
- ItaZan 2-0 Skitzr (Yang)
- Tokido 2-1 Shangsung (Dictator)
- Poongko (Yang) 2-0 ThunderCat (Boxer/Hawk)
- Haitani 2-0 FollowupURSF (Dictator)
- Poongko (Seth) 2-0 IronSoul (Honda) 40 hits combo here!
- Tokido 2-0 Hawseow (Dictator)
- Tokido 1-2 Haitani (Makoto) Tokido slipped and went to Losers.
- Poongko 2-0 Umezono (Dictator/Yang)
- ItaZan 1-2 Poongko
- Mago 2-0 Trigger (Cody)
- Uryo (Sakura) 2-0 Genxcop (Honda)
- ItaZan 2-1 Hawseow (Dictator)
- Mago (Sagat) 2-0 Nickerz (Zangief)
- Uryo (Sakura) 2-0 Sailo (Abel/Ken)
- Uryo (Sakura) 2-0 Genxa (Yun)
- Mago 2-0 Sol (Rose/Abel)
- Uryo (Sakura) 2-0 Mike Ross (Tokido commentated this match.)
- Picture: Mago 1-2 Xian (Yun) Mago went to Losers. Xian is from Singapore.
- Momochi 2-0 Yusuke (Sakura)
- Mike Ross 2-0 Sol (Sakura/Abel) *Sol is one of the event organizers.
- Mago 2-0 Genxa (Yun)
- Makoto (Claw) 2-0 Gekikara (Chun)
- Makoto (Claw) 2-0 Heavy Weapon (Sagat)
- Momochi (Cody) 2-0 MuttonHead (Ryu)
- RF (Sagat/Fei/Yun) 2-1 Zhieeev (Fei/Guile) Highlight: RF didn't know that you can't change the character after winning a game. After he lost the first game, he waited for the opponent to pick a character first so he could counter-pick it. And then after he won the next game, he counter-picked. (breaking the rule)
- Momochi (Ken) 2-0 Siuming (Adon)
- Makoto (Claw) 2-1 Gootecks (Boxer)
- RF (Sagat/Fei) 2-1 DontLetTomWin$150 (Oni)
- Momochi (Ken/Yun) 1-2 RF (Sagat) They waited to counter-pick each other, so referee suggested them blind pick. Momochi almost won, but went to Losers instead.
- Makoto (Claw) 0-2 Toxy (Akuma)
- Makoto (Claw) 2-1 Siuming (Sagat)
- Momochi (Yun) 2-0 Zhieeep (Zangief)

Day 2 (June 26)
- Mago & Tokido are in MvC3 top 16
- Picture: Tokido promotes SFxTekken stick
- Picture: Choco & MarkMan
- [AE Team] Tokido, Mago, GamerBee form a team. Tokido OCV'd Team ItaZan+Uryo+Haitani
- [3rd Strike] Deshiken 1st, MOV 2nd
- [AE Team] Team Hong Kong eliminated Team ItaZan+Uryo+Haitani
- [AE Team] GamerBee OCV'd Team Kindevu (2000 Yen)
- Picture: Team 3 Kings
- [MvC3 Winners Final] Tokido vs. Mago
- [MvC3 Grand Final] Picture: Tokido won Mago
- [MvC3] Tokido coached Mago during the matches before the finals.

AE Team
Team UmeChoco = ChocoBlanka, Umezono, Deshiken (Viper)
Team Bishi Bashi / Total Heads = Makoto (Claw), MOV, Poongko
Team Okozukai 2000 Yen = RF, Kindevu, Momochi (This team is Tougeki 2010 winner)
Team Complexity // CC = Mike Ross, Gootecks, Xian
Team Three Kings = Tokido, Mago, GamerBee

  • UmeChoco 3-1 What's the Point! (Choco OCVd!)
  • Total Heads 3-0 33 DD (Makoto OCV'd)
  • Total Heads 3-0 Mr Dial a Pizza (Poongko OCV'd)
  • 2000 Yen 3-0 You are the best (Momochi OCV'd with Cody)
  • Total Heads 3-0 Complexity // CC (Makoto OCV'd)
  • Three Kings 3-0 F*** SF4 (Tokido OCV'd)
  • Three Kings 3-0 Total Heads (Mago OCV'd)
  • [Grand Final] Three Kings 3-0 2000 Yen (Mago OCV'd)

AE Single
  • Poongko sent Haitani to Losers
  • GamerBee sent Kindevu to Losers
  • Momochi (Yun) eliminated Makoto (Claw)
  • Momochi eliminated Haitani 
  • Tokido eliminated ItaZan
  • RF sent Toxy to Losers 
  • MOV eliminated Human Bomb (Yang) (2-0)
  • Mago eliminated by Mike Ross (1-2) Carelessly jump!
  • Tokido eliminated Toxy (Akuma) (2-0)
  • MOV eliminated by Xian (Yun) (0-2)
  • Kindevu (Yun) eliminated Mike Ross (2-0)
  • Tokido eliminated Xian (2-1)
  • Momochi (Yun) eliminated Kindevu (Yun) (2-1)
  • Poongko eliminated GamerBee (2-0) Intense button check!
  • RF (Sagat) sent Uryo (Sakura) to Losers (2-1) 
  • Tokido eliminated GamerBee (2-0)
  • Momochi (Yun) eliminated Uryo (Sakura) (2-0)
  • [Winners Final] RF (Sagat) sent to Losers by Poongko (1-2)
  • Tokido eliminated by Momochi (Yun) (0-2)
  • [Losers Final] Momochi (Ken) eliminated RF (Sagat) (2-0)
  • [Grand Final] Momochi (Yun) eliminated by Poongko (Seth) (0-3)

Exclusive sofa!
Small detail, but very important. The venue had a sofa in front of the stage for the players who wait for playing or team members. The exclusive area also separated players from the audience, so no distractions. Very nice! Everyone should do this.

"The Machine"
The top player from Korea Poongko is the MVP of this tournament. He didn't go to Losers bracket in Single, even he played the lowest health character and his road wasn't easy. But the most important thing is his performance or how he played. Several times, his actions just outclassed his opponents. You need to see his matches in this tournament, as I don't recommend the replays on YouTube. As I said before, you can't judge anything from replay clips, and there's some lag. Poongko usually plays online with Japanese but he lives in Korea. (I think similar to Xian from Singapore.)

Poongko's Fun Facts
- He beat Tokido in first-to-ten match before the tournament. (via the commentator)
- He took his belt off before he played.
- He drank Red Bull after winning the grand final.
- They called him "The Machine" because after he got off the plane he doesn't stop playing. He said some day he played 24 hours. (via the commentator)

Poongko's interview
- He lost to Momochi's Yun when he arrived Australia but he didn't let it get in his mind.
- He wasn't 100% satisfied, because he wanted to fight Mago in the grand final to decide. This's because he struggled with Mago's Fei Long. Though he didn't disrespect Momochi.

Evo seed points
Tokido will place very high in Evo 2011 if he has some luck. He received another 64 points from winning MvC3 and will probably play only 1 match in MvC3 pool at Evo. In MvC3, playing less match helps a lot.
Player SSF4AE MvC3
Daigo Umehara 642
Tokido 104130
Mago 232

Days after (the tournament ended)

- Momochi & Choco, Kindevu, ItaZan, Uryo, Haitani, Tokido went to a zoo.
- Umezono, ItaZan, Kindevu, Uryo went to casino.
- Mago killed the time (plane/airport) by playing Super Robot War Z (PSP) that he borrowed from a friend. He reached chapter 34 during the trip.

Thank you
- MarkMan and the others for the reports, especially results from offscreen matches.

News and Media
- News on SRK
- The Shadowloo's YouTube
- Playlist on Nico
- 73 photos from Mad Catz's Facebook 
- Mago using prototyped SFxTekken stick

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