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- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
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- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ReveLAtions 2011 Summary

- Official site
- Stream 1 (main/stage): Level Up
- Stream 2: Offcast
- Japanese stream by Gama no Abura (3,700 viewers peak)

Day 1 (June 10)
- Daigo Umehara arrived in the evening.
- Mago didn't know that there's a team tournament on Friday, so he departed on Friday...... (Just as I was worried.)
- MarkMan announced that Team DMG is now a part of Team Mad Catz.
- Highlight: Neo from Team Korea OCV'd Team RTSD Inc. (Alex Valle, Sako, Latif) to Losers bracket. Neo's reaction after winning the first round from Latif is priceless. (You need to see this.)
- Team RTSD met Team Twin Terrors in the grand finals. Latif OCV'd once. But Twin Terrors won in the end. 
- See SSF4AE team brackets here.
- Satoshi (a BlazBlue player from Japan) was on the second stream. His team won BB:CS team tournament. It was exciting, especially for the Japanese viewers.
- Umezono, a Japanese player who went to E3, participated Arcana Heart 3 tournament.

Day 2 (June 11)
- According to his latest interview, Umehara won't be in MvC3 tournament.
- Picture and video (Before the tournament begins)
- MarkMan announced before Mago played his first game that Mago is now sponsored by Mad Catz. Mago won the game.
- Umehara won SF Gief (Zangief) 2-0. (Perfect in first round) This's Umehara's first tournament game outside Japan since AE. It appeared that he was using the prototype of Street Fighter X Tekken stick from Mad Catz. (Picture)
- Picture (Japan gang after their first match)
- Mago went to Losers bracket in his second game by a Korean C. Viper.
- Umehara 2-0 Tekken Time (Seth/Oni). He still didn't lose a round. His opponent wear a Pikachu hat.
- Mago 2-0 Fiesty Noob (E. Honda). Umehara went to sit near Mago giving some advices. (about button customization? tactics?)
- Satoshi is in BBCS2 top 8 singles. He joined AE, too. He even won Vangief with Fei Long.
- Highlight: Juice Box 2-1 Snake Eyes (Zangief). JB got dominated, so he switched to Juri and made a comeback. JURI DANCE INCLUDED. (World Premiere)
- Clakey D (Ibuki) 2-1 Sako (Ibuki) Sako went to Losers bracket.
- Umehara 2-1 Wolfkrone  Intense match! Umehara lost the first game.
- Picture (Umehara after his third match)
- Mad Catz v. Hori: Mago (Yang) 2-0 Tatsu (Claw) (Tatsu eliminated) It seems like Umehara lent Mago the noise-canceling headpnones.
-  Umehara 2-0 Online Tony (Seth) (Tony went to Losers)
- It seems like Umehara participates SF2. (side event)
-  Mago 2-0 Hugo 101 (Dictator/Yun) Bad decision for counter-pick using Yun as Mago is a Yun hunter.
- Sako 2-1 Hungry Larry S
- Mago 2-0 Combofiend (Makoto) Mago made too many mistakes here.
- Sako 0-2 Ricky Ortiz (Sako eliminated)
- Mago 2-0  DRS Nash Fan (Chun/Rose)
- Mago (Sagat) 2-0 Ricky Ortiz (Ricky eliminated) (Picture)
- Umehara 2-0 Laugh (Ryu)
- Mago 2-1 John Choi (Ryu) (Choi eliminated) Mago came back from 1-0 after some adjustments. He's now in top 8.
- Umehara vs. Clakey D. and Mago vs. Wolfkrone tomorrow.
- Mago participated MvC3 and played while I was sleeping. It's not like there's something to see since Mago said he only plays AE. He just knows how to play MvC3 as you already saw in TOPANGA TV.
- Picture 1 + Picture 2 (Mago signing sticks)
- Video (Umehara vs. Sako in Street Fighter II side event final, Umehara won.)
- Picture: Umehara and Sako showing their fight money from SF2
- Picture: Umehara with Markman in Mad Catz booth
- Picture: Mago playing money matches at night
- Pictures from Karaface

Day 3 (June 12)
- Picture: Mago getting massaged
- Picture: Mago with Mad Catz staff
- Picture: Umehara playing casuals
- Satoshi won BlazeBlue: Continuum Shift II single.
- SSF4AE brackets here
- Picture1:Picture2: Mad Catz has Umehara & Mago autograph session after MvC3 ended.
- Umehara 2-1 Clakey D. (Ibuki)
- Mago 2-1 Wolfkrone (C. Viper) Intense match. Wolfkrone looked disappointed.
- Picture: Umehara watching Mago from behind the projector screen.
- Mago 2-0 Infiltration (Akuma)
- Umehara 3-1 Bionic Arm (Hsien Chang) (Yun) Exciting Winners final!
- Mago 2-0 Latif (C. Viper)
- Mago 3-0 Bionic Arm (Hsien Chang) (Yun) Losers final
- Umehara 3-1 Mago. Umehara won $10,000! (Picture)(Picture2)
- The Japan gang went to eat expensive yakiniku, Umehara paid most of it, Mago paid the rest.
- Picture: Umehara drinking with Alex Valle.
- Pictures from Karaface
- Pictures after the tournament from Karaface

Day 4?
- Picture1:Picture2:Picture3: Japan gang showing their fight money. (Satoshi is on the right)

Press & Media
- Famitsu's SSF4 blog
- Mad Catz press release and news
- Video: The Recap

Video clips from Kara
- Umehara & Mago's autograph session
- Umehara & Mago talking before grand final
- Umehara in the crowd
- Mago playing MvC3 casuals with Umehara behind him

Thank you very much
- Thank you, Sako's wife, Nekohashi, Umezono, and Mad Catz for all the wonderful reports.
- Thank you, Gama no Abura for doing the re-stream and staying up for it.
- Thank you, Level Up Series and related persons for another great tournament. You guys really know how to treat players and fans. And thank you for giving permission to JP restreaming. Also, real-time brackets for the win!
- Thank you Mad Catz for giving players chances to shine. Many strong players want to participate tournaments abroad but can't afford a plane ticket.

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