Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Friday, September 30, 2011

KSK wins Lotte Fit's dance contest

Soushihan KSK submitted his dance video in July for Lotte Fit's Dance Contest. The contest now ended and KSK's video wins in the most views category. He'll receive 1 million yen as prize.

Winning the contest is understandable since he's famous, works with indie bands, and his company owns the mini concert hall, plus his dance partner has many followers.

KSK used to say before that he'll use the prize money to do something with fighting game.

The Anime Network to simulcast P4A

ANN reported that The Anime Network will simulcast Persona 4: The Animation. This means you will be able to watch the anime around the same time with people in Japan starting from October 6.

Additional information is the anime is 25 episodes long so it will end just before Spring 2012, when Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena comes out in arcades.

Just last week, Nico Nico announced that they will be streaming Fate/Zero worldwide in 8 languages.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

[OMK] Chiester 410

Chiester 410 is adorable and you should consider choosing her by that fact alone! Apparently she's good in long range. This character is for people who like improvisation since opponents will react to her arrows differently.

For her Meta Special (FGSA), she'll fire 15 arrows in one time. It does up to 20 hits, and potentially creates unblockable setups with the help of Attack Touch (to use as overhead attack) or normal overhead attack. But FGSA has very slow startup and the "lock-on" will break when she's hit by opponent, so you must be very careful. (You can use it after opponent's knockdown far away and switch her out to avoid breaking the lock-on.)

Her Break Boost ability is very useful if her partner already has a move that does high guard damage. Jessica's Otome Heart Beat with Break Boost can break opponent's guard in 3 times (when not in a corner). Battler's Meta Blue Truth with Break Boost does 70% guard damage in one shot (when not in a corner).

Command list

Name Command
SP version
Golden Bow Hadoken (L/M/H) Midair OK
SP version
Bunny Rolling Shoryuken (L/M/H)
SP version
Guided Arrow
Hadoken backward (L/M/H)
SP version
Guided Arrow Search
hcb (L/M/H)
(cost 2 SP)
Bunnies Dance qcf x2 >H
Meta Special Firing Guidance System
b+hcf >H

crL>crM>crH>Bunny Rolling = 607 damage
L>M>H>Bunnies Dance = 958 damage (cost 2 SP)

Meta>FGSA>SP StAGA>dash>L>M>H>SP Golden Bow>dash>njH = 1911 damage (cost 3 SP)

[OMK] Ronove

Ronove's playstyle is suited to people who like reading (yomi) and have fast reaction. His Sway can dodge any attack. Enchanted Shield gives you projectile barrier that helps you get in. His Cutter helps you to escape a block string. With Elegant Shield, he can catch opponent's attack and kick back. And when his Counter Boost ability on, normal Elegant Shield can deal as much as 1300 damage in a single catch.

His Meta Special (DoD) is a bit hard to combo due to slow startup. You have to launch your opponent into the air first, by fH for example.

Command list

Name Command

Elegant Sway Down x2 (L/M/H)
SP version
Elegant Cutter (in middle of block string)
Shoryuken backward (L/M/H)

SP version
Innocent Rose Shoryuken (L/M/H)
SP version
Elegant Shield Hadoken backward (L/M/H)Hold OK
SP version
Enchanted Shield hcf (L/M/H)
(cost 2 SP)
Elegant & Genocide qcf x2 >H
Meta Special Devil of Devils b+hcf >H

L>M>H>sweep = 621 damage
L>M>H>sweep>Meta>fH>DoD = 1718 damage (cost 1 SP)
(near) sweep>H>Meta>DoD = 1428 (cost 1 SP)
L>M>H>sweep>E&G = 1228 damage (cost 2 SP)

SP Enchanted Shield>L>M>H>SP Innocent Rose>sweep>Meta>fH>DoD = 2091 damage (cost 3 SP)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[OMK] Lucifer

Lucifer has many moves that make most of projectiles useless, so she can get in easily. Her drill (Stake) gives her advantage in the air but only SP version is safe when hit high. Her Lucifer Blade works like Fei Long's Rekka. Her neutral jump H pushes opponent to the other side of the screen.

Lucifer has one of the best Meta Specials. SSoP is easy to combo into, has very long range, can connect opponent both on the ground and midair, and beat normal projectiles. Her Attack Touch ability allows you to do a long powerful combo even with using just normals.

Command list

Name Command
SP version
on 3rd time
Lucifer Blade Hadoken (L/M/H) (x3)
SP version
Magic Circle Shoryuken backward (L/M/H)
SP version
Stake of Pride Hadoken backward (L/M/H)Midair OK
(cost 2 SP)
Satsujin Geki qcf x2 >H
Meta Special Seven Sisters
of Purgatory
b+hcf >H

L>M>H>Lucifer Blade x3 = 718 damage
L>M>H>slide>Meta>crfH>SSoP = 1452 damage (cost 1 SP)
L>M>H>Satsujin Geki = 1001 damage (cost 2 SP)

jH>SP Stake>crL>crL>M>crM>H>slide>Meta>crfH>SSoP = 2447 damage (cost 2 SP)

[OMK] Beatrice

Xbox 360's Ougon Musou Kyoku X is coming on October 6 and I planned to write about 11 characters before the launch. Let's see if I can make it on time!

Beatrice has all the tools you need. She has Hadoken (Seven Stakes), Shoryuken (Red Truth), and ground/air Psycho Crusher (Golden Wind). Ominous Seal also prevents opponent to jump while she's in the air. She's good at middle and long range, especially middle range.

Her Meta Special (Twin Tower) is hard to combo. But her Infinity SP ability makes up for it. With this ability, you can use Closed Room once without paying SP. And since the ability can also apply to her partner, any character you choose as her partner can deal massive damage easily and for cheap.

Command list

Name Command

Hover Hold Up midair
SP version
Seven Stakes Hadoken (L/M/H)
SP version
Red Truth Shoryuken (L/M/H)
SP version
Golden Wind Hurricane Kick (L/M/H)Midair OK
SP version
Ominous Seal midair Hadoken (L/M/H)
(cost 2 SP)
Closed Room Definition
qcf x2 >H
Meta Special Twin Tower b+hcf >H
Meta Special (after Twin Tower)
Ballista Shot
b+hcf >H Midair OK

L>M>H>slide>Red Truth = 891 damage
L>M>H>slide>Golden Wind = 1053 damage
L>M>H>slide>Meta>Closed Room = 1201 damage (cost 1 SP)
sweep/slide>Closed Room = 855 damage (cost 2 SP) 
L>M>H>slide>SP Red Truth>Meta>Closed Room = 1637 damage (cost 2 SP)
L>M>H>slide>SP Golden Wind>Meta>Closed Room = 1630 damage (cost 2 SP)
SP Golden Wind>Meta>Closed Room = 1281 damage (cost 2 SP)
SP Red Truth>Meta>Closed Room = 1143 damage (cost 2 SP)

jH>M>L>M>H>slide>Meta>SP Red Truth>jM>SP Golden Wind = 2442 damage (cost 2 SP)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[Ougon Musou Kyoku X] Menu and 2nd OP revealed

Dengeki today revealed the menu and the second opening of Xbox 360's Ougon Musou Kyoku X.

Arcade mode
- There're several scenarios added from the PC version.
Versus mode
- "Watch" is a new option (presumably watch CPU vs. CPU)
Training mode
- No new information
Xbox Live
- Ranked Match
- Player Match
- Ranking (Check your PRP (Player Rating Point). You can also download replays.)
Replay mode
- Watch your saved Replay or downloaded Replay.
- You can upload one Replay to the ranking.
- Watch ending CG or loading CG
- See your offline/online statistics.

The second opening
- It's the PC OP with the images of the 3 new characters added.

KSK's Boss Fight

Soushihan KSK had a big fight with his boss tonight, via SSF4AE. His boss, companies director, not only rich but also has 3000 PP Ken while KSK has 2700 PP Abel.

They agreed to play 10 games. The rules are as below.

If The Boss wins:
1 game = KSK must to give BSP* of his community to him. (*a special feature in Nico, gives a member a privilege)
2 games = KSK must shave his head.
3 games = KSK must shave his pubic hair.
4 games = KSK must shave his eyebrows.
5 games = KSK must sing in the next concert. (one of his jobs is streaming indie concerts)
6 games = KSK must do 24-hour streaming at KSK's channel.
7 games = KSK must do the Fits Dance at where it used to be Gamer's Vision. (the building is gone now)
8 games = KSK must do 24-hour streaming at The Boss's channel.
9 games = KSK must stop smoking.
10 games = KSK must go to train under his company president for 3 months.

If KSK wins:
6 games = His salary will be increased 10% for one month.
7 games = His salary will be increased 10% for two months.
8 games = His salary will be increased 10% for three months. (6 months total at this point)
9 games = The Boss must do 24-hour streaming.
10 games = KSK will receive a Panasonic's notebook.

The result is....

Famitsu Fuudo Interview 3

Famitsu published the third part of interview with Fuudo on September 17. (read the first and second part if you didn't)

- About Umehara and "S class" players: He said they're really strong especially in (original) SF4. And he also thought maybe it's because the character he used. (Ryu at that time)
- He said using Ryu is hard, even Umehara said so.
- He went to Evo without knowing who's the strongest foreign player.
- He's a normal company employee, so he goes to game center after work, around 21:30. He plays only 2 hours, so he plays less matches when compared to other top players.
- He actually bought SSF4AE after the launch, but stop playing due to the lag.
- He said the lag factor is quite important to Fei Long.
- He copied Chibita style in Virtua Fighter and copied Mago style for his Fei Long.
- He studied from many video of strong foreign players before Evo.
- He said he'll go to next year's Evo.
- He said [Ver.2012] is not necessary, [the core game] won't change and they better spend that time to make SF5. He'd like to see a new game.
- Since SFxTekken is not coming to arcade, he has no anticipation. He added that Japan has no culture of gathering to play in one's house. He doesn't play a [fighting] game that has no arcade version. But not sure if it'll change if he can earn money as a  pro gamer.
- He said he had a contract offered from a mouse maker from abroad.
- He doesn't want the pro gaming contract to interfere with his real job. Like which tournament to join and not to join.
- When asked about the chance of winning Tougeki 2011: He said it's quite possible since he expects to runs to S class players like Mago and Tokido in the top 4. But passing the qualifier is good enough already.
- He is 25 years old.
- He talked about how reaction speed goes down when you're older. Although reaction alone doesn't make you win.
- He talked about how Virtua Fighter requires reaction speed more than SF4. But for SF4, precision is more important.
- The way he chooses a character is "the strongest player's character." That's why he uses Lion because of Chibita and Ryu because of Umehara.
- He said reading opponent is important in VF. For SF4, you can win with a precise set play without reading. This precision is what he's not confident in, and that makes it harder for him to win in SF4.
- When asked about Umehara: "His precision is very high. He's the special one, like he has all parameters maxed. Beside incredible high precision, he also has strategies and reading ability. His safe jump is amazing. Even it's Ryu againsts Sagat, I have never seen him missed. I think maybe it's because 20 years experience. This's why I gave up on surpassing him."
- Talking about Umehara's experience: "It's truely amazing. His basic techniques are perfect. No combo miss. He'll adapt to it quick if he saw something new. He knows the tricks of all characters. Surpassing him is impossible. Just practicing what he did is difficult enough." (laugh)
- He's curious to see how strong Umehara was as a teenager.
- He also wants to see "Yami Yodare" (VF3 player) in golden age.
- For VF, he said a player's style changes upon age. Roujin will read instead of react.
- They talked about slangs in VF like "Konchuu" (player who does or reacts the same things repeatedly, konchuu literally means "insect") and "Roujin" (old player with slow reaction).

Monday, September 26, 2011

Famitsu Fuudo Interview 2

Famitsu published the second part of interview with Fuudo on September 14. (read the first part here)

- Evo's atmosphere: It's really fun. Foreigners were too hyped. (in a good way)
- He said there're 1,500 participants for SSF4AE and entrance fee was $70-80.
- He said the prize money was $10,000. Less than last year.
- He trained a couple hours the night before the finals.
- Unlike in Japan, you can drink alcohol at the pool so he drank a lot at the hotel's pool. He got a terrible headache next morning (1st day of Evo) But thanks to the 5-6 hours break after the first fight, he recovered on the next fight.
- He planned to play SSF2T (side tournament) but overslept. (Umehara won it.) He was impressed that Umehara can use many character such as T. Hawk, Boxer, Sagat.
- When asked about Tekken, he said he was interested in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
- He thinks if a game isn't popular then it doesn't look interesting even it's fun.
- He'd like to play Virtua Fighter again some time. He said VF tournament is fun. It's not about winning since he doesn't win a lot and VF players are older than SF4 anyway.
- He wants players to participate more in a tournament, not thinking about winning. He felt that a few people joined SF4 tournament even there're many players. In the past, Guilty Gear and VF normally had 200 players.
- He didn't have any expectation for the Evo.
- He was surprised by the skill level of foreign players at Evo. He couldn't say he met a truely strong player in France 1 year ago, but there're many "A class" players at Evo.
- He said a Yun player and a Fei Long player from Singapore are quite strong.
- When asked about the top 8 opponents, he said he had a Viper counterplan for Latif, and Poongko and Umehara are not impossible to win, so he thought he could win the tournament.
- Compared to Japan, he said Latif has the best Viper because there're not many Viper players in Japan.
- Mago told him some Viper counterplan on the first day.
- Latif used EX Seismo a lot so he neutral jumped a lot, too. But somehow, Latif didn't use Thunder Knuckle>Ultra to counter him.
- He thought Umehara lost to "rock-paper-scissors" against Poongko. It's about reading (yomi) shoryuken or throw.
- He uses Ultra 1 because he wants big damage if he wins a reading, while Mago uses Ultra 2 because he wants to restrict opponent's actions.
- At the beginning of the match, he was surprised a bit by Poongko's reckless style.
- He ignored Poongko's throw because it does less damage and waited to punish shoryuken. And he thought you can't throw 6 times in a row.
- He joked that if Poongko did throw him 6 times in a row then he'd give up and drink Red Bull, too.
- He said being able to connect 3 Ultra helped him to win. Seth has 800 HP but the Ultra does 500 damage.
- He thought he's not an S class player yet judging from winning percentage, but almost.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

GODSGARDEN's online Touzai 5 on 5 announced

GODSGARDEN announced a new online matches event on the stream last night -- Touzai 5 on 5. As the name suggests, it's Kantou players versus Kansai players. Kantou area is eastern half of Japan and Kansai is south-western half of Japan. The competition is like USA's West Coast vs. East Coast.

- 5 on 5
- Online
- It looks like they'll also hold a (offline) meeting for viewers
- October 21
- One player can use 2 characters
- Player list is secret for now (But Team Kansai probably has Momochi/Kindevu/Uryo/Sako)

Bad news is Daigo Umehara will be in Kuwait that day.

And if you remember, there was a 39 on 39 between representative players from Chiba prefecture and Kanagawa prefecture on April 30. It's one of the most exciting events of this year that not many people know. The player/crowd hype to The Rise of FAX Gimoto is something we're not going to see in online matches.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Capcom's official Street Fighter IV National Tournament 2010 summary

This's Capcom's official SF4 National Tournament in 2010. We never have a summary post, and the new one is coming, that's why we need one.

What: Capcom's official Street Fighter IV National Tournament
Format: 3 on 3, single elimination

This tournament is 3 on 3 arcade tournament. There're 14 teams in the finals on April 4. Nine teams came from the qualifers held between January 16 to March 13 in 9 locations around the country. Two teams came from a fan vote campaign. One team came from being the former champ. Two teams came from the appointed day qualifier.

And if you're a hardcore fan, you must remember that this's where Daigo Umehara got his scoop on NHK's MAG-Net show.

Entry list
Kantou qualifier 1
Lettuce Sub (Retasu Sando)
  • Shiro (Abel)
  • Ojisanboy (Sagat)
  • Cabbage (Viper)

Touhoku qualifier
  • Mago (Sagat)
  • Akimo (Honda)
  • Tokido (Gouki)

Kansai qualifier 1
Chun Tori love
  • Umechin (Ryu)
  • Y24 (Chun-Li)
  • Pie (Sagat)

Kyushu qualifier
Okozukai 2000 yen
  • Kindevu (Rufus)
  • Momochi (Gouki)
  • RF (Sagat)

Chubu qualifier
Eita Rikuson
  • Eita (Gouki)
  • Rikuson (Sagat)
  • Maeda Taison (Boxer)

Hokkaido qualifier
  • Dashio (Viper)
  • Aojiru Guile (Boxer)
  • Vega Curry (Sagat)

Kansai qualifier
Kaiser Phoenix
  • Hishou (Sagat)
  • Bamyuu (Boxer)
  • MDR (Rufus)

Chuugoku Shikoku qualifier
  • Bean (Abel)
  • Blackmamba (Blanka)
  • Kuromajutsushi (Sagat)

Kantou qualifier 2
Kou Mochibe
  • Fuu (Ryu) *Fuudo
  • Itabashi Zangief
  • TKD (Fuerte)

Dream Team A (coming from fan vote)
Chichi Produce
  • Neou Makoto (Claw)
  • Strike-san (Ken)
  • M Jou (Dhalsim)

Dream Team B (coming from fan vote)
  • Umehara (Ryu)
  • Bon-chan (Sagat)
  • Yuu (Gouki)

Former champ
Bouya Dojo
  • Iyo (Dhalsim)
  • Nemo (Chun-Li)
  • Riki (Dictator)

Appointed day qualifier A
Kumaaji Cola
  • Hachigashira (Guile)
  • Kuma (Dictator)
  • Ajipon (Rufus)

Appointed day qualifier B
Team TRF
  • Mizoteru (Blanka)
  • Hanamaruki (Sagat)
  • Haneyama (Chun-Li)

(Matchups coming from drawing)
Block A
  • Lettuce Sub lost to Okozukai 2000 yen 
  • Okozukai 2000 yen  beat Chichi Produce
  • Bouya Dojo beat Abareuma
  • Eita Rikuson beat Kumaaji Cola
  • [Block Final] Okozukai 2000 yen beat Eita Rikuson

Block B
  • Kou Mochibe lost to Kaiser Phoenix
  • Kaiser Phoenix beat Shiaikazu
  • Team TRF beat Kuromame
  • HEELS beat Chun Tori love
  • Team TRF lost to HEELS
  • [Block Final] Kaiser Phoenix beat HEELS

3rd Place
  • Eita Rikuson lost to HEELS

Grand Final
  • Okozukai 2000 yen beat Kaiser Phoenix

- Event details and schedule [here]
- Tournament summary by Capcom [here]
- The first 9 qualifiers results [here] and report [here]
- Dream Team and former champ quata report [here]
- Stream [here] (It's expired, you can't rewatch it anymore.)

- SSF4 was released for the consoles on April 28, 24 days after this event.
- Game producer Ono Yoshinori announced on the stage after the grand final that arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV is planned. (The game was later named Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let's hear the whole story (SBO related)

I want to comment on fubarduck's story on Wakeup Shoryuken E073.

"SBO should be like Evo"
That's not going to happen, as everyone should already know. SBO itself is organized by Arcadia acarde gaming magazine. It's I-help-you-you-help-me relationship like many companies out there. Arcadia's main objective is to stimulate arcade scene, so they can sell the magazine. However, the tournament is also a good thing since it's actually the only true national level unofficial tournament. (because they have local area qualifiers) This's where players around the country can test their skills and get some prize. It's as-good-as-it-gets standard. The point is you can't treat it like community's event.

"SBO had 40,000 viewers on the stream"
Nico Nico doesn't display number of viewers. The number he referred to is attendee. (more like total unique session) It will only increase and never go down. I'd be surprised if the actual net ticket buyers exceed 10,000. The most realistic guess is 7,000 maximum.

"They made a lot of money from the stream"
Like I said, I don't think they made a lot of money. The costs of equipments, the big space in Makuhari Messe, the Nico stream, the staff. And since it's not organized by the community, they probably pay a lot for the staff, as opposed to asking for volunteers. These costs is also another reason why they shouldn't want a longer tournament (AKA double elimination) because some fees are charged hourly.

"SBO was so obsessed with getting Daigo to play in the tournament (and that caused the incident)"
Half truth. Do you know how Mago and Tokido got their spot in SBO? Because Mago won SSF4AE x Tougeki: Natsu no Jin, and then he chose Tokido as his partner. Mago played 4 matches. Tokido won zero round. (Shiro-Shungoku Neurosis probably played at least 18 matches for the spot including the retries.) On top of that, they both were invited by Capcom. They didn't come from participating any selected tournament or the qualifier like the rest of the players in Natsu no Jin. By directing all attention to Umehara alone is not fair.

That's all. I'm not saying SBO's miscalculation/management was acceptable. I just feel that unnecessary things were said just because someone read too much strangers' posts on a message board (and probably the same persons with different IPs who try to act like the majority). Some people attack SBO just because they want a free stream. Some are mad because they didn't see their favorite player enough after paying 1,500 yen. Some do it just for fun. If you continue to listen without thinking, eventually you'll become a tool for them.

On another topic/subject, I saw certain pretentious haters riding SBO scandal wave. It's pretty funny because what they condemn is actually what they did.

Who blatantly mistreated a certain Japanese player on several occasions both in and outside a tournament?
Who prevented a certain Japanese player from playing on the stream after he paid 200,000 yen to be there?

You won't find the answers elsewhere. Because this's how Fighting Game Community (笑) works.

Nico to stream Fate/Zero worldwide for free

I planned to write about 2 upcoming anime at the end of this month but then this news came out so I have to write about them earlier.

It was announced that Nico Nico will stream Fate/Zero anime simultaneously worldwide in 8 languages starting from October 2. (press release here) You'll be able to watch the anime almost (if not) the same time with people in Japan. (Normally, you can't watch anime on Nico from outside Japan.)

This news is definitely related to fighting game since there're fighting games from Fate/stay night series.

The series began as a self-published game in 2004, and it still retains its popularity even after the first anime in 2006. An animated film was released just last year. A sequel RPG to its spin-off Fate/Extra is coming in Spring 2012. (the first one is coming to North America) So don't be surprised if a new fighting game is coming, too.

The other anime that I wanted to write about is Persona 4: The Animation, which is coming on October 6, for obvious reason. If Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena looks good but you have never played the RPG, you can watch the anime instead.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

KSK in Iwate election

A cool/funny video clip of Soushihan KSK was uploaded yesterday. As you see, he was in Iwate Prefecture around 2 weeks ago to help "The Great Sasuke" (the masked guy on the right, a famous pro wrestler) run for Iwate Prefectural Assembly member. (The guy was elected before several years ago. But he didn't make it this time.) This's why he wasn't on Kao TV on September 9.

KSK's life took several turns since he quitted game center business. He now works as show promoter and entertainer for an entertainment production company. The Great Sasuke is in the same company.

By looking at whom he works with, people (jokingly) accuse him for being a part of yakuza organization. It can't be helped, especially since his boss looks shady and is very rich. Just look at the money he brought with when they're going for a late dinner. (He did that just for fun.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tougeki apologizes for error

Tougeki published this statement today:

Tougeki 2011 Championship Tournament zero-round match

Due to an error on the part of Tougeki, an unintended Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition tournament zero-round match was held between TWFIGHTER (Hsien/Banana Ken) (USA) and WHITE TOWER Q8 (GANNOON/NOX2) (Kuwait). The loser of this match was thereby unable to participate in the main tournament.

We would like to express our sincerest apologies to the player unable to participate in the tournament.

Tougeki is extremely regretful for any disappointment and distress felt by TWFIGHTER and his organizer Emotiongear of Planet Zero as a result of our error.

All the staff at Tougeki will do all we can to ensure that such an unfortunate mistake does not occur again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The issue was, according to what I have read, a miscalculation of Tougeki organizer(s). There were more teams than the quota for the SSF4AE finals. (33 teams/32spots) They then made players from Planet Zero fight with Kuwait team for the last spot. Even both teams were written as the qualifiers on the Tougeki 2011 guide book.

[Ougon Musou Kyoku X] Trial version coming today

Dengeki reported that a free trial version of Xbox 360's Ougon Musou Kyoku X is coming to Xbox Live today. You can try its Versus Mode with 4 characters (Battler, George, Lucifer, Beatrice) choosable.

Ougon Musou Kyoku X will be released on October 6.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nagoya Street Battle 30 summary

What: Nagoya Street Battle 30 (celebrating 3rd anniversary)
Where: Urban Square Nagoya
When: September 23, 12:00 to 22:00 (Japan Standard Time)
Why: Daigo Umehara participating (with Mago and Tokido)
Format: 3 on 3, double elimination (due to number of participants, it's changed to single elimination), character duplication is OK
Entry fee: 500 yen/player
Special: SSF4AE Ver.2012 location test
Website: nsb.blog.shinobi.jp
Stream: NSB1, NSB2

This's Umehara's first time in NSB since NSB17 (September 23, exactly one year after that) in which he won with MACHI and Momochi. (defeating Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, and Marn on the way) Ono, KSK, a Hori guy, was there as well.

Nagoya is 370 kilometers from Tokyo. It takes around 2 hours fastest by train but it costs around 20,000 yen round trip. Cheaper options means slower. This's why you don't see players from Tokyo much in the tournament. (Tokyo=Umehara/Mago/Tokido/etc., Nagoya=Momochi/Kindevu/Eita/etc.)

Block C
Team Ad-lib Ouji/Chiba/Pie

Block E
Team Haitani/Sako/MDR *Sako uses Ibuki
Team Juso/Banbaban/KOK
Team Kindevu/RF/BAS

Block F
Team Kenpachi/Yamazaki/MOV
Team Momochi/Ikoma Devil/Eita *Momochi uses Cody

Block G
Team Y24/aka jojo/Hishou
Team Kim1234/Fubarduck/ChocoBlanka

Block H
Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido
Team Nyanshi/Bon-chan/Kokujin *Kokujin uses Ryu even he said he'd change

  • 15:50 [2nd fight] Team Haitani/Sako/MDR eliminated by Team Juso/Banbaban/KOK
  • 16:10 [1st fight] Team Kindevu/RF/BAS eliminated
  • 16:40 [1st fight] Team Kenpachi/Yamazaki/MOV eliminated 
  • 17:00 [3rd fight] Momochi/Ikoma Devil/Eita eliminated
  • 17:08 [1st fight] Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido - Mago OCV'd (with 2 perfects)
  • 17:40 [1st fight] Team Nyanshi/Bon-chan/Kokujin - Kokujin took 2, Nyanshi took 1
  • 17:52 [2nd fight] Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido - Mago took 1, Tokido took 1, Ume took 1
  • 18:10 Team Kim1234/Fubarduck/ChocoBlanka eliminated Team Y24/aka jojo/Hishou to qualify Block G
  • 18:10 [2nd fight] Team Nyanshi/Bon-chan/Kokujin - Kokujin lost, Bon OCV'd
  • 18:19 [3rd fight - block qualifier] Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido qualified - Mago took Nyanshi+Kokujin+Bon-chan
Top 8
19:10 - Team Hunter (Hunter Ito/Hunter Menin/Epsilon J) eliminated by Team Takeshi Gundan
19:17 - Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido eliminated Team Kim1234/Fubarduck/ChocoBlanka - Mago took Fubar/Choco/Kim - Kim taunted in the second round

19:32 - Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido vs. Team Juso/Banbaban/KOK - Mago took Juso/KOK (with 1 perfect)/Banbaban (with 1 perfect)
19:42 - Team Takeshi Gundan (wao/666/Furon) eliminated by Team Ad-lib Ouji/Chiba/Pie - Chiba OCV'd

Grand Final
19:52 - Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido defeat Team Ad-lib Ouji/Chiba/Pie
  1. Mago 1-2 Chiba
  2. Tokido 2-1 Chiba *very exciting match!
  3. Tokido 2-1 Pie
  4. Tokido 2-0 Ad-lib Ouji 

      - 4Gamer: Team Mad Catz and Ver. 2011 location test in NSB30 [Link]

      - Mago & Sako in a restaurant [Pic]
      - Ume signing autograph [Pic]
      - 19:00 Umehara played rock-paper-scissors with attendees for signed T-shirts. (Chiba and Tasuke won)
      - Ume using Bon-chan's back as table to sign [Pic]
      - Choco still used Umehara Shinja title
      - Tokido signing T-shirt for Sako's wife [Pic]
      - Brackets [Link]
      - Someone had Sako sign Umehara Shinja T-shirt [Pic]
      - Mago with cute pose [Pic]
      - Champions: Mago/Ume/Tokido [Pic]

      18:44 - Umehara's interview before top 8
      • He's not going to use Ryu.
      • "[Ryu's Shoryuken changes] are meaningless." (everyone laughed)
      • He wants to see Tokido fight Fuudo.
      • He is yet to see Persona 4 fighting game.
      • He thinks Tachikawa and yaya are most amazing players because he thought so back in the past when he's still not good.
      • He's 172 tall, blood type is AB
      • He'd like to try Kyushu's food
      20:06 - Umehara's interview after winning the tournament
      "I didn't appear much in a tournament for [SSF4AE] so winning is good."

        SSF4AE Ver.2012 location test @NSB30

        It was announced during Tougeki that there'll be SSF4AE Ver.2012 location test at Nagoya Street Battle 30 (September 23).

        They said the announcement is a surprise, but Ono actually said this on GODSGARDEN's stream during Evo when he was at Japan Booth. (Maybe they forgot.)

        The actual new details is there'll be 8 cabinets (4 pairs). Two of them will be streamed.

        Anyway, this will probably be the first time that you'll see Daigo Umehara playing Ver.2012 since he's participating the tournament.

        Umehara's event @Taito Station Shinjuku South Entrance summary

        (No updates from the first 2 hours)

        Event @Taito Station Shinjuku South Entrance [September 19]
        Stream: Here or Here
        Start: 13:00 (JST)
        Article: [1][2][3]

        1. Umehara 3-1 Banana Ken (Ken)
        2. Umehara 3-1 iPeru (Fue)
        3. Umehara 3-0 Hsien Chang (Yun)
        4. Umehara 3-1 Nemo (Yang)
        5. Umehara 3-2 Kazunoko *Kazunoko came back from 2-0 behind, and was on match point.

        The stream
        The stream is in iPhone quality, but since camera usually isn't allowed in game centers, you can't really complain about that. (We didn't have a stream from Umehara's event at Super Wave Yoshiwara.)

        - Poster advertising the event.
        - View from behind.
        - This is the scoreboard after 42th match. Apparently Umehara lost only one. (O = win, X = lost)

        - Tonpy (Viper) and Reiketsu (Claw) participated.

        - Report from 4gamer [Link]

        Interview after the event by 4gamer
        - Impression: "I'm glad it ended well. This's my first Kumite event in metropolitan area so I was worried about participants but a lot of people come so I'm happy."
        - "...the best part was I got to play with new players."
        - Many players asked you to play Ryu: "Unexpectedly, yes. I want to use Ryu a but more but if it's tournament then I have to choose a strong character. If there's a lot of requests then I think I'll try to use it more if I can."
        - Impression: "I think Kazunoko for sure. It was difficult.
        - Nishoukyaku fights: "It's like that when we fight. It's about reading wakeup Nishou"
        - He'd like to have an event in Hokkaido or Okinawa. He said he's never been in Kyushuu.
        - Ver.2012: He said it's all good but he was worried that new players who use Yun/Yang will quit the game because of the changes.
        - He will participate NSB, then Kuwait in October.
        - He said he only went to events abroad last year, this year it's Japan's turn. Local game centers can call him if they want to have some event,

        Sunday, September 18, 2011

        TOPANGA Concept Matches summary (Daigo Umehara vs. Poongko)

        TOPANGA Concept Matches [September 18]
        Stream: Here
        Start: 20:00 (JST) or later
        Article: [1][2]
        Commentator: Yoshiwo (Guile player) and Mago
        Guest: Viper Ojisan (Korea), Saku (Cody/Korea), ??? (Korea), DB Cooper (Korea), Hydebuffy (Korea)

         Daigo Umehara (Yun) 10-6 Poongko (Seth)
        1. 2-1
        2. 2-1 
        3. 0-2
        4. 0-2 
        5. 2-0 
        6. 2-0 
        7. 2-0 
        8. 2-0 
        9. 2-1 
        10. 1-2
        11. 1-2
        12. 1-2 
        13. 2-0 *Poongko allowed Ume to comeback in the second round as he didn't finish him when he's dizzy.
        14. 1-2
        15. 2-0
        16. 2-0
        Poongko: I was lucky in the tournament. I felt nervous at first. (I didn't catch what he said next.)
        Ume: I felt nervous but it's also fun. (And he talked about the kumite event at Taito Station tomorrow a bit.)

        According to hydeBUFFY, Umehara paid for the meal after the match for all the Korean guests. Around eleven of them.

          [TGS2011] GODSGARDEN x Game no Jikan in Capcom's SFxTekken booth Summary

          GODSGARDEN x Game no Jikan in Capcom's SFxTekken booth at Tokyo Game Show

          - Recorded stream is here. (You can't rewatch if you don't have a paid account.)
          - The show started with only KSK and Ayano. They did pretty good explaining stuff in the game. It helped a lot when KSK plays both Street Fighter and Tekken.
          - KayoPolice arrived late. Ayano joked that he'll say her lines in the script instead. However, she doesn't have her script.
          - KSK showed how to abuse Kazuya's forward dash throw invincibility.
          - Viewers like Poison's Cross Arts.
          - Ono joined the show half way. Then Frieda.
          - Kayo picked Poison from viewers' requests.
          - Cammy has SF4's Cannon Strike. (You can do it really low.)
          - Kayo made a mistake by advertising her show instead of the game.
          - They gave away T-shirts and towels to the viewers at the end of the show.

          Umehara's Kuwait event (2011) updates

          It was announced in July that Daigo Umehara will again have his own exhibition event in Kuwait this year. The latest updates from the organizer revealed that it's 2-day event and the date is changed to October 20-21. MvC3 on the first day, SSF4AE on the second day. There'll also be photo/autograph session and the event will also be streamed.

          Saturday, September 17, 2011

          Tougeki 2011 Summary

          Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) 2011 [September 17]
          Stream: Here
          Start: 10:30 (JST)

          Appointed day qualifier
          [Round 1] Umehara beat Shinchan (Ado)
          [Round 2] Umehara beat GamerBee and RB (Guy)
          [Round 3 ] Umehara beat MOV
          Umehara & Iyo qualified to the Finals. "Umehara is strongest" is Tokido's reaction.

          As I already pointed out, it looks like Iyo also uses Ibuki in this tournament, not Dhalsim as stated in the Twitter and Team Mad Catz site.

          (These numbers are rounds.)
          Akabane Ichi Gun beat Noriyasu (Dha)/Amiyu (Gen)
          Umehara 2-0 Noriyasu (Dha)
          Iyo 2-1 Amiyu (Gen)

          MomoBon beat Coolness
          Bon-chan (Sag) 0-2 Acqua (Yang)
          Momochi (Yun) 2-0 Suropuu (Fei)
          Momochi (Yun) 2-1 Acqua (Yang)

          TOPANGA beat ???
          Tokido 2-0 Odin Shin (Cam)
          Mago (Fei) 2-0 Maru Q (Ibu)

          ??? beaten by Star Mountain
          ??? ?-2 Cabbage (Vip)
          Rariken (Sag) 2-1 Nemo (Yan)
          Rariken (Sag) 0-2 Cabbage (Vip)

          Top 8
          Senichi Viper beat Happy Birthday
          dath (Vip) 2-1 Kouji KOG (Hawk)
          Isotope (Claw) 2-0 Hishou (Sag)

          Kou Mochibe beaten by Shin Armageddon
          ItaZan 1-2 Michael-tan

          Akabane Ichi Gun beat Nox2 (Guy) /Gannoon (Sakura) (Kuwait)
          Iyo (Ibu) 2-0 Nox2 (Guy)
          Umehara (Yun) 2-0 Gannoon (Sakura)

          Akabane Ichi Gun beat MomoBon
          Iyo 2-1 Bon-chan
          Umehara (Yun) 2-1 Momochi (Yun)
            Top 4
            Onenzu beat Shin Armageddon
            Akabane Ichi Gun (Umehara & Iyo) eliminated by Star Mountain (Nemo/Cabbage)
            [Grand Final] Onenzu beat Star Mountain

              - Umehara and the gangs at Mad Catz booth. [Pic]
              - Umehara interviewed by NHK [Pic]
              - Ono-san watching Umehara before the semifinal. [Pic]
              - Umehara (+Mago&Tokido) introduction poster in Mad Catz booth. [Pic]

              - Mad Catz booth report from 4gamer.net [Link] (They said there's no booth on Sep. 18)
              - Results from Nico News [Link]

              The stream
              - They didn't show TOPANGA team in the top 8.
              - Badly directed stream. They spent too much time on commentators' faces.

              SFxTekken and P4U have comeback mechanics

              It's revealed around the same time that both Street Fighter x Tekken and Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena have comeback mechanics.

              SFxTekken has Pandora. Pandora can be activated when your life is below 25%. In Pandora Mode, you can use EX and Super Arts infinitely for 10 seconds. If you can't win the fight before the time run out, you die. Good thing is it looks like you can't hitconfirm-Pandora like Genei-Jin. Anyway, comeback is comeback, hard or not. When you're losing, why wouldn't you activate Pandora?

              For P4U, Famitsu just revealed that when your life is below around 25%, you'll enter "Awakening" mode. Your SP gauge is extended from 4 to 6 slots, with 2 slots filled. You will also be able to use the special move exclusive to this mode.

              Friday, September 16, 2011

              Kantou Ayano Cup 2nd Summary

              No updates of the matches in the first 2 hours, it will be updated later (maybe).

              Kantou Ayano Cup 2nd [September 16]
              Stream: Here
              Start: 16:00 (JST)
              Article: [News and Entry list 1][ Entry list 2]

              Block A
              TOTALHEADS 5-? Dan Five
              GachimuChi Bankoku Matsuri -R- 5-? TOTALHEADS *eliminated in the 2nd round
              Nanzokore 5-? Gachimuchi Bankoku Matsuri -R-
              Phoenix Dojo -Gouchou- 5-? Appaapu!!

              Block B
              Kou Mochibe 5-? One Piece
              Kada Hitori de Ikeru 5-? fubarduck Company *eliminated in the 1st round
              Kada Hitori de Ikeru 5-? white tower kuwait *eliminated in the 2nd round

              Block D
              Taiwan Team ?-5 Kambaaland *eliminated in the 1st round

              [Block A Final] Nanzokore ?-5 Phoenix Dojo -Gouchou-

              [Block B Final] Kou Mochibe 4-5 Kada Hitori de Ikeru
              • ItaZan - Ise Suto O
              • Nekosuke - Ise Suto O
              • Fuudo - Ise Suto O
              [Block C Final] Pokemon 5-2 Shin Jigoku no Misawa Japan
              • O Haitani - Chichimonda Honda
              • O Haitani - Binbinman
              • O Haitani - Shiro
              • Haitani - Shungoku Neurosis O
              • O RF - Shungoku Neurosis
              • RF - Hanamaruki O
              • O Eita - Hanamaruki
              [Block D Final] Mafia 3-5 Kambaaland
              • O Banbaban - Sukekiyo
              • Banbaban - Ichi O
              • KOK - Ichi O
              • Y24 - Ichi O
              • O a.k.a. jojo - Ichi
              • a.k.a. jojo - Haneyama O
              • O Hishou - Haneyama 
              • Hishou - Kambara O 
              [Semi Final] Kambaaland 1-5 Phoenix Dojo -Gouchou-
              • Haneyama - Cabbage O
              • Sukekiyo - Cabbage O
              • Nekojita - Cabbage O
              • Ichi - Cabbage O
              • O Kambara - Cabbage
              • Kambara - Nemo O
              [Semi Final] Pokemon 5-0 Kada Hitori de Ikeru
              • O Haitani - Shizuoka Saikyo (Bla) *6300 viewers
              • O Haitani - Kitamura (Yun) *6400 viewers
              • O Haitani - Chakai (Ken)
              • O Haitani - Ikoma Devil (Dict) *6600 viewers
              • O Haitani - Ise Suto (Vip) *6700 viewers
              [Final] Phoenix Dojo -Gouchou- 5-3 Pokemon
              • Yuu - Haitani O *6800 viewers
              • O Kazunoko - Haitani *6900 viewers
              • Kazunoko - RF O
              • O Bon-chan - RF 
              • O Bon-chan - Kindevu (Seth) *7000 viewers
              • O Bon-chan - Eita *7100 viewers
              • Bon-chan - Momochi (Yun) O *7200 viewers
              • O Nemo - Momochi

                Thursday, September 15, 2011

                This weekend's stream URLs

                The stream URLs of this weekend's events are all revealed by the organizer/streamer.

                Kantou Ayano Cup 2nd [September 16]
                Stream: Here
                Start: 16:00 (JST)
                Article: [1][2]

                Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) 2011 [September 17]
                Stream: Here
                Start: 10:30 (JST)
                Article: [1][2][3][4][5]

                GODSGARDEN x Game no Jikan in Capcom's SFxTekken booth [September 17]
                Stream: Here
                Start: 15:00 (JST)
                Article: Here

                TOPANGA Concept Matches [September 18]
                Stream: Here
                Start: 20:00 (JST) or later
                Article: [1][2]

                Event @Taito Station Shinjuku South Entrance [September 19]
                Stream: Here or Here
                Start: 13:00 (JST)
                Article: [1][2][3]

                Umehara & Iyo in Tougeki 2011(?)

                Daigo Umehara's Twitter just announced that he will team up with Iyo to compete in this year's Tougeki on September 17. However, the tweet stated "Iyo Dhalsim" despite the fact that Iyo is using Ibuki in SSF4AE. (misinformation again?)

                Umehara & Iyo joining Tougeki news actually came out a couple days ago. It was buried under a news on the Team Mad Catz site. I was waiting for other confirmation because the key information is missing.

                This year's Tougeki has an appointed day qualifier. But the rule clearly states that at least one member of the team must have the Red Ticket. I don't think either Umehara or Iyo has one, since they didn't participate in any qualifier before. If this news is true, that means they will enter the tournament from a special invitation.

                The Red Ticket is the certificate you receive from winning a shop qualifier. The Red Ticket holders must win a block qualifier to receive a Blue Ticket, the certificate for a team that is eligible to play in Tougeki Finals.

                On a related note, this year's Tougeki also has an appointed day qualifier dedicated to foreign players who live outside Japan. This means you can just fly there and enter.

                Wednesday, September 14, 2011

                More details on Umehara's 50-man Kumite at Taito Station #2

                Taito Station revealed today more details about Daigo Umehara's 50-man Kumite exhibition.

                Four U.S. players are confirmed: Hsien Chang (Yun), iPeru (El Fuerte), [They wrote full name but I think he's 801 Strider] (Makoto), and Banana Ken (Ken).

                Tuesday, September 13, 2011

                [Ougon Musou Kyoku X] Rosa introduced, playable at TGS

                Ushiromiya Rosa, one of the two new characters in Xbox 360's Ougon Musou Kyoku X, is introduced today. Her bullets beat many of the projectiles as seen in the video. Her "Detachment" ability makes your attack (one time only) reset your opponent's Touch Gauge upon hitting, making your opponent unable to use Damage Touch or switch character for a while.

                In the same news, the game will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2011 between September 15-18 at Microsoft booth. Both pads and sticks are provided. If you're going to go there and try it, it's good to read Beast Note's Introduction to Ougon Musou Kyoku first.

                Twitter Twister

                Whoever tweets on the English side of Daigo Umehara's Twitter should think a bit before writing something that ruin his image.

                The TOPANGA Concept Match with Poongko was written using the word "grudge match" like there is a grudge between 2 players.

                As you fans know, the Twitter is managed by someone else, but there're a lot of people who don't realize. (The same people who actually believe that Umehara provoked people in the Evo 2011's troll promo.)

                The Japanese side also used the word "Evo rematch" which isn't accurate. They already played together 30 games in the game center after the Evo. (And Umehara was satisfied with the outcome.)

                Monday, September 12, 2011

                TOPANGA Concept Matches announced

                Mago and Tokido announced this evening that there will be TOPANGA Concept Matches on September 18 (Sunday) starting at 20:00 JST.

                Who will play against who is still undecided, except the opening match which is Poongko vs. Daigo Umehara. The format is first to ten, and it's offline.

                Kantou Ayano Cup 2nd entry list 2

                It seems like Kantou's Ayano Cup 2nd will be bigger than we thought as new teams are revealed. These are some of the new teams. (Read part 1 here)

                Kouenji Game Studio CUBE Closing
                • Reiketsu (Claw)
                • Jack (Sag)
                • melo@ (Cam)
                • yuuuuusuke (Ibu)
                • Shimizu (Hawk)

                Hitori de Ikeru
                • Ikoma Devil (Dict)
                • Kitamura (Yun)
                • Ise Suto (Vip)
                • TBA
                • TBA

                Taiwan Team
                • GamerBee (Ado)
                • RB (Guy)
                • Rockpon (Ibu)
                • LSY (Dict)
                • Hsien Chang (Yun)

                • Poongko (Seth)
                • Ryan Hart (Yun)
                • Kuroda (Ryu)
                • Dashio (Fei)
                • TBA (Ken) *MOV?

                One Piece
                • BIGDANMUL (Mak) *from Korea
                • SAKU (Cody)
                • OPASK (Ado)
                • KAGE (Vip)
                • Viper Ojisan (Vip)

                L'Arc Shinja
                • hydeBUFFY (Ado) *from Korea
                • JinwooEVE02 (Zan)
                • TBA (Ryu)
                • TBA (Ryu)
                • TBA (Ryu)

                white tower kuwait *from Kuwait
                • Nox2 (Guy)
                • Maan (Yan)
                • Ganon (Sakura)
                • Yusefu (Dud)
                • Firasu (Dict)

                Sunday, September 11, 2011

                TOPANGA TV 2011.09.10 (Guest: Kazunoko)

                - Surprise guest: Kazunoko (He just walked in without introduction to train Murata.)

                - Higaki and Mago found that the stick was full of Murata's sweat.
                - Mago teached Higaki Dictator matchup. (must-see)
                - Before Evo 2011, Tokido played with Umehara 2 hours in the game center, he couldn't win Umehara. Tokido said it's like being a training mode's dummy getting some fancy combos.

                Kazunoko summary
                - He's polite (see also this) but often says something that's out of place. That's the fun part.
                - He was too mean to Murata. Some people noticed that it was scripted.
                - He return to normal self in the talk corner. Mago enjoyed making fun of him.
                - Talking about Tougeki: "I was lucky [to qualify] and Oji-san helped."
                - Team to fear in Tougeki: "Momochi+Bon-chan"
                - They talked about Ayano Cup 2nd.
                - He is impressed by the fact that Umehara is stronger despite using the same character. But he said Umehara is in the higher level anyway.
                - Adon is a big problem to him.
                - Mago and Tokido will be at Mad Catz booth in Tokyo Game Show. There'll also be Mad Catz T-shirts for sale. He then asked for Mago and Tokido's autograph, Tokido said he can sign on his left and right cheek now.
                - He was watched by Mago and Tokido later in the Ranked Match. He said he understood how Murata felt now. (the pressure)

                Funny moment #1
                Kazunoko: I haven't seen any of your gameplay video. I heard you're good.
                (Murata tried to show Yun's template combo.)
                K: ....Are you being serious?
                Mu: Yes.
                K: Did you practice.
                Mu: I did.
                K: ...So you have any other combo?
                Mu: No.
                K: What's "Murata's Big Circus" I heard of?
                Mu: This..
                (Murata showed meaningless double EX command grab.)

                Funny moment #2
                (Cammy match)
                K: I want you to play it seriously...
                K: I think we should go home.
                K: So you have fun doing command grab.
                Mu: Not really...
                K: I saw you smile when you did that.
                Mu: Well....
                K: That's not good, I want you to be more serious.

                Funny moment #3
                Mu: I don't know any Oki-Seme.
                K: Since you can't combo, it's probably useless teaching Oki-Seme.
                Mago:There'll be a graduation ceremony in October.
                K: It's fine if we don't have [Murata]. He can use that time to practice combo. He can graduate when [the event] is finished.
                K: He has Mago and Tokido as a coach but still...
                K: Maybe because Mago-san wasn't serious so [Murata's not serious].
                K: I'm disappointed [in Mago-san and Tokido-san]....
                K: It would be great if [Tokido and Mago] don't make a big face* at Shinjuku ('s game center) again.
                (This's the offscreen inside joke. He pretended to not realize that his words are being recorded. Big face could mean arrogant and is a pun refers to KSK.)

                Funny moment #4
                (Kazunoko losing to Gen)
                Mago & Tokido: Bah blah...
                K: Annoi... umm (slipped)
                Ma: Annoying?!
                (They agreed to keep quiet so no distraction.)
                (Kazunoko lost to Honda in the next match.)
                K: ......
                Ma & To: ............
                K: .............
                Ma & To: ..................
                K: .....Stick.... (Everyone laughed)
                To: [Complaining about stick] is banned here.
                Ma: Please refrain from......  the stick company...
                (They bullied him by making him feel guilty from dissing Mad Catz stick.)
                (Big laugh from the chat at this awkward moment.)

                Friday, September 9, 2011

                [TGS2011] GODSGARDEN x Game no Jikan in Capcom booth announced

                Capcom's Ayano (SF4 assistant producer) announced today that there will be "GODSGARDEN x Game no Jikan on the stage of Street Fighter x Tekken booth in Tokyo Game Show 2011 on September 17. (same day with Tougeki)

                The guests are KayoPolice, Frieda, and Soushihan KSK. They will come to play SFxTekken together. The stage begins at 15:00. There will be a Nico stream, but no further information.

                KayoPolice is one of the three hosts in Game no Jikan show, and KSK also occasionally appears on the show.

                Thursday, September 8, 2011

                Nico to stream Tougeki 2011

                As expected, there will be Tougeki 2011 stream, but it's pay-per-view like last year. Nico Nico will handle the stream and the live ticket is 1,500 yen, same as last year.

                This year's Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) Finals will again be held in Tokyo Game Show 2011 on September 17. The event has 4 tournaments: Aquapazza, BlazBlue CSII, SSF2X GC, SSF4AE.

                Kantou Ayano Cup 2nd entry list

                Ayano Cup 2nd was announced since after Natsu no Jin (IIRC) but I only saw some news today. It looks like this time there're 2 tournaments in 2 areas, Kansai (3 on 3) and Kantou (5 on 5). Uryo's team already won the Kansai tournament on September 4. The Kantou tournament will be held on September 16 and the application will end this Saturday. However, the entry list was posted today. And below is some of them.

                Shiozawa Cup (2009) and Ayano Cup (2010) are the tournaments by the SF4 developers (hence the names) but not official. This's the third year now. Daigo Umehara's team won both in 2009 and 2010, but his team is not on the list yet.

                The venue is a game center (Club Sega Shinjuku West Entrance) so don't expect a stream, unless it's a special case.

                Kichijouji Guy
                • -R- (Adon)
                • ☆Shin☆ (Juri)
                • FU☆K YUN (Yun)
                • Uki (Cody)
                • Akahoshi (Zangief)

                Kou Mochibe
                • Fuudo (Fei)
                • Itabashi Zangief
                • Akape (Yan)
                • Nekosuke (Yun)
                • 801 (Ken)

                Mafia ga Kuupa Play shite Guts Pose
                • Y24 (Chun)
                • a.k.a.jojo (Dict)
                • Hishou (Sagat)
                • Banbaban (Yun)
                • KOK (Fei)

                • Kambara (Ado)
                • Nekojita (Abe)
                • Ichi (Ken)
                • Sukekiyo (Yun)
                • Haneyama (Yan)

                Gachimuchi Bankoku Matsuri -R-
                • Kuroken (Dud)
                • AC Revenger (Abe)
                • Arika (Vip)
                • Duke (Mak)
                • Acqua (Yan)

                Japan Invading Army fubarduck Company
                • fubarduck (Yun)
                • 801 Strider (Mak)
                • iPeru (Fue)
                • Mike Ross (Hon)
                • Filipino Champ (Dha)

                • Haitani (Mak)
                • Momochi (Yun)
                • RF (Sag)
                • Kindevu (Seth)
                • Eita (Aku)

                Phoenix Dojo -Gouchou-
                • Kazunoko (Yun)
                • Nemo (Yan)
                • Cabbage (Vip)
                • Yuu (Aku)
                • Bon-chan (Sag)

                Shin Jigoku no Misawa JAPAN
                • Hanamaruki (Sag)
                • Shiro (Mak)
                • Shungoku Neurosis (Dict)
                • Binbinman (Yun)
                • Chichimonda Honda (Dict)

                Umehara on Nico Nico News

                A couple days ago, Tokyo Newspaper had an article about Daigo Umehara. Today Nico Nico News reported about that article, and also brought a very good point.

                The topic of Nico's article is "Pro gamer viable?" (as for everyone in Japan), same with the newspaper's article. They reported about readers' opinions. (After Umehara's 2-paragraph introduction)

                Someone said you can, but by taking Umehara as an example is not a valid argument since he's the world's most famous Street Fighter player. However, someone pointed out that you can't put video games in the same class with chess. Since chess's rules never change, and players population depends on a game developer's move.

                It's a coincidence, I just mentioned about something like that. And when you really think about it, this's why video games can never be the same as sports. I can't think of one sport that keeps changing its rules yearly, let alone by fan requests.

                Wednesday, September 7, 2011

                Nationality Card

                Today, this video clip is in the 3rd place on Nico Nico's most popular daily ranking, counted by Favorites. The video tells the stories behind the Fuji TV protest. The point of the video is NOT Japan-Korea, it's actually Japan-Japan. The protesters are branded nationalists or racists, even though their complaints are legitimate. This's the interesting point. The point is actually a part of the biggest issue in fighting game community.

                Some people don't look at the problem, they look at nationality instead.

                Have you ever been called a Japanophile/traitor/racist because you're telling the truth or you just like Japanese players? I bet many of you have, especially if you're Umehara fan.

                Half of the reasons why Beast Note exists today is because some people try to downplay the fans' arguments or credits by playing the Nationality Card. They hide their own issue by creating another completely unrelated issue.

                It's also somehow similar to what we see in this video, some of them are a part of a fighting game streaming team and use a tournament stream to convert their hate or jealousy into "commentating." These people, despite taking advantage from being in your monitor, refuse to take criticism. If you complain, here comes the Nationality Card. (If not "I work hard streaming for free, you all owe me everything. Less code of conduct, more donation.")

                Tuesday, September 6, 2011

                More details on Umehara vs. 50 at Taito Station Shinjuku

                Taito Station launched a special web page for Daigo Umehara's exhibition matches. There are some new details.

                - The game center will open at 10:00. (as usual)
                - The event will be held on the 6th floor.
                - The persons who want to challenge Umehara can submit at 11:00. NESYS card is required.
                - Umehara vs. 50 challengers begins at 13:00.
                - Another exhibition match session will begin at 15:30.*

                *This's probably reserved for invitees, both Japanese and foreigners. Umehara's Twitter said there'll also be players from U.S. so we assume that some of them are the players who come for Tougeki. (For example, Mike Ross and F. Champ)

                The big letters read "Fight against Pro Gamer Umehara-san - 50 persons Kumite"

                Famitsu's Fuudo Interview part 1

                Famitsu posted the first part of an interview with Fuudo today. (Some parts of the interview are the same with SRK's exclusive Fuudo interview part 1.)

                - He started SF4 series 3 years ago.
                - He actually started playing 2D fighting games since Super Street Fighter II X, he used to form a team with Itabashi Zangief for a Tougeki qualifier. He also played KOF a bit.
                - He started Virtua Fighter since VF4 Evolution.
                - He won VF4 in Tougeki (Beast Note: 2005), and won VF5 in Tougeki (Beast Note: 2008) and Wold Cyber Game (Beast Note:2009).
                - He doesn't take Virtua Fighter seriously since after 4.
                - His winning percentage against Umehara was around 30-40%. He admitted that he won World Game Cup 2010 over Umehara because he was in Winners bracket while Umehara was already in Losers bracket. He won the tournament even though he lost to him 3-5.
                - Since he doesn't play on consoles, he didn't really play SSF4, thus he stayed with Ryu. (Beast Note: There's no arcade version of SSF4. It skipped from SF4 to SSF4AE.) At that time, less people played SF4 at game center so he played Virtua Fighter instead because there're people to play with in Ikebukuro.
                - What he actually played on consoles is Culdcept.
                - He plays Virtua Fighter at Ikebukuro West Entrance's Las Vegas. It's cheap so there're many players.
                - He plays SSF4AE at Shinjuku South Entrance's Taito Station. (Beast Note: Same place with Umehara) He said there're also top foreign players there before a big tournament. It's fun.
                - He switched to Fei Long one month after AE release.
                - His trip to Evo cost 200,000 yen, though currently yen is stronger than dollar.

                Monday, September 5, 2011

                Umehara on Tokyo Newspaper

                Daigo Umehara is on a newspaper again, this time it's Tokyo Shimbun (Tokyo Newspaper) September 5 issue as reported on a Japanese site.

                - Foreigners call him "The Beast" by his play style.
                - Fans follow his stick gripping method called "Umehara Mochi."
                - Every day, there's only part time job and games.
                - He has no interest in anything other than games.
                - He used to quit gaming at the age of 25. Friends wanted him to come back. He also thinks all he wants is gaming.
                - He made a sponsorship deal with American game peripheral maker.
                - Even with his pro gamer job alone, he can live without other part time job.
                - [Large Picture] Umehara sitting in his friend's room with the limited SFxTekken stick on his lap. (Beast Note: He uses his friend's room to play on consoles. This's the same room in the Kuwait promo.)
                - [Small Picture] Umehara Mochi.

                Umehara event at Taito Station Shinjuku South Entrance

                It's announced today by the game center that "Genius Pro Gamer" (as what they called) Daigo Umehara will have a 1 vs. 50 exhibition match at Taito Station Shinjuku South Entrance Branch on  September 19. Famous players will also participate.

                Currently, the game center is actually where Umehara and many well-known players in Tokyo usually go. Normally, taking a picture in a game center is not allowed so we can only wait for the results as you can check player stats via cellphone at http://s.sf4.jp. (You can't access from outside Japan.)

                Update 1: Umehara's official Twitter said that there will also be foreign players and the event is big.
                Update 2: The event will be streamed on Ustream. More information in the future.

                Sunday, September 4, 2011

                Umehara autograph sold on Yahoo auction

                Several days ago, someone put Umehara's autograph from the event at Super Wave Yoshiwara on Yahoo Auction Japan. The auction just ended and it's sold for 7,250 yen.

                The item description is "Autographs of pro gamer 'Umehara' and 3 other names." The "3 other names" that weren't mentioned are Nyanshi, Eita, and Kindevu. (They're surprise guests.) Maybe that's a bonus.

                Friday, September 2, 2011

                PS3 version of Erika and Dlanor revealed

                Famitsu revealed the PlayStation 3 version of Furudo Erika and Dlanor A. Knox in its Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Chiru article yesterday. The game is the second half of Umineko series (episode 5-8) and will be released on December 15, around the same time with Ougon Musou Kyoku 2.

                The characters' voices are revealed but names of the voice actresses are not disclosed, although Dlanor's voice sounds like Miyuki Sawashiro.

                As revealed before, both of these characters will be in Ougon Musou Kyoku 2 (Tentative Title).