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- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

TOPANGA TV 2011.09.10 (Guest: Kazunoko)

- Surprise guest: Kazunoko (He just walked in without introduction to train Murata.)

- Higaki and Mago found that the stick was full of Murata's sweat.
- Mago teached Higaki Dictator matchup. (must-see)
- Before Evo 2011, Tokido played with Umehara 2 hours in the game center, he couldn't win Umehara. Tokido said it's like being a training mode's dummy getting some fancy combos.

Kazunoko summary
- He's polite (see also this) but often says something that's out of place. That's the fun part.
- He was too mean to Murata. Some people noticed that it was scripted.
- He return to normal self in the talk corner. Mago enjoyed making fun of him.
- Talking about Tougeki: "I was lucky [to qualify] and Oji-san helped."
- Team to fear in Tougeki: "Momochi+Bon-chan"
- They talked about Ayano Cup 2nd.
- He is impressed by the fact that Umehara is stronger despite using the same character. But he said Umehara is in the higher level anyway.
- Adon is a big problem to him.
- Mago and Tokido will be at Mad Catz booth in Tokyo Game Show. There'll also be Mad Catz T-shirts for sale. He then asked for Mago and Tokido's autograph, Tokido said he can sign on his left and right cheek now.
- He was watched by Mago and Tokido later in the Ranked Match. He said he understood how Murata felt now. (the pressure)

Funny moment #1
Kazunoko: I haven't seen any of your gameplay video. I heard you're good.
(Murata tried to show Yun's template combo.)
K: ....Are you being serious?
Mu: Yes.
K: Did you practice.
Mu: I did.
K: ...So you have any other combo?
Mu: No.
K: What's "Murata's Big Circus" I heard of?
Mu: This..
(Murata showed meaningless double EX command grab.)

Funny moment #2
(Cammy match)
K: I want you to play it seriously...
K: I think we should go home.
K: So you have fun doing command grab.
Mu: Not really...
K: I saw you smile when you did that.
Mu: Well....
K: That's not good, I want you to be more serious.

Funny moment #3
Mu: I don't know any Oki-Seme.
K: Since you can't combo, it's probably useless teaching Oki-Seme.
Mago:There'll be a graduation ceremony in October.
K: It's fine if we don't have [Murata]. He can use that time to practice combo. He can graduate when [the event] is finished.
K: He has Mago and Tokido as a coach but still...
K: Maybe because Mago-san wasn't serious so [Murata's not serious].
K: I'm disappointed [in Mago-san and Tokido-san]....
K: It would be great if [Tokido and Mago] don't make a big face* at Shinjuku ('s game center) again.
(This's the offscreen inside joke. He pretended to not realize that his words are being recorded. Big face could mean arrogant and is a pun refers to KSK.)

Funny moment #4
(Kazunoko losing to Gen)
Mago & Tokido: Bah blah...
K: Annoi... umm (slipped)
Ma: Annoying?!
(They agreed to keep quiet so no distraction.)
(Kazunoko lost to Honda in the next match.)
K: ......
Ma & To: ............
K: .............
Ma & To: ..................
K: .....Stick.... (Everyone laughed)
To: [Complaining about stick] is banned here.
Ma: Please refrain from......  the stick company...
(They bullied him by making him feel guilty from dissing Mad Catz stick.)
(Big laugh from the chat at this awkward moment.)

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