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- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
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- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nagoya Street Battle 30 summary

What: Nagoya Street Battle 30 (celebrating 3rd anniversary)
Where: Urban Square Nagoya
When: September 23, 12:00 to 22:00 (Japan Standard Time)
Why: Daigo Umehara participating (with Mago and Tokido)
Format: 3 on 3, double elimination (due to number of participants, it's changed to single elimination), character duplication is OK
Entry fee: 500 yen/player
Special: SSF4AE Ver.2012 location test
Website: nsb.blog.shinobi.jp
Stream: NSB1, NSB2

This's Umehara's first time in NSB since NSB17 (September 23, exactly one year after that) in which he won with MACHI and Momochi. (defeating Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, and Marn on the way) Ono, KSK, a Hori guy, was there as well.

Nagoya is 370 kilometers from Tokyo. It takes around 2 hours fastest by train but it costs around 20,000 yen round trip. Cheaper options means slower. This's why you don't see players from Tokyo much in the tournament. (Tokyo=Umehara/Mago/Tokido/etc., Nagoya=Momochi/Kindevu/Eita/etc.)

Block C
Team Ad-lib Ouji/Chiba/Pie

Block E
Team Haitani/Sako/MDR *Sako uses Ibuki
Team Juso/Banbaban/KOK
Team Kindevu/RF/BAS

Block F
Team Kenpachi/Yamazaki/MOV
Team Momochi/Ikoma Devil/Eita *Momochi uses Cody

Block G
Team Y24/aka jojo/Hishou
Team Kim1234/Fubarduck/ChocoBlanka

Block H
Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido
Team Nyanshi/Bon-chan/Kokujin *Kokujin uses Ryu even he said he'd change

  • 15:50 [2nd fight] Team Haitani/Sako/MDR eliminated by Team Juso/Banbaban/KOK
  • 16:10 [1st fight] Team Kindevu/RF/BAS eliminated
  • 16:40 [1st fight] Team Kenpachi/Yamazaki/MOV eliminated 
  • 17:00 [3rd fight] Momochi/Ikoma Devil/Eita eliminated
  • 17:08 [1st fight] Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido - Mago OCV'd (with 2 perfects)
  • 17:40 [1st fight] Team Nyanshi/Bon-chan/Kokujin - Kokujin took 2, Nyanshi took 1
  • 17:52 [2nd fight] Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido - Mago took 1, Tokido took 1, Ume took 1
  • 18:10 Team Kim1234/Fubarduck/ChocoBlanka eliminated Team Y24/aka jojo/Hishou to qualify Block G
  • 18:10 [2nd fight] Team Nyanshi/Bon-chan/Kokujin - Kokujin lost, Bon OCV'd
  • 18:19 [3rd fight - block qualifier] Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido qualified - Mago took Nyanshi+Kokujin+Bon-chan
Top 8
19:10 - Team Hunter (Hunter Ito/Hunter Menin/Epsilon J) eliminated by Team Takeshi Gundan
19:17 - Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido eliminated Team Kim1234/Fubarduck/ChocoBlanka - Mago took Fubar/Choco/Kim - Kim taunted in the second round

19:32 - Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido vs. Team Juso/Banbaban/KOK - Mago took Juso/KOK (with 1 perfect)/Banbaban (with 1 perfect)
19:42 - Team Takeshi Gundan (wao/666/Furon) eliminated by Team Ad-lib Ouji/Chiba/Pie - Chiba OCV'd

Grand Final
19:52 - Team Umehara/Mago/Tokido defeat Team Ad-lib Ouji/Chiba/Pie
  1. Mago 1-2 Chiba
  2. Tokido 2-1 Chiba *very exciting match!
  3. Tokido 2-1 Pie
  4. Tokido 2-0 Ad-lib Ouji 

      - 4Gamer: Team Mad Catz and Ver. 2011 location test in NSB30 [Link]

      - Mago & Sako in a restaurant [Pic]
      - Ume signing autograph [Pic]
      - 19:00 Umehara played rock-paper-scissors with attendees for signed T-shirts. (Chiba and Tasuke won)
      - Ume using Bon-chan's back as table to sign [Pic]
      - Choco still used Umehara Shinja title
      - Tokido signing T-shirt for Sako's wife [Pic]
      - Brackets [Link]
      - Someone had Sako sign Umehara Shinja T-shirt [Pic]
      - Mago with cute pose [Pic]
      - Champions: Mago/Ume/Tokido [Pic]

      18:44 - Umehara's interview before top 8
      • He's not going to use Ryu.
      • "[Ryu's Shoryuken changes] are meaningless." (everyone laughed)
      • He wants to see Tokido fight Fuudo.
      • He is yet to see Persona 4 fighting game.
      • He thinks Tachikawa and yaya are most amazing players because he thought so back in the past when he's still not good.
      • He's 172 tall, blood type is AB
      • He'd like to try Kyushu's food
      20:06 - Umehara's interview after winning the tournament
      "I didn't appear much in a tournament for [SSF4AE] so winning is good."

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