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Friday, September 23, 2011

Capcom's official Street Fighter IV National Tournament 2010 summary

This's Capcom's official SF4 National Tournament in 2010. We never have a summary post, and the new one is coming, that's why we need one.

What: Capcom's official Street Fighter IV National Tournament
Format: 3 on 3, single elimination

This tournament is 3 on 3 arcade tournament. There're 14 teams in the finals on April 4. Nine teams came from the qualifers held between January 16 to March 13 in 9 locations around the country. Two teams came from a fan vote campaign. One team came from being the former champ. Two teams came from the appointed day qualifier.

And if you're a hardcore fan, you must remember that this's where Daigo Umehara got his scoop on NHK's MAG-Net show.

Entry list
Kantou qualifier 1
Lettuce Sub (Retasu Sando)
  • Shiro (Abel)
  • Ojisanboy (Sagat)
  • Cabbage (Viper)

Touhoku qualifier
  • Mago (Sagat)
  • Akimo (Honda)
  • Tokido (Gouki)

Kansai qualifier 1
Chun Tori love
  • Umechin (Ryu)
  • Y24 (Chun-Li)
  • Pie (Sagat)

Kyushu qualifier
Okozukai 2000 yen
  • Kindevu (Rufus)
  • Momochi (Gouki)
  • RF (Sagat)

Chubu qualifier
Eita Rikuson
  • Eita (Gouki)
  • Rikuson (Sagat)
  • Maeda Taison (Boxer)

Hokkaido qualifier
  • Dashio (Viper)
  • Aojiru Guile (Boxer)
  • Vega Curry (Sagat)

Kansai qualifier
Kaiser Phoenix
  • Hishou (Sagat)
  • Bamyuu (Boxer)
  • MDR (Rufus)

Chuugoku Shikoku qualifier
  • Bean (Abel)
  • Blackmamba (Blanka)
  • Kuromajutsushi (Sagat)

Kantou qualifier 2
Kou Mochibe
  • Fuu (Ryu) *Fuudo
  • Itabashi Zangief
  • TKD (Fuerte)

Dream Team A (coming from fan vote)
Chichi Produce
  • Neou Makoto (Claw)
  • Strike-san (Ken)
  • M Jou (Dhalsim)

Dream Team B (coming from fan vote)
  • Umehara (Ryu)
  • Bon-chan (Sagat)
  • Yuu (Gouki)

Former champ
Bouya Dojo
  • Iyo (Dhalsim)
  • Nemo (Chun-Li)
  • Riki (Dictator)

Appointed day qualifier A
Kumaaji Cola
  • Hachigashira (Guile)
  • Kuma (Dictator)
  • Ajipon (Rufus)

Appointed day qualifier B
Team TRF
  • Mizoteru (Blanka)
  • Hanamaruki (Sagat)
  • Haneyama (Chun-Li)

(Matchups coming from drawing)
Block A
  • Lettuce Sub lost to Okozukai 2000 yen 
  • Okozukai 2000 yen  beat Chichi Produce
  • Bouya Dojo beat Abareuma
  • Eita Rikuson beat Kumaaji Cola
  • [Block Final] Okozukai 2000 yen beat Eita Rikuson

Block B
  • Kou Mochibe lost to Kaiser Phoenix
  • Kaiser Phoenix beat Shiaikazu
  • Team TRF beat Kuromame
  • HEELS beat Chun Tori love
  • Team TRF lost to HEELS
  • [Block Final] Kaiser Phoenix beat HEELS

3rd Place
  • Eita Rikuson lost to HEELS

Grand Final
  • Okozukai 2000 yen beat Kaiser Phoenix

- Event details and schedule [here]
- Tournament summary by Capcom [here]
- The first 9 qualifiers results [here] and report [here]
- Dream Team and former champ quata report [here]
- Stream [here] (It's expired, you can't rewatch it anymore.)

- SSF4 was released for the consoles on April 28, 24 days after this event.
- Game producer Ono Yoshinori announced on the stage after the grand final that arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV is planned. (The game was later named Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition)

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