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- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
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- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tougeki 2011 Summary

Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) 2011 [September 17]
Stream: Here
Start: 10:30 (JST)

Appointed day qualifier
[Round 1] Umehara beat Shinchan (Ado)
[Round 2] Umehara beat GamerBee and RB (Guy)
[Round 3 ] Umehara beat MOV
Umehara & Iyo qualified to the Finals. "Umehara is strongest" is Tokido's reaction.

As I already pointed out, it looks like Iyo also uses Ibuki in this tournament, not Dhalsim as stated in the Twitter and Team Mad Catz site.

(These numbers are rounds.)
Akabane Ichi Gun beat Noriyasu (Dha)/Amiyu (Gen)
Umehara 2-0 Noriyasu (Dha)
Iyo 2-1 Amiyu (Gen)

MomoBon beat Coolness
Bon-chan (Sag) 0-2 Acqua (Yang)
Momochi (Yun) 2-0 Suropuu (Fei)
Momochi (Yun) 2-1 Acqua (Yang)

TOPANGA beat ???
Tokido 2-0 Odin Shin (Cam)
Mago (Fei) 2-0 Maru Q (Ibu)

??? beaten by Star Mountain
??? ?-2 Cabbage (Vip)
Rariken (Sag) 2-1 Nemo (Yan)
Rariken (Sag) 0-2 Cabbage (Vip)

Top 8
Senichi Viper beat Happy Birthday
dath (Vip) 2-1 Kouji KOG (Hawk)
Isotope (Claw) 2-0 Hishou (Sag)

Kou Mochibe beaten by Shin Armageddon
ItaZan 1-2 Michael-tan

Akabane Ichi Gun beat Nox2 (Guy) /Gannoon (Sakura) (Kuwait)
Iyo (Ibu) 2-0 Nox2 (Guy)
Umehara (Yun) 2-0 Gannoon (Sakura)

Akabane Ichi Gun beat MomoBon
Iyo 2-1 Bon-chan
Umehara (Yun) 2-1 Momochi (Yun)
    Top 4
    Onenzu beat Shin Armageddon
    Akabane Ichi Gun (Umehara & Iyo) eliminated by Star Mountain (Nemo/Cabbage)
    [Grand Final] Onenzu beat Star Mountain

      - Umehara and the gangs at Mad Catz booth. [Pic]
      - Umehara interviewed by NHK [Pic]
      - Ono-san watching Umehara before the semifinal. [Pic]
      - Umehara (+Mago&Tokido) introduction poster in Mad Catz booth. [Pic]

      - Mad Catz booth report from 4gamer.net [Link] (They said there's no booth on Sep. 18)
      - Results from Nico News [Link]

      The stream
      - They didn't show TOPANGA team in the top 8.
      - Badly directed stream. They spent too much time on commentators' faces.

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