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- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
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- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Monday, July 15, 2013

Evolution 2013 Day 3 summary

- Evolution 2013 Day 0
- Evolution 2013 Day 1
- Evolution 2013 Day 2
- Road to Top 8: Daigo Umehara
- Evo announces international 3 on 3 featuring Daigo Umehara (cancelled)
- SSF4AE2012 Pools: Japanese players
- Niconico to stream Evo 2013
- Official Evo 2013 brackets
- 4Gamer has Day 1 event report

Timestamp = Las Vegas local time
v = Viewers
1G = 1st Game
1R = 1st Round
P = Perfect

[10:12 Winners] MadKOF 2-1 Tokido 42141v *after the match MadKOF shows a board with something written in Korean to the camera
[10:28 Winners] Verna 1-2 Hee San Woo 47933v
[10:43 Losers] Romance 1-2 Reynald 53507v
[11:01 Losers] Fox 1-2 Xian 57450v
[11:16 Losers] Verna 1-2 Reynald 63163v
[11:31 Losers] Tokido 2-0 Xian 65315v
[11:44 Winners Final] MadKOF 0-2 Hee San Woo 68496v
[11:55 Losers] Tokido 0-2 Reynald 71233v
[12:07 Losers Final] MadKOF 1-2 Reynald 75932v
[12:21 Grand Final] Hee San Woo 2-3 Reynald 85641v big comeback in 2G and 4G
[12:42 Grand Final 2] Hee San Woo 0-3 Reynald 90610v *HSW threw his stick on the floor when he lost

*HSW had a big lead in championship point in GF1 but couldn't close it

Super Smash Bros. Melee
[13:07] Shroomed 0-2 Armada 77329v
[13:14] Ice 0-2 Mango 79420v
[13:22 W] Dr.PeePee 0-2  Wobblez 82132v
[13:33] Mew2King 0-2 Hungrybox 85162v
[13:38 L] Dr.PeePee 0-2 Mango 89422v
[13:47 L] Mew2King 0-2 Armada 100775v
[14:00 Winners Final] Hungrybox 1-2 Wobblez 111631v *They didn't know they're playing in FT2 rules and Hungrybox didn't want to leave the chair!
[14:21 L] Mango 2-0 Armada 115553v
[14:31 Losers Final] Mango 2-0 Hungrybox 120330v
[14:40 Grand Final] Mango 3-0 Wobblez 127473v
[14:51 Grand Final 2] Mango 3-1 Wobblez 134523v

[15:22 Losers] Theo (Sup) 2-0 Reo (Bat) 95678v
[15:30 Losers] PR Rog (Fro) 1-2 Godspeed (Ada) 96034v
[15:39 Winners] Slayer909 (Sup/Won) 0-2 KDZ (Sup) 95022v
[15:47 Winners] ChrisG (Arr) 1-2 Crazy DJT88 (Lan) 98918v
[15:58 Losers] Slayer909 (Sup) 2-0 Theo (Sup) 96803v *Theo lost 1G over pad issue
[16:06 Losers] ChrisG (Arr) 2-0 Godspeed (Ada/Aqa) 98893v
[16:14 Winners Final] KDZ (Sup) 2-1 Crazy DJT88 (Lan) 100236v
[16:21 Losers] Slayer909 (Sup) 1-2 ChrisG (Ada) 103165v *big comeback in 3G
[16:30 Losers Final] Crazy DJT88 (Lan) 2-0 ChrisG (Arr) 106547v
[16:41 Grand Final] Crazy DJT88 (Lan/Doo) 0-3 KDZ (Sup) 109076v *KDZ won but got boo'd because he played Superman

[17:39 Losers] Ranmasama 1-3 ChrisG 104055v
[17:52 Losers] ATX Zack 0-3 F.Champ 108634v
[18:02 Winners] Cloud 805 (P2G) 2-3 Angelic 111657v
[18:15 Winners] Justin Wong 0-3 Flocker 114410v
[18:27 Losers] Cloud805 3-2 F.Champ 120013v *Cloud managed to kill before Phoenix goes Dark in last game
[18:43 Losers] Justin Wong 3-2 ChrisG 123926v *big comeback in 3G by Wong (denied match point)
[19:00 Winners Final] Angelic 0-3 Flocker 123345v
[19:07 Losers] Justin Wong 3-0 Cloud805 127021v
[19:18 Losers Final] Justin Wong 3-1 Angelic 130605v
[19:29 Grand Final] Justin Wong 3-2 Flocker 136353v *big comeback in last game (1vs3)
[19:45 Grand Final 2] Justin Wong 2-3 Flocker 145099v

[20:24 Losers] Infiltration (Aku) 3-1 (2-1,0-2,2-0,2-0) Daigo Umehara (Ryu) 119322v
[20:35 Losers] Haitani (Mak) 3-2 GamerBee (Ado) 119319v
[20:47 Winners] Sako (Ibu/ERy) 2-3 (2-1,0-2,0-2,2-0,0-2) Xian (Gen) 121446v
[21:02 Winners] PR Rog (Fei/Box) 0-3 (0-2,0-2,1-2) Tokido (Aku) 120589v
[21:10 Losers] Infiltration (Aku) 3-1 (0-2,P2-1,2-1,2-1) Sako (Ibu) 119764v
[21:20 Losers] Haitani (Mak) 0-3 PR Rog (Box) 120862v
[21:28 Winners Final] Tokido (Aku) 1-3 (2-1,0-2,0-2,1-2) Xian (Gen) 120974v
[21:43 Losers] Infiltration (Aku/Hak) 3-2 (2-1,0-2,0-2,2-1,2-1) PR Rog (Box) 125349v *great performance from both players
[22:00 Losers] Infiltration (Aku) 1-3 (0-2,1-2,2-1,1-2) Tokido (Aku) 122893v
[22:15 Grand Final] Tokido (Aku) 0-3 (1-2,0-2,1-2) Xian (Gen) 123127v

[9:12] The hall before open [pic]
[9:51] 7647v nothing on stream
[10:03] Mago joins R on Nico
[10:07] 29411v
[10:21] Mago & Umezono commentating KOF
[10:42] Mago is a good commentator, he also memorized foreign players
[10:57] Cabbage replaced Umezeno (since when?)
[11:57] Mago just mimicked a character from Attack on Titan
[12:24] Hee San Woo aka. U-san is said to be a Japanese player but his name says otherwise (half Japanese/Korean/Chinese?)
[12:56] HSW threw his stick on the floor when he lost. He wears Hori T-shirt so he probably was using Hori stick. Nice PR there!
[13:00] Did one of the English KOF commentators say F*** during the grand final? (We're watching via Niconico but heard from background)
[13:10] Mago and Cabbage don't know about Smash but "Management No.3" (a well-known Nico show producer who oversees game related shows) stepped in to explain.
[13:12] R and No.3 now commentating on Nico.
[13:28] No.3 out, Hameko (used to play this game)
[13:32] Why do they show Twitter ID instead of commentators' names? (official stream)
[14:09] Someone in the English chat said viewers is going to fall when Smash comes!
[14:34] They keep messing the Smash player names. Can't blame them. We don't know who's who, too.
[15:03] SSBM and Ice Climbers trending worldwide.
[15:07] "ONE MORE YEAR" The SSBM fans chanting after grand final
[15:16] Injustice dev showing video 101393v
[15:21] OG and Hatia in for Injustice commentary (Nico)
[16:55] R is back with MadCatz's Matsuura to promote products
[17:03] Nico showing MadCatz panel featuring Daigo Umehara, MarkMan congratulated him for reaching top 8 SF4 five consecutive years. Someone asked him about what's his most painful defeat he said if it's about Evo then Evo 2013 (although this question was already answered twice. it's actually the tournament in 2002. he lost weight and couldn't eat properly)
[17:20] New Killer Instinct exhibition 98984v
[17:31] Gotsu and Kazunoko in for UMvC3 commentary (Nico)
[17:36] UMvC3 gets a cool intro video.
[17:43] Yipes is on the mic. Since when he can (properly) commentate? Oh we forgot someone needs to repeatedly shout buzzwords in this game!
[18:24] Nemo replaced Kazunoko for commentary on Nico
[19:28] Oh no, don't sing.... @Magus & Yipes
[20:03] Community Awards: Alex Valle, Spooky
[20:05] Announcement from Capcom. Ono on stage. Requesting public Shoryuken. Ultra Street Fighter IV (name) announced, trailer. 5th character not revealed.
[20:12] Mago and R to commentate SF4 (Nico)
[20:16] Ono on Nico.
[20:25] Seth Killian and James Chen on the mic.
[22:00] Mago out, Kazunoko in
[22:34] Award for Mr.Wizard: Gurren Lagann's Yoko figure and Sword Art Online's Leafa hugging pillow
[22:36] 73327v
[22:41] MarkMan and Mr. Wizard on Nico to say thank you to the viewers. Wizard wants to do this collaboration again next year and said they're working on Evo Japan which is scheduled for next year! (Our speculation is they're now working with TOPANGA instead of GODSGARDEN)
[22:50] Nico stream ended. Viewers voted "Extremely good" 95.6%

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