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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TOPANGA TV 2011.08.21

Korean guest: Bigdanmul, Hydebuffy, POONGKO, DB Cooper
Japanese guest: YHC Mochi

- Hydebuffy and DB Coopa are fluent in Japanese. Bigdanmul can speak some. Poongko is learning.
- Murata (now Tokido's pupil) surprised everyone by doing hitconfirmed Genei Jin combo. Although he can't do Yun's standard combo.
- There will be the second TOPANGA Offline Meeting next month.

- Poongko chose to speak Japanese on the show even his friends can translate. Then his friends helped him where he needed.
- He learns Japanese from anime and games and Oota-san from Totalheads.
- Talking about GG#4: He admits that he got some lucky Shoryuken in the Sagat matches, and he misread in Uryo match. In Nemo match, his Tanden Typhoon was quick because he input it early but Nemo just came in his way so he just pressed the button.
- He said he still doesn't know much in Yun matchup. (He doesn't know how to punish certain moves.)
- Poongko is a humble guy, and this episode is another confirmation. He has a view of a person who tries hard to achieve things, not a view from above. He still said Japanese players are strong.

DB Cooper
- He will stream KOF13 and Third Strike OE.

- He said Japan's scene is more hyped.
- He admits that he's an outspoken type.
- There're not many Korean players to play with so he plays online under Japan flag. But he said it's annoying when some people from China and Hong Kong are under Japan flag, too. (followed by big laugh from everyone.)

YHC Mochi
- He said probably not many people has a PC where he lives. (He lives in Shimane prefecture.)
- He thanks the fans for voting him in GG#4.
- He likes to collect meters instead of just use it as soon as possible.
- He's in early 30.

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