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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Evolution 2011: Aftermath

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Great event! I just got back from a long sleep. And I still need a long break. Plus, I want to catch up with things I missed since I couldn't watch 3 streams at the same time. And those last day money matches. Not sure I have time to watch/write it all so short opinions/updates in my head/hands go first. (the summary posts will be updated over time.)

The Stream
- Why didn't they announce the stream URLs on the news? They revealed just when it started, and even announced the URL on the stream!
- Choosing Ustream is one of the best decisions. I don't have a problem at all.
- Having the low quality stream is also one of the best decisions (I mentioned about it before.) There're 4,200 viewers peak on the LQ stream.
- The main stream's presentation was great. Scores were updated as it happened. Camera switching was great.

- I'm glad he came! (He wasn't sure at first.) He's one of the true top players.
- Seth Killian said something bad about him, but I don't think it's true at all.
- He said he'll return next year!

- The result didn't surprise me at all. He had to fight Poongko first, and there're 3 C. Viper players.
- Good thing, some people now finally realized that he's not invincible.

Other players
- I don't expect Momochi to win Evo, but I didn't expect Tokido and Mago to beat him either.
- Mago was random as usual. He won or lost when he shouldn't.

- AKA & James Xie (BlazBlue finals), Chen, UltraDavid, Keits, Aris were impressive. I think AKA & Xie made some people buy BlazBlue after watching.

Japan Booth
Thanks to Gama no Abura (with the help of Nekohashi who acts as a translator), this's the first time Evo has a Japanese media coming directly from its fighting game community. There's a lot of interviews and casual talks, and all streamed to Japan. The station was also used as a place to hang out, too. Even Harada (Tekken producer) and Ono (SF4 producer) were there. (Check all the archived videos here.)

Evo 2012
- Shiro said that he'll come again! (That means Fuudo, Shungoku Neurosis will probably come, too)
- Gama-san is in love with Evo now and it looks like he'll return again.
- I hope Frieda return next year. The big changes in UMvC3 will help. He's the only well-known JP player who chooses MvC3 over SF4. All he can do is studying from YouTube clips, beside playing with Tokido and Nemo. Respect.

This is actually the second international SF4 tournament he won. He won World Game Cup in France last year with Ryu, over Umehara. He also plays with Umehara in the game center often. He trained with Shungoku N. Viper before the finals. Winning Evo is understandable. Now he's on everyone's radar, it'll be tougher for him from now on.

A Viper killer?
Fuudo beat Wolfkrone 2-0, 4 rounds straight. He beat Latif twice, winning 5 games out of 6.

Evolution 2011 Days After
- Gama-san, Nekohashi, Kindevu, Frieda at a restaurant [Pic]
- The venue after the event ended [Pic]

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