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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bathroom Counter new low #2

This's why fighting game community is a joke.

I don't follow Bathroom Counter but recently I saw bad things in all the 3-4 links people gave me.

Bathroom Counter's Zhi may know Japanese language but his interpretation is really bad. He's trying too hard to entertain by adding stuff to the point that he's lying. But what makes me write this is the inappropriate questions in MomoChoco interview.

"Are you staying together?"
"What does she do when you're playing?"
"Do you think your child will become stronger than Daigo?" (At this point, Momochi SAID "What kind of questions is this?")
"When will you marry?"

At the end, he asked them to kiss in front of the camera. Momochi had to say "Aho ka?" (Are you idiot?) repeatedly. Zhi ended the interview by saying out loud "Tsumannai" (Boring).

You want more?

In Kindevu interview
"Is [KayoPolice] your girlfriend?"
"Have you ever confessed [to Kayo]?"
"How do I impress [Kayo]?"
"Do you pick up girls from game centers?"
"A high school girl [isn't your type]?" (Kindevu said "These questions......")

He also forced Gama no Abura (30+ years old, married) to do the Denpa Jikkyou after his interview.

It's not necessary, but I'll give a constructive criticism.
- Being raw is not equal to being classless.
- Being funny is not equal to being childish.
- Quality over quantity. There's nothing wrong with a plain interview. No need to add things to make it look more interesting.

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