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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bon-chan wins Mahjong competition over pro Mahjong players

It was not just a good fight, it was EPIC!

Bon-chan, the famous Sagat player, participated in a 24-hour Mahjong competition (4 tables, 16 players) on March 30 which was streamed on Niconico. Bon-chan used to work at a Mahjong club so he is far from a novice. But his opponents were 3 female pro Mahjong players: Hatsune Osaki, Satomi Tomimoto, and Eri Mizuki.

Picture: Osaki (left), Tomimoto  (middle), Mizuki (right)

No one had expected him to win because at the beginning Bon-chan totally had no luck and even lost 18300 points in a round by Ron to the leader Mizuki, to the hand as you see below. At one point, his score was as low as -3500. On top of that, Mizuki had a huge lead, finishing with more than 65000 points. Note that the result of each game will be accumulated. So if you have such a bad start, you will surely want to go home before it ends. Bon only won 3 times in the 1st game, but that helped him a lot.

Things changed completely in the 2nd game as Bon managed to finish near 40000 points and the leader of the last round Mizuki came in last. Bon won the game and moved up to 2nd place in overall.

Bon finished in the last place again with 9500 points in the 3rd game while the opponents either did well or decent. He was again in the last place overall. Good thing is Mizuki couldn't extend the lead. The new leader was Tomimoto.

Bon looked desperate most of the time in the 4th game. He only won one round, but it was big. It earned him 8000 points from the leader. Bon won this game but the points of all four players were close. Bon moved back to 2nd place overall and Tomimoto was still 1st.

At the beginning of the 5th game, Bon made a right decision that earned him 8000 points. The game was pretty close at this point for Bon and Tomimoto (around 30000 points) but Bon had to win big, if he wanted to win the whole competition. Then in the round before the last round, Bon evaded TWO Reach (from Osaki and Mizuki) and won with the hand below (Baiman Tsumo) which earned him 18000 points! Now he had 49000 points while Tomimoto had 26800. Then in the last round Bon got a Ron from Osaki and sealed it.

The match was 7 hours long. The prize is an appearance in a manga character form in the manga magazine Kindai Mahjong (The magazine that had Umehara's Mahjong manga).

Mahjong channels on Niconico try to attract new people by inviting fighting game players such as Kokujin, KSK, Itabashi Zangief, and Nuki. This's Bon-chan's 2nd appearance on the channel.

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