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Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Play: Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax features characters from stories published on Dengeki Bunko magazine. Although the magazine is about light novels, many stories were made into anime later.

DBFC is produced and directed by Sega, but is developed by Ecole/French Bread (Melty Blood and Under Night: In-Birth)

When look closely, this game isn't just a fan service. The system is considerably deep, thanks to French Bread who also impressed us with the system of Under Night: In-Birth.

What we like the most in DBFC is it has proper "Burst" (called Blast in this game) and replenishes over time–they correct the big mistake in UNI. (You can't Burst out of hit stun in UNI.)


  1. Stamina (same as typical fighting game)
  2. Support Gauge - Fill over time.
  3. Blast Icon - Fill over time.
  4. Trump Card Icon - Necessary for special action. Get extra one when lose a round.
  5. Time (same as typical fighting game)
  6. Round Count (same as typical fighting game)
  7. Climax Gauge - For special moves. Fill over time, and when attack, and when attacked.


  • A - Light attack
  • B - Medium attack
  • C - Strong attack
  • S - Support
  • Dash - Quickly tap forward twice.
  • Safe Fall - Press A or B or C while falling
  • Throw - Left or Right and C
  • Throw Evasion - Left or Right and C while being grabbed
  • Quick Forward - Quickly tap 1 to 9

  • Combo (basic chain) - A then B then C
  • Quick Combo (autocombo) - Press A rapidly
  • Impact Skill - A+B or Down+A+B
  • Impact Break - Back+A+B (add A or B or C when hit)
  • Extended Action - Some moves will altered if you keep holding the button
  • Special Move - Same as typical fighting game
Impact Skills have armor property. Main characters have their own.
Impact Break works as overhead attack. It can be followed after first hit.

Support Character
Calling a support can be performed by pressing S or Back+S. You must wait for a while after use.

Support Overview
  • Wilhelmina Carmel - Her homing attack freezes opponent.
  • Leafa - Her wind attack covers ground or air, blows opponent away.
  • Touma Kamijou - Gives defensive support. Can nullify attacks.
  • Kuroneko - Her roses attack rises from ground to sky, covers large area.
  • Celty Sturluson - Attacks with her motorcycle.
  • Haruyuki - Attacks from sky. Slow but powerful.
  • Holo - Can heal or attack.
  • Boogiepop - Fast attack is short. Slow attack is unblockable.
  • Mao Sadao - Grows stronger after each successful hit.
  • Innocent Charm - Appears near opponent and can force blocking.
  • Kouko Kaga - Can attack or decrease opponent's Climax Gauge.
  • Kino - Can fire bullet straight or antiair.
  • Mashiro Shiina - Can force block string on opponent.
  • Erio Touwa - Has a sliding attack and a move that nullifies attacks.

Climax Gauge
This gauge fills over time and when attack or attacked. Max at 5 bars.

  • Climax Arts - Command+B+C (spend 2 bars)
  • Reflection Guard - Press any two of A/B/C when blocking (spend a portion of)
  • EX Special Move - Perform special move using A+B (spend 1 bar)
  • Cancel Support - S while attacking to cancel the attack into calling Support (spend 1 bar)
Reflection Guard is Push Blocking.

    Blast can be performed only when "BLAST OK" by pressing A+B+C simultaneously. Blast replenishes over time.

    • Power Up Blast - In normal circumstance, increases power of attack and defense for short period of time, also fills Climax Gauge.
    • Combo Blast - Used to cancel a move to another, similar to typical Burst Cancel.
    • Escape Blast - Used when blocking or under hit stun. A typical defensive Burst.

    Trump Card
    Main characters have their own Trump Card. Trump Card is performed by pressing A+C simultaneous. The card is used up one a time, only replenishes one after losing a round, but no more than two.

    Main characters have their own Potential. The effect is unlocked only when a certain condition is met. For example, increase attack power by 20% for 20 seconds when under 30% of health.

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