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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Harada interview ..........about Idolm@ster

It's no secret that Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada is into Idolm@ster's Iori Minase. He goes as far as turning his Twitter (46,000 followers) into the character's semi-official one. That's why Famitsu has him in Idolm@ster column today. May 5 is Iori's birthday.

- Harada used to hate Idolm@ster, because he was forced to play the game to attract customers in a game center. Idolm@ster was something new at the time and not many people play it. Harada who was going back and forth to collect Tekken data at game centers met an angry (game center) owner who told him to do something about it, just because Harada is a Namco employee and must take responsibility. "Play here until the shop closes!" Harada ended up playing it alone until the shop closed, paying from his own pocket.

- Harada then got involved with Idolm@ster again when he was requested Tekken costumes for using in Idolm@ster. He didn't like the idea but complied, because they're in the same company. When he saw Iori in Xiaoyu costume illustration, he had a flashback: "I used to play this girl (Iori) in the game center." "At that time, the owner was mad at me." He then realized that Idolm@ster and its idols share the same destiny, and they've grown popular. It started to grow on him.

- After that, Tekken music composer Akitaka Toyama who went to work on Idolm@ster had consulted Harada about wanting to make a song like Tekken 6's Karma (Electric Fauntain). The song became Next Life. When a test dance scene was made and shown to him, Harada perceived the girls like real people who practiced for their performance. He then formed a connection between him and the idols. That's when he started liking Idolm@ster.

- Harada accidentally tuned into episode 7 of Idolm@ster anime on the TV. He was emotionally moved by the scene of Iori eating bean sprouts. He said Iori is like Lili, a girl from a rich family. Trying to live a life (eating) like common people would be tough. The ability to allow him to observe the private life made him emotional and leads him to watch the entire anime. That's when he started the Iori roleplaying.

- Harada also treats the virtual idols like real colleagues.

- Beside Iori, Harada likes Yukiho whom he wants to see fight with a Russian martial art that utilizes shovel, because Yukiho was seen using shovel a lot. He also finds "lazy prodigy" Miki charming.

- Harada is addicted to (free-to-play mobile game) Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls. He spent a lot of money on the game.

- Regarding of Iori Minase roleplaying on his Twitter, Harada revealed that the person who talks or replies in the girl's manner isn't him, but a real woman.

- Harada has never been to an Idolm@ster concert but want to go.

- The Iori T-shirt that Harada was wearing and all the goods (including the rabbit doll) he paid by himself. His wife was mad when the T-shirt was delivered under COD (cash on deliver). "Why is this T-shirt 8,000 yen! And who is this girl!?"

- Harada's team in Idolm@ster One For All (releasing May 15) will consist of Iori, Yukiho, Miki, Yayoi, and Hibiki. Yayoi is poor, so he thinks it's fun to group her with a rich girl like Iori. He picks Hibiki because she was funny in the anime.

- Star Peace Memory (from anime film) is currently Harada's costume of choice. He said the design was unconventional, but looks good.

- As requested, Harada brought with him an Iori drawing, with a command input of changing into swimsuit. There's no time for coloring so he said he'll let the fans do it. The interviewer pointed out that her breasts are too big, Harada admitted.

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