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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

French Bread apologizes for inappropriate tweet

French Bread's Nobuya Narita* and Kamone Serizawa** had apologized yesterday for an appropriate tweet made by Narita after the Under Night In-birth national tournament (Jan 18).

*representative and a cofounder
**battle planner and programmer

Narita's tweet in question was
"It may sound like trolling again to say it's good that Gordeau and Merkava didn't win (laugh), still I'm glad that character such as Waldstein and Yuzuriha won. Thank you all the participants for the good games. (bow)"

(The winning team used Waldstein, Yuzuriha, Hyde. Other teams in semifinals have Gordeau.)

That apparently made fans angry because it's inappropriate in every ways. Narita later apologized and explained that since people think those two characters are over the top, he felt that the result was preferred.

Serizawa also apologized for the incident. He said that he gave the person some serious advice, and they'll prevent something like this from happening again.

Please note that Serizawa himself also has his own problem. The man is seen from time to time doing indirect negative campaigning, by tweeting or retweeting a picture or video about a bug or flaw of other fighting games.

French Bread is the developer of Melty Blood, Under Night In-birth, and Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax.

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