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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spooky and Season's Beatings V incident

From the previous post, Spooky seemd to forget that his team actually ran the worst stream of 2010, and tried to downplay Level Up, that's why we need this post.

The incident took place in Season's Beatings V: Redemption (Ohio) on October 16, 2010. Umehara played in the worst environment as it had no stage and he was surrounded by the attendants who apparently cheered on his opponents. They didn't just stand near, they almost leaned him. Once he lost, Arturo Sanchez (or Sabin, a Dhalsim player) who, at the time, was a part of Team Spooky, ran (violently) from the commentator desk to congratulate the opponent and kicked Umehara's chair. (You could see this on the stream.) Umehara, who was invited to the tournament, was pushed out of the sight by the crowd, like he wasn't needed anymore.

Not only that, Sabin, who was a commentator, made an unclaimed remark on the microphone that Umehara didn't want to play on the stream because he's picky about the screen mornitor and was afraid to lose on the stream. (He later added that Umehara tried to have some privilege on a forum. At the time, Sabin had his own propaganda against Umehara.) Spooky, as the head of the team, didn't do anything about this, and even agreed with him. No apology so far.

(nycfurby = Arturo Sanchez)

Later, the guy who organized the event (Ghaleon) said no such thing. The quote is below.

My close friend is Daigo's personal translator this weekend, and Daigo didn't mention anything about the stream station being wack or the EC/WC being disrespectful or refusing to play there or whatever. All he actually cared about was hearing the TV which was hard for him even in the pools area and on the stream. So -- we have headphones for him that Madcatz gave us as prizes because Markman is gdlk (as is Hori!) So I guess he isn't butthurt about whatever you think you saw on the stream, don't worry about it. And yeah, he did look tired and was I think asleep for parts of the 5-on-5. You know what he did after I asked him if it was fun or boring, assuming he wasn't that into it and would want to go back to the hotel right away? Gave me a big, genuine smile and said "fun!" and asked us to bring him more money matches, which we did.

One question that Spooky should ask himself before going over Level Up is why is his (s)team always infected by this kind of people?

P.S. This incident is why Umehara started using a noise-canceling headphones.

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