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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Justin Wong penalized for intentionally underperforming

Regarding a Marvel vs Capcom 3 match in the recent tournament Power Up 2011, Evolution staff announced via SRK that they decided not to give Evo seed points from the tournament to Justin Wong, and they also gave him a Yellow Card for intentionally underperforming.

The reasons are these combined.
  • He didn't choose his main team. (Even though he said he underperformed because lack of practice. He could at least pick the main team to increase the chance of winning. So he didn't do his best for winning.)
  • His unusual strategy for putting Phoenix out first while the low-health character usually is a trump card. (More risk of dying as the opponent has a full team.)
  • His opponent was his close friend. (His close friend will gain more Evo seed points for winning, therefore will play less matches in preliminary rounds in Evolution 2011 in July.)

I have no comment whether Wong intentionally underperformed or not. I'm just glad that a big organization like Evo enforces the rules to keep a real competition.

Still one thing, that I already pointed out, Filipino Champ admittedly threw a fight, why didn't Evo staff do something with him? If Wong got Yellow Card, then F. Champ should get Red.

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