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Monday, May 23, 2011

MvC3 Paradox

I just saw the latest episode of Cross Counter show. It seems like Mike Ross is mad about the Evo 2011 troll promo. (Maybe one of the reasons is they show a clip of him getting beaten, and now it's getting over 90,000 views)

I don't want to talk about the video (again) but if you're an Umehara fan, you'd know (even without knowing Japanese language) that it was intentionally misinterpreted, from simple "I'm joining everyone, it'll be exciting (with old and new players)" into something rather hostile. Here's a hint, he ended his sentences with desu or masu, and use -san. That means he's using the polite form of the language.

Anyway, let's go to the topic. I want to point out what I call the MvC3 Paradox. What Mike Ross said is a good example.

He basically said Umehara can't win because in MvC3 anyone can win. ...Huh?

If anyone can win then why Umehara can't win?

Okay, let's move to another side. If MvC3 does require skills. Then why Umehara doesn't have a chance. He was a Vampire (Darkstaker) champ, and the game has the same (fast) pace as MvC3. More important, he's a Street Fighter IV champ, and the game is harder than MvC3...

The American surely feel insecure.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a party game

On the same topic, but another story. For me, there's no paradox. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a party game. Niitsuma Ryouta (MvC3 producer) already stated both on a show and in an interview that MvC3 is a party game.

To add another thing, it's easy to tell the difference between MvC series and Street Fighter IV, there's one big [difference]. SF4 is a game where you have fun trying to gain momentum, MvC is kind of party type, there's no difficult command input, you can have fun doing flashy stuff anytime.

Since it was made to be a party game for anyone to enjoy then it's everyone's game, isn't it? I'm not sure why some people try to make it complicate. (Tip: Google "お祭りゲー" (Omatsuri Game) and see what kind of games show up.)

P.S. Don't get confused, I'm not saying Umehara will dominate MvC3, because that'd be stupid, and is a paradox itself. I'm just giving you something to think about.

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