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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The first GODSGARDEN's IDOLM@STER 2 competition was held last night on Ura Kao TV. It was a fight between Naruo (the Evil Ryu player), Goshi (GG staff), and Ren (the BlazBlue player). They were given the access to all of DLCs. All they did was choosing the girls, costume, song, and stage. The winner was decided by voting from viewers.

The voting results
  1. Ren (62.3%)
  2. Goshi (23.4%)
  3. Naruo (14.3%)

Ren's team had better dress and coordination but he used 5 girls while Naruo and Goshi used only 3, so it was not actually fair. Naruo chose Do-Dai which is a very good song, but it does not go with the Winter theme. Goshi's coordination was almost totally off -- only dress and hat matched together.

The 2nd GG's IDOLM@STER competition should be very interesting, because KSK (who has a better sense of fashion) will participate.

Naruo's team
Character: Yayoi, Ami (center), Miki
Dress: School Days Blazer
Accessory Head: Star Earrings
Accessory Body: Mofumofu Muffler
Accessory Hand: None
Accessory Foot: None
Song: Do-Dai
Stage: Snowman's Land

Goshi's team
Character: Ritsuko, Iori (center), Ami
Dress: The Vest Schoolmate
Accessory Head: Beret
Accessory Body: White Cat Tail
Accessory Hand: White Cat Paws
Accessory Foot: None
Song: My Best Friend
Stage: Side Sunny

Ren's team
Character: Makoto, Iori, Haruka (center), Yayoi, Chihaya
Dress: Vital Sunflower
Accessory Head: Crescent Hairband
Accessory Body: Star Brooch
Accessory Hand: None
Accessory Foot: None
Song: The world is all one!!
Stage: Dome

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