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- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Namanushi Mahjong Fight Club 4 summary

On Saturday night (June 3), there was a live show/event on Nico Nico called "Namanushi Mahjong Fight Club 4." As the name suggests, well-known streamers (user stream) on Nico are invited to compete in the mahjong tournament. There were 4 teams; Talk Show Streamer, Female Streamer, Video Uploader, Fighting Game Streamer. Each team had 4 players. (Points will be carried over to the next players.)

FG Streamer consists of Sentosu (the Dictator player), Itabashi Zangief, Nuki, and Kokujin. The team originally had Soushihan KSK instead of ItaZan. But Nico denied his appearance for an unknown reason. (His name is also filtered in the chat.) However, ItaZan is good at mahjong.

A protest and a joke: Kokujin brought KSK's picture to the show and treated him like he just passed away. He later threw the picture to the trash bin on the way to the door after self-introduction. (Don't worry. KSK is still alive, and they are close friends.)

The entire show was more than 9 hours. In the last game, FG Streamer was 2800 points behind the Talk Show team. But Kokujin managed to win 24300 points  (Tsumo after Riichi, 8100 all) and won the tournament.

Here is the results after each turn.

First player (Sentosu)
  1. FG Streamer 140,500
  2. Female 128,300
  3. Talk Show 105,500
  4. Uploader 25,700

Second player (ItaZan)
  1. FG Streamer 136,700
  2. Talk Show 123,100
  3. Female 122,500
  4. Uploader 17,700

Third player (Nuki)
  1. FG Streamer 131,100
  2. Female 114,700
  3. Talk Show 108,500
  4. Uploader 45,700

Fourth player (Kokujin)
  1. FG Streamer 152,300
  2. Talk Show 122,800
  3. Female 107,800
  4. Uploader 17,400

In the last round, one of Kokujin's opponents is an infamous streamer who is also a porn actress (picture - right).

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