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Friday, December 28, 2012

Umehara: "Skyfall was fun!"

4Gamer.net published yesterday a huge article which is a collection of short interviews with various people in the game industry. In the 9-page long article, they asked the same 4 questions to game creators, composers, authors, voice actors, singers, as well as Daigo Umehara, Tokido, Mago, Sako, and MadCatz's Markman.

Question 1
What game (that was released) in 2012 that you like the most or has the biggest impact? And why?

Umehara replied "I have nothing special. The reason is I haven't played anything except [SSF4AE2012] and Gunslinger Stratos."

Tokido replied "SSF4AE2012. From participating events around the world this year, I could feel that many countries love this game. It's now 5 years since [the original release] in 2008. It was adjusted gradually and is now extremely balanced. [Capcom] also held SF 25th Anniversary events."

Mago chose Gunslinger Stratos.

Sako chose Dragon Quest X (online game). He and his wife even have 2 separated sets of game/console.

Markman chose SFxTK and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Question 2
What is your most impressive entertainment content/product (in any genre) of 2012? And why?

Umehara said that [James Bond Skyfall] was fun and it was interesting throughout the entire film.

Tokido doesn't know much about entertainment so he chose Olympic.

Mago chose Gundam Unicorn and its premiere event. (A friend asked him to go and he was impressed.)

Sako chose Evangelion Q and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. For Evangelion, He just enjoys it without thinking too much about the mysteries. For KPP, he doesn't watch TV much but her name is so hard to pronounce that he memorized it. He said "I don't know about music but the songs (see also this or this or this) are catchy and she looks cute."

Markman chose WiiU.

Question 3
Who was/is the one to watch (have attention) in 2012? And why?

Umehara chose Infiltration because the Korean player has done very well in this year.

Tokido said "I'm looking at Umehara-san who is the leading person of Japan's pro gamers. This year he released the book Willpower to Keep Winning, works as Square Enix's Gunslinger Stratos Official Supporter, etc." Tokido is also looking forward to see more [of Umehara's activities] next year.

Mago chose Infiltration.

Sako chose Daigo Umehara. He said "[Umehara is] the most influential person. He always has my attention. What game will he be playing this time? Is he doing a new thing? Something like that."

Markman chose fans and consumers.

Question 4
What is your aspiration in 2013? And please send some message to the readers.

Umehara will maintain the quality of what he does as pro gamer, and also consider doing more things in 2013. He also thanks everyone for the supports and wants to keep making entertaining matches or activities.

Tokido will put even more efforts in 2013. He wants to have both good results and good games, and asked everyone to support.

Mago tried several new games in 2012 and realized that he didn't get a good result in all of them, so he will try to master one by one in 2013. He wants to improve [by participating in both domestic and foreign tournaments] more and asked for the support.

Sako just wants to have fun with games at his own pace in 2013. He also wants to spend time on non-fighting games. He then asked everyone to support.

Markman, speaking on behalf of MadCatz, wants to spread the world brand confidence. They will continue making cool products while supporting gaming community in 2013. They also let the fans know that they listen to all the requests. He thanked [the users and readers] for the supports and wished them a wonderful new year.

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