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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mago turn into girl in adult manga

Do you remember that adult manga that has Daigo Umehara turn into a girl? The manga artist did the same thing with Mago in her new work.

This news is actually five month old and we thought that you probably don't want to see it (or do you?), but to celebrate his victory at England qualifying tournaments of Capcom's Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournaments Grand Finals, we think it's the right timing!

"Hiyoranaide! Mako-chan" (Do something! Mako-chan) in the August issue of adult manga magazine Potpourri Club tells the story about a female fighting gamer "Mako Hayashi" who struggles to win a tournament and later has to resort to some "special training" with her friend.

The story clearly makes fun of how Mago has less achievements than fellow top players.

Brief summary of the story
- Mako-chan is a tsundere.
- Mako-chan's surname Hayashi is actually Mago's real surname.
- Mako-chan is irritated by Ume Hara's success. *The protagonist in the first work.
- Ume Hara is 2-time "GAMEVO" world champion.
- Mago's famous line "I'm going to teach you the reality!" is in there. (It was said to Fuudo before the TOPANGA Concept Match.)
- Her (male) game partner since the olden days "Ichirou" looks like Tokido. The two share the same first letter in real name.
- In one scene, Ichirou wears a T-shirt that resembles Tokido'd blue Mad Catz T-shirt. The number "13" on the shirt could refer to Tokido's signature finishing move in UMvC3 called "Dark 13."
- In one scene, Ichirou wears a T-shirt with number "10" in the back. Ten in Japanese language can mean heaven. It refers to the sign in Akuma's back.
- She looks strong and confident, but she doesn't do well in tournaments. Ichirou then offers Mako-chan a special training.
- Ichirou tells Mako-chan that he likes her since the olden days.
- After that, Mako-chan finally wins at GAMEVO, although Ichirou steals the attention by winning all other games.

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