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Sunday, March 24, 2013

James Chen writes about Unblockable, suggests how to fix

James Chen wrote a very interesting article about unblockable cross-up issue in Street Fighter IV, including suggestions of how to fix it.

- Chen explains how some Unblockable is actually unblockable, not just blocking the wrong direction.
- He explains that moving forward can cause character's "center" to move back slightly (which is a flaw of system). This can be a serious problem when dealing with cross-up okizeme (wake-up game) because you have too little time to move your center out of danger zone. If you hold back, you will block wrong direction. If you hold forward, your character won't block because your opponent is still TECHNICALLY in front of you.
- He points out that fixing this to the core will probably be too tough.
- One of his suggestions: Players should have more ways to rise from a knockdown (normal, quick rise, slow rise) to deal with well-timed okizeme.
- One of his suggestions: Blocking should stay legit both directions a few frames after Block Stun or rise.
- One of his suggestions: If the centers (of 2 characters) are too close, you should be able to block both directions.

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