Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Friday, September 20, 2013

MadCatz Unveiled TGS2013 summary

- MadCatz Unveiled TGS2013 announced
- Nico to stream in both  Japanese and English
- Event report from 4Gamer.net
- Event report from Dengeki
- GameSpot has an article about this event

Mago 1-5 Fuudo
  1. 1-2
  2. 1-2
  3. 2-0
  4. 0-2 *close 2R
  5. 0-2 *very close 2R
  6. 0-2 *Mago's unsafe Rekka got punished hard by Ultra in 1R *Fuudo missed command grab but still won in 2R
Bon-chan (U2) 5-4 Ryan Hart (U2)
  1. 1-2 *close 2R *nice Ultra reaction in 3R from Hart
  2. 0-2 *nice Ultra reaction in 1R from Hart
  3. 2-0 *Bon won by timeout in 1R
  4. 0-2 *nice comeback in 2R by Hart
  5. 2-1 *very close 1R *nice combo in the end of 2R by Hart
  6. 2-0
  7. 2-0 *close 1R
  8. 0-2 *Both traded Ultra in 1R but Hart survived *nice Ultra reaction in 2R from Hart
  9. 2-1 *nice Ultra reaction in 1R from Bon *Hart won by timeout in 2R *nice comback from Bon in intense 3R
Kazunoko (U1) 3-5 Xian (U1)
  1. 2-0 *Kazu won by timeout in 1R
  2. 2-1
  3. 1-2
  4. 0-2 *nice Ultra reaction and big comeback in 1R *nice Ultra in 2R
  5. 2-1 *close 2R
  6. 1-2 *nice Ultra in 1R by Xian
  7. 1-2 *perfect in 2R by Kazu *big comeback in 3R by Xian (nice Ultra follow)
  8. 0-2
Kami-chan (Hilde) 3-1 Kayane (Viola)
  1. 3-?
  2. 1-3
  3. 3-2 *perfect in 1R by Kami-chan
  4. 3-1
Tokido (U2) 5-2 Justin Wong (U1)
  1. 0-2
  2. 2-0
  3. 0-2 *close 2R
  4. 2-0 *Tokido dropped Ultra but won by timeout in 1R
  5. 2-1 *Tokido dropped combo and lost 1R *perfect in 3R
  6. 2-0
  7. 2-0
Umehara (U1) 10-2 Infiltration (U1)
  1. 2-1 *nice 1R by Ume *nice MK>SRK in 3R
  2. 2-0
  3. 2-0 *Arigataya finish in 2R
  4. 2-0
  5. 2-1  *nice Ultra finish in 1R *intense 3R
  6. 1-2 *Ume missed his Super, cost him 3R
  7. 2-0 *nice Ultra finish in 2R
  8. 1-2 *Umecopter bait Raging Demon in 3R
  9. 2-1 *Ume missed Ultra, cost him 1R *nice Ultra finish in 3R
  10. 2-0  *Arigataya finish in 1R
  11. 2-1 *Infil missed, cost him 3R
  12. 2-1 *Ume got 2 RD'd in 1R *very close 3R (they tried to chip each other)
- Umehara failed for Okizeme only twice in the entire fight? (in 11th and 12th game)
- Umehara wasn't hesitated to spend Ultra early after LP SRK because he can get Ultra back if get Raging Demon'd?
- Ricky Ortiz mentioned that Umehara was using fireball in the range where FADC forward (Infiltration's signature move) is useless.

Interview after the match
- (Quote from GameSpot) "Ever since I became a pro, I've been to a lot of tournaments, but this exhibition match was the one match where I thought about 'how to win' the most," Umehara said, discussing the match after it was over. "I was thinking 'If I've come this far and still lose…, I'd have to throw away all of my past experience and start again from zero.' 
- Umehara said he studied Infiltration's videos a lot.
- Infiltration still felt positive. He thanks the viewers and said sorry that he didn't perform well though he said he will next time.

- Mori from Arc System Works didn't come (was invited), Pachi came instead.
- The door opened 18:00 but the first match started on 20:12 (Mago vs. Fuudo)
- [19:30] There was some talk before the exhibition. Harada looked upset probably because they kept him waiting. (He also mentioned that the place is narrow and hot.) Maybe it's his usual dark humors. Beside that, he was funny and make Ayano and Pachi look extremely awkward with questions about private life. He gave away T-shirts, games, Idolmaster cards and file folder via 4Gamer. (Nothing worth except Idolmaster goods.)
- [20:08] The exhibition delayed because some players weren't there (they said Kayane and Ryan Hart). Then they had to change match order.
- [20:35] They had a problem with the microphone on the Japanese stream.
- [20:35] Zhi is on the mic, time to mute.
- [21:06] Ono appeared but Harada is gone. He asked Ayano to hint about 5th character in USF4. (Ono didn't even know) Ono asked if it's A (completely new) or B (not actually new). Ayano didn't want to answer so Ono said do you like letter A or B? Ayano said he "likes letter B."
- [21:49] Spooky and MarkMan on the mic, this's much better.
- [22:05] Oh no, it's back.
- Momochi, ChocoBlanka, Karipaku, Nekohashi, Umezono were there.
- The show is so popular it has more than 9,000 Timeshift'd.
- The show ended with 117,451 attendances (239,751 comments) on Japanese side, and 37,175 attendances (23,557 comments) on English side.
- 90% of viewers voted this show is extremely good on JP side.

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