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Monday, March 17, 2014

Decapre announced as 5th character in USF4, trending No.1 in Japan

The 5th character of Ultra Street Fighter IV was revealed just a couple hours ago. She's Decapre, a member of Shadoloo's dolls. Apparently she's also voiced by the person who voiced Cammy in Japanese version (Miyuki Sawashiro).

The revelation put the word "Decapre" on top of Japan's Twitter trend.

Japanese players reactions

Acqua: Cammy with new costume announced? Cool. So when will they announce the new character!

Kindevu: ....New character?

Nemo: Might as well give Dhalsim a claw.

Banbaban: A charge character? Case closed.....

Tsukimiya (Guy player): It looks like [Decapre] can standingLP>Ultra, I [hope they do the same with (Guy's) Bushin Goraisenpujin].

Reiketsu (famous Claw player): If [that Ultra setup of Decapre] is viable, then make Splendid Claw faster like before.

Nekojita (Abel player): Pretty sure she's Abel's bad matchup.

ChocoBlanka: Charge character? YES! Let's see what Momochi can do with her then I'll think about it. (LOL) Anyway, I'll still main Blanka in USF4.

Mahou Shoujo Zangi-tan (Zangief player): [Fancy about cloth damage after mask and claw fall off]

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