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Monday, November 10, 2014

Introduction to Blade Arcus

The Game
  • It is based on Shining RPG series (one of Sega's flagship RPG series, has successful line of merchandise).
  • It uses 3D models to create 2D sprites. (By using this method: The sprites are 100% accurate in scale, in any angle, in every single frame.)
  • [Official Statement] It is developed to be a footsie-based fighting game (called Sashiai (差し合い) game in Japanese). Same as Street Fighter.
  • [Official Statement] The pace of the game is intentionally made so that players have time to think and react. 
  • [Official Statement] The damage output is intentionally made high, just like 3D fighting games or oldschool 2D fighting games. This puts the pressure on the players.
  • Jump-in is generally punishable.
  • It has "Roman Cancel" (cancel recovery frames into neutral).
  • It has "Burst" (escape a combo during hitstun).
  • It has (Marvel's) "Team Hyper Combo."
  • It has moves that provide RPG-like buffs and debuffs.
  • All characters can be played or used as an assist. You can switch between two characters you choose, but not during the fight.
  • The partner character can provide three kinds of assist. Stronger assists cost more Support Gauges.
  • It doesn't matter who you choose as the main character, you can secretly switch right after character select screen.
  • Strategically, you can counterpick, or switch between character that is strong with/without meters.
  • All characters are viable as they all can do good damage from a simple hitconfirm Super. From the same reason, it is easy to get into this game. 
  • It has "quick rise" after knockdown. 
  • You can attack opponent's partner and prevent him/her to use the assist.
  • No killing by chip damage. 
  • No comeback mechanics.
  • No air-blocking.
  • No air-dashing. 
  • No Aerial Combo.
  • No dizzy. 
  • No autocombo (one-button combo in P4U or DBFC).
  • Default format of a game is first to three rounds. 
  • Unlockables allow you to make your character say different things for each special move or when winning a round.
  • Its release date is November 5 (2014).
  • "Fighting game of generation" - Beast Note

    Characters (12 confirmed)
    • Ryuga - Original character. An all-rounder with projectile, antiair, divekick.
    • Pairon - Original character. An all-rounder with projectile, antiair, Hundred Kicks, Speed Down debuff.
    • Rage - Protagonist of Shining Blade. A power/rushdown hybrid fighter with long reach.
    • Sakuya - Popular character from Shining/Hearts/Blade/Ark. A highspeed defense breaker and a frame trapper.
    • Xiaomei - From Shining Hearts. Fast melee fighter with Demon Flip, Raging Demon, Speed Up buff.
    • Altina - From Shining Blade. Projectile specialist. A charge character.
    • Roselinde - From Shining Blade. A hardhitting charge character with armored move and Attack Up buff.
    • Melty - From Shining Hearts. Grappler with traps and projectile reflector.
    • Fenrir - From Shining Blade. Melee fighter with meterless comboable rush attack with projectile invincibility.
    • Isaac - From Shining Hearts. A playmaker with multihit poking tools.
    • Rick - Protagonist of Shining Hearts. Coming Spring 2015. (video)
    • To be announced - Coming Spring 2015.

    How to Play

    Lever movement = Same as average fighting games
    Tap forward twice = Forward Step
    Tap backward twice = Back Step

    A = Light Attack
    B = Medium Attack
    C = Strong Attack
    D = Support Link (calling assist)

    Throw = A+B (or A+B plus left or right)
    Throw Escape = A+B while being thrown
    High Jump = quickly Down and Up
    Flash Standing (quick rise) = A or B or C after knockdown

    Support Link Gauge (max 4) = blue bar
    - Both players start a game with 2 blue bars.
    - Fills only when blocking or taking damage.

    Force Gauge (max 3) = red bar
    - The typical Super gauge.

    Force Action
    This's what they call typical special move (Hadoken or Shoryuken). It doesn't cost Force Gauge.

    EX Force Action
    Cost 1 red bar.
    This's what they call typical EX version of special move. Press B+C instead of standard button (like 236+BC).

    Super Force Action
    Cost 1 red bar.
    This's what they call typical "Super."

    Offensive Force (Roman Cancel)
    Cost 1 red bar.
    By pressing A+C while attacking, it returns you to neutral, allowing you to continue with another attack.

    Defensive Force 
    Cost 1 red bar.
    By pressing Back and A+C while attacking, it returns you to neutral and back step, allowing you to make an unsafe move safe.

    Support Link Attack
    Press D and the timing will determine the type of assists. However, you can manually choose which one.

    Type Timing Cost
    (blue bar)
    Manual Input
    Weak Support while not attacking 1D
    Medium Support while attacking with normals 2D+B
    Strong Support while attacking with super 3 D+C

    (You need to try yourself who does what as a partner character.)

    Support Interupt (Burst)
    Cost 3 blue bars.
    Press D while getting hit. The partner will jump out to help you.

    Link Force Attack (Team Hyper Combo)
    Cost 4 blue bars
    Press D while the opponent is getting hit with your Super Force Action. The partner will jump out and follow with another Super Force Action. (You need to find a right combination so they can combo.)

    First Attack & First Combination
    Both first hit and first combo in a round will build extra meter to the player.

    Blade Arcus tournaments
    Blade Arcus Tuesday

    • Characters are designed by Tony, one of the most famous illustrators.
    • Melty and Rick appeared in Shining Hearts anime.
    • It features Nana Mizuki (Sakuya's voice), Japan's highest-earning singer voice actress. 
    • Song "Brave Heart: Kagayaki no Kanata e" is played in the last round if both players are on match point. 
    • It has 8 stages of CPU. The last boss is the evil mode of your character.
    • The game producer was into SF2.
    • The game director was into SF2 and is a decent player in SSF4.
    • Shining Hearts (PSP) is currently priced at 980 yen on PS Store (JP).
    • Shining Blade (PSP) is currently priced at 1,500 yen on PS Store (JP).
    • Shining Ark (PSP) is currently priced at 1,500 yen on PS Store (JP).

    Beast Note has been following this game since it was announced. For more, please bookmark beastnote.blogspot.com/search/label/Blade%20Arcus.

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