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Friday, December 5, 2014

Shining Resonance gameplay video volume 4-6

Volume 4: Daily Conversation
The group discovers that Kirika hates carrots so much she uses her magic to secretly transfer the carrots in her stew to Yuma's. She tries to blame the chef for the portions, but makes Agnum, who happens to be the chef, angry. After the conversation, Agnum learns new personality "Fire Chef" and Kirika learns "Hate Carrot."

Volume 5: Idol Costume Preview
Yuma, Sonia, Kirika - preorder bonus
Agnum, Marion - free DLC on December 11
Rinna - product code from Famitsu December 25 issue (release Dec 11)
Lesty - free DLC (TBA)

Volume 6: Kirika's swimsuit Preview
This costume comes with the limited edition.

Shining Resonance will be released on December 11. Sonia is expected to be playable in Beast Note's best fighting game of generation Blade Arcus.

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