Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kao TV 2010.11.12

Watch here.


- 4,300 viewers peak
- Broadcasted from TGN gaming space, not Gamer's Vision.
- Tokido paid for the trip to SoCal. (So it's not invitation?!)
- Umehara shared his room with Tokido.
- Tokido expected to win Tekken, no BlazBlue.
- The Ustreamers named Filipino Champ "Kameda" since they saw the behaviors toward Japanese players. (Kameda brothers are Japanese boxers who act like an uneducated person, no sportsmanship, and one of them was banned before. Many Japanese hate them to the point that even they fight a foreign boxer, they'll cheer on the foreign boxer.)
- Tokido won F. Champ 7 times straight.
- Tokido said Umehara thinks Ryu against Dhalsim is still doable so he kepts using Ryu.
- Tokido earned $2,000 from the trip. (prize money + money matches)

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