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Friday, November 12, 2010

Time for Regulations?

In the latest interview of Filipino Champ, he openly admitted that he dropped a fight (throwing a fight) in a tournament, and he said he WILL do it again. Wow.

Street Fighter competitions are getting more popular and the community is getting bigger yet we showed no sign of making it better as in quality.

I think many months ago there was a talk about getting Street Fighter into MLG (Major League Gaming) which is a big organization. Many people disagree about this. Some said it takes months to actually get the prize money. Some said SF will lose the charm or the spirit. Some don't like the idea of having SF to be just another game, under the control of people don't devote to SF.

Some of the arguments are legit, some aren't. But one thing I think we need is the regulations like what MLG have. Not only to prevent match fixing, but also to prevent acts of bad sportsmanship in an event such as those we saw in the past weeks, both in front of camera and behind the camera.

These are rules taken from MLG's 2010 Pro Circuit Conduct Rules

2. No communication between Players and Spectators during a Match.
3. No excessive use of vulgar language.  Excessive use of vulgar language is defined as consistent use of vulgar language at a volume that is audible to Spectators of the Match as well as a single use of vulgar language at a volume that is audible to spectators of another Match.
4. No taunting of opposing Players, or Coaches, by Coaches.  Taunting of opposing Players, or Coaches, by Coaches is defined as derogatory language or gestures, aimed at an opposing Player(s), that is audible/visible to the opposing Player(s).
7. No use of vulgar language directed at a Player, Coach, or Spectator.
8. No inciting Spectators into taunting a Player, Coach, or Spectator.
9. No excessive taunting or celebration by Coaches or Players.  Excessive taunting or celebration includes, but is not limited to, post-Match taunting or celebration directed at or referencing an opposing Player(s) and/or Coach.  Post-Match interactions between opposing Players and Coaches must be limited to acts of sportsmanship.
10. No intentional Forfeiting or conspiring to manipulate Rankings or Brackets.
11. No unsportsmanlike physical contact.

4. ...Players found breaking Rules #10-11 may be ejected from the venue and disqualified from the Event.
6. Players found breaking Rules #6-13 may be subjected to further punishment such as a Temporary Ban from the MLG website, a Site Ban from the GameBattles website, the loss of Pro Player Benefits, a fine, and a Competition Ban from future Combine Competitions and/or Pro Circuit Competitions.

Will some of these rules kill the hype? That IS debatable.
- In-game taunt is possible.
- Screaming and swinging your hands as a celebration is possible, as long as you don't aim to someone.

If you feel you NEED to use vulgar language then it's your problem and that's why SF competition won't be on TV or get any bigger and get the attention it deserves.

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