Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Umehara online by Capcom USA summary

- 4,400 viewers peak
- Umehara wants to try HEIHACHI in Street Fighter vs. Tekken.
- He said his weakness is he's not good at counterpicking.
- He thinks Akuma, Boxer, Guile, Fei Long, C. Viper, Honda (probably) are strongest.
- He wear Kobun mic-attached headphones. (From Capcom, I guess.)
- More than half of these matches were played during interview.
- He isn't not good at talking at all, and the translator put a lot of words in his mouth.

The Lag!
- He couldn't do FW+HP link. Zero success out of around 10 attempts.
- Several times he did one light punch and stay still.

Xbox Live (18 wins)
  1. Ryu won Adon
  2. Ryu won Dictator
  3. Ken won Gouken
  4. Guile won Abel
  5. Cammy lost Zangief
  6. Ryu won Guile
  7. Ryu won Cody
  8. Ken won Guile (LAMERBOI ragequitted while getting guarantee-lose-Ultra'd)
  9. Ken won Ryu
  10. Guile won Abel
  11. Ryu won Ryu
  12. Ken won Rose
  13. Ryu won Rose
  14. Guile won Zangief
  15. Ryu won Chun-Li
  16. Ken won Guile
  17. Ryu won Ryu
  18. Ken won Ryu
  19. Guile won Hakan

(19 wins)
  1. Ken won Adon
  2. Ken won Cody
  3. Guile won Sakura
  4. Ken won Dhalsim
  5. Ken lost Gen
  6. Guile won Blanka
  7. Ryu won Claw
  8. Ryu won Gouken
  9. Ryu won Juri
  10. Ryu won Claw
  11. Ryu won Chun-Li
  12. Ryu won Cody
  13. Ryu won Ryu
  14. Ryu lost Ryu
  15. Ryu won T. Hawk
  16. Ryu won Sagat
  17. Ryu won Dictator
  18. Ryu won Juri
  19. Ryu won Dudley
  20. Ryu won Ken
  21. Ryu won Ibuki

    How convenient
    Shortcut to gain fame using Daigo Umehara
    1. Tell everyone that you'll troll Daigo before you fight him.
    2. Taunt him first to show everyone that you aren't serious, but don't let the taunt affect your chance to win.
    3. Fight him with all your might. Disconnect when you're about to lose. If you win, go to 5.
    4. You ragequitted on purpose! See? This's the "troll" you're talking about. You ruined his party! Skip to 6.
    5. You won! See? This's the "troll" you're talking about. You ruined his party!
    6. You're the hero!

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