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- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kao TV 2011.07.22

- They streamed from Nvidia's place.
- Special guest: KayoPolice
- Because the show is now sponsored by Nvidia (since May), KSK and Kami-chan (brown shirt, from Ura Kao TV) will play various PC games, too. (Mark, an FPS pro, played Duke Nukem Forever after Kayo went back.)
- Nvidia made them wear a green wig.
- They played Dead Rising 2 in 3D, that's why they wear 3D glasses.
- Watch here. (skip to 1:07 for Kayo)

KayoPolice summary
- She appeared in Kao TV for the first time since December last year.
- She likes green color, so the green shirt went along with Nvdia's green theme. Coincidence.
- The game on 3DTV blew her mind. She said Cody's face popped out in her kissing range.
- She teased KSK by asking about the relationship between him and Tokido & Mago. (The topic is prohibited on the show. LOL)
- She expected to win 5 matches at Evo. KSK then said it's top 128! (LOL)
- KSK: What's a public viewing? Kayo: Pub. Lic. Booing?
- She came with her manager and hair stylist.
- "People say I'm scary when [playing fighting games]. That's not true^^" *cute mode activated*
- For King of Fighters, she likes KOF2002 the most.
- She's still inexperienced and doesn't have matchup knowledge for some characters. She didn't know what and how to deal with Zangief's U2.
- She said she likes to play against Ryu, Ken, and especially Sagat. But she met a good Sagat at the end so she was on serious mode in the last match and told everyone not to talk. (but KSK talked anyway LOL)
- At the end, she did a "monomane" (mimicry) of a sound of an old door of a ghost house.
- She thought about cutting her nails for Evo to avoid an input error. (normally she plays with long nails)
- She'll voice a character in the upcoming Tekken (CG) movie.
- She was busy and still had to work after the show even it's after midnight.
- She's good at acting and likes to play with camera/viewers. She always makes a "Doya" face (cocky face) after winning and pretend to be upset after losing.

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