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Monday, November 14, 2011

KSK in LG's 1st e-Sports Japan Cup

Yesterday, KSK appeared as a guest in LG's 1st e-Sports Japan Cup. He played against a random idol in Tekken 6 exhibition match. He was blindfolded after leading 2-0 as handicap but still won 3-2. He was awarded a big LG's Cinema 3D monitor.

The event was professionally organized but it's more like an exhibition event rather than national competition. There're 3 games (Starcraft II, FIFA 12, Tekken 6) and there're 4 players from 4 teams each. The team with the best results (3 games combined) will win the competition. FIFA 12 actually had 2 players each (5th member) but they're girls who barely know how to play (hired from somewhere?) and their results didn't count.

The organizer's main goal is to establish an e-sports pro league (probably like MLG). The event was a good attempt but it could be better if they didn't make it unnecessary long and too formal. They also invited the guests who aren't related to gaming at all, like a pro wrestler. They didn't have enough right people to attract the right audience.

For not having star players from SF4 or even the game itself is not a good first move. Mago vs. Fuudo (1.5 hour) had more attendees than this event (6.5 hour).

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