Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Monday, November 21, 2011

NSB meets Mad Catz TE-S Special Night summary

- NSB website
- Date: November 19
- Time: 21.00 to early morning.
- Umehara confirmed for the event

- Group stage is round-robin.
- First to 2 games (not round) each player.
- Character duplication allowed.

Group A
Team Epsilon J (Oni), Morichika (Gui), J Toro (Ibu) *qualified

Group B
Team Misshii (Dud), Katakana de Aoki (Abe), Jepper (Ruf) *qualified
Team RF (Sagat), Ikoma Devil *Dogura (Dict), Momochi (Ryu) *qualified
  • [1st fight] Momochi OCV'd
  • [2nd fight] Dogura OCV'd
  • [3rd fight] RF OCV'd
Group C
Team Y24 (Chun), Tsuu-san (Jur), Yo-kun (Ado) *qualified
Team Chibata (Mak), Hamenageru (Zan), EBI (Fue) *qualified

Group D
Team a.k.a. jojo (Dic), KOK (Sag), Juso (Sak) *qualified
Team Nabe (Aku), Murata (Yun), Jam (Ryu) *[1st fight] The team was OCV'd by Hakan.

Group E
Team Nyanshi (Sag), Eita (Aku), Kindevu (Vip)

Group F
Team Umehara (Aku), Mago (Fei), Tokido (Aku) *qualified
  • [1st fight] Tokido OCV'd (Yan/Vip/Gouken)
  • [2nd fight] Tokido OCV'd (Ken/Vip/Guy)
Top 8
  • Team RF/Dogura/Momochi beat Team Chibata/Hamenageru/EBI *Dogura OCV'd
  • Team Ume/Mago/Tokido vs. Team aka jojo/KOK/Juso
  1. Tokido 2-1 aka jojo *intense second game
  2. Tokido 1-2 KOK
  3. Mago 2-0 KOK
  4. Mago 1-2 Juso *Juso had no life in the last round *Mago seems to miss his last move.
  5. Umehara 2-1 Juso *Very intense match
  • Team Misshii/Katakana de Aoki/Jepper beat Team Y24/Tsuu-san/Yo-kun
  1. Misshii 2-0 Yo-kun
  2. Misshii 2-0 Tsuu-san
  3. Misshii 1-2 Y24
  4. Aoki 0-2 Y24
  5. Jepper 2-0 Y24
  • Team Nyanshi/Eita/Kindevu beat Team Epsilon J/Morichika/Etoro
  1. Nyanshi 2-0 Mochichika
  2. Nyanshi 2-1 Etoro
  3. Nyanshi 2-0 Epsilon J
Top 4
  • Team Ume/Mago/Tokido beat Team RF/Dogura/Momochi
  1. Tokido 1-2 Dogura [Pic]
  2. Mago 2-0 Dogura [Pic]
  3. Mago 2-1 Momochi *Nice FADC>FADC>U1 by Mago in last game
  4. MAGO 2-0 RF
  • Team Nyanshi/Eita/Kindevu vs. Team Misshii/Katakana de Aoki/Jepper 
  1. Nyanshi 2-0 Misshii
  2. Nyanshi 2-1 Aoki
  3. Nyanshi 0-2 Jepper
  4. Kindevu 2-0 Jepper
  • Team Ume/Mago/Tokido beat Team Nyanshi/Eita/Kindevu
  1. Tokido 0-2 Kindevu
  2. Umehara 2-0 Kindevu [Pic]
  3. Umehara 1-2 Eita
  4. Mago 2-1 Eita [Pic]
  5. Mago 2-0 Nyanshi [Pic]

- The event poster [Pic]
- Game setup [Pic]
- Team Mad Catz's bracket [Pic]
- Tokido, Umehara, Mago posing [Pic]
- Umehara signing [Pic]
- Tokido signing [Pic]
- Mago signing [Pic]
- Group A/B/C [Pic]
- Group D/E/F [Pic]

- Some players had a problem with the buttons, they paused the game 2-3 times. The rule is if you pause the game, you'll be hit one combo for free by your opponent.
- [Interview after tournament] Umehara said using a new character in tournament is fun. His character in Ver.2012 is still undecided, but probably Akuma.
- Umehara played Akuma in a tournament for the first time. Most likely for fun and experiment. His default Ultra is Demon Armageddon (U2) and U2 setup is one of his tools. (We saw he practiced that in Kuwait.)
- Apparently Umehara's Akuma is not ready, he dropped combos and made slow decisions. We don't see something like that in his Ryu and Yun.

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