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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Umehara in adult manga

It was reported on Twitter that the latest issue of the monthly adult manga Potpourri Club released on November 1 (cover below) has a 20-page story about a girl version of Daigo Umehara.

As seen in the sample picture below, "Ume-chan to!" (With Ume-chan!) is the story about Ume Hara, a girl who is one of the fighting game's Seven Heroes. Long story short, she ends up doing something special with a boy named "Ōnuki" (Nuki's real name).

Some other details in the manga based on true stories.
- Ume is not good at giving a live interview.
- The game center looks like Taito Station. (Umehara plays at Taito Station Shinjuku South)
- Ume holds the stick "Umehara Mochi" style.
- Ume's jersey has a logo that looks like Mad Catz's claw.
- They go to eat ramen. (Umehara likes ramen)
- Ōnuki's hoodie. (He wear a hoodie in the tournament in 1998 (National Zero 3) and 2005 (Tougeki))
- Ōnuki yelling "AIIIIIIIII!!" (from their second fight of Tougeki 2005, after Umehara won the first round)

The female manga author already has around hundred of works published. Apparently she is also a fan of the fighting game players.

ウメハラさんが女体化されとる… 商業雑誌でこんな直球やっていいのかww ... on Twitpic

Umehara and Nuki know and fought each other since 1997. They formed a team and won Street Fighter III in Tougeki 2005. They are the only 2 players who won both Evolution and Tougeki in the same year on the same game. And because they are a great couple, there is a running joke saying Nuki has an unrequited love.

This is not the first time (a form of) Umehara appears in a manga. This is also not the first time Umehara is used as a material for adult content. An adult game released in May featured Denpa Jikkyou meme.

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