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Friday, July 27, 2012

Game no Jikan 100: KayoPolice vs Nagisa in P4U

The 100th episode of Game no Jikan show featured a P4U match between KayoPolice and Nagisa!

The show this week introduces P4U and normally it's KayoPolice's duty to demonstrate the gameplay of a fighting game. But this time, Nagisa was actually the one who lead this.

Due to the P4U Effect, Nagisa started fighting game because of it. Her character movements in the show was very impressive, especially considering she had never touched an arcade stick before KSK taught her -- 17 months ago.

Nagisa's main is Yukiko, the character that she cosplayed.  KayoPolice, who did less homework, played Chie and Mitsuru.

Nagisa is a model and a show personality (and a cosplayer) who co-hosts the show with KayoPolice and Kouji Watanabe (a game writer).

The show also celebrated the 100th episode by showing the highlights of the past episodes.

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