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- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nico to stream GODSGARDEN's Evo 2012 public viewing event

It's revealed a couple days ago that Nico Nico will be streaming GODSGARDEN's Evolution 2012 public viewing event on Sunday night in Japan (or another 5 hours).

The Evolution public viewing event is similar to the one that GODSGARDEN used to do last year where people come to watch the last day of Evolution together. It will also be held at the same place.

We used to talk about the possibility of having Nico Nico stream Evo since last year for more exposure. Although this thing is not exactly it, it's close and good enough.

The stream is not a mirror of the Evo stream. It'll have Japanese commentators and will show only the reactions of the attendees. It'll also act as an exclusive chat room to the Japanese viewers at home.

More details of the event.
- Hosted by Kami-chan (Soulcalibur V player) and Ren (BlazBlue player) of GODSGARDEN
- Guest commentators: Frieda, Nekojita, Naruo
- Open: July 8, 23:00
- Close: July 9, 16:00
- Entrance fee: 1500 yen (1000 yen for female, free for 60 years old and over)

If you still remember, the legend of Itabashi Zangief weeping came from the event last year. (He started crying happy tears when Fuudo came back on Poongko after struggling.) ItaZan weeping (板ザン号泣) later became a JFGC Internet meme.

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